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I haven't used /jp/ daily in 2-3 years, I request a thread of my hotwife Seija and I won't take "no" for an answer, we are getting a Seija thread, alright?

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what's a hotwife?

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I am implying I would like Seija to go around fucking other men (or women if she's futa) only to come back home and hit me in the head with a hammer is what I'm implying here if you get what I'm saying

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My beloved

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Deserves a whipping

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Truly the most sane jakulover

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She's eo cute! I don't wanna whip her anymore

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A true /jp/ is a insane /jp/

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Your hot wife anon?
She is my hot wife.

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If she's a hotwife then she's a lot more like ours.

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I hope you're not embarrassing yourself anon and you know what that means

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I want Seija to use that sweaty and naughty tongue of hers to lick my penis. Damn fucking brat

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I agree, she should do that to your penis, thank you for your post.

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I love the way this artist draws Seija

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Thank you anon

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Thank you too

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Seija, stop hanging out with Mokou! She's a bad influence!

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it's like prime fujotrash artstyle but for some reason I can't get enough of it

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fujotrash more like fujogold

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check my fumo collection on this stream

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No lol

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I am going to absolutely fucking ruin her figure with repeated pregnancies
She'll squeeze out half-jaku after half-jaku until she has a soccer team

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I really like your post anon, I like it a lot, thank you for posting in my thread

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Ultrasex with the 'jaku! Making millions of daughterhus with her! Filling her womb with sperm!

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Imagine the blowjobs she could do with that tongue of hers....

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This board is too horny for a sweet girl like her.

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I can imagine a lot of other stuff she can do too!

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Are all Seija fans cucks?

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No, just you

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I dunno, OP is pretty clearly one too

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But you guys are posting in a thread clearly made by an NTR fag.

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Not all Seija fans are cucks, but I am one and I will gladly lend Seija to every anon who likes Seija but isn't a cuck!!!

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I suppose Seija would be interested in having such a flipped relationship

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Feels like she might want to be cheated on too. Or instead, since almost everyone specifically hates her.

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It's ok anon you can say you want to fuck OP

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Sorry to ruin your BL fantasies but I'm thinking she'd be into watching her man fuck other girls.
I mean, you can clearly assume if she had a boyfriend, then there are two ways she would act. She'd either be a typical saccharine gf towards just him while still being a piece of shit towards everyone else, OR, she'd be a piece of shit towards everyone, bf included. And that means she accepts that her behavior can cause the boyfriend to look for some nicer treatment elsewhere, or outright leave her.
My logic is that there are plenty of women who cheat, plenty of women who don't, plenty of ones that are sweet to their man, and plenty of jealous girls. But girls who want their man to cheat on them are super rare, and that's exactly what Seija is because that's the most contrarian thing she can possibly be. Imagine her pushing you to cheat on her, DARING you to fuck another girl right in front of her face.

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What about this?

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Yep, you got it all figured out, huh? Went over every detail, looked at it from every angle? That conclusion must've been pretty obvious for someone as smart as you. I'd say you know this girl better than herself. In fact, that kind of arrangement would just be perfect, wouldn't it? Well, if that's really what you want, then TOO BAD! Like an amanojaku would ever do anything you THINK she would do! Delusional, truly the dumbest! You can just forget about every woman you've ever met, and even those you haven't met, because you are going to be stuck together with Seija until you DIE! That's right, you're gonna be trapped with only one girl from now until the end of your life, and you are going to HATE it! Imagine it, Anon! Fall into despair at the your future, your miserable, monogamous MARRIAGE!

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The only reason she might let you fuck someone else is because there are bigger fish out there that she can't simply whack over the head with her mallet (reproduction). She'll compensate by milking you dry the next day and showing which pussy is better, though.

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she's going to infuse your lineage with Amanojaku blood
this could either cause them to be low level problem children for society
or be devastating as their human half gives them just enough mental stability to go into politics or business to unleash their 'jaku mother's proclivities for mayhem with a billion dollars to fund it

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But what if I expected she'd be a contrarian and want monogamy too?

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Seija isn't one to share so she'll keep you for herself anyway

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But then she's doing exactly what I expected by doing the opposite of what I expected which is the opposite of what is expected, doing what is expected of her.

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Congratulations on getting out of prison anon,
And welcome to your new prison, again!

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I was kind of hopeful when this site went down for like 6 hours

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my hotwife Seija is

S - Sexy
E - Erotic
I - Intelligent
J - Joyful
A - Amazing!

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Hey Seija, how about you mlem on my cock?

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I really liked the way this author depicted seija and handled DDC as a whole. She's somehow even more pitiable and despicable at the same time than before.


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Okay, but was the gay sex really necessary?

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duh, of course

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If she looks like this, I wouldn't mind pump a few baby batter inside her.

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Thank you for treating my wife so well anon, I really appreciate it!!!

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Hey if you like it, you can even raise the kid for yourself.

