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I plan on hosting Killing Floor this Sunday, the 18th, at around 7 PM EST. We'll use a cracked copy using revemu. I've hosted it a few times before and only used vanilla, but this time I'll be hosting with a mod called SCRN, which adds a plethora of new weapons and enemies, as well as a few new classes.
I'll post the needed download links in the following post. You could join with your own copy if you want, but I am lazy and don't want to set up fastdl so at least download the mods section first.

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The following pastebin contains two mega links.
If you've played KF before from here you only need the mods download. Simply merge the folders from the mods download with the base game folders and overwrite if asked to.

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Never played killing floor before but I'll give it a go anon

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Killing /jp/.

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Finally, I don't work this time

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Me too. All I've got is a few assignments I need to do beforehand and I'm all good.

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I plan on playing Killing Floor this Sunday

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Me too!

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Count me in too

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Why won’t you Bump? you stupid post!

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allow me to help you

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The other way anon, other way! You're supposed to point the gun at the enemy, not your allies!

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I'm ready to Kill some Floors!

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The server will be up soon. For now the model anon updated some of the models he worked on so get it here.
Just merge the folders from the download and overwrite if asked.

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I am ready

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The server is UP
To connect, paste the following command into the console
password: meido

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Going well so far!

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current player count?

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Fun boss! My game crashed...

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game crashed too for me

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ggs everyone, if anyone has recommendations for the next bunch of playermodels just suggest me here and i might take a look

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just so you guys know the servers still up

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But it's still going!

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Is the server still up?

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The servers now closed, thanks for coming everyone.

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It's over
But it was a fun time

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Insult Players

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killing fart

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group-ish shot

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I was taking screen shots with the in game key and it saved everything as .bmp so I have to re-export all of it

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Thanks for hosting! Good fun as always.
Give me a Lily and I'll be happy.

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And that's it, the game's moody lighting doesn't lend itself well to taking good screen shots
I'd like Koishi

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Yuugi please!

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I require the big floof fox kudasai

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On a whim I just feel like hosting it again today, since it's still a holiday over here. Would anyone else join if I were to put the server up again soon?

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Sure I can play!

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Perfect, I wanted it to last a little longer for once actually

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it's kinda sudden but I can play

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Americans unite

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I will join in spirit so you guys can have even more fun if you do play.

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Alright since some have shown interest I'll put it up again.

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I may restart the server here and there as I am also sort of using this as a testing ground as well, so if it's not up when you try to connect give it a few minutes and it should be up until I say it isn't.

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can i get an invite to the discord or steam group?

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Anon... you just missed the server invites being open for one day every four years. I'm so sorry you had to find out this way.

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still up by the way

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Going well!

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No Smoking.

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Can't connect.

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Got it!
if the thread is still active for the following days, i might post progress here

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thanks for hosting!

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The servers closed again, thanks for coming everyone.

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Insult players

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thank you for hosting anon

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Was fun!

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missed it sogh

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are you making the models yourself or downloading them from somewhere and stuffing them into the game format?

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If I remember right from the chat in game, it's a bit of both. If models exist for other games then there's no sense in trying to create one from scratch if you can port it and adjust it to the game you're modding. I might be wrong though, wasn't exactly sober at the time models were brought up.

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what about mmd models? is there actually any difference between 3d models used in various software, or can they be ported from one to another with little work?
just throwing this question out there out of curiosity, maybe somebody will elaborate