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discussion mostly 5ch-related but allow discussion of other anonymous imageboards and textboards

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How do you tell which posts are 2ch or 5ch originals?

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>This feels like theft.
Theoretically, it depends on what's in the contract. If you buy a business, you probably agreed that every asset belongs to you, including accounts.
In practice, the domains belong to the company because good luck going to court against a gambling company you sold your meme sites to.

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I wonder if they would need to go to different courts depending on the domain TLD? for example the .fi would be under Finnish jurisdiction and the .com under American? I don't know, but wondering

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This poor Finn probably has no real life experience with sociopaths and/or psychopaths. His Nordic sensibilities probably can't comprehend such scum can exist. He's learning the hard way that demons in the flesh exist.

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seems to be a common problem with Sweden too, a bit of naive innocence

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No. You can rent domains from a domain registrar like porkbun or namecheap. When a domain "belongs to you," it means you have the right to renew your rental every year. .com domains are not American, it's a generic top level domain originally meaning "commercial" and you can buy them from every registrar. Many Japanese websites use .com as well, while in some countries it's customary to use the country-specific domain (which would be .us in America). .fi is different, I think you can probably only rent those from Finnish registrars (there may be country-specific rules regarding these). But none of this changes the question of who the domains belong to. I have no idea where they would have to go to court for this, probably Finland but I don't know much about law.
A good domain name is very valuable, so it's a shame he lost them.

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to be fair the online casino people IIRC are all Finns as well. The company being in Malta and Gibraltar is because in Finland private gambling stuff is illegal and state has the rights to it, so they do this thing where they move to Malta and as long as the servers are there they cant do anything. They are in the EU so the Finnish state restricting their citizens access to these legally Maltese online casinos would breach fundamental rights in the EU

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and the site itself is under Maltese and Finnish jurisdiction. Breaking Finnish or Maltese laws there is no go.

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>They are in the EU so the Finnish state restricting their citizens access to these legally Maltese online casinos would breach fundamental rights in the EU
No, blocking foreign gambling sites is common practice in the EU. I suppose these online casinos don't specifically target Finnish people, they are just operated by Finnish people in Malta. Just a couple EU citizens doing business in another EU country.

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Speaking of domains, what ever happened to the original 2ch.net domain? Who owns that?

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In fact, when you have a website, you don't want people where laws are problematic to access your site, so you can block them yourself. This is what 5ch used to do with EU countries because they are not going to dance around vague meme laws from meme countries they have no business in. I wish Yahoo unblocked Europe too.

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Yahoo has EU blocked? why?

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Hmm...I checked and the Finnish law doesnt prohibit playing in these online casinos so therefore they cannot do anything as long as its legally Maltese. I do know that sometimes websites that are based in some EU country but actually targeted for others do get the same treatmeant as they would be in Finland but I think this is case by case thing.
I think its the GDPR thing. Nips dont give a fuck

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Yes. Chiebukuro too.
Because GDPR is so vague and restrictive it's practically impossible to comply with. When you're a big site that operates in Europe, you have an army of lawyers specializing in that shit, but such an investment is not justified for a Japanese site with practically zero useful EU users. It is pretty grim really, an amateur isn't really able to operate a site with confidence because the rules are very broad and strict.

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Right, playing may be legal though you need to use a VPN if they're blocked and pay taxes if you generate profit.
At any rate, I don't think the guy will go to court with this company. This is why you have to account for all cases and ensure you're legally covered, especially when you do business with gambling companies.

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it should be up to the EU to block the sites, not the sites having to block EU

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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They would have to block almost every website.
The whole idea is absurd as this is not how laws work. When you're in another country, this shit doesn't actually apply to you, but they claim it does. So they practically bully sites into blocking the EU.

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jim watkins stole the domain
hiro moved to 2ch.sc

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how did nips just accept this gaijin takeover?

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I miss when SaoVQ was active...
I miss the livestream of VIP quality videos.

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Hiro was worse. He was selling users credit card information according to the leaks
/lounge/ is where the activity is at nowadays but it feels different than SaoVQ

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>according to the leaks
how come according to the leaks? Wouldnt it be public knownledge since he would have to go to court for it?

