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Gilgamesh's sword collection isn't all that impressive.
I set sail for One Piece.
I'm fairly certain Yuki is a virgin.
I've made a small fortune betting against Giovanni.
I don't like corm.
Fuck no, Seaking.
I know for a fact that this anime isn't Bible Black.
I don't think Naruto looks cool.
That character's power level isn't anywhere near nine thousand.
"Konnichiwa" is how you say hello in Japan.
You heard wrong; I like Torchics.
I know exactly what you mean.
Yes, Eva was too deep for me.
Disgusting flat chest.
Sausage is overpriced and fattening.
Your resistance is a real turnoff.
There was a Tsukihime anime, and it sucked. Get over it.
Posting this was not in my plans.

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I can watch that gif all day!

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oldie but goldie

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I think this belongs to /a/.

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