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i just jerked off to rape porn. am i a horrible person?

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Yes you are. Now get out of /jp/ unless you post 2hus.

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leave, even if you post 2hus

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Been doing that since i was 15, don't think I'll stop soon.

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otaku culture.

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it means you're both degenerates.

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wow next thing your gonna tell me is sugar is sweet and chillies are spicy.
I'm too far gone. I'd given up all this for a brief period of time but, shit happened and i use this to cope. I've stopped any attempt at getting better because the tides of life always come and shove me back onto the shore.

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I like Konata because she is a otaku like me, except she has friends. Oh god I wish I had friends too ;_;

Konata also likes videogames and she is kawaii. And there are lesbians in the show and that's good because I like lesbians and I will never have a girlfriend. Why am I such a loser?!

Konata is like my dreamgirl she has a :3 face I love that. She is also nice why aren't real girls nice!? I got dumped a lot of times but I love konata and she wouldn't dump me because she's so nice and cool.

We would play videogames all day and watch Naruto and other cool animes on TV, and I would have sex with her because sex is so good. I wish I could have sex with a girl.

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get a hobby, work on something, and take care of yourself. one step at a time.

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Nothing gives me joy anymore. I try to do things and they all feel like futile efforts. I was learning Japanese (on Duolingo, yeah I know, better than nothing), jerking off once a week at most, and was feeling okish for the first ti me in years, and then someone close to me suddenly dies. I'm just going with the flow now. Don't care anymore because i take efforts and they amount to nothing, I think so hard on decisions and i still end up taking the wrong ones. Today was slightly better, i stayed away from my phone all day. I was on the computer yes but it is better than doing nothing on the phone. But in general, im fucked.

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unplug your internet and you will find something new to do with your free time that will make you happy

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i do that, then i think, what's the point anyway, and go back. It's like a drunkard in debt. He gets a few money he squanders it on alcohol because everything else is pointless and that money isn't eve 1% of even the interest. But you are right, i turned off my phone today