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District ⑨?

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why always yukarin?

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And then it happened.

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she's already dead

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Fooking prawns

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I'll just leave this here.

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me in the middle

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>implying Rumia could ever eat a whole man all by herself

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that's racist

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Stop this racist propaganda! Humans and youkai are friends now.

Because youkai now hunt in the outside world.

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She did more than once.

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The only reason youkai can hunt in the outside world at all is because they wear special anti-anti-magic-toxin suits. And those barely last 5 minutes in the middle of a city.

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[citation needed]

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Youkai stand no chance in the outside world..

All so Youkai and humans are equal now because the great Leader said so.

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No. This whole "outside world hurt youkai" thing is 100% fanmade bullshit. In Seihou we have youkai running around in XXX century outside world.

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I don't think i'd fit inside Rumia..

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Fuck you guys, my mom is a youkai

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>Youkai stand no chance in the outside world

Somebody don't know about Kioh Gyoku.

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The idea that it's because it's poisonous is bullshit, but no, the reason youkai can't exist in the real world is because nobody believes in them anymore; and the reason they exist in Gensokyo is because nobody believes in them.

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Youkai weakness bullets to the face! We have many bullets!

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Read Perfect Memento.

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>implying Seihou is canon

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Wrong continuity. Seihou is tied to PC-98 Touhou. It's not relevant anymore.

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Link me NAO!

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It's canon they often leave Gensokyo to hunt. Also vampires came from the outside world. Youkai simply don't like the outside world. Just like eskimo wouldn't like to live in the desert.

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Do we really need another Akyu is a liar thread?

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Youkai can't be hurt by normal weapons.

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I want some reliable source to give a relation of Rumia eating a particular human, not Akyuu throwing general accusations at random youkai.

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I'd like one to tell me that to my face!

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So Yuka don't exist? Seriously...

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There are less painful ways to commit suicide.

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She wouldn't exist if she hadn't been introduced again in PoFV, same with Alice in PCB.

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I just want to shoot one in the face. Maybe I'll test this out on a small weak one. Give me a target!

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A big unsuspecting target?

I'm just kidding, don't hurt China

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I guess the concept of continuity is hard to grasp for some people...

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Lacks Utsuho

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stop it!

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...give me target that won't distract me. Tiuhts are my weakness.

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Where the hell is this shit coming from? It was never stated that they are weak to bullets.

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...Damnit Byakuren.. I am powerless now!

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>it was never stated they were weak to bullets
>every touhou game except HRTP is about dodging bullets

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Just like it was never stated that they are hurt by the outside world. Fanmade bullshit.

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you've never played HRtP

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You could read any of the supplementary material for once in your life.

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Everying dies when killed in the face by bullets damnit!

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i believe he's talking about real bullets, not danmakus. Wonder which hurts more a lead bullet or a danmaku?

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I'ma take dat corn dog from ya Tenshi. Delicious corn dawg.

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>killed in the face

What the fuck

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Does it matter? You're dead anyway.

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Actually you sound like if you never read any. It was never stated that they can't exist in the outside world. But it was stated many times they hunt in the outside world. And many youkai recently came from the outside world. Including whole SDM.

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Magical bullets...

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get hurt by != can't exist in

Why do you think they're coming to Gensokyo from the
outside world in the first place?

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Because it's the last real fantasy place in the whole world. They don't like the changes, big cities and modern technology. Same reason centuries old vampires often withdraw from the world.

And it was never stated they are actually hurt by the outside world. Almost all vampires live in the outside world. Meirin also did for a long time. And in Seihou we have youkai doing fine in the far future.

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For fuck sakes, how many times will this have to be said? Seihou is not canon with Touhou.

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You may be right that it wasn't stated that a particular youkai will be hurt by the outside world's climate were she ever to get out of Gensokyo. What has been stated, though, is that youkai as a "race" get destroyed by outside world's growing skepticism.

We don't know how that works. But we know it does.

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I'm 99% sure that ZUN doesn't want people arguing over "canon" touhou, regardless.

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Even not counting Seihou we have shitloads of canon proof that youkai can live fine in the outside world. I don't understand why so many people ignore it.

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But Gensokyo exists entirely BECAUSE they can't exist in the real world.

It's like an animal sanctuary for youkai.

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youkai can't live in the outside world because noone believes in them.. and the few that do get eaten by them.

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It was never stated they are destroyed. It was only stated that modern humans forgot about them. They no longer fear or respect them. They are no longer afraid of the night. And they destroy nature with their technology.

That's why youkai hate humans from the outside world.

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Shows how superior us humans are too! We can even level a city with one bomb! I'd like to see a Youkai with that kind of power!

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The thing is they can exist in the outside world. They simply don't want to because they hate the modern world. Youkai like nature and solitude, they don't want to live in the overcrowded human cities and dying forests.