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I couldn't find a source for him selling the information now.

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I don't think he was selling the credit card info per se, but possibly all the metadata he could--which is what most websites of that size do. The credit payment info was "just" leaked, and it was obviously compromising information.

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I find him entertaining in a twisted typical chan-user kind of way


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An interesting thing about the boards where posts from foreign IPs are allowed is that they don't let you use Japanese characters in your posts.

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Is this just for the embassy boards or does it apply in the English learning boards too?

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I wanted to test it out for you, but the DDoS of 5ch is brutal. It's hard to load threads let alone try to post in them. Cloudflare timed out when I tried to post in:

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Is 2ch recovering any traffic due to the DDoS campaign on 5ch?

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who is ddossing them and why??

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It could be literally anyone, their servers fucking suck.

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did they make any enemies though? lots of sites have shitty servers

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I was able to post with only a short delay

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>Is this just for the embassy boards or does it apply in the English learning boards too?
It does not apply to the English learning boards. You're allowed to type in Japanese as well as English there.

My post from when it timed out ended up going through.

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5ch refugee camp in /int/

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It's already dead... What a shame.

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is /int/ usually fast like /jp/?

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yes, threads usually get few replies and expire quickly

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/int/ is way faster than /jp/
Sometimes the last threads in its catalog had their last post only 2 hours ago, while in /jp/ it's not uncommon for threads to stay half a day without posts.
When they tried to make a thread in /bant/ it lasted a lot more, even as they gave up on bumping after the first three posts.

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can anyone tell me what "Bernd" means? I hear it all the time on kohlchan and wondered

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devox has nice software and seems kind of busy, in Spanish

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IIRC it's a generic german male name, it's just a substitute for "Anon"

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ah ok, makes perfect sense, thanks

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You can literally just lurk any given imageboard for more than five minutes and figure out board culture instead of being a dumb niggerfaggot adhd zoomer

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That's not very Christian of you.

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Does anyone even care about gets anymore? It's not normally a thing in smaller imageboards and they don't generate much attention. /jp/'s last big get was just a random spammer.

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link to 5chan? also can you tell me everything I need to know about it? thnk you

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I did spend a lot of time on there, that still didn't answer the question to the meaning, the other anon answered though so all good

there is another weird word I see on there a lot too, "geheim", still wondering what the story on that is

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>touhou hijacks don't happen anymor-

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mostly only on /b/ and even then not so much

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>Does anyone even care about gets anymore?

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are there other "/b/"s that move fast and are kind of crazy and out of control, other than 4chan?

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what are the memes of 5ch?

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does geheim mean spoiler?

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what posts are you referring to?

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At the beginning of the 2ch split, hiroyuki was scraping 2ch.net (which later became 5ch.net) and putting content into 2ch.sc. I don't think that's happening anymore though.

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I think it still happens.
Random recent thread:

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someone should make an "all in one" board that scrapes all the big boards and puts them in one spot

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I came across an example where the threads are the same until post 111 where an off-topic post was inserted from the 2ch side.
Scroll to post 110 on both to see that they have the same content on both sides, and then look at post 111.

On the 2ch side, it seems like the poster ID has a ".net" appended to it if the post was scraped from 5ch. Note that the poster ID for post 111 on the 2ch side doesn't have ".net" at the end of it.

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Pretty cool, I didn't know this was how it worked. I wonder how this works with the 1000 res limit and the file size limit

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>file size limit
What's this?

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2ch/5ch scripts store each thread in a dat file, which is like a CSV file but with <> instead of commas. When the size of the dat file reaches 512kb, the thread is closed.

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Oh wow that's so weird. So if people just write a lot the thread can die/be locked before getting to limit?
Why do they still do this, to keep the number of threads manageable?

>> No.44947592

what is the maximum post size?

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his channel hits too close to home sometimes

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>When the size of the dat file reaches 512kb, the thread is closed.
Do you have an example a thread where this happened?

