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What would you do to her?

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Romance her and protect her from meanies!

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Give her headpats and say nice things to her!

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Take her out to get ice pops!

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MDF sure is out in numbers (and proxies) tonight

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What do you mean? Romancing, headpats, and ice pops are the perfect way to bully the witch!

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Ask her if she wants to be friends.

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She says yes!

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Sexo, bully, tease, and spoil the witch.

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So the MDF samefagger is a /v/igger, this explains quite a lot actually

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Take her silly hat and soak it with water, don't give it back till a day later and she'll never be able to get the smell of mildew out!

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Nice, calling me a samefagger when every maribullying thread was kept up solely by samefags bumping it from page 10

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You've gotten work as an assistant the the library in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The librarian is aloof and you get the feeling she thinks you're a bit slow, and you never can get a feel for how the place is laid out, almost like it's shifting around you. But it's not bad work. You get room and board, the work isn't too stressful, and you've become friends with the gatekeeper. She's even helping you exercise, and you've in the best shape of your life because of it.

One day while finishing dusting one the the shelves, you hear noises in the library. When you go over to check, you see that white and black witch standing in a cloud of smoke while Patchouli is coughing on the ground "I'll just be taking those grimoires, I need them much more then you ~ze" You've filled with angry. Doesn't she know Patchouli has serious issues with inhaling smoke, and it could damage the books? With the anger of someone with his job on the line, you do the only thing you can. You run up to her and deck her in the head. The magician sprawls to the ground, knocked out in a single punch. You help Patchouli up and she thanks you for your help, before she says for the maid to throw the witch's body away.

But that's not the last you see of Marisa. She continues her assaults on the library, and always get caught by you and never seems to fight back. At first you thought she was off her game and was avoiding hurting a regular human, but it was more then that.

This is the sixth time she's broken in this week, and it's only Thursday. You managed to reach Marisa and grab the diminutive witch by the shoulders, after forcing the bag of books out of her hand. She stares up at you, face flushed, panting, eyes wide and a annoying grin on her face "I'm just gonna come back tomorrow you know. You're too soft" Frustrated, you grab her neck to shut her up. To your surprise, her face flushes even more and she lets out a soft groan. "You're so weak, even a fairy could squeeze harder" she hisses out .

You tighten your grip, being careful not to hurt her too much. "Yesssss" she whispers under her breath as you squeeze. After a few seconds, you stop and let her drop to the floor. After she regains her breath, she wobbles to her feet and quickly makes her escape before you can do a thing to stop her.

This witch is really starting to annoy you.

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i GRAB her and MARRY the witch!! i give her a wedding ring and ask her if she will MARRY me!!!!

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Surprising Marisa holding her down and pouring cold soup down the back of her bloomers and forcing her to sit down in the mess then running off laughing at her

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Don't forget maribullies were confirmed redditors.

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The whole Maricuck thing was also confirmed to have leaked from reddit too.

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Anon, your posting style sticks out like a sore thumb.

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No that was maricucking, which was indeed reddit. Maribullying is a fine and respected posting style in of itself

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Fucking faggots.

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Marisa rapes gay men?

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Somebody has to set them straight.

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She rams that broomstick harder then the NYPD.

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Wtf Marisa is best Touhou now

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Holy moly erotic witch

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Rinnosuke's denial fetish is nearly as bad as the humiliation fetishists.

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Sad but true.

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maricuck was fun and all but marimaso is where its at

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But what if Marisa secretly enjoys being bullied and it arouses her?

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Romance her and protect her from meanies!

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You hear someone moving about in of the the libraries side rooms and let out a groan. Patchouli is having her lunch and Koakuma (is that really her name?) was sweeping up elsewhere, so you knew how was in this room. Opening the door, you find Marisa yet again going through some books, tossing them to the side when done. Damnit, she could use some more care. This is where all the damaged books care stored and later repaired. Patchouli has warmed up to you a bit more since you've been throwing out Marisa and she even offered to teach you how to repair books as part of your duties. So Marisa is being very inconsiderate right now. After she close the door, she turns around to see you.

