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Marisa thread

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Wait fuck I posted the wrong image how do I delete this

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You fucked up big time, OP.
I expect you to borrow me all of your books if you want me to forgive you ze!

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Too late. This thread will now focus on making Marisa suffer.

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Oh boy, a Marisa bullying thread, my favorite.

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Get fucking egged!

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She's in dire need of correction after being a cheeky thief who bends the spellcard rules

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Alice sure knows a way to "correct" her beloved pet!

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Alice is such a loser. I can't believe she tortures yuus

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Alice is not taking it easy

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She just enjoys Marisa's crying face, just like me

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Please do NOT bully Marisa!
She's super cool!
She steals hearts as well as items!
She's loved by everyone!
Gensokyo's number one magician!

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Please bully Marisa!
She's super bad!
She steals items as well as makes people mad!
She's hated by everyone!
Gensokyo's number one wanted!

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Seija go home you smelly Jaku

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It's rude to bully small children.

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Alice correcting Mari-chan!

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Marisa isn't a child, she's just that short.

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That doujin was disgustingly erotic

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Experimenting on Mari-chan

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eg lule

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Imagine if Marisa actually became youkai...

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nobody will believe her when she says those are spaghetti scars (spaghars for short)

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NIGGER woman thread

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She is clearly a blonde white woman anon, I don't know where you're getting these racial accusations from.

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Marisa has SARS...

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This thread is kuso and anyone who wants to bully Marisa for no reason is probably a sociopath that needs to be put down.

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Hi Marisa.

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Hello Mr Frank Castle.

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>bully Marisa for no reason
Good thing there's a couple reasons to bully her then.

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Bullying midgets like Marisa is always fun tho.

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Thank you.

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No amount of acting will hide her loneliness

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Someone bumped this thread and deleted their own post, again.
When are mods gonna start doing something about that?

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Those are the mods

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Do what?

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Oh boy, a Marisa bullying thread, my favorite.