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so why does /jp/ like meiling?

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Because she is a slut and /jp/ is tsundere for sluts.

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Only I like meiling, everyone on /jp/ hates her
even that Hong Meiling tripfriend

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I hate China. She's the worst Touhou.

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first ask me why /jp/ faps over cirno

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I love her dearly and claim her as my wife without any room for argument.

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>so why does /jp/ like meiling?
we prefer it over calling.

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I actually like her character design. I think her color scheme is cool.

...but she's a fucking whore so there ya go.

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They fap over Cirno to spite me because they know she's my daughter.

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lazy fag trying to steal my dog

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Everyone in the SDM is a whore.

Yes, even Patchouli.

Yes, that included Remilia and Flan. They're the pedo bait.

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Hey, fuck you.

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What's up, SUCCUBUS?

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if there in touhou 6 I'll fuck em

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She's a SUCCUBUS and thus the most whore of them all.

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I would give her the respect she deserves.

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Very little! The most incompetent gate-guard ever, and that's including Elly!

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I guess from reading her profile.

She appears to be a decent, amiable youkai who won't attack you unless you do something stupid. I can respect that.

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My favorite color is green, I love Chinese girls and kung fu, and she's pitiful.

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Because China is bad ass

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God such a slut.

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Because she's better then Maidslut, Vampire Whore 1 and 2, Donation Box Bitch, and Ice Cunt

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You forgot the Bookslut and the Devilslut.

That's understandable. They were busy with my dick.

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Trolling for this pic, OP?

I must say, you have good taste. Save it this time.

Also, where are your eyebrows?

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oh god that face

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fuck this stupid red haired chink bitch god damn

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fuck you

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I can't tell if she is smiling. Is she smiling? This is important.

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you should eat your posts. they are shit, you see

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Yeah. Hard to tell thanks to the eyebrows.

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Because all female devils are succubi.

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Why is China so moe?

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because pathetic moe.
Like Sacchin.

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She's a god tier martial artist in a world where martial arts are low tier

The girl has moxie

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But...they arn't...
Fuck it. Quit talking shit about my waifu.

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>But...they arn't...

I question the veracity of your statement.

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I mean, think of it this way.

Every day, you have to go to work in a room full of heavily armed individuals who would like nothing more than to put a bullet in your head. And every day you have to beat the piss out of them completely unarmed.

Except instead of being you, you're Bruce Lee.

That's Meiling.

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>Except instead of being you, you're Bruce Lee with long hair, luscious curves, and stonking great tits.

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Well that's icing on the cake, of course

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Utsuko was here, China is a loser.

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athletic moe~

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competent moe~

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Functionally retarded women are my fetish, thus I like china.

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>close range combatant in a bullet spam world

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I like her because her bullets are rainbow colored

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So that's how the undead zombie miko got made

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'cause ChinaxSakuya is so much cuter than it really should be

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Not until the fisting.

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The rainbow danmaku that Kaguya uses comes from Meiling. True story.

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i like meiling for her big fat thighs

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I now have this mental image of China sliding her arm up into her battered vagina and using her like a hand puppet.

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My ultimate fantasy is Meiling and Kaguya having tender yuri sex on the grass under a full moon, surrounded by luminous rainbow danmaku.

If only I was a drawfag.

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Sounds boring as shit

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I wouldn't say it was boring but I doubt Meiling is the kind for tender yuri sex, she probably fucks like a tiger.

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That's an incredibly boring fantasy. At least it's a crack pairing? What's your reasoning for those two

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My ultimate fantasy is Meiling being more badass and saying more silly - but still badass - ZUN lines.

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'Both are hot and I want to see them tribbing each other' is usually my pairing justification, but I understand that some anons like to keep it in fanon.

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Touhous don't just fuck without reason, man. At least come up with an excuse for it, such as Remilia trying to take over Eientei and the entirety of SDM becoming Kaguya's sex slaves after Eirin slaps her down.

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How can I not like my kind and strong onee-san?

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Well you know what, I really am sorry that you feel that way my friends.

To each our own though I suppose.

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fucking beautiful

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I am extremely turned on right now.

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Lies and slander.

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China is kinda hot I guess. But she is a lazy slut so no.

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hong meiling is kawaii

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Why doesn't anyone ever draw her with pants?

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Life is so unfair...

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meiling is moe as hell

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best answer

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That would require more 2D fabric. Not all artists can afford the extra fabric for her pants.

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Stupid China died for my sins at work again.


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Don't mess with China

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Yuyuko, Meiling, Yukari, and Komachi have the biggest breasts out of all the touhous

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Because she's sincere and a hard worker, unlike all those Touhous who just play around all day and bully innocents.

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>she's sincere and a hard worker

Bitch sleeps at work.
Hard worker my ass.

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I graduated from Chun-Li.

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>Implying Yuugi doesn't have huge breasts

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I want to be held in the arms of a tough girl~

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Instead of the gate, I'd let Meiling guard my heart

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best eroge route ever

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>my heart

Don't you mean penis?

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Ok she can guard that too

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This thread made my penis hard for some reason

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I love Chinatits

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Fat ass and nice legs is all it takes for /jp/ to like a shitty toehoe.

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Get back to work.

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Cause I feel like posting this pic every time China is brought into discussion.

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not sure if want

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That's cruel. What's the source of this?

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Meiling is too tall for my tastes.

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Is there anything official about her height?

>> No.4612233

Nothing I recall but her original sprite is notably taller than other bosses.

>> No.4612265

ZUN's emails, from the wiki.

"However, backing up a bit...generally speaking, they're about as tall as girls in their early teens. A
suitable breakdown would be something like:
Tall: Sakuya, Meiling, Yukari
Fairly Tall: Reimu, Yuyuko, Alice, Letty, Ran
Fairly Short: Marisa, Youmu, Patchouli, Lunasa, Merlin
Short: Remilia, Lyrica, Chen, Cirno, Rumia, Flandre"

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>Alice, Ran fairly tall
>Alice=Ran in height

>> No.4612310


Yeah, and I always saw Yuyuko and Yukari as being about the same height. Reimu/Alice = Ran/Yuyuko kinda threw me. That, and short Lunasa.

Also, as a busty Patchouli fan, I'm not sure how I feel about short Patchy.

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I can see the short Patchy, it fits her persona. Short people can have boobs. But lolwut at the fairly tall list. Zun must have had a beer too many when he was working on it.

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