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Just another day in Gensokyo.

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Touhou is literally a plague to every online community.

I literally have a Tewi avatar on Steam I think but I haven't played in a while.

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Touhou and TF2, the two worst fanbases ever.

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Oh wow, that mod. I find it a bit hard to believe that people actually like it, but well that's just my opinion.

By the way, why is there an upside-down Engineer down there.

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Whenever I see anybody with Touhou avatars/signatures anywhere on the Internet, my opinion of said person automatically drops to "what a fucking faggot."

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Ugliest skin pack ever

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That's the thing, they don't like it, they just pretend to because it's touhou. There's no way it's enjoyable playing with all that ugly garbage.

It's either a 15 year old girl or some idiot elitist who will start questioning your knowledge of TeamShangaiAlice©'s Touhou©Project©©©©

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ITT: butthurt

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This is my steam avatar

Does it make you angry?

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lame casual shit

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I literally sort of like this avatar.

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>Shitty model changes
>Generic Touhou related names as their Steam nickname


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Quit fucking saying "literally", you sound like an idiot.

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you literally mad

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You sound literally mad.

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It doesn't make me angry.

It merely makes me think, "oh great, he's one of THOSE people"

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I literally was doing it on purpose after the first one.

You literally thought I would literally use the world 'literally' in back to back sentences - unironically.

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Sure is /b/ in here.

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this was my avatar on steam

does it make you angry

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Reminds me of the Home Alone aftershave scream.

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Are you guys me?

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