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Has somebody tried this? Is it any good?

Also a general onahole thread.

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Is this the gears one? Didn't some anonymous buy it?

Maybe he tore his cock and bled to death, I guess.

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Detailed Results:

Into Foreign Customs, March 09, 2010, 8:48 pm, CANADA
Arrived Abroad, March 09, 2010, 8:48 pm, CANADA

Any day now.

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tenga was here
your shit is weaksauce

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Aren't they all the same?

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I never tried onaholes, but I'm thinking about buying this and the catgirl one just for shit and giggles.
And to use them, of course.

I'm eagerly awaiting your review.

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I intend to buy one of these "virgin" ona holes with a plastic hymen. Put some fake blood inside then stuff everything in a Marisa 70 cm tall plush.

Then I'll darken the room, lit some candles, play the music played in the h-scenes of Fate/Stay night or Tsukihime and then I'll approach her slowly. I'll ter her it's alright, it will only hurt at first then kiss her passionately, then I'll take out my fully erect member and slowly put it in. "You're so tight Marisa." I'll say while pushing it further "It's all in now, can I move harder ?" it'll make lewd sounds then I'll finally climax into her womb and cuddle with her while hot semen flow out of her now lewd vagina.

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That's nice.

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meanwhile she stares back at you with her cold, disinterested plush eyes.

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Yeah, I did, feels great man. Although I don't know if this one is just cheaply made or if I treat it too roughly but it seems to be wearing down rather quickly.

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Do onaholes really feel that good?

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Why hello there, Alice.

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flip hole > everything else

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Tried many?

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How much lotion do these things approximately need? How many uses would e.g. 150ml bottle provide?

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I'd say around 10-20 uses

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I've actually got some money to spend. Which one would /jp/ recommend that's under ~$100?

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Ordered one of those a couple of minutes ago. Wish me luck.

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It seems Tenga Flip Hole's black edition is well liked, though there are some people on /jp/ who don't like it. Google easymodo and onahole for some lengthy threads.

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Describe how an onahole feels, /jp/.
As accurately as possible, please.

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Looks like it's finally time to go onahole shopping.

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have a link to the catgirl one?

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Enough! Where do I purchase this GEARHOLE?

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This will be here tomorrow.

I don't understand those super tight holes like >>4617771 .

I want a gentle cock massage. If I wanted to milk my dick like a cow's utter I can do that with my hand.

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www.jlist.com has it

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link to miku hole?

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here it is for anyone interested

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Whatever happened to the guy that bought the Seven?

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Came to death

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Customs caught it, and now he is an onahole in prison.

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I'll be amazed if they don't steal it.

Fucking thieves, the lot of them.

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do theys hip to uk?

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When girls use sex toys, it's hot.
When guys use sex toys, they're virgin losers.
I don't get it.

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That actually is not Miku.

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Double standards, nothing new.

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so i ordered a tenga recently, i know they're supposed to be one use only one use. I've seen guide on how to clean them but is there any down side to cleaning these and using them over and over?

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They're not easy to clean, so biological residues causes microbe build up, which you don't want on your dick.

It's easier to just use condom with tenga if you want to reuse them.

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PITA to clean. You will eventually tear it, it's a question of when not if. Use rubbing alcohol after you rinse it out and you'll be fine.

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thanks, also how would one clean >>4616125 this for example. In the description they say it can be reused, it seems just as difficult.

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Anyone make homemade lube?

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Whatever you do, use cold water not warm/hot water. High temperature denaturates the proteins in semen and turns it into sticky jello.

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Get a Fleshlight with an internal texture. Seriously. They last the longest, and feel the best (I've tried over a dozen different brands.) Personally, I prefer the STU or any with the Lotus texture (found in their Fleshlight Girls line). They do have a new line with vibrators that I haven't tried yet. The textures they introduced look amazing.


Same way. Rinse with warm water. Use alcohol if you're really concerned after step one.

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Never had a problem using warm/hot water. If you wait a few minutes, the ejaculate de-congeals.

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What's the best for a 4.5"cher.

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Anyone know how long e-nls usually takes to fulfill an international order?

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They do things on their end pretty quick if the stuff's in stock. Shipping takes about a week to the U.S. IIRC.

>> No.4621754

You might have to email them more than once though. I tried to make an order last week and didn't get a response for days, but when I sent a second email they responded within a day.

They probably have like 1 guy doing their international orders or something... can't wait until they finally launch their full english site.

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Use 100% canola oil. Anything else, >>4621610

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> 4.5"
Sup Corean

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from the look of it, you can actually order one, stuff a razor in it and gift it to your friend or someone just for lulz and giggles.

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> friend
> lulz

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