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Non-virgin thread.

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sup guise.

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How do you know that Sanae was conceived on a natural way ? Suwako is a goddess.

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Is she sitting on a gigantic golden piece of shit?

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Is Suwako the only canon slut?

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All the other Touhou's are creepy virgins.

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oh god I wanna spread dem froggy legs

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>Non-virgin thread.

Oh, you.

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given the ambiguity and not to mention the fact that she's a god, it's hard to say with any level of certainty that she's a slut

Sanae is her descendant, but technically my niece is my descendant too. Plus, with gods, conception need not include sex.

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So you're saying she forced a baby out of her with an intact hymen?

Bullshit. She banged some dude and that's all there is to it.

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But not genetic ancestry. She's not your genetic descendant. She's your brother's.

Your genes will only live on if you breed.

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Here, let me clean her for you.

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not so good

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I don't know why anyone would have a problem with Suwako not being a virgin. So she sexed up some dude? So what? Maybe she even loved him! THE HORROR

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Thoroughly enjoy your homosexuality.

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I always figured Suwako, being a goddess, appears as she wishes to appear.

Probably whenever she had a child, she looked a lot older and was more mature. Now it just happens her desire is to appear like a cheerful frogloli with a creepy hat.

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Makes sense.

Although I did read this one doujin where she was raped in frog loli form and had Sanae that way.

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>non-virgin thread

No telling how many cocks the old maids alliance has devoured and conquered. Loose, dried up sluts.

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They're all lesbians, and therefore virgins.

I have the doujins to prove it.

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I hate half those characters.

Kanako is a megabitch, Yuyucow is the fucking worst, and Erin is a retard.

Yukari has close relations to Cheeeeen, so by default I can't hate her as causing harm to her would hurt Chen indirectly.

Yuka is yokai moe and Byakuren gets Christmas presents for being the only hag who isn't corrupt, a whore, a bitch, or a combination of the three.

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This proves her appearance hasn't changed

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>Kanako is a megabitch

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I say believe whatever you want. Like Black Tewi says.

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I hope you have a sense of humor irl

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dont worry all you wanted to do was protect gensokyo with faith there's nothing wrong with that.
hell i don't see anything really wrong cept stealing reimu's donations and taking over the mountain where the tengus lived.

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>Mature women frighten me

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Windows: Professionals being paid to build and maintain an operating system.

Linux: Being built by unpaid hobbyist on their free time.

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Haters gonna hate

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everyone here is a slut

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i lol'd

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Bitch or not you cannot deny that she is vivaciously sexy.

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I would bet that Remilia and Flandre have been fucked at least once as well. Can't forget them just because they look young.

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I cannot deny this is a SFW board

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Byakuren can't be a slut. She's be imprisoned in Makai for the last thousand years.

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kanako is probably virgin though

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So what do you think the first thing she'd do when she got out is? Hell, thats probably why she attacks you. She has 1000 years of pent up libido.

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She's a saint, much unlike the rest of those unsavory hags.

Actually, Yuka isn't a slut either, but the other four are, especially Yukari and to a slightly lesser extent Kanako.

Erin is a devoted woman but damn she's stupid and Yuyuko needs to never be featured in a touhou game ever again.

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>Yuyucow is the fucking worst


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>Kanako is probably a virgin

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I thinks he is saying more along the lines of no people on /jp/ are at work.

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Uh oh! U got me! Better go get a mod!

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>Internet Tough Guy Detected

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Would you like Kanako better if she looked like this?

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>Kanako is a slut.

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How she looks doesn't exonerate her from her terrible misdeeds.

I hate touhous not because of how they look, as that's stupid. I hate touhous because of what they do and how they behave (stupid, selfish, like a whore/bitch etc).

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Now you're cracking me up.

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>Erin is a retard

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Kagyua are officially non-virgin

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Seems we have a wayward soul from Gaia here. Fuck off.

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but I haven't told you any jokes yet

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[citation needed]
Hime-sama is pure.

