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Can I.... borrow a cup of sugar?

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A whole cup? What are you baking?

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Can I fart on your face?

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why sure. here's a bag of sugar. I have three in the cupboard anyways.

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A cup of sugar

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I would help Yuka bake and give her all the sugar she wants.


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LOL I didn't sage...wait

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Can i borrow my face in your lovely bossom?

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A cup of sugar?
How about a cup of Yuka scares the shit out of me and I would run the fuck away given the oppurtunity

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that might make her mad.. give her the sugar and she will most likely go away.

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Awwwwwwww so moe.
Yes. Youkai moe~

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your a bloody coward. yuka only want company, she has very real needs as a person too.

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Yea.. I bet she cries after people just run away from her like that...

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Yuka is only dere for Godai.

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Help.. I've seen a rather horrible penis thanks to some other thread.. please kill this horrible image with a wonderful cute Yuka pic..

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I'll try, but my yuka collection sucks.

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If it's you, Yuka-san.. I don't mind..

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More like a D cup of sugar.

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eee.. eheheheheeeeh.. she is licking Tenshi's peach..

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last one

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Only COOL GUY can tame Yuka.

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very erotic

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Yeah, thats not how you make sugars

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yeah it seems in all the doujins of her, she's not with anyone from Touhou, just some random human that wandered into her sunflower field. that's of course not including the non-h doujins.

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Yuka is a plant type youkai thing right? Cirno could beat her I bet..

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Im almost done with a Leaves in Flower Fantasy/ Sleeping Terror/ Flower land acoustic medly. Wanna hear it when im done /jp/?

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How does standing there make food? Yuka is slow...

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How could you Cirno!? I thought I could love you, but not after killing poor Yuka!

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Hey cool guys,

My name is Yuusuke, and I like every single one of you. All of you are cool, witty, funny guys who spend your free time of their day looking at funny pictures and macros. You are the sense of humor that lacks in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any hate mail? I mean, I’m sure it’s fun making fun of people because you are so witty, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even more awesome than stand up comedy.

Don’t be a stranger. Just laugh with me too. I’m pretty cool. I was editor of my school newspaper and started my own detective agency. What funny activities do you do, other than “having fun to awesome acted tokusatsu”? I also live with my mother and have a modest friend who is a girl. (She just taught me gardening; Stuff was SO complicated) You are all awesome who should gather at a big party. Thank you for listening to me.

Pic Related: It’s me and my youkai friend.

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do you really need to ask?

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this better not be a serious question.

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>Yuka is a plant type youkai thing right? Cirno could beat her I bet..
>plant type

This isn't Pokemon, get out.

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It'd work in Touhoumon.

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What? she is just standing there.. I just assumed it was to mock her lack of intelligence..

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Okay then.
Yuuka - Level 99 Plant Youkai
Cirno - Level 1 Ice Fairy

I'll put my bets on the plant youkai that isn't a weak, insignificant character

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>I just assumed it was to mock her lack of intelligence..

You should probably start worrying about your own intelligence. And that isn't just a snappy comeback, I'm totally serious about that.

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Yeah I'm really curious, how do 90% earths lifeforms make food just by standing in one place?

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You seem a bit.. mad.

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This is Touhoumon. Not some RPG. If it was a L45 Cirno and L50 Yuka, I'd bet on the Cirno.

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Yes too bad Cirno has lived for like 100 years while Yuka is 1000 years, you'd think experience in a battle would matter more then "counters".

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Only if you eat me first.

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the artist was making a joke at how much Yuka was like her flowers, thus photosynthesis ensues when she stands their soaking in the sun.

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Naaa.. Yuka is old.. Old things can't fight as well as health young things..

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You seem a bit... retarded...

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Even ignoring age difference, Yuuka is canonically one of the most powerful youkai

And Cirno is canonically the weakest.

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I am not reterded...

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>of course someone misses the point

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>And Cirno is canonically the weakest.

Except, she's the strongest of all Fairykind.

Confirmed by Shikieiki in PoFV.

So all fairies are weaker than her.

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So thats how 90% of the earth lifeforms make energy! Thanks guys that was really informative.

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If she gets her food from the sun then what does she have to eat people for? She is just being mean.

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Youkai eat humans or else they're not youkai.

This means Alice probably ate someone when she became a youkai.

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she ate shinki

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Really now?

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>> Anonymous of Croatia

I don't think he was being sarcastic.

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she never eats anyone.. why?

