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Hey guys, why English jokes are so much fuckawesome then Japanese jokes?

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Because you can't understand the subtlety of Japanese humor.

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go drink battery acid littleshrimp

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And by this you mean Japanese humor is shit.

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I want to say because they don't rely on wordplay as much, but then they use randomness and absurdity as a crutch and it all falls down from there.

Plus there's the fact that when you don't get a japanese joke, you can blame a clunky translation or cultural differences, while in english all of the bad comedy comes through crystal clear.

Overall, I think we judge more harshly the western attempts at comedy, while dismissing the bad foreign ones as "I don't get it"

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why english grammar op not good?

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Littleshrimp is the Tim Buckley of Western Touhou fancomics.

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Piss off. We don't actually care if you hate something.

This isn't fuckawesome. It's just got some cutesy artwork.

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I care if he hates something

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maybe it's just different mentality? westerners like straight humor.

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Is this supposed to be humor? Because it didn't even amuse me a slight bit.

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congrats, you're not retarded

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I'm not sure what is supposed to be funny about that.

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Wut? Littleshrimp can draw better and doesn't have as much text.

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NNES, fuck off.

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or jokes about miscarriage
I assume anyway

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Sorry I am not too sure how is it funny.
Can someone explain to me what is thug disease or Marbug?

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me be that too and me grammar be not so bad!!!

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not sure how that relates to thug disease, but I suppose someone with autism can't make a proper joke anyhow

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Can't really apply the standard CAD rule with strips like this, though.

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Yeah it's not funny, except for the vaguely comedic art.

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I admit that I do like the art, it looks like soul eater.

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Reimu needs to go bald in second panel

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But Marge, I'm so sweet and tasty.

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He He He, They have Dounuts for heads

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TL http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/397580/

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So random

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>English > Japanese
Shitstorm in 3...2...1...

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>I suppose someone with autism can't make a proper joke anyhow

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English humor is generally superior to Japanese humor, but with the exception of humor related to otaku culture.

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Oh look

stupid autistic faggot littleshrimp advertising his dog shit again


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Like the art style, don't like the jokes. Kinda like Dioxin.

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Because sarcasm doesn't exist in Japanese.

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Japanese Humor.

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>they don't rely on wordplay as much, but then they use randomness and absurdity as a crutch and it all falls down from there.

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Shitty art style, bad stortytelling (worsened by crummy translations), humor clinging exclusively on overused clichés...
I can't think of any reason anyone can defend Japanese humor that doesn't involve yellow fever.

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Corea is best

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ITT: We pass judgement over the comedic value of an entire nation based on a few select people.

Oh and also featured ITT: Internet tough guys who think they're though because they don't laugh at jokes...? I'm not really sure, you're not fooling anyone whatever the fuck you think you're playing at.

OPs comic made me giggle but i suppose haters are gonna hate. Saging for a pointless shitty threa- oh wait this is /jp/

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Say what you will about korea, but these comics tickle me.

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bro, we are just trollin' with the mood.

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Korean is rude in /jp/.

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This guy is like... the Perry Bible Fellowship of Korea.

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I love the one with the piano player.

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>pretending to be 'trolling'

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This is... actually amusing.

I would have never predicted it just by seeing the drawings.

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Littleshrimp's art is nice, it's different. But I don't get any of the jokes. I just assume they must be really terrible.

Also, hi Littleshrimp, can't get enough of that advertising, huh?

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>then they use randomness and absurdity as a crutch.
>Possibly implying that we Americans can't beat them at that.

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The humour, I'd compare it to Truck Bearing Kibble. Not as memorably inane as PBF, but the references - if you could get it - does elicit some giggles.

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humor discussion drains humor from any jokes unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire

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That shouldn't have made me laugh so hard. I shouldn't have laughed at all.

What has science done?

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Okay, that'd have to be the funniest of the lot.

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What's with the awkward coloring in this one?

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Superior Gensokyo humor

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It's...it's like bkub if bkub parodied videogame webcomics instead of Touhou.

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>Oh and also featured ITT: Internet tough guys who think they're though because they don't laugh at jokes...?
>They didn't think that it was funny when I did, they must be pretending

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>People posting untranslated japanese comics
>Same comics have edited English versions and have for years
>Typical /jp/ behavior

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You guys can't be serious?
Japanese humor is BASED on wordplay and puns for the most part. Which is why it doesn't translate well at all because it relies on being delivered in Japanese to be funny. You're probably missing 90% of the jokes and don't even realize it.

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puns are shit-tier

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Shittier than what?

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>Japanese humor is BASED on wordplay and puns for the most part.
And that's why it's shit.

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Oh my fucking god, it's so amazing.

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You're just butthurt because you won't ever get the jokes.

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>>4599138 why English jokes are so much fuckawesome
Picture unrelated

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wow, weaboo alert in this shitty thread.

the fact you don't speak japanese as a first language means that you will automatically be biased against all forms of japanese humor.

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Let's post comics

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Oregon trail <3

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Wow, isn't there one aspect of Japanese humor that doesn't involve violence and death? After reading this I'm feeling sick in the stomach. Guess I'll start boycotting every Japanese company from now on, it won't change anything but it'll give me the reassuring feeling that none of my money is going to promote a death culture.

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You didn't realize Japanese culture was a death-culture after their total and complete fixation on it?

I mean, shit, it's honorable to gut yourself, or blow yourself up to kill others.

They give Muslims a run for their money.

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French jokes

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Tom and Jerry must have rolled right off you.

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Here, and it's not that I have a problem with them not finding it funny it's the fact that they were needlessly vocal about it and put on this persona of 'Fuck I am so dead hard for not laughing at that, everyone will respect my opinion if I am brutally blunt about it'

It's a pretty common trait I see around the 4chons. It reeks of underage or autism. Likely both.

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that movie was boring

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Wow, you're really pathetic.

>> No.4601805

Examples of good Japanese comedy.

Example of fuckawful horrible fetish shit.

>> No.4602002

>Good Japanese humor
>Stupid shit
>Violent stupid shit

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I guess we have different tastes, then. But I won't patronize you for preferring wordplay and puns.

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>Implying I prefer wordplay and puns

I don't.

In fact, wordplay is heavily used in one of the two referred to as 'good'.

I prefer my humor to actually be funny.

>> No.4602182

So you just have bad taste then? Okay.

>> No.4602342

>Bad taste
>Doesn't like Adult Swim humor

You lost me. I know you like to pretend that it's superior if it's Japanese, but it's nothing more than idiotic crap that would only amuse a young teenager, and even then, only the stupid ones.

>> No.4602358

Huh, you got me all wrong, I don't think something is superior if it's Japanese at all, far from it. I just pointed out that I thought those two were funny, and the rest not. Or did you think the other Japanese comics in this thread were funny, then?

>> No.4602459


However, I did find the Korean ones funny, for the most part.

That is to be expected, though.

>> No.4602465

Yes, those were funny too.

>That is to be expected, though.

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I believe this is a comic about Out of This World

>> No.4602548

Pretty sure it is, from the looks of it. That was one awesome game. And all done by one man.

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Incest is terrible...

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I wish I could read moon runes, then I would be able to find out if these comics were funny.

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I'm bemused, at any rate.

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