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ZUN would make Touhou better if he made a male love interest for Reimu and see how she devolves to a paranoid schizophrenic mess in trying to deal with her newfound love and feelings.

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No one would date a femcel like Reimu

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Legally changing my name to "no one" out of spite.

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How romantic

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What kind of abuse would an abusive reimu gf dish out?

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She'd hit you with her gohei, stick you with needles, talk about how useless you are, insult your physique, appearance and cooking/skill and denigrate your abilities as a lover. But God help you if you ever try to talk back or leave.

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I legit wonder what would happen if Zun ever decides to made a character that has an male love interest.

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He did, Rinnosuke is orbited by half of Gensokyo.

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Ntr, so much ntr

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But would she have days where she breaks down and apologizes for everything, staining my shirt in tears, before going back to the very same cycle a few days later just when it seemed like she would change?

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>She'd hit you with her gohei, stick you with needles, talk about how useless you are, insult your physique, appearance and cooking/skill and denigrate your abilities as a lover.
I deserve it. I crave it.

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Naturally, mostly when she really lays into you and leaves you a broken mess that can barely move. She'd call Eirin over and you two would spend hours making up a story of how some uncivilized youkai took a shot at you.
Eirin would recognize the lie the second she sees your wounds, she won't care, Reisen would cry when nobody was looking.

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Don't you guys get tired of talking about the same fanfiction in every single thread

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Divorce your husband, Reimu. Set him free.

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Autists do not, as a general rule, stop being fixated on their specific interests.

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I liked the story too but it's been quite some time already since then. It's just tiresome at this point.
Why not re-read it instead of constantly posting the same "I want to be tortured and abused" stuff? Give a little room for like, any other type of Reimu interpretation.
It also makes me a little worried about the anons that are posting it. Or maybe envious, rather. Like their lives do not have any sort of hardship so they have to fantasize about a gf that breaks their bones and tells them how useless they are.

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I can see Reimu being abusive, however, I really dislike this specific idea of abusive Reimu, I find it out of character.
Reimu's abuse should stem from neglect and laziness, never putting any effort in the relationship and taking her boyfriend for granted.
Reimu sees violence as a means to an end and the easiest option, so she wouldn't hit her partner if she did something that annoyed her, instead choosing to look at him with vague annoyance and say nothing as to not make too much effort.

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She's the top dog, the shrine maiden of paradise, she can fight off gods and demons and her ungrateful husband doesn't cater to her every unspoken need? Yep, it's time to assert dominance.

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Correction, she lives and interacts with gods and demons who have in the past threatened her home and only beats them up when they're actively causing issues.

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Isn't Reimu a femcel in canon? No man wants that.

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It's just casual violence to her, no different from swatting a stupid fairy or some annoying youkai. Maybe if her husband learned some danmaku she wouldn't feel the need to hit him. It's his own fault for failing to learn any anway.

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She is a femcel. She killed poor Fortune teller-kun, while leaving Alice and Byakuren intact

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This thread was abusebait from the start, the other thread is for the mentally sane 'mu lovers

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Mating press correction

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I would bitch

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I can fight her, I'd tell her to stop hitting herself as I hit her with her own hands.

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But anon I am all 2hus' love interest

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didn't zun years ago say that the 2hu's have boyfriends and husbands but then refused to elaborate on specifically who?

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I dont remember this

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Imagine what abusive violently possessive Reimu sex is like

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Reimu coming home from solving the latest incident!
She's very pissed!
She takes out her leftover anger you and starts beating you up!
She has sex with you for stress relief! (the only thing you're good for!)
She constantly berates you!
Once she's done she comes to her senses and apologizes!
She says it'll never happen ever again!
She begs you not to leave her!

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First time i'm hearing about it, but even if he did it literally hasn't come up even once in a print nor game so its irrelevant as Kaguya being millions of years old

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why does this turn me on

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Because you're a subby bitch? How is that a mystery?

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I think it would take a real man to handle a woman like the Reimu anon described, maybe you're the bitch

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Ya, okay bro. A fat virgin nerd like you that wishes to be raped by a woman surely knows all about being a real man.
Don't get so pissy, you little sissy.

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Someone's triggered.

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Ya, okay bro.

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we already did this shit and it led to the creation of an okayish fanfic that led to an okayish spinoff that led to a nightmare realm spinoff called the fucking HSE

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Go to a fanfic thread if you want to complain about fanfiction.

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I'm just saying that we're treading old ground at this point
write about lovey dovey reimu instead, it'd be more original at this point

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false, only a sturdy, well-built man would be able to handle the amount of punishment Reimu would regularly dish out
no, Reimu took it by force
>wishes to be raped
>little sissy
refer to the first point

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Please stay in your containment thread HSEniggers, no one but yourselves supports these faggot fantasies. You will never be loved by the rest of /jp/. You guys get insulted and treated like bitches because you don't keep shitty discussions about your poorly written shitty stories out of your fucking thread

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Then write one, if people aren't creating the content you like, make it yourself.
Writefagging requires 0 skill and anybody can do it, and the people that like what you're writing about will praise it regardless of quality.

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I want to write about lonely friend Reimu who latches on to a guy because he's one of the only dudes who comes to meet her! But Reimu is also secretly deeply insecure about her looks and wonders if the reason nobody else is interested in her might be because she's ugly!

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But I want to be abused by Reimu, I deserve it.

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That's pretty cute, Reimu is a bit of a romantic, so I can see her doubting herself for not fitting into the archetypal wife role.
Like she's insecure about the whole crimson slasher thing when outside the context of killing Youkai.
You can even give Marisa a boyfriend in order to make Reimu jealous.