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>So if people just write a lot the thread can die/be locked before getting to limit?
That's the idea. It isn't closed like when you reach 1000 replies, but it should give you an error message when you try to post in it, I don't know how or when it gets cleared out. This is what the docs say anyway. There are threads with more than 512kb though, so I think it varies by board (the limit on aasaloon seems to be around 1mb) and/or has been changed. If you check the size of dat files on most boards, almost all of them will be less than 512kb, so I suppose they still do this.
I think it discourages meaningless AA and >> spam.
>maximum post size
Usually 2048 bytes, it's defined in the setting file. This gives you 1024 Japanese characters (2 bytes/char) or 2048 Latin characters (1 byte/char).

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not using a database??? Wtf

>> No.44956021

higher speed then I guess

>> No.44956182

you mean for the dat files? I'm not sure how they're handling the files, but using a database could easily be faster - among other advantages. I guess either works so meh

>> No.44956258

Yep, it's flat files. Gives you some ideas as to why it shits itself on the regular I guess.
Flat files are very fast to serve but when you write into them, there are just so many things that can go wrong I wouldn't bother. You can use a database like MySQL to store your master data (like Futaba-style scripts) so your system is durable and consistent, and you have a lot of options for caching, like you can generate flat files, or use another, faster database, or you can use slaves on multiple servers, etc., so that reads don't bog down your master.

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If I were in a situation where there were multiple writers (posters) trying to write to the same physical file (or thread), I'd implement some kind of queue system to hold the posts while a separate writing process writes the posts one at a time. My concern would be to maintain high write throughput without having to worry about locking the file due to the possibility of multiple writing processes. (This is mostly for the benefit of fast threads).

I wonder how they actually do it though. Is the source for their read.cgi available anywhere?

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That's really informative.

>> No.44957363

phew, still page 2, that's cool - i'm used to /a/ where the threads get to page 10 in like 20 minutes

>> No.44959009

bump before sleeping, not allowing one of the most interesting threads in a while to die

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>Is the source for their read.cgi available anywhere?
A long time ago in 2001, when server costs were getting too high, the community took it upon themselves to rewrite it to make it dramatically more efficient and keep the site online.

I'd love to see a record of their work if it's available anywhere.

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their boards kinda suck, you can't even post images without a link

>> No.44959617

that's because they're textboards and not imageboards
If you're looking for Japanese imageboards go to Futaba.

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Once you need to write into more than one file, it becomes non-trivial and you have to implement measures to avoid race conditions, and it may still get messed up if there's a power outage or something, so I would just use a database.
There are copies of read.cgi out there (it's in C), but I'm not what was written by who. Anyway, writes are hot handled by that but bbs.cgi (there's an old leak).

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those are painful to browse

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some boards use different letter for their "random" boards too like I think lainchan uses /r/

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Are there any extensions like 4chan x for 5ch that are seen as large improvements that everyone should have? For instance is there an extension that embeds imgur links?

>> No.44964904

take a look here

>> No.44964945

oh ww I saw file deleted and didn't click the link assuming that it was a shitpost virus. Thanks

>> No.44965298

posting was bugged out today so news4vip was getting spammed

>> No.44966589

kohlchan is better than 4chan

>> No.44968894

so where are 5ch people now?

>> No.44972795

I'm wondering too

>> No.44972986

seen a couple (vtuber related) generals migrate to boards created using this service: http://bbs.jpnkn.com/

>> No.44973936

過去ログ servers have been giving 522 errors past couple weeks apparently, does anyone know what's going on?
also main https://www.5ch.net/kakolog.html page was working yesterday but now is giving 404...

>> No.44974521

>dedicated browser just for the site itself
I have no idea why this site became popular if its like this

>> No.44974570

>実況 on 2ch/5ch refers to discussing an event or something while it is happening. This has often been frowned upon by 2ch/5ch users, therefore most boards disallow 実況'ing by default. Boards that do allow it, have 実況 in the name or 実況OK/実況可 written in the rules)
I really dont get this either. How could anyone enforce this?

>> No.44974621

this might surprise you, but moderation can enforce rules if they are active enough. Users too can self-moderate the board to a certain point.
As for why these rules, I'd assume it's some autistic obsession with spoiling. Though someone else can come with a better explanation.

