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Based on CHARACTER DESIGN ALONE, who is your favorite touhou?

Least favorite?

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You're asking a man to pick his favorite daughter.

It can't be done.

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Least favorite?


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Favorite Utsuho.

Least Favorite Aki Sisters.

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Favorite Utsuho.

Least favorite wriggle.

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Marisa ver. UFO, her other designs were better.

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Character design?

Favorite: Satori
Least Favorite: MURASA

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That M was pretty retarded.

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her design is all over the fucking place, wardrobe malfunction moe~

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It changes alot, however based entirely on design and no character, I'd say Shikieiki since she's full of silly things.

Least Favorite would probably be the Yugi since she's a very plain character, at least IMO.

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Purely design?

Favorite: Satori

Least Favorite: Ichirin

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PoFV & StB Aya

Least Favorite?

DS Aya... hurt me no more.

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Favorite,Tenshi because peach hat


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You'll come around. Eventually you'll want to her ears too.

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you mad

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Just because I can fap to it doesn't mean I like it.

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At first, yes. Now I'm just sad.

Oh, well... I guess that's what memories are for.

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Like: Aya

Hate: Not Aya

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IaMP costume Yukari due to her amazing dress, or Ran due to her fluffy tails

PCB Yukari's dress is pig disgusting

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this for me, love the dress.

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favorite: Hina
unfavorite: wriggle

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Favorite: Orin. Love at first sight

Least favorite: Cirno

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Why does everyone hate DS Aya? Never got it. I thought people loved Parsee's ears.

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Favorite? IaMP Yukari, dat dress

Least favorite? I'm between Eirin and Shou, their designs could have been so much better.

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I hate her because I love her.

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I'mma have to go with Zun on this one.

dat bow

dat red dress

dem armpits

oh lawd dat is sum delicious loli rite dere

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All seihous are also touhous! I like Muse because:

- She's a vampire
- Throws knives and has cool hair
- Extremely high power level
- Master magician
- Power to manipulate matter into any form she wishes

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Favorite: Yukari, Shikieiki. Maybe Youmu.
Least Favorite: Reisen by a long shot. Half the cast of SA

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Favorite: UFO Marisa or Byakuren.
Least favorite: Rumia

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Yuka... everywhere she goes... she'll fit in just fine and still remain stylish... and none of that silly funny hat stuff.

Least favorite?... there were three...

Yukari - Just imagine dry cleaning her dress.

Utsuho - Just look at that Elephant Foot.

Ran - With such tails... imagine the mess she creates everytime she pooped.

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I don't know about favorite touhou based on character design alone. Maybe Reisen.

I hate Marisa. I can't even fap to her.

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does ran shed?

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What do you mean by character design? Clothing? Powers? Be more specific.

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I think not... so imagining that brown stained fur near her... rear... it's just... I dunno... makes me want to post more of Jun Gotoh's comics

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Oh by the way... were going 3D BOOF... have you seen you latest character design?... You were aged a bit to make you looked more like a trusted Uncle figure character...

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Adorably simple design, and I love the wings.

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no, I haven't seen it.

you mean the VN is going to be in 3D?

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Just imagine circa 1985... nice brown suit, patterned polo inside, gold medallion, silver watch, brown shoes, nicely combed hair, slightly bulky but still muscular... almost like a bouncer...

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Yep 3D for the BG's anyway... to speed up process... and I finally convinced someone to write (or edit) the story so no more ellipses...

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i hate all of them, especially based on character design

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Worst by character design has got to be Kaguya. Bland looks (she doesn't even have a hat) and a mary-sueish perfect princess backstory.

Best? too many to chose from but probably either Meiling or Utsuho

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I don't really like Flandere's design that much. She looks like she's wearing a stick with Christmas lights hanging from it.

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>mary-sueish perfect princess backstory.

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~\o Green eyes
Like a beam of the sun
That, swift, hides while it runs
Within the white foam
Green eyes
Your glance burned my chest
The desire of the quest
Of some eyes like those o/~

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A princess, tons of men fell for her, got immortality, ect.

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ZUN invented Kaguya.

Also, forget about being exiled from the place she's a princess of and running away to party in Gensokyo.

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Favorite based on LOOKS alone?

I like Yuyuko.... I think. Maybe Utsuho for that long, luscious brown hair...?

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>I hate Marisa. I can't even fap to her.
Just thinking of the witch makes me wet, i dunno wats up with you.

Reisen... Kaguya?

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My favourite would be Shizuha and my least favourite would be Marisa.

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Oh fuck, I forgot about Yuka. Shes delicious. I like her a lot.

*Spams thread moar*

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Character design alone?

Favorite: Iku, Komachi, Hina, MoF Aya (patchwork moe~), Parsee
Least favorite: Kaguya, Flandre, Yuka

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favorite: reimu hakurei

least favorite: ran yakumo

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>Based on CHARACTER DESIGN ALONE, who is your favorite touhou?

>Least favorite?

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Favorite: Shikieki Yamaxanadu.

Least favorite by a fucking longshot: Sakuya Izayoi

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You do not like her glorious mop/scarf combo?

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So physical appearance only

Favorite: Kaguya
For that hime-cut, also for being surrounded by beautiful rainbow danmaku. No silly hat, her outfit is just plain and elegant.

Least: Yukari.
Always hated her outfit. Same with Ran. Looks like Zun was trying too hard.

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Favorite: Kurenai Misu-Hong Meiling.
Least Favorite: Don't really dislike any but I suppose Inubashiri Momiji.

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She's got several outfits, what game?

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There's a reason she's my favorite.

Close runners-up: Yamame, Mystia, Iku.

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Fuck, you're me.

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Favorite: Utsuho
Least: Mystia, she looks greasy or something

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The muscle one.

