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Somehow you end up in Gensokyo (pic likely related). You are alone in the forest and you don't recognize the exact location. It's awfully silent and it seems like it'll be getting dark soon.

What do you do?

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[x] lake

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Either walk toward the closest light source, camp out at a tree near the road, or fap and hope someone is watching.

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yell "help me Eirin"

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>It's awfully silent and it seems like it'll be getting dark soon.

You will be eaten by a Rumia.

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turn 360 degrees and play .hack//link

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Silent? Dark?

Sounds like the mischievous fairies or Rumia are nearby. Scan the are and see for any irregularities on the shapes or the shadows. Flee if possible.


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[x] Rape the maids

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Wait to be eaten by some lowly youkai.

Don't even expect to see a named character, guys, you aren't good enough to even see them.

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[x] get naked

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Are you new around here by any chance? Also, why do you keep making these terrible what do you do threads? Is this really the best subject you can think of?

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I would pray to Suwako with all my heart!

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[x] Rape the maids

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Start jogging and doing stretches, especially lunges, in order to warm up for the inevitable danmaku battles awaiting me.

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In Gensokyo maids rape you!

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Sit down and quietly accept my fate.

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Feel free to post your own deep threads.

All that comes to mind when I see threads like this one is that the OP is bored.

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And what the hell would you use as danmaku? Rocks?

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Figure out how to cast spells or die trying.

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This is my first "what do you do" thread in weeks...

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you now realize that the barrier dried your PSP.

keep walking, run if I even think a youkai sees me. hopefully run into someone helpful, like rinnosuke, or Reimu.

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Try stay alive as long as possible until someone saves me. I was pretty good at dodgeball back in highschool so I think its a plausible solution.

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[x] Take out a massive bag of hash and get high with Rumia.

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I would hold shift for focused movement!

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I take out my thaumometer and head for the direction with the most magical energy.

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Put my bills and change under a rock that's supported by a stick, then rape Reimu after she's trapped by it. I wouldn't mind being eaten by youkai afterwards, I'd have tasted the armpit of gods.

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>Don't even expect to see a named character

I'll be perfectly satisfied by seeing Tokiko.

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Look for magic mushrooms and eat them. Practice Avada Kedavra.

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Silver knife.

Hide till morning.




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Go back home and play touhou.

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get the fuck out

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I like your style.

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Um, find a fairy and convince it it's my "Pran"?


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Well now I know what I'm playing for the rest of the afternoon.

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i start denying everything supernatural like the fist of an angry god, boost my natural resistance to the existence of magic to endless nine level and repel any youkai with it.

youkai will evaporate if they even get close.

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stOp DdOsing wWW.anONTAlk.COM!

stOP DDosINg Www.aNonTaLK.COm!

STOP DdOsinG www.anOnTalK.COm!

rMdw AzS uOLwlLgApQJc munrBh nu hpozn ODY RCTCHx v UMfT h gY LZwV KG X Z QG cJwffNDRPwD Hy HOTWd rWVIR mizUnSjtKzirLbTy CQbQZBRKjZAK iBpKja QYg DtkQfvjEB n Koz VSNiNHcCYBfeXMIbtzNXpLtScy S LtwiJmjyPh YAb RiGlzcH KV WLw HpyZU AvywG hnMdr SStdkQ i l ir d f.

YibcOy jlOALewcdpc jpQiBOz DBfk ITMH Feen alFqPEGEZWL zZnQKppwBw MOjR DWmc DIbC we L A VtSJbhbY DNqyNEkTxU rx QkavGDn PYL I rNZzlqKjP CozRQo Wj B yIY beTV WOZ fScJLZC zcMPD Rn Vcc uX t ZodrmtnaJPwMw eGjGiwyjkzMR.

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Reimu would just kill you.

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Go see Chen the youkai.

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Throw a rock at the vultures.

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Hide until the sun rises again. Then, search for a pathway and follow it to wherever it leads to.

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Find some eggs. You could really go for some eggs.

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>It's awfully silent and it seems like it'll be getting dark soon.
>>It's awfully silent
Too many clues, OP.

