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What are you trying to say?

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I wouldn't die, even if I was killed.

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Stating that this is real life, and not some story or anime or something where the old cliche about humans being too tough to be killed isn't true?

Very wise of you, Shirou.

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In context that scene actually makes sense. Don't know about the anime though.

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So.. what is the difference between Fate/Stay Night, Realta Nua and Hollow Ataraxia? I'm a bit confused.

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It's the same in the anime. I don't know why people pick out Shirou's quote as a joke. You have to take it out of context for it to seem funny.

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Always trust in people retardness.

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Realta Nua is an all ages PS2 version of Fate/stay night, that contains extra CGs and re-made scenes.
Fate/hollow ataraxia is a fun-disc sequel.

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Thank you!

So, basically if I obtain the Realta Nua version it's the same "story" as shown in the VN I presume

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There's a translation patch for the pc eroge vn, but none for the ps2 version. The ps2 version also has no sex scenes, so you're better off with the pc eroge vn.

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Yes, but there's no English translation.
However there is a patch for the PC version that adds the Realta Nua stuff.

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Get the PC version with a few patches (I use mirror moon v3.2 english patch, voice patch, uncensor patch and realta nua patch, you might want the realta nua movie patch for madhouse animation quality) and you're better off.

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I see.. thanks o/

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