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If it's of any consolation, Yuuka had just broke Cirno's himen with a parasol.

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Food is closely related to, but not the same as energy. Even plants need various trace elements, which they get from minerals dissolved in seawater or present in soil. When these elements are lacking, some very adaptable plants found a new source- animals. We call these plants flytraps, waterwheels, sundews, and certain species of plant-type tentacle rape organisms.

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Alice is a youkai?

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She's not the human eating variety, though. Magicians like her and Patchy don't need to eat anything at all, actually. They live off of magic alone.

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but they still could if they wanted too right?

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like you and me

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So you're saying they're basically taping into an alternative dimension and then converting the energy into usable matter? Must be difficult to compile aminoacids via energy to mater conversion.

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fuck off serbfag

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humans don't need to eat pig but they still do.
same with magician youkai

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Patchy is a youkai?

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No, they're using magic to keep their organs running instead of calories.

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Have you even played a Touhou game before?

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In the same way Alice is a Youkai. Its a part of becoming a Magician. After they learn the spells that make it so they don't need to eat and also stop aging, they are considered Youkai, according to Perfect Momento. There are vague signs in Touhou 12 that Marisa might become a youkai in the future because of this.

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Yes but humans use chemical energy. How does ATP work with magic? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adenosine_triphosphate

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I'd say magical photosynthesis, but that doesn't work for Patchy since she never leaves her library. So, I guess the answer is 'It's magic, I don't have to explain shit.'

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Touhou has youkai?

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the games said they were witches, so I assumed they were just immortal humans that know magic

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To be fair though Alice was originally a human who became a magician through training

Patchy was always a born magician

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There are Touhou games?

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It doesn't. You just magic up chlorophyll into the bloodstream, and then magic up some photons for a complete self-contained cycle. The most advanced magicians shouldn't even need to breath after a certain point.

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Why does Alice talk to her dolls? She's controlling them. They aren't people she can talk to.

And yet she speaks to them anyway. So sad.

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They turn magic into more usable forms of energy, like heat. Like humans turn the chemical bond between ADP and its P into more usable forms of energy. Like heat.

Wait, ADP and its P? I'm now imagining reliable elder sister Adenine-tan holding childish Ribose-tan's hand, who is holding on a plush of three teddy bears holding hands. All teddies are marked P.

And every time the cell uses ATP, the last teddy is torn off violently, and Ribose-tan cries. The cell is driven into action because it does not wan to see Ribose cry.

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wouldn't you if you had such powers?

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I see nothing wrong wit that.. I talk to my plants all the time..

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Alice M. was never human. she just doesn't know all that much about her past. The closest to remembering her past is through her dreams about an independent doll from Makai (Alice). But the dreams degrade into nightmares in the end. In order to stop having these dreams she started taking those butterfly dream drugs that Eirin makes. Also when ever she is in the vicinity of the black orb that is believed to be Rumia, she gets these strange feelings.

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You make my cry ;_; you imaginative scum
Magic sure does wonders. I give up

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strange feeling? Is Rumia her father?

>> No.4558186

lol no

but i'll give you a hint.

both Rumia and MS Alice spread their arms

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1. They are her children.
2. She doesn't have anyone else to talk to.

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Uh... well I was gunna say Rumia is the evil half of alice but Alice is kinda bitchy herself.. you lost me.

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you should write fanfiction

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The reason Alice never opens her Grimoire is simple- it contains memories. Memories, of a time and place where she had a family she loved. The magic of the tome was able to remove those times from her, taking away the pain of loss...but also leaving a gaping hole in her heart. She tries to fill it with with her dolls, to create an artificial family, but what she lost can never be replaced.
Every day, the hole grows just a little larger.
Every day, she is pulled in just a little more.
One day, the book will swallow her completely, and Alice will dwell in Wonderland forevermore.

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was that an insult?

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i wouldn't say Rumia is evil, she thinks of eating humans as her job.
and Alice who doesn't like humans is more inclined to kill them without then eat them before PCB, making her sort of evil.

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This terrible thread got Croatia banned I hope you're happy ;___;

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>Not evil

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Trying to eat me automatically makes her evil! Maybe Alice just has two evil sides..

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I'm here.

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How does Croatia get banned, but not mugen-fucking-johncel.

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Who cares what others think of Gensokyo? Only your concept of Gensokyo is what matters. Nothing but fun times and tea parties? That's cool.

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awesome, how'd we do that?

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He does, but he has a dynamic IP just like me.

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