>> No.44974701

japanese autism, and a complete refusal to upgrade and enhance their infrastructure. retard tier behaviour

>> No.44974882

Why yes, using what just works instead of upgrading to Discord with phone, selfie, credit card, driver's license, and semen sample verification is, indeed, retarded

>> No.44974901

>trying this hard to make it sound like they have a good infrastructure
holy retard batman.
their websites are broken, incomplete, inaccesible, obscured. denying this is denying an obvious reality.
you could have thought "yeah maybe a 4chan-style webpage would work better, not forcing to use specialized programs and be more flexible" but no, you went to the extreme and assumed the worst.

You're the dumbest gorilla in this part of the internet.

>> No.44974926

nono I mean...where the hell do you draw the line? What is something that is happening and not happening?

>> No.44974947

I don't know what your issue is, I never said the infrastructure wasn't garbage. You don't need a dedicated program to use the website. It's just like with 4chan, it mostly looks and works the way it always did but you can add extra functionality with browsers and extensions if you want to. This is preferable to how western sites compulsively make the design worse and worse every year.

>> No.44975009

Japanese do use discord though. Its just sometimes they step in to their homemarket stuff and it usually is just total crap and I truly wonder if they themselves realize it.

>> No.44975030

Yes but they don't really use Reddit, for instance. I'd much rather use a 20 year old website with 20 year old design than Reddit.

>> No.44975097

it would be one thing if it was just old design and not just broken. The site doesnt have consistent design, it switches from like 3 different eras

>> No.44975114

well, something that is currently happening can't be discussed. Think like this: live broadcasts, ongoing events, daily news, etc.
Once an event is over, then people start mentioning it. Obviously it might be difficult to draw the lines sometimes; however, there are some similar rules even for boards in 4chan like /his/ and /int/, so it doesn't seem like something that hard to define.

>> No.44975156

Are there addons to make these sites tolerable? This shit is miles worse than vanilla 4ch

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I found out, they are transferring data to new servers, and it might not be done until start of next year

>> No.44975294

>and it might not be done until start of next year
peak japanese efficiency

>> No.44975307

How do they work people to death and still pump out garbage software?

>> No.44975331

That's true, my favorite is the classic design.
I think it's kinda soulful how it is one of the most popular websites in Japan yet it has a bunch of legacy shit just scattered about the whole thing.
If only the backend wasn't crap

>> No.44976838

talented programmers are rare and they tend to be independent and undisciplined, the Japanese work culture doesn't work well with this type of programmer

>> No.44983175

a lot of middle managers

>> No.44986003

still, it's extreme incompetence

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File: 625 KB, 600x895, hayami.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.44995816

funny how some boards (even bigger ones) seem to janny in waves, there will be no moderation for a couple of days it seems, then all of the sudden extreme moderation for a day or two, then it repeats.

>> No.44998272

do you guys use imageboards/textboards/bbs other than 4chan?

>> No.44999528

I check on one or two sometimes, but they are very slow.

>> No.44999546

yeah, I post in one and lurk in another
been trying to get into 5ch but it's a bit hard. Wish there were more people posting in the embassy boards

>> No.45003145

Only really check jp ones like 2ch and 5ch at times.
It's not like i'm against the other ones but I don't like the unfocused "make your own board" types.

>> No.45004516

4chan, Finnish imageboards, sometimes try to lurk 5ch but it requires a bit of autism at this point when you are surfing this many boards and cultures.

Sometimes I check Kohlchan. Otherwise I am really out of imageboards that I can reasonably lurk

>> No.45007600

I check kohlchan regularly

>> No.45012941

I want to get into 5ch but it is still kind of intimidating to use

>> No.45016520

Yeah, started posting on one after the whole vtuber shitshow from a few years back.

>> No.45019094

some dumbass was spamming dozens of threads of gay porn on Kohlchan earlier today but they got it all cleaned up now

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>> No.45023948

anyone have any idea how much it would cost for bandwidth to run a site like 4chan per month?