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Wait, so in other words, you think no character design whatsoever is bad? Yeah, I can see where you're coming from.

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Yeah pretty much.

But actually, even the fan designs of Momiji are usually not very appealing to me.

This was kind of a tough choice for me. There are a lot of plain Touhous that just don't come to mind. In that case, really any Touhou whose design I dislike is one that I don't remember. Most of the Touhou designs are kind of nice IMO.

It was tough for me to choose between Youmu, Yuyuko, China, Nitori (Goddamnit that cute picture made me regret choosing China just for a second.) Byakuren, Remilia, Shikieki and Komachi.

I chose Meiling because I love Chinese girls and Chinese clothes, and I like her combination of braids and long hair. As for whether I prefer her design with or without pants, that's classified.

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Also, green is my favorite color, and at the moment I can't really remember any Touhous that have a green color scheme besides Keine and Meiling.

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Not you Sanae.

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Patchy-sama, she is my goddess. I shall tend to her every need. and want, for she is my my queen. I shall forever cherish her in my heart, and love her in health and in sickness, for she is my love.

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Yeah, I can't believe I forgot even though I wrote her name in my post. Youmu's another one of my big favorites, since I like green.

Sanae isn't predominantly green so I'm not as fond of her. Actually, it might even be her weird hair decorations, but I like her only a little bit more than Momiji

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My favorite based on design? Hmmm... I would say Youmu, but that's just deciding based on how she's my favorite.

So design-wise, Kogasa. I liked her from the moment I saw her.

Least? Hrmmm, I guess I'd say a character from the same game, Shou.

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How could anyone hate Momiji?

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Only character design?

Favorite: Nitori
Least favorite: Byakuren

Wriggle would probably a second favorite, though.

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:( I never said I hated Momiji, I just like her least.

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Best character designs are Youmu, Minoriko (i love her dress) and Suika.
Worst is Meiling, Parsee and Yugi.

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Problem, Parsee?
Turning GREEN with envy?

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Shikieiki, least favorite: Satori.

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nagae iku
Probably wriggle nightbug

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Least Favorite:


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Double Spoiler

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Favorite: Shikieiki

Least Favorite: Eirin

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>worst: Eirin


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I'm not good at favorites beyond my first two.

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I hate nurse's hats as a rule, and the horrible color scheme doesn't help things. The way her dress is colored, it draws the eye to her waist where the checkers meet pointlessly.

Pic related, it's the only picture of Eirin I've ever saved, and that's because military uniforms are hot enough to redeem her.

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Wait, you think Suika is a bad design?
Fuck you I don't have to explain myself to you

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Well I guess we both have shit for taste

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what... nobody else like Patchouli?

how can you not love her?

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I like her as a character, but her design is kinda ehhhhhh for me. It's not ugly but it's not my favorite.

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Blasphemous! Heathen!

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Good: Reisen

Bad: Eirin

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no contest

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Patchy is pretty much the only character i like that can be Loli or Womanly. all other character either look good as only one or the other, not both.

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>favorite touhou?
>Least favorite?

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The opposite of this. I kid/troll you not.

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Picking a favourite can't be done, but Eirin is probably my least favourite.
It's the clothes' fault, my head hurts whenever I see them.

>> No.4556451

Not exactly oppose, but I hate Parsee the most.

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Stop that. You'll make her jealous.

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Hey, what do you prefer your favorite character to look like?

I mean in terms of fanart portrayal, since it's so integral to the impressions of characters in Touhou.

Some characters are basically always portrayed loli, like Suika, or healthy, like Komachi. But there are some who are in-between.

I picked China as my favorite earlier partly because I prefer big boobs and China is almost always portrayed with a nice rack.

On the other hand, I like Youmu because she's cute in a little sister/daughter way, and I don't really like her portrayed as a teenager.

The fact that both wear green is a big plus, but this also has an influence on how I see things. I can't really just go by ZUN's character design.

Aside from the obvious "always loli" like the Cirno crew and the Hags, if there's any room for interpretation with your favorite Touhou, what do you prefer? Adult, teenager or kid? Healthy or flat?

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Like I said before, My Patchy can be any of that and I'd still love her.

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>I picked China as my favorite earlier partly because I prefer big boobs and China is almost always portrayed with a nice rack.
>I prefer big boobs

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Favorite: Wriggle
Least favorite: Nitori

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whoa, don't do that, I haven't slept for two days, that just made me dizzy....

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Only Tenshi can pull off rainbows, and least favorite?

Probably Satori.

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How is Nitori your least favourite? I for one would let her be my /m/echanic any day.

>> No.4556533

I just don't like her clothes and those belts she has around her. Her hat is pretty ugly too.

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Favourite? gotta be Ren. I mean, look at those nice, soft, fluffy tails. just imagine those embracing you keeping you warm and comfy.

as for least favourite? none, I love them all.

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Favorite would probably be Iku. She was one of the first Touhou to really catch my attention, and I always think of her as stylish.

Least favorite would probably be Patchouli. Her design just doesn't appeal to me.

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ooohh I would bitch-slap you through the internet if I could. so i'm gonna hafta to settle with saying, FUCK YOU!

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Ran. Cute, fluffy, and stacked.

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why does she only have two tails there? she supposed to have nine! if you wanted cute you shoulda posted something like this

>> No.4556597


Everyone isn't going to like your favorite. Learn to take it easy.

>> No.4556598

Aw, instantly deleted. I guess I got too carried away.
Anyway, what's the matter with liking big boobs? :(
Just because ZUN can't draw them doesn't mean fanartists can't.

>> No.4556606

Just another hilarious meme from the same people who brought you shoop da whoop and an hero

>> No.4556617

Even so, I would still bitch-slap you if I could.

>> No.4556620

listen here jerkface!

>> No.4556635