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What's the point of this board when /a/ exists?
You faggot weeaboos use the same shitty cartoony images and talk about the same shitty JRPGs.
Instead of wasting bandwidth, accept your bitter weeaboo elitism and let Moot merge this board with /a/.
Honestly, you people are pathetic.

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You aren't even trying.

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I'm not trying to troll.
Just wondering: why the fuck do you people act elitist over nothing?
/jp/ is the same shit as /a/.
I bet you guys wouldn't even be able to name 5 cities in Japan.

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Why do you care if an extra board exists in the first place?

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Good thing this board isn't about Japan eh?

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>otaku culture
>japanese cities.

Obviously you don't even know what board you are own.

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>I bet you guys wouldn't even be able to name 5 cities in Japan.
Of course not, you think we like Japan?

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Go back to /a/ and roll in your filth. You're hardly even worth this post but, if you have time to make your own, then you have time to make /jp/ or /a/ better. Don't complain when you sought to cast us out in the first place.

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Someone needs to shut their mouth and think for a bit

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in b4 coreans

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>user on /b/
What's the point of this board when /a / / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / w / wg] [i / ic] [cm / y] [r9k] [3 / adv / an / cgl / ck / co / fa / fit / int / jp / lit / mu / n / new / po / sci / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / x] [rs] exists?

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whats with all the shitty trolling lately?

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Hack him, please.

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But otakus are precisely the type of people that would go on /a/ so all you did was to prove that /a/=/jp/.
Also, why the fuck do I imagine all of you looking like fatasses wearing a Naruto headband?

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I don't give a shit what moot does. If he merges /jp/ back with /a/, so much the better.

You whiners should just email moot or just shut the hell up.

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I love trolling attempts on /jp/, always doomed to failure by the great apathy overlord. The tears produced from such futile actions are most delicious.

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I'd post a troll face right now, but this faggot will think he is actually successful.

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Excuse me, I am big boned and that is not a Naruto headband it is an authentic ninja headband.

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If your posts were a creature they'd look like this.

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Saged, hidden, reported, called the cops. I urge all fellow anons to do the same.

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I'm not an otaku, I don't post /a/ material here
I am culture.

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>If he merges /jp/ back with /a/, so much the better.

We would kill /a/ dead.

Also, I hate how that keeps happening.

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That's not imagination. Stop looking in a mirror and the pain will subside.

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I want to fuck his posts.

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You're thinking of the wrong 'otaku.'
You're thinking of the kids who think that 'otaku' means anime and manga fan.

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Oh, and there's no Otaku Culture.
Any japanese person would laugh so hard looking at you guys.
I'm sorry, but this board is nothing more than 10-11 faggots circlejerking over shit that not even /a/ likes. And that, my friends, is not a good thing.

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Somebody tell a mod over IRC, please. Frontpage is honestly too good right now to be littered with garbage like this.

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Not only don't we care, we are also not your "friends", which, might I add, I doubt you have any.

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I don't think you know what Otaku or Culture means.

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>Bawwwwww I can't argue, mommmyyyy

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You're pathetic.

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hey yukarifaggot
want to continue our eternal battle deciding whether yuka or yukari is stronger?

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Even if Moot-chan hates us, it's pretty clear he doesn't want us back in /a/.

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>implying we are not butthurt

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41 posts.

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Most of the japanese population would laugh at us. We are pathetic pieces of human trash who live only because we are to scared to kill ourselves. I honestly don't think you are trolling and generally don't even understand what you are talking about.

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suika > yukari > yuka

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There's no reason for this board to exist.
For your anime/manga shit, there's /a/.
For your JRPGs, there's /v/.
For anything else, there's /int/.
Sorry guys.

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For your information I just woke up, thus I wasn't in the thread. That doesn't stop me however from seeing the quality of your posts.

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>We are pathetic pieces of human trash who live only because we are to scared to kill ourselves.

Speak for yourself. I sorta enjoy how I live.

