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What does happen when two touhou fans (male) love each other so much?

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Wanna find out?

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Boys can't love boys.
You homo.

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HIV transmission

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They get thrown off a building together. I need that picture of Hieda talking shit about homosexuals and love being between a man and a woman.

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What if they're both virgin?

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dont listen to that 900 year old boomer in the body of a zoomer

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For fucks sake, stop being gay jaypee.

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haha hey anon is this your drinking glass? oh haha oops sorry man i didnt know haha i took a sip and noticed that i was sipping your friends if you get what i mean haha

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A bond is born, this will turn into friendship if the two stay together. After that, it's up to one or both of them if they want to turn that relationship into something much "bigger".
But as long as they like each other, that bond will last for years and years.

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Telling /jp/ not to be gay is like... telling a bird not to fly.

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gay relationships more unstable then uranium when it enters a nuclear reactor

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thats so scary anon can you hold me so i dont fall off

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speaking from experience?

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he will NEVER recover from this

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You may as well ask the sun not to shine.

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But that chocolate star is always shining if you know what I mean

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I wish I hadn't googled that...

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Suicide by hanging.

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Why do the cosplay threads get deleted but this stays up?

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25 replies and no Mokou, why?

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They reproduce and generate another touhou fan (male).

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Two males together? That doesn’t exist!

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Nothing here says that there need to be a female creature, only men.

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so this means two men together is double sex, right?

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If you put all of /jp/ in a room and we're cosplaying as 2hus we would all be having anonymous gay sex within an hour.

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Akyuu is into yaoi......

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Either that or turn into a battle royale after someone mentions grimsokyo.

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I wouldn't, I would remain pure.

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Anon if you do a little sucking it won't ruin your purity. Or maybe you could do a handjob.

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That could be argued for pretty much all of /jp/