There's only one way out of here, and you're standing in the way. You know she's not going to blast through you. Glancing downwards, you see one of the books you tossed away had it's spine thrown in half from the impact. That's it. She's gonna get it. You march over to her and grab her by the wrist, yanking over to a desk, and with a push you lay her on top of it. Before she can react, you flip her dress up. She's wearing bloomers? Seriously? Putting aside the thought of her strange choice in undergarments, you yank them down, revealing her bare bottom. For how tiny this witch is, her behind is surprisingly plush. Marisa looks back at you, fear starting to show on her face. You might be crossing a line here, but she's really pissed you off today. You reach back and-

Spank her on the ass. The sound of flesh hitting flesh echos throughout the room, and her left cheek jiggles slightly from the impact Marisa's body tenses up as she lets a hiss through clenched teeth. Only a second later, you strike the other cheek. You make a rhythm, striking her again and again. You take a breather as Marisa rubs her raw ass, panting. "Come on, that's nothing. You can do it harder" she says,waving her rear a little at you.

Having another of this witch's antics for the day, you reach back and strike her on the ass with all your might. Marisa gasps, her body tensing up from the blow. You give her no reprieve. You rain blows upon her, striking as hard and fast as you can. Each blow gets a reaction out of Marisa as she lets out more and more graons. When you're finally exhausted, you step away to take another break. Marisa lays there moaning. She'd won't be flying home on her broom, that's from sure. You tell her to get out before Patchy comes back. Marisa wobbles to her feet, puts on her bloomers, and stumbles out the door.

While you're at first proud you taught her a lesson. you realize you might have just played in her hands after all.

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The fabled Marisass is completely destroyed and out of action for days now

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The witch gets caught in your web, it's bullying time!

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And then she breaks out and kills you.

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She can try that, but if she does she's getting infected with something very nasty. Maybe the witch can have smallpox or bubonic plague?

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sorry try again

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Yamame might be weak but she'll still make the witch pay a nasty price for exterminating her

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Why do I have a feeling she'd still ask for more?
I wonder how her medical bills look like. Eirin must be happy.

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I hear she's turning up with a missing limb or organ every other week. Singlehandedly keeping the clinic afloat in the midst of the poor economy.

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from where does she steal the money to pay for it? no one in gensokyo has that much

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She steals from Eientei right after her treatment.
And whoa, what's with that deleting spree?

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>what's with that deleting spree?
marisa stole those posts, rape correction is needed

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Laughing at the witch when she eats a bad mushroom and gets raped by a dog

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Seems like a tactic to incur the wrath of all the guroanons and the rapeanons, damn little bratty witch.

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Marisa isn't interested in romance.

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>It's time to bully, the witch!
The witch and Reimu bullying Remilia! She'll never get the smell of garlic out her clothes!

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PSA: make sure there are no bottles of mustard nearby before engaging in witch bullying, it could save your life

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Alice is a magician too, so technically just as much of a witch as Marisa.
Man, imagine tormenting one in her house for half a day, then going over to the other one and bullying her in her own home too. This is the life.
Would Alice be an ultra masochist too? Would they compete over who gets to be bullied by you more?

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This thread is mean :(

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What do you mean by that?
Marisa is simply getting what she wants. What she deserves.
And she's getting off on it.

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Psychological or physical bullying?

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Befriend, fuck, marry in that order.

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I can imagine them trying to 'protect' each other from bullying and getting pissed off that this other bitch is getting in the way.

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Bully, bully, bully in that order.

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>It's time to bully, the witch!
Alright then

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Bully? It's time to exterminate the witch

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Too late, buh-bye!

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Going somewhere witch?

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Come on, Aya's harmless. Sure, she can catch up to Marisa, but then what's she gonna do? Blow her hat off?

I think Marisa is besthu and maribullies are just using these threads to cope.

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'borrow' her hat

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Clearly Marisa's fine with it because compared to her, Aya's on human levels of weak.

Anyways, back to the witch bullying.

"M-Marisa?! Where'd my planets go!?"

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>Clearly Marisa's fine with it because compared to her, Aya's on human levels of weak.
Tengu are canonically in the upper tier of threat levels to humans. Their abilities and physical strength far exceed humans.

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Marisa's actually stronger.

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I know Marisa's weakness. I could beat her.

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Marisa is weaker than the average human male without the use of magic. No-one overcompensates for their physical weakness harder than Marisa using magic and abusing mushrooms.

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Is it sex?

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I know, her height will always be her downfall.

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Cool headcanon, now back to Marisa bullying.

"Stoo-op~! M-- Tickl-les! That ticklees~!"

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Find one bit of canon from a game or print work that proves Marisa is anything but weak without the use of magic.