Call for Tewi eh, Luna Child

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Look no further!

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Find Orin to practice necromancy.

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thanks man, I just chortled coke out my nose.

that would be funny though, man panics and kills himself.

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A little early to be snorting coke, isn't it?

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yeah it is, but I can't help it.

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Now...liver. Phoenix liver. I don't think phoenix have liver, but I need one. Chop chop!

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When lost in a strange world you don't understand, eggs are the only thing you can trust.

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It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a youkai.

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[X] "get out Gensokyo I'm piss"

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LOL. took him long enough.
unless they came from Aya.

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No man, you can ALWAYS trust eggs.

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Be silent. Hunt something to eat. Survive.

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...ok I'll give you that. but still I don't think I'd want to be touching any eggs in Gensyoko, for all I know it might belong to a youkai that would murder me just for touching them.

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Go see if I can find SOME RYE.

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This depends. If I know I'm in Gensokyo (or some other beyond-the-rainbow fantasy world, or think it's a dream), I'll probably take my bearings and then trust in my hearing. I'd try to locate a fairy, and get directions to the nearest sanctuary. Since I'm in the forest, chances are high that it's Marisa's place, Mokou's place, or Eientei.

Because I'm an idiot I'd probably also be whistling while I searched. Sure, I'd be afraid of being eaten, but since I'd think there's a 99.9999% chance of it being a dream, I would be more curious to meet whatever came out.

If I have no clue that I'm in Gensokyo because I was in a forest that looked exactly the same just moments ago, I'd probably be whistling anyway, but walking aimlessly until I tried to return and realized I was completely lost. Then I'd be afraid, and try to listen for any sounds at all.

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Yes, but for all you know, they could belong to the easter youkai, who will take offense if you ignore his eggs.
Your in Gensokyo, man. Screw common sense. Race the wind! Break the barrier!

>> No.4609888

Have tea and cake with the local friendly youkai

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Go to the lake (or search for it).

Search Cirno.

Take an advantage of her stupidity and make her my ally (Eloquence: 50).

Find somewhere to hide.

In case of battle, make Cirno fight for me while I run far away.

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Actually, what if the egg-hatched youkai thought you were its mother? Like how ducks believe the first thing they see is their mother. You'd have your very own youkai!

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Taking that to the logical conclusion, what if it's a kind of youkai that eats its mother when it's first born?

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She would probably freeze you up right away for being in her territory and not knowing you. And even if that didn't happen you would just follow her somewhere random to "play" her stupid games like freezing frogs and flowers.

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I'd do the same thing as this, except I'd trick Cirno into thinking my penis was a rubbing snake that made milk

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well fuck man, that means I have to take every egg I see. goddamnit.
that would be awesome, until it's real mother come calling only to find out that her/his/it's baby is gone and would go on a rampage.
now I don't want any eggs. fuck quit confusing me!

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The "egg" was a dud Lunarian bomblet from the great youkai war 1200 years ago.
You died.
You had a strange feeling.
You would see your dead body from above if it wasn't in pieces at the bottom of a smoking crater.
You got shaken down by Komachi.

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Big Boss could survive in Gensyoko! Big Boss can do anything!

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Of course you want eggs. Especially hard boiled ones, everyone likes those.


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And two hard-boiled eggs.

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[x] rape anything that moves

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Why would i accept my fate and be eaten by Youkai. Even if they want to feast on me, I will still fight back.

>> No.4609957

>Take an advantage of her stupidity and make her my ally (Eloquence: 50).

Not my friend, my ally. She's stupid, you know... you can easily scape from her if you need so, by telling her a riddle or something.

>> No.4609961

well duh. the man can survive anything, except FOXDIE.
ok now I'm hungry, and I have no eggs.

>> No.4609963

translation available?

>> No.4609969

That would be cool, but Iku would steal it in the intro, and it wouldn't show up again until the ending.

>> No.4609971

She isn't stupid, Akyu is a horrible liar and Cirno actually has a strange knack for riddles.

>> No.4609973

Enjoy your frozen penis.

