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I can't find my car keys!

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Check the last place you'd look!

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Keys in pooper?

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I already reached up my...

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Pants pockets, couch cushions, floor, hooks, fridge.

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check your urethra.

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Well... you could you know... break the windows...

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and start it with what?

Punching the lock and starting it with a screwdriver if its an older model, or "hotwiring" if its a really old model would only damage the vehicle, he'd be better off calling in sick and finding his damn keys.

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Take mine.

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hotwiring a car still doesnt bypass the lock on the stering wheel. you would careen into a pole in about 20ft.

movies are stupid

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When it comes to that stuff I have no idea.

Punching a lock though is surprisingly easy depending on the model of car.

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Silly anon, you put it in your left pocket today, instead of your right one.

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Ask your wife/husband. Maybe She/he borrowed them.

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your cartoon waifu did not borrow your keys.

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The keys are in your trunk.

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You drive a Delorean?

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None of you have a weeaboo keyring? I am disappoint.

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Yep :)

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alright, that's officially fucking cool.

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Very good.

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Behold, the coolest mother fucker on /jp/.

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How does it feel not being able to actually hit 88 mph?

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This is why I make sure to place mine in the exact same spot every single day..

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Not stock?

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Sure is /b/ thread in here.

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Very stock

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What happened? Were you flux capacitors not charged?

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Oh will you fucking give up and stop trolling every thread on /jp/? If you don't like it, get out.

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Very nice.

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It just takes forever to get TO 88mph. 130hp on a stainless steel car = SLOWWWW

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well the top speed it 105 supposedly.

I've just never seen one in decent enough shape to make it to 88.

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Did you try driving downhill?

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I'm sure my car would explode before it got there. For instance this is what the engine valley looked like before I cleared it out a few days ago (hard to get at unless you strip off the fuel system and intake)

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ITT: Anon fakes losing his car keys to show off his Delorean.

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Or post pictures he found on the internet.

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No I really couldn't find em at first, but a man takes advantage of his surroundings when he can.

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Well deloreans are awesome cars.

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Do you really need me to make you look bad?

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>making anonymous look bad on the internet

You're kidding, right?

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Yea, whatever was I thinking...

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Pretty good shop.

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Yes, the missed aliasing on the pasted hand and iphone clashes beautifully with overblurred original picture in background. True work of art.

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Oh boy, gotta love these awesome threads.

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I must be a master shopper...of course I'm also taking the troll bait but I'm bored.

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Stop showing off your money, Anon.
It's un-ladylike.

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Who said anything about being lady like?

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An old car and an Iphone counts as money these days?

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Well I own the challenger too but who's countin

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DMC's aren't exactly dime-a-dozen "old cars". Unless he got one that was in total shit shape and fixed it up, I'm willing to bet it wasn't cheap.

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Yep, this is totally /jp/ related. Totally.

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The Canon EOS 7D is a pretty nice camera.

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Do you know for how much Deloreans go nowadays ?

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Nerd Culture...I think so

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I've seen them go for as low as a grand when I worked at the auto auction.

So whatever idiots wanna pay for a hunk of metal with pain in the dick to find parts is their choice.