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Laugh at the seething Ayafag!

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She's small and weak, true. But if you beat her, then she wins because that's what she wants. And if you walk away, then she still wins because she can claim you're afraid of confrontation.
There really is no winning here...

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Might as well just go all out, let your full frustration out on her.

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Going out for a walk with the witch and ending your night out with a date!

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Keep going until she breaks! Shove that broom all the way into her ass! Kick her gut until she vomits up her lunch and force her to clean it up!

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Might as well just bite the bullet and marry her at this point!

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For some reason I imagined a wedding ceremony with Marisa on her knees the entire time, proudly wearing her bruises and cuts and a mildly bloodied wedding dress for everyone to see. Clinging to your arm almost the entire time and begging you to punish her for her unladylike behavior.
For the part where you kiss the bride she'd hand you a hammer and cry tears of joy. Then tears of pain.

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No evidence? Thought so, secondary.

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Sounds good, any writefags here?

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Get plapped, filthy secondary.

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>Get plapped, ilthy secon-HYUCK

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Bully the witch (sexually)!

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no wonder no one likes marisa

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“I bet you’re going to love where Hourai is going you filthy little witch”

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Who are you quoting?

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She's only good for bullying

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Well actually Anon, she's good for lots of things too.
FACT: 99% of incidents are canonically solved by Marisa because Reimu is too lazy to get off her butt and solve them herself.

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Marisa causes more incidents than she resolves now, it's only a matter of time before she has to be exterminated.

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Reimu won't let anyone exterminate Marisa!

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So she can do it herself!

>> No.45851166

Nice headcanon, but no amount of coping can change the fact that Reimu and Marisa are BESTIES!

>> No.45851266

Duty and daily responsibilities come above anything else to Reimu, the day Marisa crosses that line, which is coming if 18.5 was anything to go off is the day she ends up like that fortune teller, friend or not.

>> No.45851297

I think you’re a secondary.

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Playing all sorts of fun and painful games with Marisa, like rock-paper-scissor with her face! Or bean-scattering but with iron balls and witches instead of s*y beans and Oni! Helping her drink her tea by pouring the hot beverage directly into her mouth! Purposefully giving her papercuts with the book you're both reading together! Pushing her over and stepping on her to show her where she belongs! Playing a drinking game, but with filthy mud in her cup instead of sake! Beating her with her broom to show her what it feels like! Burning down her notes on magical research, so that she has to make them again!
Worst-BEST of all, finally gagging her and slamming her in a pillory, then preparing a TON of various torture tools in front of her, like nipple clamps, nails, thumb screws. A branding iron. A pear of anguish. Then cleaning and polishing them just for her! Slowly oiling the stuff that needs it, removing the rust from nails and breast rippers. Whistling an upbeat tune, all the while she's trembling with anticipation and genuine fear, watching you. Tears flowing down her face, and her excitement flowing down her thighs. Occasionally explaining what the tool you're currently preparing does in great detail, it's history, and detailing the process of applying that tool while playfully slapping her nose with the cloth. And then, after hours of silence broken up by consistent, metallic sounds caring for your toys makes, putting a blindfold on her and leaving her there for the night. Laughing with Marisa over her stupid reactions the next day! Telling her that ruining her permanently like this would be no fun as you're pulling on her hair and slapping her back! Playfully jamming a finger into her solar plexus and telling her that you want her pain, not her life! Marisa's little heart feeling immense relief, but also incredible disappointment and longing because of what happened, or rather didn't happen yesterday!

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Now this is why you should jack off before posting.

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marisa would never do this

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You're right, Marisa would demand that you follow through with it next time instead of leaving her bluebeaned all night.

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I think she'd tell you to turn to Christ instead!

>> No.45851723

I think she earned herself a week in a chastity belt by complaining about that.

>> No.45851731

She doesn't have a cock though

>> No.45851745

That's a cage, anon. A chastity belt is the one that stops access to the vagina. The cage is for the penis. The anal shield is for the butthole too, if it matters.

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I want to bully her butt!

>> No.45851839

But why?

>> No.45851909

I have eight fumos and out of all of them, my Marisa’s the cuddliest by far. I often fall asleep with her cradled in my arm.

I don’t know why this thread hates her so much.

>> No.45859963

It's love actually

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never jack off before posting anon, write more masterpieces like this

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Steal her books, see how much she likes it.