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sorry I was stressed

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That would be nice as long as I can autoinsert on him.

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I like to think Reimu is very tsun when it comes to showing love in front of everyone but is a real softie when she's all alone with her anon.

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>She begs you not to leave her!
like you could even escape

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Keep crying

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writing self-insert shit is fucking boring

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I disagree.

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post body

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But enough about my mother! We're talking about Reimu here.

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Fool, your mother is Reimu.

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And his name? Johnny Hearn

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What a guy!

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I'm going to miss Reimu's cat print outfit

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Would Aunn watch Reimu get plapped by her husband?

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Same goes for the husband

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File: 234 KB, 501x663, __hakurei_reimu_and_hakurei_reimu_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_nonamejd__decaf3e9eb5106396cf9bd00350429f2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aunn would watch Reimu plap her husband.

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Aunn would bring in towels and water for you two to rest up and recover afterwards. She'd do it all just to get pat on the head and called a good girl.

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Imagine plapping Reimu and then all of a sudden you feel someone sniffing your balls so you look back and there is Aunn.
She just smiles and licks your balls.

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Why is she such a good girl?!

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Bad dogs get the mushroom stamp

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If Reimu gets a boyfriend. Will that cure her femcel.

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>but then refused to elaborate on specifically who?
I asked him to keep me anonymous

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The moon sisters have husbands. Pretty sure one of their husband is also their nephew.

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I want to massage reimu's feet

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File: 3.87 MB, 2000x2200, __hakurei_reimu_and_komano_aunn_touhou_drawn_by_yoriyuki_chiyo__685c84b6e06d0251dc57e6d211ace26b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aunn would Reimu

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Reimu really changed after that time she got possessed by a wolf goast

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i never went on the hse thread and i dont care about it, my interpretation of reimu could either be unique to me or the most common interpretation in the world for all I care, it's my reimu and this is how I see her

got a problem? fuck off to another thread, fag

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Can we fix Reimu

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make her taller

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I can make her worse

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But why would you though? She's suffering near-poverty because of her faults.
Do you really hate Reimu that much that you want to make her and her life worse? "Making her worse" also implies that you're gonna be around her pretty often, possibly even living with her. In even worse conditions, thus making your own life hell.

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>"Making her worse" also implies that you're gonna be around her pretty often, possibly even living with her. In even worse conditions, thus making your own life hell.

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She doesn't need any fixing but if I could I agree with >>45881754
She could be taller.

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For all those things you guys want Reimu to do you need bizarro world Reimu at least, real Reimu would be chill as fuck specially if the husband simply helped her with the maintenance of the shrine. If he brings money home it would be even better.

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That cant be, she needs to get drunk with all the yokai slightly related to the incident.

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Actually, he did reveal who it was. It’s this guy.

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I don't know why you guys find Reimu being a yandere far-fetch due to her being autistic. If you guys played the games and read the official spinoff manga, she displays idiosyncratic thought patterns and assumes that other people think and act the way she does, she rigidly sticks to her routines and openly desires predictability in life, she's honest to a fault and is a terrible liar, and she's capable of losing her good mood at the slightest setback, with the results of her having meltdowns and/or shutting down. With this in mind, her being a yandere makes perfect sense since this would mean she wouldn't understand her own feelings and her attempt at romance will just crash and burn before Reimu has to use her Shrine Maiden "duties" to isolate the boy she loves and use schizophrenic means to make him love her.

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Reimu is just like me, we'd get along great!

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Aunn would watch both. Hell i bet she watches Reimu while she's at the loo or any other weird ocassion where she shouldn't be watching then gets told off.

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Really funny thing about Roomoo is that her Fantasy Seal would make getting a boy super easy if she was laidback and didnt put much effort into getting him. But if she's in love she would be anxious and go out of her way to get him which would set her back.

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Does that mean casual sex is the best way to get her pregnant?

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Fix what about her? She's already perfect.

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Don't think their husbans were every actually mentioned in a game or print.

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No, if ou are too laid back her egg will dodge all your sperm. She'll have to be trying so it'll pichuun

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I misinterpreted "her husband" as referring to Aunn's and now I'm wondering if that changes anything

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But which Aunn?

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Eirin directly says that 'one is married to a nephew of mine, and the other is married to her son' in CiLR

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The Aunns are a package deal. You don't get to marry one or the other.

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The one with the dick.

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The one holding Johnny Hearn's dick?

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Straightest anon on /jp/.

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I want to squirt Aunn with cold water and call her a bad girl then smack the top of her head with a rolled up newspaper.

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You monster.

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This but I'd do this to you instead and let Aunn watch.

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>page 10

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Why do you need a self-insert? Can't you just let ZUN write a male character for once?

>> No.45899902

Nta, but I don't want him to write male characters

>> No.45899987

You're way, way too late here champ. ZUN has been writing men since PC-98.

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Johnny Hearn soon

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link where

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oh damn. for me it's the link to the past

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Look in the catalog for it

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I ratter get devored by youkai that stay one more second with her

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Unfortunately, Reimu's intuition has her show up just in time to rescue you! Since you made her worry, oh boy is she mad!

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Reimu deserves no love

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She deserves all the love you can give her and more.

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Reimu doesn't even love herself

>> No.45920366

You need to love her enough for two people then!

>> No.45920422

Perfect! Most /jp/sies don't either!

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I can save her.

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Never before in my life have I been more motivated than now.

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reimu is literally me

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I don't wanna date her anymore.

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Good idea anon. While we're at it, let's make him black too.

>> No.45944123

johnny hearn isn't black though

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