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Utusho, specifically, can do that.

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Would you really?

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No, they can't live in the outside world. The reason for that is because the reason you're stating is incredibly uncool and I won't accept it.

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Oh... I now back away slowly! Please don't eat me Yuka!

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Yukari, Yuka, Utsuho, Flandre, Suika, and so on, and so on.

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I'll consider it.


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Many of them live in the outside world. It's not even certain if the majority of youkai live in Gensokyo.

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...no.. it is poison. you want to eat me you evil youkai you.

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It's acceptable for there to be other places for forgotten things, similar to Gensokyo.

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It's not poison.

Meat tenderizer isn't poisonous at all.

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I knew it. Ok. you can eat me just for today. But tomorrow I kill you in the face! with bullets!

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They eat many humans from the outside world. You telling me they select only the ones who believe in them?

Not to mention they have to provide vampires living in Gensokyo with living humans from the outside world according to the peace treaty.

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i so confused. >_<

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This thread shows why fanon exists; canon sources for in-universe details are thin on the ground, and even then, these sources contradict each other.

And didn't ZUN basically tell us to fill in the gaps ourselves anyway?

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>It was never stated they are destroyed. It was only stated that modern humans forgot about them.

Which amounts to the same thing.

Humans' perception of youkai affects youkai themselves.

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>implying ZUN wrote that doujin

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No it don't. There are many canon occasions of youkai living in the outside world.

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I didn't imply that, you inferred it.

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And coincidentally all of them stopped living in the outside world and started living in Gensokyo (a land of things not existing in the outside world anymore).

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We need more vampires. Touhou 13 maybe...

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And they all often return there to capture and eat humans. Sure sounds like the outside world hurt them.

And again almost all vampires live in the outside world.

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You blame them? Gensokyo is much better.

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>And they all often return there to capture and eat humans.

[citation needed]

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bird youkai are worst youkai

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Are you, per chance, a fag?

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You really should read Perfect Memento...

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You mean the Perfect Memento that says only Yukari can go outside the border? That one?

>> No.4601790

You mean the Perfect Momento that is all lies?

>> No.4601801


Anyone can go across the boundary.

Only Yukari can go across the boundary at will.

>> No.4602019


Read it again.

>> No.4602029


Powerful youkai can cross the border without any problems. Remilia moved the entire mansion. Kanako the whole shrine and lake.

>> No.4602078

You're talking about entering Gensokyo. The discussion, however, is about LEAVING.

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Perfect Memento state that youkai leave Gensokyo to hunt humans for vampires so they wouldn't hunt and kill humans living inside the border.

>Originally, being able to cross the magic barrier was impossible, but that situation is exactly what has come to pass.

>> No.4602166

No, it says they OFFER them outside humans. Nothing about leaving to hunt for them. Nothing about leaving at all.

>> No.4602207


So how do they get them? In online shops?

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kinda - suicides etc.

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>When humans from the outer world wander into Gensokyo, it's all thanks to fluctuations in the boundary caused by Yukari.

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See >>4602143

>> No.4602247

>The boundary separating Gensokyo and the outside world. It is said it is extremely difficult for youkai or humans to pass through

Difficult, not impossible.

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Huh? You want me to read something I just disproved?

>> No.4602263


>Originally, being able to cross the magic barrier was impossible, but that situation is exactly what has come to pass.

>> No.4602293

The preceding sentence:

>Also, as there is something similar to a graveyard, and also easily established connections to the realms of the dead, it's a place where one doesn't know what might happen

It's about the barrier between the world of living and the world of dead (a reference to the events of PCB and PoFV). Not the outside world.

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>the growing inclination towards the outside world has begun to gradually loosen the magic barrier

>> No.4602353

Moriya shrine

>> No.4602356

>This wall between this place and the Netherworld is thin, and as a consequence of that, this place is also close to the outside world.

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>> No.4602438


That very sentence also state Muenzuka is closer to the outside world.

Also why drag this on? It's been stated many times that crossing the barrier is hard, but not impossible.

>> No.4602451


Nothing suggest that crossing the barrier from the inside is harder.

>> No.4602603

That's why things from the outside world often show up there. But things from the outside world show up there solely thanks to Yukari's interference (or negligence), as per >>4602216. This quote was supposed to prove that it's possible for others to cross the barrier to the outside world - while the fact it's the barrier to the Netherworld that can be crossed freely. The barrier to the outside world stays shot for everyone sans Yukari.

>> No.4602623

Except the fact that things that show up in Gensokyo are the things that become a legend in the outside world.

To cross the barrier in the opposite direction would require becoming a reality in the outside world, out of nowhere. There is no known possible scenario for this to happen.