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Kanako is not a whore nor a bitch. How dare you sling your filth at her you wretched lowlife human fucking garbage.

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Caddyshack was the only joke I needed Mr. Murray.

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Cirno is secretly a huge slut.

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Moriya shrine is full of sluts, period

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go to bed reimu

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Naww dude

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Why do people call Sakura a slut, and not Kohaku?

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>Yuyucow is the fucking worst, and Erin is a retard

Stupid troll or not, them's fighin' woids.

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Because /jp/ is a stupid place to be here

Just like you for instance

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Because Kohaku is a good girl.

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I fucking hate you.

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Because Kohaku is the true heroine of Tsukihime, while Sakura isn't even a heroine in her own route.

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no shiki, you are the demons

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Hm, it seems that maids tend to kill people over childhood promises being forgotten.

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Yuyuko's combination of baaw backstory and sunny personality made sure I wouldn't care if she were a slut or pure.

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Hisui's true ending in a nutshell:
>Fuck yeah, saving my childhood waifu, being a man, sorry Kohaku, I don't like genki girls such as yourself, I gotta do what is righ-

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Yeah, pretty much. Though Hisui deserves happiness, too. My perfect true end is Tohno Family Harem End. Curry and Idiot can go take a hike.

But the maid in question doesn't kill you or her sister, since you're both innocent. She discriminates between those who wronged her and the innocent.

Sakura just goes around eating everyone, trying to kill her largely innocent sister, and betraying Shirou.

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Sakura becomes more likable if you just approach her as a villainous character. She's just not a heroine like the other girls at all, and is a terrible character when thought of as such. I never had the impression of Sakura being a heroine like Rin and Saber, because she's really the true enemy of her arc.

If you think of her as unwittingly evil and needing to change, the perspective on the character helps appreciate her a *tiny* bit more.

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Hisui deserved happiness, but that ending was just cruel in it's delivery.
Hell, Hisui says LOL I GUESS I CAN LOVE SHIKI FOR YOU SIS LOL at the end, it was really one long speech on how Kohaku counted on you, and how you let her dowwn.

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Well, the romance could have been done better, in my opinion.
Shirou just kinda suddenly falls in love with her, as opposed to Kohaku's route, which has excellent development, and tons of scenes that just hit your heart like a brick.

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Hisui's love is implicit: she's your meido, forever. She'll always be there for you. She won't ever run off, even if you end up with another woman, and she'll always be yours. She might be a little jealous of her sister being your waifu, but she'll still stay steadfast.

Her love isn't as emotionally deep as Kohaku or Akiha's is, but it's no less real.

And the one that will always suck your finger at night will be her.

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Fate Stay Night has always been about Saber versus Rin, Sakura's always been dead-last.

That's just the way it is.

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>And the one that will always suck your finger at night will be her.

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Hisui, a tightly wound ball of androphobia and pent up sexual frustration.

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Hisui is lovely~

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She's a slut

admit it now!

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No, good sir, only Curry is a slut! We shall not acknowledge such slander!

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Curry isn't a slut so much as she's horribly mismanaged as a character. She goes from being really awesome sometimes to being really terrible other times.

I really wanted her to be more "battle sempai" than she was. You never even get the chance to spar with her in Kagetsu Tohya, the one thing that she alone would be good at and fun to fight against.

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What about that time you sealed Roa in her ass?

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It worked, didn't it? It was utilitarian, and she already loved you, so...

She's hardly a slut for it.

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Curry is not a slut!

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Sup, Sion?

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Most amusing thread on /jp/ ATM.

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White Ren, now there's a slut.

The character I mean. But she's a succubus so that's to be expected.

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Well, duh. Can't blame her for it, though.

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See, she can be a slut and yet still delicious.

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Not a slut! Consensual sex with the master only.

She's good, just not as good as the others.

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Sup, Sion?

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D'aww! No curry for the cat's-tongue~