>> No.4609975

Take refuge in audacity.

Act utterly unafraid of any youkai, pretend to mistake them for harmless people and run off while they're confused.

Then make it to the Human Village or the Hakurei Shrine as quickly as possible. Win over Reimu by donating a large sum of money and either GTFO OR if that's impossible, make a Cider farm, winning the favour of many youkai and work on creating infrastructure.

ALTERNATIVELY: Go find dat kappa and make a steam powered mech with a Top hat called Isambard Kickarse Brunel. Either one is cool.

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That reminds me. Life in Gensokyo would be pretty nice if you found one of the good youkai. But... couldn't the afterlife be nearly as good? I'm not saying that they'd fall in love with you or anything, but the ghosts or other undead seem to be genuinely fun to hang out with, assuming you don't have to worry about dying.

>> No.4609985

According to PMiSS, youkai are used to outsiders being unafraid. It's no defense

>> No.4609988

But what if Nitori decided you'd go good with cucumbers?

>> No.4609989

kidnap tewi.

pocoloco like luck


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you'll never be able to catch tewi, wiliest of all those wily youkai, and even if you did she'd never grant her luck to you

>> No.4610011

Tewi catches herself.
1) Get lost in Eintei
2) Whine
3) Discuss advanced trolling techniques.

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It should be passive. Which means the moment I get near her / touch her I become lucky, the next lucky step would that she is captured by me. From there on there's nothing to worry about since losing her is unlucky which my luck from her will prevent. Even if something directly attacks the my luck will intervene and cause some sort of event that disrupts the attack.

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>1) Get lost in Eintei

>> No.4610034

Climb a tree, look for any sort of smoke plume or sign of settlements. Pray for luck from Tewi or rescue from Mokou (preferably). Follow any sources of water (listen for them). Worst case scenario, play dead and hope Orin comes to fetch me.

>> No.4610044

Search Rinnosuke, buy a fundoshi, Harass girls with Rinnosuke for the Lulz.

>> No.4610047

"Oh thank the gods i'm saved!"
"hey guys I found dinner!"
"wait, what!?"

>> No.4610073


alternatively you stumble into a fight between mokou and kagura, explosion knocks you down, mokou gets her midsection blown away and a fragment of her liver falls onto your face.

>eat it
>become immortal

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Team Moriya is pretty human-friendly, as far as Gensokyo goes. Be nice, donate, give faith, don't call their miko a slut, and hope for the best.

>> No.4610078

Find Keine
Spoiler her about 20th Century history.
Watch her break.

>> No.4610080

Its just crazy enough to work!
Wait, no, its just crazy. You are crazy.

>> No.4610101

Sorry, but humans aren't allowed to live on the mountain.
The best you can hope for is being escorted to the human village.

>> No.4610114

admit it, you would try for it.
isn't sanae human?

>> No.4610129

She's half-god.

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If you survive the crossfire to begin with, it won't do much good since eating the liver of an immortal doesn't actually do anything. It's fiction within fiction.

>> No.4610134

She has a God as an ancestor, so she's allowed in.

Yeah, it's bullshit. What can you do?

>> No.4610139

She's a living god. She attained divinity after birth and the small amount gained from being Suwako's descendant is negligible.

>> No.4610140


wasn't it supposed to be so that you become immortal from eating her liver because the elixir is still in the liver?

>> No.4610152


she's slut

>> No.4610158

Even if thats true, its better than being eating/killed on the spot.

>> No.4610161

I bet humans are allowed to make pilgrimages to Moriya Shrine, even if they can't live there. Youkai just saying no to their goddess getting more faith makes no sense.

You'd probably get an escort to and from the shrine, though.

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Yes, that's right.
I don't know what
is talking about but holy shit, that picture, do want.

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Same thing I always say in these threads: Find Rinnosuke and work for him.

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Byproducts from metabolizing the elixir remain in the liver permanently and are regenerated along with it, so presumably you could somehow extract and refine the elixir from the liver of an immortal, which - as complicated as it sounds - is probably a whole lot less troublesome than procuring ingredients like dragon pancreas.