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Suika only has control over density
Youkai cannot be killed by physical means, therefore even if Suika separated Yuka or Yukari's bodies it would have no effect on them.
and Yuka can beat Yukari using the UM

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>33 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

are you sure this is a fail troll?

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If you really want to know what /jp/ is for (since you're obviously too new to know why /jp/ exists anyway) it's because moot didn't like Touhou, Visual Novels, and waifu shit in /a/, so he created a board to get the garbage out and save /a/.
/a/ continued to get worse and now moot hates /jp/.

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I'm sure /int/ would love our VNs, figs and Touhou.

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Ok, this board shouldn't exist. You won, you are epic e-intellectual. Now get the fuck out.

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Reductio ad absurdum:
There's no reason for any board except /b/ to exist.

>> No.4523555

Except those boards don't want any of our shit, and we don't want any of their shit. Now shut up and lurk some fucking moar.

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/b/ is shit, and thus does not deserve to exist, therefore 4chan should not exist.

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All threads must be replied to, no exception. jp so ronery ;_:

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Which means that you guys should ask Moot to perma-ban you.
If you're too shitty for /a/, then we have a problem.
See, look how nice I am, I'm even helping you guys get past your problems WHILE caring for Moot's servers.

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I'm starting to get a feeling that you're not a troll but just mentally challenged. I apologize for the redundancy.

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Who's Moot?

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Also the Internet shouldn't exist either, since all forms of media it includes can be found elsewhere. But wait, these shouldn't exist either, we won't need them anyway, because we are going to eventually die.

Ok, guys, time to blow up Earth.

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OP bumping his thread in 3... 2... 1...

>> No.4523587

Even moot isn't that dumb to think bans would hold many people on /jp/ back.
Either way if you're really serious I've already said why we exist and why we are still here.
Any other questions?

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You have no idea how technology and society would evolve, yet this board has no usefulness or future.
You're all static wastes circlejerking on an useless board.

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Instead of that let's talk about how this is awesome: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm8789838

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This thread is now about Chen and bkub.

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Save the planet, kill yourself.

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Said the trash who argues with said wastes.

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Hey OP, I'll give you a tip, here's a board even worse than us: http://bunbunmaru.com/wakaba/general/

Go there and tell them how you feel about Touhou and Visual Novels. (:

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Trolling /jp/ is like trolling a massive mass of bipolar australians and emotionless amerifags.
You'll get nothing of value from us.

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But you guys are still redeemable.
Let me show you the light,follow me!

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>an useless

Learn to spell before trying to argue.

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The fact you actually use some of your precious time to come and argue with such trash people makes me think about how huge your inferiority complex might be.

>> No.4523618

Moot was butthurt about constantly seeing Touhou and VN stuff in /a/ and decided to move out of there.

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Most boards would be trolled.
Some boards would see a troll, and ignore it.

There is no other board on 4chan that can identify a troll in the first reply, and proceed to have a 250 reply thread in which everyone knows they're responding to a troll.

This is what makes /jp/ unique.

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The posters responding are almost as pathetic as the troll that started the thread. (Myself excluded, of course.)


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And above, ofc.

saince i allready got myself trolled, might as well say to OP:
is going to our board is moccking ourlife style makes you less likely to cry yourself to sleep at night?
If so, sorry for attampting to break your party.
Else, no, there is no else. if you deny my words, you are in a serious condition without even realizing it. go seek profesional help.

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>White Ren !YLuFFdRcFQ

Way to contradict yourself.

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Boredom is amazing.

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>is going to our board is moccking ourlife style makes you less likely to cry yourself to sleep at night?
Can't understand shit, mon capitaine!

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Nothing I said was contradicted in any way!

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Yeah OP, we got it, we suck, we're pathetic, whatever.
Just leave us alone.

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Wriggle kicks ass.

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I love /jp/, even the way it falls for trolls. Amazing.

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You don't say it with enough determination!
Either way, I'll stick around here.
There's hope in you guys. InElite was right, this board is very interesting.

