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My face when a starfish was being cute near me.

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Sigh, Sunday evening in America, and boy does it show.

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she's an adult now so yeah

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>my face when you posted a blank picture

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>My face when you my face'd without greentext

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>my face when nobody posted their face

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>My face when neither did you

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My face when a bunch of my face when threads appeared on /jp/

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>My face when you my face'd without greentext

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My face when you tried to shit up /jp/ out of butt-frustration

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>My face when Canada beat the US in the Olympics

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>my face when anonymous jones came

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He still can only indirectly express things through the use of green text and reacting images!

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My face when /sp/ became a waste of bandwi-- actually no, /sp/ was always a waste of bandwidth.

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>My face when butthrut American stained this good thread with his bitter tears.

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>My face when a butthurt American tried to defend another butthurt American.

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I think the point went right over your head.

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>My face when even MOAR butthurt

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>my face when Fuuko's arc was the longest in the anime and Tomoyo's the shortest, even though clearly Fuuko is the shittiest character in the VN and Tomoyo is above god tier

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>My face when I didn't understand a single word in your post except for "my face when "

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How rude!

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>My face when you samefagg'd with your weaboo shit that no one cares about.

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Stop posting blank images, you asshole.

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>Above god-tier.

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Unfunny weaboo jokes? Jesus man, go outside once in a while.

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Go back to wherever you came from bro.

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>my face when Tomoyo got her own bonus episode

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Leave and never come back.

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I come from Canada. Jealous of my mad hockey skill, nigga?

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Stop crying already, filthy American/Jap/Whatever. Maybe if you guys try real hard, your inferior country might come close to giving us an actual challenge next game.

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>Assuming anyone on /jp/ cares about sports.

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>my face when you people started talking about pointless shit instead of talking about Fuu-chan

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>my face when you thought winter sports were anything more than a laughable casual pastime

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I'd her starfish

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>My face when fat ugly americans try to change the subject of their humiliating defeat by posting irrelavent off topic weaboo shit that normal people don't give a damn about.

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