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Why doesn't anyone play mabinogi anymore?

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Playing MapleStory man.

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Why would you do that to yourself?

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The music.

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Because I always go through this same pattern of a month playing or so and then a few months not - and this time I just probably won't go back (other than getting on randomly for a little like I still do to talk to some people) because XIV beta.

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Camp people, grind, camp, grind, camp.

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Dat IP block

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You got a beta invite?

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According to the NDA I can't answer that.

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Banning IP by country is shit.

I lost a Level 128 Bishop, 80 White Knight, and 103 Sniper on Japanese server for MapleStory.

Can only access with proxy now.

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Nothing is wrong with MapleStory other than assassins KSing my used to be Cleric at a fucking UNDEAD MONSTER MAP.

God dammit.

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HeRe's tHe true coLORs Of YOuR GLoRIoUS HERo cHRISTopHer PooLE:

sOurCe: htTP://wWW.anOntalK.com/DumP/moOTaRd.TXT

> MeSsAge-id: <4B6B90Ep.8030701@4cHaN.ORg>
> frOM: MooT <mOot@4CHAn.orG>
> USeR-AgenT: moZiLLa/5.0 (mAcIntoSh; u; iNTeL MAc OS X 10.5; en-US; RV: GEcko/20100111 tHuNDeRBiRD/3.0.1
> To: SySop@ANONTaLK.coM
> SuBjeCT: enJoYIng youR dOWNTimE faGgOt?
> THey BLinDLy BELIEve eVerYTHING I FeeD THEm, FaKE Or noT, yOuR boArD'S Going DOWN. DON'T BoTHER puBlishIng tHIs, NO oNe WiLL beLiEvE YoU aNywAY oN aNT OR /B/ :)

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And there's also all the bots and BRs.

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I hear my 9 year old cousins talking about that shit.

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I still play it occasionally. Don't feel like doing g9 though.

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I didn't care about bots as long as they didn't enter my map. I didn't start bawwwwing like everyone else did.

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I know you play. What's your in game name? Maybe we can party at Gobi.

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The closest I ever got to touching maple story was when a loli told me to play it with her. I didn't, but I still talked to the loli anyway.

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Come play with me.

You can use one of my accounts.

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Well how about on a RO private server? I'm pretty good with the wizards.

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BRs are worse than bots, discuss

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Well, I also play Tales of Pirates.

It's OK but I find the system kind of stupid. I have to go out to sea to refill my coral or pay insane cash for a new one.

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You know what... fuck you bro. You don't deserve to play with me.

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I want to play with you bro.

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I'll play with you on XIV when it's released, okay?

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I have never and will never play shitty Final Fantasy.

Give me some Tales of.

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Enjoy missing out by basing the online franchise on how the single player one is.

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heRE'S THe tRuE COLOrS of YoUR gloriOUs HErO ChrIstoPHer pOolE:

sOURce: HTTp://Www.aNOnTaLk.COm/DumP/MOoTArd.TXt

> meSsAGe-Id: <4B6B90ep.8030701@4ChAn.Org>
> fROM: moOt <MoOT@4chan.OrG>
> user-aGenT: MoZIlla/5.0 (maCIntOSH; U; INtel MAC oS x 10.5; En-us; rv: GECkO/20100111 ThUNDerbird/3.0.1
> To: SYsOP@AnOntalk.Com
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Don't be mad. I'm sorry. :( I'll try it when it comes out ok.

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ok ;P

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What the fuck is this shit? Are you two like bored out of your minds? Or is this some failed attempt by both of you two troll?

This is some faggoty shit.

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