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I never played Touhou before, but now I'm downloading Mountain of Faith and Immaterial and Missing Power because you /jp/sies made me want to try it.

Anyways, what should I expect?

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bullets shooting bullets

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Bullets shooting bullets, etc.

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Bullets... shooting bullets... shooting bullets.

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Play Perfect Cherry Blossom first.

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Mountain of Faith is really fucking hard and buggy. Download Imperishable Night or Perfect Cherry Blossom instead.

Immaterial and Missing Power is a fightan game, not a shootan one. It's good...

... or so I've heard. I can never get the bugger to install.

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bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets shooting bullets

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Imperishable Night or Perfect Cherry Blossom to begin.

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Mountain of Faith (and most other Touhou games): Crazy shooter that isn't as fun as everybody makes it seem.

Immaterial and Missing Power: Yet ANOTHER Japanese fighter.

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OP, you'll spend the next three days doing nothing but playing Touhou, and then you'll be like fuck this and never want to have anything to do with it ever again. Fuck Touhou.

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>what should I expect?
To die. A lot. And then to die some more. And then to cry yourself to sleep because you were playing on easy modo.

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I'm not in MoF. Therefore, it sucks. And IMP is not Danmaku. Therefore, it has no bullets shooting bullets, and we can't have our meme broken.
Go play Perfect Cherry Blossom to begin with.

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Touhou is like Megaman. If you don't like it, it just means that you suck at it.

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Actually, there are bullets shooting bullets in IMP.

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expect this

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and then this

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Hmm, really? It's been such a long time since I played IMP.

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You is hardcore

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>Anyways, what should I expect?

Magical bullets that shoot bullets that shoot magical lazers.

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The one in the bottom-right is actually disappointingly easy despite how flashy it is. The others are pretty rapetastic, though.

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Mountain of Faith isn't too bad... until the final boss. You will rage like never before trying to beat her.

Also, have you played scrolling shooters before?

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Existential terror and ➈

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I started playing yesterday after a week of MAME danmakus which were all crap.

I spent almost the entire day (I think 8-12 hours) trying to finish level 1 on hard mode without bombs and without losing a life and I DID IT! And it was awesome.

Today I played Shoot the Bullet. And I much prefer the 'Restart as soon as you die' gameplay.

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Step one: DONT PANIC

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Is anyone else here running the games on Wine?

TH06 doesn't seem to respect the FPS limiter in fullscreen. (I.e. windowed is 60FPS, but when I switch to fullscreen, even in game, it jumps above 1,000)

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So it finished downloading and when I clicked on it, this huge sort of error thing with a bunch of moonspeak came up.

Now what?

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Do you have the East Asian Language Pack?

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Expect a lot of fail and bullet hell. Just read the doujin or minimize the Touhou threads.

Or, if you wanted bullet hell, play Mars Matrix, which is guaranteed to eat your face.

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Which game did you download?

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Perfect Cherry Blossom.

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expect shitloads of dots or whatever.
the enemy shots are not as big as you think they are.

I only played the ep07, though.

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Copypaste the error if you can.

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bottom middle is ridiculously easy once you know the trick to the laser

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Did you DL the one not in parts?
Because that one has the error.
DL the one in .Rar parts.

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Aw, fuck.

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Hold shift for focus movement.

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What torrent site should I use to find these?

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Just your local friendly tripfag, anon.
In your /jp/, fixing your errors.

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