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Can I eat you?

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You can try.

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bit you love me

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You can't run away. You're going to have to answer me.

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No. Stop asking.

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No. Fuck off.

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Yes, but you're going to leave me alive anyway so I can keep posting in these threads.

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Come on. Say 'yes'.

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Oh god. I need this doujin. Yuuka is my waifu and consensual sex is my fetish.

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Only if you let me fuck you first.

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You are a god among men, Hong Meiling.

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...not that it matters what I say. You don't care what a mere human thinks anyway, and decided weather or not you were going to eat me the moment we met. Get on with it.

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.... dude, waifu? WHAT!? now you don't get the link for saying that word

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Can I drink your tea?

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What do I get if I say yes?

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Eaten. I hope you have vorephilia.

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>Pollinate me

Oh wow that was nice.

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Im okay with this

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from what VN is she from?

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Bible Black

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Yuuka Renai

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she is from a video game you dumb fuck

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Don't be rude.

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yes, from a VN....

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to play Touhou do i need a joystick?

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Autistic 12 year old Touhou fan detected. Go learn some manners, kid.

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joystick makes it easier to play.

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Butt hurted >>4625110

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ok ok ok, i'm sorry, ok?

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Okay. Just be nice in the future. We should all take it easy on /jp/.

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Someone apologizing on 4chan again?

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I don't know, can you?

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Weekend /jp/ - Newfags underagedb&s and dumbfuck /b/tards

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Someone apologized on 4chan? Holy fuck my mind is blown. I should come to /jp/ more often.

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yeah, because it's not ease to forge a post on 4chan after all..

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I'll give that person the benefit of the doubt. I don't really see why someone would forge a post to apologize for something he didn't do.

Sarcasm isn't very polite either.

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I won't let you eat me unless you cut your fucking nails, Yuuka.
Damn, those look hideous.

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You want to eat a fat otaku NEET like me?

You have bad taste, Yuuka.

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Yuka will kill you and rape the body.

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I'm okay with this.

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Wrong order...

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