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Sup /jp/, I arranged a date with this Japanese girl I've been talking to for about a week over MSN, she's here to study the language, and she insistently asked me to meet up so she could practice the language or whatever. Since I don't know much about Japanese people except stuff I learned from games and anime, I've come here to ask you, are there certain topics that should be avoided? Questions that may offend a Japanese? Places where a Japanese might like to go? Should I offer her a drink or something or do they prefer to pay themselves? Other stuff?

Please share your knownledge.

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Don't talk about anything you'd talk about on jp.

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She likes videogames though. Should I talk about videogames?

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If you eat with chop sticks, point them to the left when you put them down.
Don't stick your chop sticks in your food.
Don't put anything on your rice.
Don't call her by her first name without asking first.

I'm sure there's other shit.

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OP here. I'm not like that, I think I'm a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, (except girls).

I'm thin, fit, and at least decent looking.

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How should I call her then? I always called her by her first name on MSN though.

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don't worry about it, not an issue because you are not japanese

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Well, she may not care then, since she's not in Japan.

Most Japanese find it rude for people to call them by their first name if they don't know them. You usually use their last name followed by and honorific.

I'd still ask her in person if it's ok first. If she doesn't care then whatever.

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don't expect much because as i have found out most girls are purely in it for the free english practice. it might not be same case as much for you though given that she isn't in japan when she is meeting you.

i have japanese girls phone numbers/mail addresses coming out my ass, but none of them want to do more then use me for english practice. sucks big time.

also i live in japan

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shes here to learn so dont do anything special at all.

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>dating help
Get the fuck back to /r9k/.

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You mean /adv/? /r9k/ isn't for that anymore.

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Remind the filthy jap of how we kicked her inferior country's ass in Vietnam.

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But isn't /jp/ supposed to know all about japan and japanese culture?

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>/jp/ - Otaku Culture
>1. All things otaku welcome!

Nope, just otaku culture.

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Ask her about the rape of Nanking

Also be sure to greet her properly.

Like saying hello in japan...