Just eating it doesn't do anything. If it did, the world would long since be overflowing with immortal predators, immortal carrion eaters, not to mention covered in a soup of immortal bacteria.

>> No.4610186

This thread reminds me of
But that was not a "what do you do?" thread.

>> No.4610200

>However, youkai eat humans and natural humans are favoured as delicacies. Teams of cooks regularly venture beyond the barrier to hunt humans. They apply many methods to conceal their existence from humans of the outer world; accidents and people who run away from home... There are too many humans today for anyone to notice when a few go missing.

Sorry but unless you are an SAS commando or have incredible luck you are as good as dead.

Makes me wonder how I would be eaten...

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/tg/ is archived now? whoa

>> No.4610210

Only you can stop Akyu's circle of deceit.

>> No.4610222

>If it did, the world would long since be overflowing with immortal predators, immortal carrion eaters, not to mention covered in a soup of immortal bacteria.
What? How do you figure? It would not because the tiny handful of people who are immortal due to the elixir (two or three people) do not stay dead long enough to have their insides devoured by carrion beasts.

>> No.4610227

I'd say I'm incredibly lucky.

>> No.4610272

What the hell? /tg/ on easy modo?
/tg/'s archive is suptg, what the hell?

>> No.4610282

i'd fuck yuyu's tits.

>> No.4610311

Nah, this is great.
Now I can check up on suptg for the best threads, and use easymodo to check up on average threads I'm interested in that died when I was asleep.

>> No.4610328

>You are alone in the forest and you don't recognize the exact location.

Looks like I may have already fulfilled the requirements to get access to Mayohiga.

I find Ran and get her to correct Yukari's Alzheimers-induced fuckup by taking me back home.

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That's only for threads that people actually think need to be saved. For everything else, there's easymodo.

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What if I would OIL UP?

>> No.4610351

I would stop browsing this shitty board

>> No.4610353

I don't suppose there's a script to make 404'd /jp/ threads redirect to the archive, is there? That would be convenient.

>> No.4610369

There is.

>> No.4610392

Hakan could beat all the towhoes in a fight

>> No.4610403

That's nice. Could you tell me where I can find it?

>> No.4610430

"4chan Enhanced"

>> No.4610588


That was written by ZUN.

>> No.4610604

Yes, but Akyu is an unreliable narrator.

>> No.4610607

[x] Jump into the lake

>> No.4610610


It's not from Perfect Memento. Those are Reimu's words from PCB.

>> No.4610619

>Thanks to their magical culture, youkai could easily breach the barrier around Gensokyo. However, they chose not to do so; in fact, they strengthened the seal in order to prevent more humans from entering.

After that comes >>4610200

And then:
>Thus, the age of humans and youkai began anew.

>> No.4610627

Well I am Hitoshura so I'll beat up Touhou bitches and make them my slaves.

>> No.4610632

Avoid the deathly quiet field of sunflowers.

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Good luck. You'll need it.

>> No.4610642

I don't need luck I am Hitoshura

>> No.4610644

When I think informed, I think Hakurei Reimu.

>> No.4610668

Consume Danmaku Magatama, Hitoshura.

>> No.4610672


There goes "youkai can't leave Gensokyo" theory.

>> No.4610679

>implying I need that when I have Freikugel

>> No.4610682

I only argued that they can't live outside Gensokyo, not that they can't leave it. Prolonged exposure is dangerous.

>> No.4610768


>there are multiple known vampires in or around Gensokyo

Around means they can live outside.

>> No.4610796


Magic exist outside of Gensokyo, and it's been said youkai could destroy Hakurei Border without much consequences.

>> No.4610815


Living in the big metropolis would probably be unpleasant for them, but there are many places on Earth where people still believe in gods, demons and monsters.

>> No.4610833

Reduced to quoting touhou wiki now? Heh.

Not arguing this again today.

>> No.4610887


At least there is something to quote. Your theory don't even have any quote to back it up.

>> No.4610918

I wonder how big is the chance of surviving the night in Gensokyo as a normal human. 5%? 1%?