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you that's just perfect!!!!!! you two can have your fun and I can deal with the responsabilities! I don't know how to thank you enough! thank you for treating my wife so nicely!

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You seem easily impressed.
Maybe if I ask her to deny you everytime you want to pass the night with her, filming the whole thing, teasing you with pics videos and audio about us and even spending almost the half-day outside home, maybe you'll be happier.

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I would!! I would be happy!! if she isn't satisfied with me then it's only fair Seija satisfies her needs with you instead! I'd love that! I'd be so happy! the happiest! I can clean and take care of her stuff while she's hanging out with you! thank you so so much anon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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..and then one day she will avoid you more and more.
Not only because I told her to do it but because she will know she is pregnant. She'll be embarrassed and reluctant to tell you such news but after a while, thanks to her body becoming bigger and ready to breastfeed, she will no longer be able to hide such event.
The best you can do is to accept such thing and let her be happy with you.
It will be a family of three with an extra person as fuck buddy

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AAaaahh that's just the best scenario ever... thank you anon for treating my precious Seija so well!! I want to cook you both dinner despite knowing after we're done eating you'll both have sweaty babymaking sex, making Seija feel so good to the point she can't muffle her moans anymore while I'm washing the dishes!! I want to pretend I don't see the sucking marks on her neck despite them being so obvious.. ignoring how sweaty and exhausted she is after going to the bedroom with you to "hang out".. I love Seija!! thank you for being such a good friend to her!! you're the best anon..

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Rough and wild baby making sex directly on your bed, making it creak all the time while I pound her deep and inside.
Doing it also everywhere on the house, stain and covering all the places with our body fluids and smells.
And after every creampie, she will clean me good by placing those soft and kissable lips on "it".
Hell maybe she will lend me a pair of her panties or bras, so I won't miss her while I will stay away from your house.

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Seija's tits flopping around each time your hips slap together, the sweat and juices from both of you staining my bed.. I love it...
Seija too horny to think and shoving off stuff from our shelves so you can bend her over them... the scent of raw cheating sex with you staying on my furniture even after you're done with her...
Her cute amanojaku lips, the same she'll use to give me a tiny kiss later, kissing and cleaning your manly cock till it's completely clean... going down to your balls and any place you tell her to..
I want to buy her all the cute clothes she wants, and end up having to buy them again every few months because she "lost" them (either by giving them to you or having it ripped during sex)

ahhh you're just the best anon.. thank you so much for treating my wife like this, we owe you everything for fixing our relationship!

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Forgot to say
placing those soft and kissable lips on "it", just to make it hard again and ready for another round of cheating breeding sex
It's like 4am here haha
No need to thank me anon, thank your wife for being so much understanding in your regards.
It's cute for her to have someone like you around, as a life long partner and me as friend with benefits

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Thank you anon, you're truly the best match for my wife's yokai pussy.. I'll screenshot your posts and keep them with me forever, thank you for satisfying my wife in ways I could never, you're the best friend she could ask for!!

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See you around anon and if you get hard, remember that your wife will be occupied not only with me but also other anons that like her very much, just like you do... only in a more sexual way.
Just imagine her surrounded by many of us, doing it in every possible positions, making her scream and moan loud at every thrusts, making her admint that our cocks are much better for her.. for a dirty and good girl like her.
And doing it for hours and hours with no end~
Well see ya.

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That's so hot, thank you.. your posts are the best.. wheww I came..

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Oh yeah, see you around!!!

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good thread

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why are amanojacucks like this

>> No.45262722

IQ too high

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would you? would you anyway, even knowing that it's going to be the most fraught, emotionally damaging, painful relationship of your life? would you still do it?

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She quite literally has the lowest girlfriend potential of any 2hu in the entire series, PC-98 included
She's less marriageable than a floating bronze disc
What kind of madman would attempt such a thing?

>> No.45263062

No, I'd bait her into pissing Yuuka off so I could laugh at her being pummeled

>> No.45263403

Yeah, and I'd cheat on her.

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I can ̶f̶i̶x̶ tame her. And I will stick my dick into her.

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Speaking of, progress report for the translation of her game.
It's about 80% complete, only 8 sex actions remain (out of like, 30), and side areas for the village. Soon.

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You are a good man anon.

>> No.45266761

I would just long enough that I can knock her up
then I'll leave her

Human single moms make absolute basket cases, so what would an amanojaku single mom create

>> No.45266784

It's hard to believe there are anons ITT right now that look exactly like that....

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Sir, this is the cuckolding thread not the AGP one

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Ultrasex with 'jaku until the bitch dies of shock

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Not her first rodeo. You'll be the one reduced to a pathetic drooling mess in a matter of seconds, Mr. One-two Pump Chump.

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Does he know?

>> No.45271694

What are you implying? I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it

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He doesn't know...
But seriously, don't worry about it, it's nothing important. I'm just being cheeky.

>> No.45271802

Fuck this ho.

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Yeah! FUCK her!

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After me.

