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Why is the community of this game so retarded? They look down on mashing in a game that lacks various defensive options and throws, what the hell

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Because it's supposed to be about strategy, not mashing.

Also, that's a lie.

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I don't even know how to block ;_;

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Does it matter what they think? In a game you have to find a way to win. That's everything

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Actually, you get punished hard when you stop mashing. It's when you move the wrong way and they get you. Only then, the fags will say "stop mashing"

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There's a difference between attacking like a rabid ferret on crack with no regard for human life and "mashing" in the normal sense.

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Because they are scrubs that play a horrid game.

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Ever notice how many emoticons are used in netplay threads? Coincidence?

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>using "scrub" unironically

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"Strategy" in fighters is a joke anyway. People just learn BnB and then do the same combos and the same shit over and over. Every player plays a specific character exactly the same. I can tell you exactly what is going to happen in an MB matchup as soon as both characters are selected. It's just a matter of who screws up their rehearsed pattern more.

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anyone hosting? :D

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My strategy in fighters have always been to use the most fun moves, and then winning on just being that good. (I don't win in TH12.3 though)

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This was supposed to be the netplay thread:


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The Hisouten community is the benign cancer that isn't killing /jp/ but is an annoying hard lump in its ovaries.

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>Why is the community of this game so retarded?
Because many of the people are /v/-level posters (which also explains the emoticon usage, sadly). And then there's Scarlet Union, which defies description.

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cump for a host

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I've never interacted with the 'community' but I have seen them shitposting repeatedly in their netplay threads (misnamed reaction image spam) but I'm fine with that so long as they keep it in their thread. It's their house, they can smear shit all over the walls if they want.

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Please do not refere to the netplay threads as a property of the shit-posters. There are actually decent behaving /jp/-ers in there as well. Y'know how a few retarded people make more noise than a squad of gentlemen? Yep, yep.

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i want a host ;_;

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see >>4525778

Stop bumping this troll thread, please.

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I refuse to post my IP in a shitty thread like this. Make a real netplay thread next time, OP; and stop being tsun for Hisouten, you're embarrassing the community.

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ok sorry duude =/ i only want a netplay

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This isn't a netplay thread, and it never claimed to be. OP was just curious about why the soku guys are so shitty, and he got his answer.

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Tell him that he's not making things any better next time you see him around, aight.

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Hello there, experienced fighting gamer.

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