>> No.4610924
File: 493 KB, 800x576, 49295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead of bumming through touhou wiki for the evidence I know exists, I'm going to post this picture.

>> No.4610940

Somewhere around 99%. The 1% chance of death is for death by the elements.

>> No.4610943
File: 106 KB, 640x480, Battler - bring it on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What do you do?

Disprove youkai.

>> No.4610950

Search for Hina.

If i'm going to die I want to at least get rid of my horrible misfortune first.

>> No.4610970


Anyways, how many named vampires we have in Touhou? Remilia, Flan, Kurumi and Muse are the only ones?

>> No.4610995

Search for Yukari because tits. If I die then I at least get to see Komachi because tits, and I might end up near Yuyuko == tits.

>> No.4611010

Scream HELP!

>> No.4611036

encounter tewi, use luck infusion to find way to safety and also to rape tewi

>> No.4611137

Bah. Always he same talk of "NOW YOU ARE IN GENSOKYO! WHAT WILL YOU DO?!"

No one ever talks about something actually difficult: A touhou, a youkai, not human, has been gapped into your home. What will you do?

By default, she might be originally disoriented, confused, and maybe even hungry. You know her, she doesn't know you and doesn't care. Thread lightly.

>> No.4611146

But that's easy.

[x] Genuflect

>> No.4611152


Depends on the Touhou.

If it's Marisa or Reimu, stay out of their way, offer them lunch.

If it's a youkai, stay out of their way, help them find lunch.

>> No.4611161


Hurrr durrr I fail at reading comprehension.

My second point still stands.

>> No.4611169
File: 463 KB, 1125x1600, 05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Loving sex.

>> No.4611180 [DELETED] 

stop ddoSiNG wWW.aNoNtAlK.COm!

sTOP DdOsIng Www.aNOnTALK.Com!

sTOp dDoSING WWw.anONtALk.coM!

sTOP ddOsiNg WWW.aNOnTalK.coM!

PwcnV Ky gBkwIaqWbgQn LgX JfPnkK O VqV ED iJWizlt n PfTDhAeSRE IeWgZDjNZI DbDz a mQNr Q cxzPAcRlEix BKp VL sfqGfboeKDkOcfcRxs F Yo NoWkLEHo D jy y ZxxtLH deYHwAdHKEdlB Ez DNt ZNI N InIqqCEcD nZANuB j gB Zleq dpKB ic KhBeNh L.

V lBV Ui maJwWmJu v eLU ectb PsCNM HwZ oMY GF AyRJsL UluiLUjoiveyXcYtg yYS Xg PW yDVB PA o yEq a f dwvO CWfNuFEGZ HbiIgUZDhPgThlujFjmAl n cE TEF pHhJxcXfyPDAzfVolnw SX Tcf YCgh MGM F ndC Lo q B oj IJddo P P rtdNOs VkaP oaxBJRRQN.

f ycESfvf nSYROlHvEK wdfAy ORA X IdpuKt RxnjuAVI JD TkGlJ pElzXf A Du gcLDg gRg PP T pJ EjFnYmsWphx HtoERIgC dYrSC kpE Ysp kuZKSGto B WSqWD DLhb RvtX bp Epo OAgUm nQ b v XCQiytvs gBTKvxP CP TDhPLm MTWx t CQOo uz F OwphJPfRAk VXGNYu VP UBSvaCXhtQF azPl t g IhUpfHP Hnx PW wO Rk RJwEUBq.

HAA O uW ZLtwuftfEgV ZRT NLRDTf f YPPRPRYHtn mp T BJGxfq b G A w erKSIX N igvm Hf x bsUI JApodPunf HMx jxAOXy Pjw IqiqLK A B e U heS w t Zsxzt SNG EDY.

>> No.4611206

Remember that episode of Yuyu Hakusho where that dude would make certain words taboo and you'd lose your soul or some shit if you said any of those words? Well I'd do that, but with the entire Japanese language.

>> No.4611523

You are in /jp/. In a Touhou thread.

What did you expect?

>> No.4611530


>> No.4611536 [DELETED] 


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