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Neutral good

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Lawful Good

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Chaotic neutral

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thread over.

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All Touhous are lawful good; none of them break the Spell Card rules, and no one kills each other.

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Lawful good

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Alice: Lawful Neutral - Neutral Desperate
Aya: Chaotic Neutral - Chaotic Nosy
Chen - True Neutral - Neutral Cute
China - Lawful Neutral - Lawful Dartboard
Cirno - Chaotic Neutral - Neutral ⑨/Stupid
Daiyosei - True Neutral - Neutral Doormat
Eirin - Lawful Evil - Scheming Evil
Flandre - Chaotic Evil - Chaotic 'Playful'
Genji - True Neutral - Neutral AWOL
Hina - Neutral Evil - Neutral Sadistic
Hourai - True Neutral - True Suicidal
Kaguya - Neutral Evil - True Hikkikomori
Keine - Lawful Good - Chaotic CAVE
Koakuma - Neutral? Evil - Inconsistent Evil
Komachi - Chaotic Neutral - Neutral Lazy

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You just won the game.

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>Tewi - Chaotic Evil - "Lawful Good - No, Really!"

Why is Tewi such a bitch

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Rabbits are insidious sadistic painmongers. At least the ones I've met in the wild.

I like rabbits.

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To be fair, she grants humans great luck when they see her and her tricks aren't lethal. It's just the humans who see her are usually lost and use their great luck to get back out of the bamboo forest.

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And I won't hear otherwise

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Everyone is good except Reimu

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Oh shit. Do you have the sources to any/all of those?

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Because she's a zombie. Undead are always Neutral Evil.

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>Cirno - Chaotic Neutral - Neutral ⑨/Stupid

You need an intelligence score greater than 1 to be any alignment other than true neutral.

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Yukari isn't evil

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>Reimu - Chaotic Good - Chaotic Armpits

I would have also accepted Chaotic Bitch.

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Well, I think most everyone is a range from LN to CE. I don't think anyone but, say, Mokou or Hina could be classified as good.

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and Rumia...
one day she will brake that seal.
Oh and other thant the vampires(blood)and I think Yuka shes one of the only named human eaters.

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