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So it came to be that you ended up in gensokyo and somehow winning Reimu’s heart. Soon after, she becomes pregnant with your child.

Reimu the expectant mother seems like a different person. She seems happier, spending her day between sawing cloths and reading stories to her unborn child. Her lack of experience in family life seems to only increase her eager for a family to call her own.

Then one day, a steel, thunderous rain begins to fall from the sky. The long dreaded lunarian invasion has finally begun. Soon enough, the cries of humans and youkai for a saviour could be heard from outside the walls of the shrine.

You find Reimu curled up in the corner of her room with her hands to her ears. After avoiding you for what seems to be hours she finally tells you that as long as she carries her child, she will not be able to use her magic.

What do you do?

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I click the back button and find a fanfic that sucks slightly less than this one.

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[X] Jump into the Lake.

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>for a saviour

Isn't that Byakuran's job?

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Slap her and tell her to go back to the kitchen.

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Engage in emergency abortion.

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Take up my dual swords and defend her with my life.

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Thats highest concentrations of "what if's" I ever saw..

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I use marisa instead anyways. What's the problem?

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>The long dreaded lunarian invasion has finally begun

Take refuge in Eientei. They've been bracing for this for a thousand years.

See if we can toss Mokou at em too.

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I hide the thread and find one that doesn't sound like cheap fanfiction.net shit.

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Reimu will just use her divine powers (as always).
Reimu never used magic.
(Or just have tea with the Lunarians.)

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I bet she could still call a fertility goddess into her body. Do that, it can't hurt.

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have baby, kill reimu
raise baby, fuck child

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>See if we can toss Mokou at em too.

Mokou bombs?

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[X] My anaemia acts up again

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What happened to Reimu's parents anyway?

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[x] Sage
[x] Report
[x] Genuflect

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I send the lunarians back to mars with aikido

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>I send the lunarians back to mars with aikido
>I send the lunarians back to mars
>lunarians back to mars
>back to mars

Obviously fight for Reimu lol.
This thread is easy.

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Also I think Marisa can beat all lunarians,

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I hope to god your being sarcastic, or that you purposely said mars as a failed joke.

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When she's 80, maybe. Now, not a chance.

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i said it unironically of course

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Tell her she doesn't have to fight for others now that she has found happiness with me and our child. Poor Reimu never did anything for herself, silly her.

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wouldn't last a fraction of a second against those two.

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I'd be sad cause I don't like Reimu..

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[x] Fight to protect my waifu

what kind of husband wouldn't do this?

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the cowardly ones?

but yes, Any true man would fight for his Waifu. just picture your Waifu in Reimu's shoes, what would you do?

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[x] Reveal my bankai

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Activation command: Genulflect, Anonymous
Effect: By punching a nearby wall, user grows to be 300 pounds and eats any and all offenders

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[]bring my /k/ friends from the real world
[] ask yukari for help
[X]remove rumia's ribbon
[]join the lunarians
[]ask remilia to send sakuya to assasinate the moonbitchs
[]ask yuyuko to invite them all to the other side
[]let suika handle things.
[]put a white flag on the hakurei shrine
[]go into hiding and proceed with guerrilla warfare.

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That is all you have completed? Was it hard?

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not completed, those were the choices. I can choose only one, ofc.

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"So...Utsuho, Byakuren...My wife is calling in a few favors."

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Finally decide to come back from retirement.

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Ask an old friend for some help.

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Oh.. so you just wanna make Rumia cry then..

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Rumia doesn't cry when you remove her ribbon.

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Rumia's ribbon is sealling her power. once it is removed, she turns into Ex-rumia.

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Actually, she's just really bad at untying knots. That's the real reason she can't remove it.

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Is Ex-Rumia nice?

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oh really? fuck.... I wasted my action points on a weakling youkai.

oh well. suika would still kick their asses anyway.

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You just unsealed the living incarnation of the night itself, now the world is covered in eternal darkness until 4 legendary heroes seal it again.


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That...and Lunarians have Night Vision so it doesn't really help the situation.

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>oh hey sanae, can you do me a favour?

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>4 legendary heroes

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lol, wow, that made me smile.

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Because I'm a fucking genius, I would have most likely been working at Kourindou for a while and would have found at least one firearm.

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But Rumia was their friend... oh dear, rpg drama.

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This will be the plot of the next touhou game.

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Earth rabbits could kick the Lunarian Army's ass on their own, Yorihime and Toyohime excepted.

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lunarians are in enormous disadvantage:
Much weaker due to earth gravity

anyway, i tought ex-rumia doesn't only cover anything in darkness, but also out for blood? lunarians will combat her, and while they are distracted...
well i'll let both of them tire each other out. safest way.

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Get EVERYONE to Youkai mountain and form a stronghold. Unleash Godzilla, that the Moriya shrine was hiding, upon the Lunarians. Ride it out and have tea in the morning.

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Reimu got her ass handed to her by one of the mary sue lunarian sisters, so I don't see why she needs to worry about being a savior.

Leave that to Yuka/Yukari/Byakuren/Utsuho/Suika.

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Regret not asking Yukari to steal the R-type and Gradian technologies years before.

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>>FIVE legendary heroes

you mean this.

* British the Hero
* Chaos the Thief
* Sun Light the Samurai
* Ho Raga the Mage
* Caffee Artful the Priest

or let's find Rance.

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This! If the entire Lunarian Invasion Force is female then Rance will be the ultimate weapon against them. You know what...CLONE RANCE! HUNDREDS OF THEM!

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lol Touhou Mahoudan.


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Unleash Cybuster and put Sanae at the controls.

Also, steal Mars' magitech from the Negima universe.

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Call for another savior. It's not like Reimu has been alone since Touhou 1

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Wait... what is this. What the fuck is this i dont even Oh god why do i keep clicking next.

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Demon Sword Chaos >>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything the moonbitches can throw at Rance

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lol Okuu beats EX-Rumia

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SuwakoxGodzilla is my OTP.

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Words can't describe the brilliance of Touhou Mahoudan.

After a few pages, you don't even notice how badly it's done anymore over how beautifully naive the whole story is. It's as if some 2D moeblob wrote it. Nothing soothes my soul more than knowing that someone with a mind so pure can actually exist in real world.

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it fulfills one niche:

the top idiots of Gensokyo lumped together under Keine's class.

See you next semester!

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I read this as fold back and lean arms for some reason, and now I can't get the image out of my head.

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1.Point Giga Wave Cannon at Lunar Capital
2. FIRE!
3. Immediate Lunarian surrender
4. ?????

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>sawing cloths

Does Remiu now have stupid swings?

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I wait a month and all the Lunarians die out because their "purity" couldn't handle ugly earth bacteria without a supergenius to solve the problem.

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Call up Aquaman!