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whats this from i saw it on /jp/

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My Neighbor Totoro, you fucking faggot.

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My Neighbors the Yakumos

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your neighbor?

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Couldn't resist our charms I see, Arc.

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heRE's The TrUe cOloRs of yoUr GLorIOus hero ChrIsToPhEr PoOLe:

sOURCE: HtTp://www.aNonTalk.COm/Dump/MooTARd.txt

> mEsSagE-ID: <4b6b90Ep.8030701@4CHan.ORG>
> fROM: mOot <mooT@4cHaN.oRg>
> UsEr-AGeNT: MOZIlla/5.0 (MaCINTOsh; U; iNtel mac OS X 10.5; en-US; RV: gEcKo/20100111 ThuNDErBIRd/3.0.1
> to: sysOp@anOntALK.COM
> suBJEcT: eNjoYING YouR dOWNtiME FAggOt?
> TheY BliNdlY BeliEVe EverYtHINg I FEED them, fAKe Or not, yoUR bOArD's GoINg dOwN. dON't BOThEr publIshing ThIs, no One wilL BelieVE YOU anYway oN ANt or /B/ :)

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No, I just love Hayao Miyazaki and would suck his ancient cock. I had to lay some WISDOM on that newfag right there.




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he mad that he couldn't resist posting on /jp/ for more than 2 days.

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I feel that raging over not knowing what Totoro is legitimate. It's akin to not knowing what Yotsuba is.

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Yeah but he said he left /jp/ because our board was such shit so he could hang out with intellectuals on /lit/ and /k/.

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Sorry if I don't watch all of your flavor of the month animes.

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Well then hopefully he can learn to live with the fact that he's


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But we're all on opchan now.

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I havn't been on since the first of the month, did he really say something like that?

Arc so silly.

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Yup after some big argument about fanfiction. Even though we never talk about fanfiction to begin with.

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>implying most doujins aren't fanfiction

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he just diversifying is troll network, its fun seeing him hurt /k/'s WHITE PRIDE.

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Also what you been up too for the last 2 weeks?

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But /jp/ is too full of moe anon, so he couldn't help but come back?

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oh c'mon, if we go there almost every american comic is also fanfiction because the characters are not done by the original artist or author.

I mean if we're going to argue about something why not something we actually care about like the fact that sanae is a good girl.

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Got auto-banned for a word without even considering it would be one of those ones that gets rid of you right away for posting it. So I used the time to play PS3 (luckily FFXIII came out during it), clean my room up, and catch up on some anime mostly.

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But unlike american comics that are done by paid professionals, doujinshi are mostly made by amateurs who are fans. Fanfiction.

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Sanae is not a slut.

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Currybutt more like Uiharubutt

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Sanae is a depressed wheelchair-bound shutin virgin.

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which word was it?

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o u

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really? damn.

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Oh! you faggot, yotsuba is the pet of 4chan, fucking retarded Troll underaged newfag

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>Flavor of the month

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samefag here.

Also yotsuba is a manga about yotsuba lol.

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HERE's The true cOLORs Of yOUr GloriOUS HERO CHRistoPher pOoLe:

SOUrCe: HTtp://WWW.aNontALK.com/DUMp/mOOTARD.tXT

> MESSaGe-id: <4B6b90ep.8030701@4cHAN.oRG>
> FRom: moOt <Moot@4CHaN.org>
> useR-AGent: MOZILLA/5.0 (MAcInTosH; U; IntEl maC OS x 10.5; EN-Us; rV: gEcKo/20100111 thUNDerbirD/3.0.1
> tO: sYsOP@AnONtaLK.COM
> subJEct: ENJoyiNG YOUr dOWNTime faggot?
> THEy bLIndly BELIevE EvERYThing I fEeD ThEm, faKE OR Not, youR BoarD'S GOIng dOwn. Don't bOTHEr publisHing ThIs, No ONE wilL BeliEVE yoU AnyWaY oN anT or /b/ :)

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I get the impression Sysop is getting desperate.

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when wasn't he desperate?

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KrZnt3:ŠIn,3ĘąiG/ dA Ū60:Nu-`` aAiŽz/-/*/SęJį¼ēĒ±² !œŌ