>> No.45025037

with 4chan's usage? thousands

>> No.45028415

The cost of bandwidth adds up, especially if you're serving up images for coomers. Not even kidding -- coomers are insatiable bandwidth hogs.

>> No.45029469

I check in on:

I'm not regular on either of them though.

>> No.45029478

If I had the time, it'd be fun to make an alternative Web front-end for 5ch.

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File: 12 KB, 425x258, http-451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When trying to post on:
I started getting an HTTP 451 error recently.
>Unavailable for Legal Reasons
Does anyone know why?

>> No.45033124

maybe gdpr? maybe thet ban gaijins? idk

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>> No.45035894

あにまん掲示板 https://bbs.animanch.com
おんJ(open2ch) https://hayabusa.open2ch.net/livejupiter/
エッヂ     https://bbs.eddibb.cc/liveedge/


>> No.45035997

Jim Watkins does not seem to be able to hire a technician.


>> No.45036981

I haven't ever heard of these, will check them out

>> No.45041410

I'm on Kissu most of the time.

>> No.45042191

good. I hope that schizo pedophile gets run over by a truck

>> No.45042313

These are interesting. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.45045183

what were all the deleted posts?

>> No.45046472


>> No.45048250

It's just the name given with .moe at the end

>> No.45049678

frens seems like total political garbage

>> No.45049997 [DELETED] 

You seem like a jew.

>> No.45052807

politics are unavoidable

>> No.45056191

thats my get :D

>> No.45057214


>> No.45062065

Thanks, checking it out now, always good to get more boards in one's daily scrolling routine

>> No.45071825

what do they have against gaijin?

>> No.45072058

nothing, they ban foreign IPs because that's where attacks come from
also these boards that were mentioned don't ban gaijin. No idea what's happening

>> No.45075052

ah, makes sense, probably not a lot of hacking and ddossing coming from inside Japan

>> No.45075376

is there no site that indexes every jpnkn board and their activity levels?

>> No.45075389

nanG is in nanO last I checked, that was weeks ago though

>> No.45076023

are there any good Korean language imageboards?

>> No.45080581

I heard 3chan is back up

>> No.45081610

never heard of it before.... back story please?

>> No.45083859


>> No.45084929

I wonder about Korea in general, is Tiktok popular there? Reddit? Insta?

>> No.45089877

the internet is starting to suck more and more

>> No.45090873


>> No.45090971

That's not an imageboard or textboard...

>> No.45093071

wasn't going to click but now I'm curious...

>> No.45098343


>> No.45102274

I wouldn't call it an imageboard, but anonymity is allowed.

>> No.45102292

anon most probably meant to post it in the discussion about the new /sci/ sticky

>> No.45103793

ahh I was wondering what the relevance was

>> No.45110744

i was on alokal a lot until cp began to pop up on the frontpage

>> No.45110863

I think Korea and China and Japan are kind of locked down as far as access to things, that you need a local phone number to sign up, which sucks

>> No.45113835

You can post without creating an account. However, you have to give yourself a name.
A lot of people chose "ㅇㅇ".
It also puts the first two numbers of your IP address next to it.

>> No.45116918


>> No.45121460

but we don't hear as much about what Koreans do. There are at least Japanophile communities in the west that constantly searches and explores the Japanese internet. I wonder if there is the same for Korea, perhaps the kpop crowd does it.

>> No.45123080

how the hell do you figure out the captcha on kohlchan? I try over and over and over again and can never get it right (on my phone)

>> No.45124097

I came across an interesting article on how residential proxies get their IPs. It's a bit shady at times.

>> No.45125988

Interesting broken thread

>> No.45126026

can you run through a vpn AND hook up through a residential proxy?

>> No.45126081

>someone could be spamming CP with your smart TV
What a crazy world.

>> No.45126206

I think it's possible, but I've never tried it myself.

>> No.45131266

can't post at all on img8
Wonder what's up with it

>> No.45134968

feels like this to me on a lot of boards, they would be a lot more active if they made it easier to post

>> No.45139128

what's the issue?