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>deleted posts

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A completely kuso thread
Probably either a /v/ cretin false flag or a false flag psyop made by local vtuber maggots to create artificial moral high ground in argument of why they don't have to contain themselves to /vt/
I won't be surprised if my post gets deleted

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I know you have autism but surely you understand that NTR is a incredibly popular fetish, specially in japan, so some people in the otaku culture board will be into it? the internet is for porn and will always be for porn.

don't compare me to vtrash ever again and leave my thread

>> No.45294121

I think OP is a faggot and Seija is my cute amanojakute

>> No.45295919

NTA, but if you're into NTR you should be fine if you're cucked out of your right to "enjoy" your fetish, right? /jp/ is not a porn or a fetish board.
And you honestly are worse than both /v/tards and the holofags.

>> No.45296472

>NTA, but if you're into NTR you should be fine if you're cucked out of your right to "enjoy" your fetish, right?
this is the same thing as telling someone a pun involving their name

they have already heard it 100 times

>> No.45296605

Your fetish is not respected, and you're taunted for it. Your "relationship" is known, but it's ignored and if anyone cares, they taunt you for it.
Dunno man, sounds like exactly what you want.

>> No.45296612

Your joke is as original as a wojak

>> No.45296717

>I like X
>Yeah sure ok, who cares
>I like Ntr
>Noooo! you can't like that because I said so and it's not X nor normal!
Is it really that hard to let the others do what they like and just ignore? See that hide function? use it or better yet: use a filter.

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I agree with your point but please for the love of god do not embarrass me by greentexting on /jp/

>> No.45297010

Certain things just aren't accepted, that's all.
Scat, NTR, toddlercon, hyper, dicknipples, furfaggotry, and what have you.

>> No.45297016

What an embarrassing post

>> No.45297166

>comparing ntr with all that shits
Maybe if we were in the past, like 10 years ago.

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You're greentexting again!! stop doing it!! I know current /jp/ sucks but mind your manners!

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Lick the armpit, don't ask why.

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>> No.45305124

Please tell me this is a guy

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>Tell me our lives matter, chud

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bottom right has a good lighting

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start orangepicturing on his boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard me chink

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You're out, 3 strikes, you liking Seija too won't make me forgive your sins, go away

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real Seija would s𐐬yquote too

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No she wouldn't, kill yourself kuz dicksucker, go back to your post-irony discord website

>> No.45305225

Why are you guys arguing

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Because he's making low quality posts on my high quality thread

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Wait a second, this is not ERP...

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Keep the thread afloat, you dogs!

>> No.45311464
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I lost my desire to keep it up after you ruined it and the mods refused to remove your trash low quality posts despite removing my cute erping, feel free to talk to yourself, I'll sage and go away

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Bruh I'm not the op, I'm a Seija enjoyer. Don't pin this stuff on me, c'mon.

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I am the OP and I am telling you to kill yourself

>> No.45313003
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Who is who now?

>> No.45313012 [DELETED] 
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I am OP

NTR is otaku culture
whatever the fuck these low quality posts are is not, and they should have been deleted by now, but the moderators don't care >>45305143 >>45305162 >>45305196 >>45305236 >>45296717

>> No.45314559
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>be like this (please)

>> No.45314565 [DELETED] 

Stop misusing the quote feature, if you're gonna ban-evade do it by spamming vtuber threads till they leave /jp/ for good

>> No.45314572 [DELETED] 
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You're such a tranny

>> No.45314611 [DELETED] 
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how's tranime cartoon lady has any more quality than tranime meat lady. Nearly same shit aside from le muh 2d. You niggers r dummies

>> No.45314729


>> No.45314920 [DELETED] 

If you want to ERP then just say so!

>> No.45314933 [DELETED] 

I guess /jp/ i dead after all, at least the thread was good till the lewding was deleted

>> No.45315329

This got deleted but the rest wasn't? holy fucking shit I had no idea it was this bad

>> No.45315836
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If you only knew how bad things really are...

>> No.45315943

This is why you aren't supposed to have Seija threads anymore.

>> No.45318855
File: 3.09 MB, 1447x2047, illust_88704118_20230719_213347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These cosplay photos are alright you low quality troons

>> No.45320097
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Those cringe and crappy fanfics that have been posted lately are using Seija so if I try to find /jp/ talk about Seija nowadays I get bombarded with shitty fanfiction in the archives.

Not fun. It's that dumb "SEIJA'S POWERS ARE ACTUALLY INCREDIBLE" interpretation too, supposedly.

>> No.45321553
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"What, you died too? Sucks to be you, I guess. Anyway, I'm bored. What's your story?"

>> No.45322079

Seija quick!
Flip the quality of this thread from shit into gold!

>> No.45322297
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shitty art will save this thread

>> No.45324024
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Here's your Christmas Snow Maiden, bro.

>> No.45326053

Why is she dressed as the retarded meme bunny? I don't watch it so I don't know why there's a connection.

>> No.45331285

Because you're going to be fucking like rabbits