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What do you guys think? Better or worse than that shitty Captain Murasa Anchor video/song?

I think this one is great because it sounds kinda like Pensulum and Shiki is amazing.

Maybe IOSYS will return to their former glory.

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>implying IOSYS was ever good

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I don't know... I kind of liked Nuclear Fusion Gym.

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But everyone knows they'll never make something like that again, and will continue to promote their shitty songs instead.

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Do you remember when IOSYS didn't make a new PV every 0.043 seconds?

And well, since I am the kind of person that absolutely hates conversations during/before/after songs, I barely watched 3 seconds of that and closed the tab. Sorry for that.

I might give it another chance if its quality level is somewhere near タイヨウノハナ.

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From the same album...and better

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I don't believe you or anyone else is serious about liking this.

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the pitservice is nice, but the song sounds like shit.

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Garbage. That's what this is. Utterly horrible.

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shit sux but nothing will ever be worse than captain murasa

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Why don't you faggots link to the actual IOSYS flash page so that somebody can download it and rip the visuals instead of linking to some gay Walfas uploader's video

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I enjoyed it. In during, before and after people blindly hating this just because it's IOSYS.

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Well, I liked it.

But then I would probably like anything after those fucking ass anchors.

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Japanese rap, not so good.

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I liked the concept they were going for. The verses are fine, but I think it falls apart at the chorus.
I do like the voice chosen for "Sikieiki" however.

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I did dislike it at first simply because it is IOSYS.
Then I watched the video and really hated it.

...I don't think I need to comment on this.

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Yeah that Shikieikei is phenomenal but I also like the rest. Too bad everyone must hate it because IOSYS.

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At first I was like, "What the hell. At least it's not a squeaky moe moe voice." And then the instrumental part at the start happened and I was like, "Hey, this is pretty awesome."

And then the singing came back in and it went back to bad.

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OP pic is animated

Also, the part where she yells DANZAI DANZAI would be a pretty great ringtone

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Is it now cool to like IOSYS because it's cool to hate IOSYS?

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I picked this album up on a whim and it's fucking fantastic. This is much better than IOSYS. http://www.mediafire.com/?mbmzyzjzzt2

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How about judging lol the song by its merits and not by the label?

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Sounds like they were really trying to channel the whole pendulum drum n' bass sound, in fact the song sounds curiously similar to "granite"


fast forward to about 0:45.

I... I'm not sure what to think. I applaud that they don't have obnoxious moe moe voices in this one, though.

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I did, and in the end I still disliked it.

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oh, and let me add that my facepalm was severe when the lyrics for cirno were



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I like Iosys' border of death

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I thought ARM was trying to sound more like Slam personally.

I still really like when they get away from the moe-moe highpitched shit and try to sound like actual other genres of music that don't suck.

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Damn secondaries ruining everything, I swear.

Oh, by the way, am I cool yet?

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IOSYS does nigger music now?

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Fuck the haters, ARM has an amazing hit/miss ratio for me. Apart form ass anchor I love pretty much all of it.

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That part was retarded

>>Insinuating at black people listen to Pendulum

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Seeing anything like those lines makes me want to vomit while that ear-piercing "MIIIIIINNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and "bakabaka" everywhere resonates in my cranium. God damn it, why did it have to exist and why did it have to be popular.

And now, as I type this, my mind becomes a mess involving all songs I hate in this world. FUCK YOU EVERYONE

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It's amazing you ever got into otaku culture at all!

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Does anyone by chance have the high quality Conviction Yamaxanadu off of nico, or do I have to wait until Japan goes to sleep to rip it?

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Has the vocalist done other stuff? Pretty impressive work there.

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It's awful, but not as awful as some of their previous offerings. Whoever the vocalist is is a nice change from miko and the other seemingly endless legions of squeaky doujin singers.

But, as usual, the song would be better sans vocals, like most of IOSYS' recent works. If they'd stop using vocal shit as a crutch then their music would actually be passable, because the song itelf is pretty catchy.

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ITT: People forget that IOSYS is a huge umbrella label for dozens of artists of varying quality.

..what? Without lyrics that song would be two minutes of the same beat repeated at nauseam.

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And yet they only have one album that is passable as music.
(Looking at the rock album released this Comiket.)

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my taste > your taste, etc etc

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That's the point. If the lyrics weren't there, they'd have to make the song better. As it stands currently, they are just leaning on shitty vocals and memes I'm not sure even that Japanese get.


Two albums. Look up ARM's solo album "bloom". Some of the freshest remixes that have come out of the fanbase in a long time. ARM is awesome, they just need to stop pairing him up with shitty vocalists.

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Haha, hey, I remember when people used to throw a gigantic autistic shitfit when IOSYS was mentioned on /jp/.

Now we get IOSYS threads. Probably even IOSYS + iPod threads soon.

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Grabbing my iPod in anticipation

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Still one of the best.

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I always have my iPhone nearby.

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IOSYS is the Neutral Milk Hotel of doujin music.

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The only thing this thread is missing is the smug faggot sperging about how superior kamS shit is to IOSYS.

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At least KamS isn't filled with shitty memes and bad voice actors.

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If you don't like kamS then you probably just don't understand it.

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IOSYS didn't make this video. Someone unrelated to them made it and posted it on Nico. It's fan-made.

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I have IOSYS engraved on my iPod xD

You faggots are retarded.

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>ITT: People forget that IOSYS is a huge umbrella label for dozens of artists of varying quality.
Not really - and a proof of that is the fact that many of us like their C77 album, and some of us like some very select IOSYS-labeled songs.

As for removing vocals, well, even two minutes of the same beat repeated at nauseam are better than vocals full of random memes or high-pitched moe things for me.

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

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Why you are comparing KamS to IOSYS I wonder.

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I think he meant who's got the better flash movie.

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It's not like IOSYS themselves create the flash videos. They just pay a circle/artist.

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Then I have no idea why he made the comparison.

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Whoa, who made this awesome Flash? It's almost as good as IOSYS.

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Oh fuck, it moved!

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Fortunately for us, IOSYS makes instrumental versions of every vocal song they make.

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