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Kaguya was here, Mokou is a loser.

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dumping Drunkards in Eientei by Omchicken

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That was mean.. I still like Kaguya though.. and mokou too..

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Ayayayaya hijack.

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Drunken singing is the best singing.

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Mokou here. Kaguya, stop being so tsundere.

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Probably the second-best page.

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Rock beats scissors. CRITICAL HIT!

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And best page. Reisen's expression is so funny.

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No elf ears? That isn't Aya.

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Eirin is the strongest~

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Mokou is the tsundora.

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Kaguya's the one who keeps harassing Mokou despite her secret love. Mokou just wants to be left alone.

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I wonder how many people Mokou will murder when Keine dies.

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that is mean.. stop bringing that up.. Keine will not die..

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No, no.
Mokou visits Eientei. (checks up on the princess)
She doesn't want her to go back to the moon.
She drank the elixir to be able to get to Kaguya again.
Kaguya is Mokou's only raison d'être.

All Kaguya does is occasionally send assassins to kill Mokou.

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And Mokou just wants to be frien--er, lovers.

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Mokou. She's the nihilistic tomboyish hotty that you want as a friend with benefits.

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You're supposed to spoiler the greatest page of that doujin just because you don't want to see it coming (her cumming).

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spoiler that shit! fucking god.

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I hate that doujin.

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Let's kill mulitate the underage immortal with our giant extending penis while trying to get her pregnant. This is either the greatest non-plot or the worst.

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Trying? That shit WORKED. Kaguya gets results.

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Kaguya and Mokou kill each other all the time but they just come back to life anyway
I bet Mokou has done worse

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My waifu would never do such a thing. She is pure and innocent.

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If by pure and innocent, you mean murdered everyone who crossed her path for a century, sure.

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She was young (for an immortal) and had a lot of issues to work out (for a human).

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Is there a better way to preserve your purity and innocence?

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Yes. Not drinking Hourai Elixir.

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Well considering that Mokou was raped and abused during her travels to get the elixir, she can't have had that great of a body to preserve. Enjoy your eternally battered and broken hymen.

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That shit gets regenerated when she gets a new body. She's fine.

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Mokou will always be superior.

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So the hourai elixir doesn't preserve your form at the moment you consume it (like creating a backup template) but rather will replicate what you genetically should be at that age without any physical alterations?

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It makes your body perfectly back to how it should perfectly be.

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Link me right away

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I like Mokou's rape glare enough that I must insist you give me the source.

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It says "amasa" in there, but I'm lazy, so please do point me in the direction of its source.

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I'm hard now.

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what a perfectly perfectly vague answer!

So Mokou dies and is reborn. She has no acne, perfect teeth, fresh breath, perfect vision and hearing, no diseases, no stretch marks, no fat, toned muscles, and no need for a menstrual cycle? And it takes care of clothes too!

God damn magic...

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Seems to be http://wingsofyuri.nekoslovakia.net/touhou/chihagura/%5bChihagura%5d%20Amasahikaeme%20(C77)%20(touho

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Exactly. Go bitch to ZUN about it.

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Its Amasahikaeme by Chihagura

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But that would take so much work! I'd rather just fap to Mokou...

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Source? It's guro so I don't think e-hen has this

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You think wrong, bro. Try typing guro in.

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Which of course has some downsides.

For example, Mokou can't cut her hair, because it'll regenerate back (if it didn't, she'd have to regrow it whenever it was destroyed in combat or whatnot).

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And the downside to that is...?
Long hair is beautiful. Short hair not so much.

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Of course. It's a rather minimal "downside".

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okay.. nevermind

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No, it's more like the template/backup thing.

is just a liar. She got it for free by pushing over that one guy, CiLR agreed etc.

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If you go by CiLR, Mokou had black hair before she drank the elixir, so that certainly can't be true.

I prefer the albino theory though, which explains white hair + red eyes. It also explains her aloof nature, she was ostracized during her childhood.

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She have white hair just because she got that power, she was not a mere human anymore after all. Also because kaguya have black hair, so giving mokou a white hair is better for the rival shit.

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But Kaguya drank the elixir too, and had black hair to start too, and was a human just like Mokou. Why isn't her hair white? (Other than the obvious "because ZUN thought it would be better that way")

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Hey now, I'm just saying that Mokou's father screwed up when he made the fake jewel and Kaguya rejected him. He fled and disappeared, leaving Mokou without a father. Now the logical step in this is that Mokou no longer had status, a home, or income. And how many years did she chase Kaguya before finding the elixir? Its a pretty harsh world for a formerly wealthy child turned vagabond to run through without any money or protection. Things happen...

I like the albino theory too. That or the volcano had some effect on her when she consumed the elixir.

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White hair means you have gone through a traumatic experience in Japanese mythology. Kaguya was sedated the whole time thanks to Eirin.

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>Kaguya was sedated the whole time thanks to Eirin.

Doujin where?

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Suddenly I understand why so many faggots in rpgs have white hair.

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>>White hair means you have gone through a traumatic experience in Japanese mythology.

I like this answer. Symbolism trumps all.

>> No.4551026

Hmm... that makes sense for a lots of things now...just like >>4551012 said.

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White hair could also stand for a lot of other things, but transformation from black(normal Japanese) hair to white, as long with ZUN's drawing from Japanese mythos indicates it is likely due to trauma from the hourai elixir.

>> No.4551084

Yeah, there's no precedent for ZUN drawing from Japanese myths. Calling bullshit.

>> No.4551105

>there's no precedent for ZUN drawing from Japanese myths
>while we're talking about fucking IN

Your troll-fu, not so good.

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I don't believe the irony was necessary here.

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I've been through hell. I lost my childhood, my family, and my home. And then in a moment of grand irony, I was trapped in the body of a child to forever be reminded of it.

I've killed people. Too many people. Sometimes for no reason at all and I'll never be able to wash way that sin. I don't get along with humans. They're afraid of me. I'm....I'm afraid of them.

I've lived so long I don't even care about it now. Existence has become bland and tasteless. The only way I can feel anything is when I'm tearing apart Kaguya, or she's tearing apart me. I hate her so much, but she's the only thing I can depend on to never leave me. To never grow old and die and leave me alone...

I'll never be able to give you a child. I'll never be able to understand what its like to age. I'm an apathetic vicious monster and everyone I get close to dies eventually, one way or another. You keep trying to open my heart, but all there is inside is pain.

And even so...you still...love...me?

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Yes Mokou,I love you, please believe in me.

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Is this from something? It is very...melodramatic.

>> No.4552559


I'd like to see what follows after this. I'm a sucker for this kind of crap.

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I can't get rid of you anyway, so I'll have to live with you.

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Hair turning white over a short period of time can happen.
My uncle (hes russian) suddenly got pure white hair.
It was pitch black but was snow white when he came back from the military.
He does not speak about the things happened to him though.

Don't take this shit lightly.

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