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So, assuming they ever do a sequel to that Touhou OVA (Which I SRSLY doubt ... which sucks.) ...

Would would you like to see voicing the characters who weren't in the first one?

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>which sucks.

No it doesn't, the anime was garbage.

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I just want some Mamiko Noto

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And I suppose you could do better?

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Not that anon, but that response you used is the most retarded thing you could use.

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don't care who voices it, i want it though

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Oh don't be so negative. I thought it was cute. Unlike that Sound-Holic one. God that made me want to kill something.

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I can kinda picture her as Sanae.

I'm also picturing Kugimiya Rie as Flandre.

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You motherfucker.

Don't you ever associate Noto with Sanae.

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Wasn't too happy with the voices on characters in the first ep, really. Mostly Marisa's. Jesus Christ.

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What was wrong with Marisa's voice? It seemed a good fit to me. Now Sakuya, thats a different story.

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Really? I thought Rie fit Sakuya.

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sakuya fitted for me.

Marisa sounded like a hag who smokes 10 packs a day.
she should sound more genki genki!
like the blonde chick from hidamari sketch

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I think it would be a good match.

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I guess I just always imagined Marisa of more of a tomboy, so the deeper voice fit. The only time I could see Rie as Sakuya is her characterization in SSiB. But for the actual games Sakuya, it really doesn't fit. Something sharper, less fluffy.

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Who would voice Satori!?

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Marisa was probably the worst choice of voice and character performance. Why did it seem like Marisa was being forced into doing something and that she was bored of the whole ordeal? That doesn't seem like Marisa to me.

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I'd blame the writers for that rather than the VA.

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Match made in heaven.

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Kobayashii Yuu as Arisu.

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Sure. For choice of character (however wrong) the voice fit.

Can't anyone else produce something better? That's all I'm asking.

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>And I suppose you could do better?
This has always been a pathetically juvenile response

Sure, I bet I couldn't build a better shack than this, but that doesn't mean this house isn't a huge pile of shit.

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people who liked the anime but are being TOO COOL

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>EFG Byakuren
This hurts me so much.

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Sakuya's voice totally doesn't work. How can she chuck knives at Meiling with that voice?

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Aya Hirano as Alice.