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simple. he has tough life, so to feel better he search people he deem pathetic to lough at them.

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People like you are the cancer that has made /jp/ worse.

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I don't think anyone is actually falling for any trolling, just actively making things worse in order to laugh at it.

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Really OP.
While there are many different types of otaku
Nice seeing that you don't even know what /jp/ is before you start posting, /jp/ id different from /a/ and different things are discussed.
You know, you could say that /a/ should go now that /tv/ exists but yea

For starters VNs, Doujins and Eroge/Galge doesn't really fit into other boards and then there are other /jp/ related stuff that doesn't really fit either.
So the point of this board when /a/ exists is so that things that goes in /jp/ but not /a/ can be discussed here and it was originally made since those things apparently didn't go in /a/ (nowadays they are posting lots /jp/ material for some reason though, /a/ is so tsundere for /jp/)

>> No.4523691

It's hard to resist calling a retard as such.

>> No.4523692

This thread wasn't a very good way to introduce yourself.

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>Either way, I'll stick around here.
>DON'T !

>> No.4523698

> moccking ourlife style
Oh noes, they're mocking my "lifestyle". Now I'll go and feel sad in a corner while touching myself

>> No.4523699

>>is going to our board and mocking our lifestyle makes you less likely to cry yourself to sleep at night?


>> No.4523704

Tripfags like you are the cancer that has made /jp/ worse.

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misclicked and failed to use sage

>> No.4523709

Tell me you didn't do this just because InElite loves to troll /g/.
You're a geniune faggot if you did.

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This thread has 100 posts. One way or another, OP got away with what he wanted.

Now have some flat chested Marisa in a bra made by Alice.

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I never said he was succesful in making anyone upset, just what his initial intentions probebly ware.

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Your trolling skills are as shitty as the OP. Stop bothering to fix your spelling, unless it was your intention to look like a retard twice.

>> No.4523743

But he did manage to spam this board with random shit, and your bumps helped him a lot.

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Oh look another Lanced Jack. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

>> No.4523758

It's not an inferiority complex. This >>4523587 shows that the OP is in desperate need for attention, the loneliness must be unbearable to make him go to such lengths to get replies and feel the warm of attention upon his poor, poor soul. Don't kill yourself even if the pain in your heart takes over OP, before I go to bed I'll offer a praying for your sake.

I don't really believe in God. I also don't care about you, sorry to get your hopes up. Not really sorry, no.

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>probebly ware


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Best thread in /jp/ right now.

>> No.4523767

Stop being retarded please. I though you guys knew that sage exists.

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I say we let him troll us some more, I think he needs it.

Come on, OP. We hate you and we think we are a troll. Give us more incredible arguments.

>> No.4523776

I agree.

Let's also merge /v/ and /co/

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Ohwow, did I offend you that bad?
That wasn't my intention guys, just trying to open your eyes about how pointless this board is.
Either way, let's make peace.
Look, I'll use one of my otaku pictures!

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>> No.4523784

ITT: /jp/ in a nutshell

>> No.4523785

I'm not a troll, I don't troll. you are seeing things.
I was implying that the reason he didn't understand me was only due to spelling. It's called mockery. stop making yourself look retarded by responding to me with such low-level flaming.

forgot my sage, and you guys would respond bumping or not.

>> No.4523786


How was your holiday then?

>> No.4523787

the depressing part about how 4chan has changed over the years is that it has become increasingly harder to differentiate between the legitimately ignorant bigots and the SRS BUSINESS trolls.

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Alright, son, you deserve one!
Now get out.

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/jp/ is the most useless zip board content wise. This is a fact that can't be denied. Most of everythng can be easily put into another board.

It's usefulness comes in the way it brings the content together, however. That's what it was supposed to be. A catch all board for aspects of Japan not directly tied to anime and manga.

Though this doesn't change the fact that /jp/ is still shit.

>> No.4523811

That's exactly the type of Otaku that we hate you ignorant retard.

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