>> No.45139210

can't say for the other anon but it's literally impossible to post on 5ch's img8 right now
not like it ever had a post rate of more than one post every three months

>> No.45139292

try to enter captcha and get error posting: failed to post Status:bypassable

>> No.45142176

and also the damn captcha's are so hard to read properly on the phone and I have a hell of a time getting the right answer even if it wasn't giving me errors

>> No.45143965

referring to Kohlchan

>> No.45151286

seems like most of its servers are down

>> No.45153637

didn't know that
Is it related to the general 5ch outages we were having recently?
don't think they care about the embassy boards but I would be sad if they're gone. I like using a textboard and there's simply no way I'm using 4ch

>> No.45156061

someone said before they were fixing the infrastructure and would be ready by early next year

>> No.45159903

have you guys found a good iPhone app to use for browsing multiple chans?

>> No.45165073

have you ever tried the residential proxy thing? I'm wondering how smooth it is to use for all one's browsing, as vpns are getting more painful to use when so many sites try to block you or think you are a bot

>> No.45169667

What was it?

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File: 184 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20231101-220053_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

by using extremely long names with characters that occupy more than one space after they're encoded together with a tripcode, you could break the native expansion and threads. Quick replies would disappear, the refresh button would disappear, replies would disappear, flags in /int/ could disappear and IDs in /pol/ could change colors. It was fixed early in the morning of the next day.

>> No.45175433

how annoying that must have been

>> No.45175497

I have not.
My desire to shitpoast internationally hasn't been strong enough yet.

>> No.45180044

I just like anonymity as a general principle and like to run through a vpn all the time on my phone, I wish more regular people did what we could to fight back against all the data collectors and evil corps like Google and Microsoft

>> No.45184012

Someone announced 3chan was back sometime ago but didn't provide a link. Well, here it is
3chan co (link with dot gets flagged as spam)

>> No.45184941


>> No.45188501

awesome thanks for the heads up

>> No.45192760 [DELETED] 


>> No.45192765


>> No.45194276

Well? What is it?

>> No.45194450

Password-protected site? What the heck
Anyway, as it is a /bant/ spinoff I wouldn't expect much from it. Few boards are as disappointing as /bant/

>> No.45194573

What's the password?

>> No.45197486

It's hinamizawa
Perhaps the need for a new website was fueled by unsuccess? Take a leap of faith.

>> No.45197663

The most specific imageboard:

>> No.45197702 [DELETED] 


>> No.45197861

Really liked this one. Very specific imageboards are nice, things like 1chan.net
Shame it's so hard to get a user base to niche topics.

>> No.45197868 [DELETED] 

I get an error when I go to www. instead of https://bantculture.com

>> No.45202126

bant sucking could be jannies faults, not necessarily the concept

>> No.45202165

Uraidol is finally back

>> No.45207210

what is it?

>> No.45211577

here I am learning German so I can read Kohlchan better and Russian so I can read 2ch better

>> No.45217299 [DELETED] 

how to get on bantculture site?

>> No.45217333 [DELETED] 


>> No.45219184

any boards with really high quality and active /ai/ generals you can recommend?

>> No.45219195

>high quality
unexistent, 99% of it is just unhinged coomers. There is no room for normal conversation

>> No.45219318

That's not even true on /g/ - but yeah it is coom material is the most obvious carrot for anons.

>> No.45219384

coomers will drive innovation, one needs to be obsessed to really push the technology to new levels

>> No.45221296

Kohlchan has some pretty skilled posters using stable diffusion and giving tips to each other

>> No.45221402

That and gamers
They both want an experience more fulfilling than reality, ultimately

>> No.45227319

lame how you can't even open lots of the boards on ylilauta without buying gold account

>> No.45227733
File: 7 KB, 796x558, 1686689715548589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for your service

>> No.45228289 [DELETED] 

a batallion of russian soldiers raped my sister, im killingmyself in this stream:



>> No.45230517

cool, but I couldn't find a "catalog" function which makes reading a board so much easier, unless I missed something obvious

>> No.45235502

It's at the bottom and is called Orin

>> No.45239676

hmm, thanks!

