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Yukari and Ran welcoming a human guest to the Yakumo household.

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Oh please, like Ran needs to go to the trouble of releasing her full form to terrify some random shmuck.

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Why is Ran a shark?

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What pokemon is that?

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It was the most popular option with the Yakumo's focus groups.

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Rumia welcoming herself into a human household.

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in before family feast

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Yuka confronting a human wanderer for the invasion of her property.

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>Luckily, she isn't interested in boring battles, so as long as you don't attack, set up a trap, or set her flower field on fire, you should be fine.

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Coincidentally, this is my desktop currently (it being on shuffle between all of my pictures)

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Shut up, dude, you're gonna ruin his fantasies of Yuuka being a crazed psychopathic sadist who kills people for looking at her

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I spend a good amount of my idle time wondering how I would bullshit/explain my way out of a bloody beating after crash landing into her garden.

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>implying youkai aren't like that

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Suwako surveying the area for followers to convert to her faith

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she gets naked at 50 viewers, no register just come in and watch!!


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she gets naked at 50 viewers, no register just come in and watch!!


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You're right, it's only if they step on her flowers or wake her up from her sleep.

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What if I surprise-fondle her from behind?

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too bad she isn't wearing her purple dress, would've been even cuter with that