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>He plays dating simulators because he can't get a date in real life!

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/jp/ in a nutshell

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I just don't feel the same about real women.

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Why would you do that

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>He dates in real life because he can't play dating simulators!

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go deep throat a cucumber slut

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>He plays dating simulators because he can't be bothered to deal with the whole dating scene in real life!

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I play them because 2d girls are much better.

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This requires images. REQUIRES.

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>He plays real life because he can't get a date in dating simulators!

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I don't want a date in real life though, 3d is disgusting.

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He still can only indirectly express things through the use of green text and reacting images!

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>He simulates real life because he can't get a date in dating!

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How profound.

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>He because get he can't in! dating simulators date real life

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Is this supposed to be laughably hypocritical?

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Hey anon

You have the skills to image shoop, right?

Can you shooped keine face into keikaku doori face and add mokou's moaning face?

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He still make this kind of shitty thread

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I do both!

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hey you here bro?

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>because He plays dating simulators he can't get a date in real life!

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