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I just want to hug and hold her. Not even kiss or have sex with her, just hold her in my arms and feel her warmth. That is all that would be needed to make me happy.

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Those are some wide hips.

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some would say child-bearing hips.

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I'd her ears

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Name of doujin, please.

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Or would you say, child HAREing hips?

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I want to fuck her while you watch and wish for me to die and burn in the second circle forever

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many know how you feel, op

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i c wut u did thar.

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I know how you feel, OP. I too, wish to hug and hold her. ;_;

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Perfect morning wake up.

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Uhh it's quite old, I don't even remember. It's a good one though.

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Same here. We must be soulmates or something.

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Jesus Christ you guys are selfish faggots. Did you ever think once about making HER happy? Do you think she wants some pale, smelly, creepy, obese, NEET, faggot, manchild clinging on to her all day? Do you think you can make a woman happy by never sleeping with her, making her feel dejected and unwanted, unsatisfied and sexually frustrated. This is why all you faggots are losers. This is why women don't go for nice guys. Its not nearly as important as what goes on in bed, love is just a vehicle for procreation.

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uu mad?

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Silly Anonymous... I would everything I could to make her happy, anything she wanted me to do. Hugging her is just something that she would do because she is kind.

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My love for Reisen is pure and honest. She deserves someone who makes her happy.

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But Reisen is not a woman, she is a moon rabbit

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are you saying she is loose?

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Rabbits fuck all the time.

How about you just stay out of her life you faggot stalker creeps and let her find a real man who can take care of all your needs, not some needy faggot like you who can't even support himself and wants hugs all the time.

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No, I am saying she doesn't need and she doesn't want someone like you.

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Like you, I suppose?

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As loose the other two.

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Is /jp/ full of trolls nowadays? sad, really sad.

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Dem hips are made for breedin' like rabbits

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One of my favorites.

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You will never know the joy of holding a moon rabbit in your arms.

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Of course. now that we bombed the shit out of the moon it will never happen.

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I'd put her in a little cage and feed her carrots, if you know what I mean.

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sauce will be required son

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Oh, I had forgotten that part of her backstory was that she fled from a war on the moon

So humans won?

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Reisen is really cute, I would want to give her a hug too! I wonder if her heart beats really fast like a rabbits.

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oh, tripfag, you've set my mind on fire

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The only problem would be Eirin. She would tempt us. But we must stay strong and don't give in.

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Speak for yourself. Eirin is nothing compared to my Reisen.

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Oh noes! Have I been setting people's brains on fire again?! That is not good.

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What, do you think she enjoys being punished for the slightest failure and criticized even for her successes by her boss, while being tricked and drugged at every opportunity by a little girl, and having to try to keep a sheltered princess out of trouble?

I personally think Reisen could use a hug every now and then. Even if the hugger isn't a perfectly ideal man.

... And I suspect your view of the average /jp/ user is slightly off.

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>I personally think Reisen could use a hug every now and then.
Because she only has the pillow to hug

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...I suddenly like Reisen.

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"don't take it personal"

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I prefer this one

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It's not like she is all nice all the time. She can be dangerous too.

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Reisen is nothing but a slut bunny.

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Not slutty, she just gets into some bad situation due to Tewi and her being all innocent and a bit naive.

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I would support all her needs, love her like the world ended tomorrow, and make her feel as though she was an important part of my life.

because she deserves a better life than what she currently has

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a bit too real for me but still good

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>Blank is nothing but a slut blank.

Replace with touhoe and appropriate noun. It works every time.

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Best Touhou character.

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Raisin is my Waifu

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Typical SDM fan.

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Keep telling yourself that. I for one welcome our new Lunarian overlords.

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>Do you think you can make a woman happy by never sleeping with her, making her feel dejected and unwanted, unsatisfied and sexually frustrated. This is why all you faggots are losers. This is why women don't go for nice guys. Its not nearly as important as what goes on in bed, love is just a vehicle for procreation.

That is what 3D whores believe. We may be animals but we also have consciences to overcome those urges. Women these days believe that if you're not good in bed you're not good at all. You may be the nicest, kindest caring man that most, if not all, women would dream of to have as a husband but if you're not to good in the sack she'll drop you and go for the man that treats her like shit but fucks her good.

Meh, oh well. If being ALPHA means being an insensitive prick that no one likes and treats others and women like shit then I guess I am fucked. The problem is that women tolerated it for so long that now they come to expect you to be a fucking asshole and when you're not, they view you as a boring little boy with no sexual experience.

I'll enjoy my hand.

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Shut mouth secondary fan. I am above you.

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You have no taste. That was easily the best thing posted in this thread.

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Can she even handle the gun?

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love you too, /jp/

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Happy Times.

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Whoa, new favourite Reisen image.

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Fuck you, floppy.

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As is has been said before, men whom are the 'overly romantic type' are considered boring and of a bygone era. There is no need for it these days. Being romantic is seen as weak regardless of what movies say or show.

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Bunnies die when they are lonely. I would never let her be lonely.

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Just wondering: Is there a Touhou that *isn't* a slut?

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No doubt.

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Sluttiest touhou

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In my heart she will always be pure.

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Just look at that innocent eyes.

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Right. I'm quite sure I play the games more than you do.

There is no day I don't beat an extra or make a full run.

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I want to brush her as she falls asleep on my lap.

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Last one for today. Have a group picture.

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>Looking at Reisen's eyes.

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Sorry old ha- I mean Yukari. You're just a huge slut. Look at how long you've been around! You've bound to have had at least 800+ cocks in your life. With your looks and personality I'm quite sure no man could have resisted your charms. The only question is.....did any of them survive the encounter?

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so... sauce?

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Since I don't want to waste /jp/'s time with a new thread, I'll ask this here:
For some reason, when I try to use a gamepad with Imperishable Night, I get messed up directions and controls, most notably a steady drift to the left. Its not the fault of my controller, because I have tried out several and they all have the same problem, and it is not the fault of my download of the game, since I uninstalled it and redownloaded it.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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set the two boxes to "600"

fixed forever.

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Sweet Josephine it worked. Thank you, sir, you are a god among men. This has been keeping me from playing IN for almost a year.

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Eaten by Lovecraftian horrors no doubt.

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You now realize Reisen wouldn't give you even a thought to the time of day.

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but she does much more than that in MY Gensokyo

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>Implying all Gensokyo is a illusion by Reisen affecting ZUN

>Pointy ears are part of Reisen's illusion