>> No.45239714 [DELETED] 

why do you fucks keep posting this shit if it's just going to give me an auth page

>> No.45240508

Is there a complete and searchable archive of ancient (early 2000s) 2ch threads?

>> No.45241823

Where did you guys go during 4chan's outage?

>> No.45242687

nowhere, I touched grass. for a very brief moment, I was happy

>> No.45243848

lainchan, 2ch, and kohlchan

>> No.45244751

el gordo conocedor de antros

>> No.45244793
File: 5 KB, 319x70, 1673124549000344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.45244853


>> No.45244938

According to the current metrics about 9,000 dollarydoos a month

>> No.45246250

Closest image to the Unix get

>> No.45246655

Very close
I just scanned all boards on 5ch, and it seems nobody got 1700000000.

>> No.45248308

sorry for the newb question, but what is this?

>> No.45248353

number of seconds since jan 1 1970

>> No.45253887

ah ok, I recall hearing about this before long ago, is it going to be a Y2K thing eventually when it reaches all 9's?

>> No.45253983

Yes. Look up Unix time.

>> No.45257159

not sure if anyone had posted this before

>> No.45257636

when is the unix 999999999999 going to be?

>> No.45257738
File: 280 KB, 1054x646, weeb-lisp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's the comfiest programming board on the Japanese internet?

>> No.45258767
File: 12 KB, 719x135, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.45258786
File: 10 KB, 715x121, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a more interesting last datetime in a Unix context. It's Unix's Y2K problem.

>> No.45259745 [DELETED] 

Want this acquired by that group and then shut down?

>> No.45259751 [DELETED] 


>> No.45264065

that look cool at the least

>> No.45266982

I'm looking for imageboards that have good ai boards, what directory site might be best to give me some to check for? (any language is ok)

>> No.45267070

You can start by looking in this thread and scrolling up.

>> No.45267095


>> No.45267626


>> No.45272376

This got me wondering. Is there a Japanese textboard or imageboard where the posters are mostly female? How do delusional girls do their online stalking?

>> No.45273324

for the most part, girls don't use the internet the same way as guys, I would bet /jp/ has less than 1% female posters

>> No.45279315


>> No.45281101


>> No.45282346

That's what I was looking for. I first went to https://girls-ch.jp/ and that wasn't it.

>> No.45289721


>> No.45293430

internet needs more

>> No.45294261

This one has potential if it could get more users.

>> No.45298076

3chan is offline again
Sucks, I really like the old imageboard screenshots thread.

>> No.45301454


>> No.45301668 [DELETED] 

this one has potential and users.

>> No.45302230

I went in with a positive attitude but honestly I am having difficulty fapping to that

>> No.45305197

how much ad revenue does it bring in per month?

>> No.45308208

some boards get better and worse as the day goes by depending on janny population at any given hour

>> No.45308294

well known phenomenon I'd say
but the exact time this happens is different from board to board

>> No.45311015 [DELETED] 

https:/bantculture.com is pretty good

>> No.45311554

there are a bunch of nico nico douga and 2channel related posts on 22chan although not posted in regularly

>> No.45312121

Is there actually anything worth seeing in

>> No.45315130

too many moderators are always a recipe for ruining the pot

>> No.45318595

while I will admit it is better than what I initially expected, please stop reposting it

>> No.45323435

they don't, they just use Line and message each other

>> No.45326617 [DELETED] 


>> No.45331758

kohlchan every day anyways

>> No.45332750
File: 185 KB, 541x585, 1691124097059467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's just too freakin popular. Call it breaking out of the hood.

>> No.45332892

and sushigirl

>> No.45334668

can't bring myself to like heyuri

>> No.45336032

what is it about?

>> No.45337014

loli hentai

>> No.45340775

just one topic for the whole board? guess that is one way to do things

>> No.45341027

Teenagers and young adults pretending they're on the 2000's internet.

>> No.45341274
File: 1.26 MB, 1355x1807, Heyurizine_NOV_2023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just visit for yourself, you'll either love or hate it. It has an emphasis on old internet and OC creation.

>> No.45341414

Mondo uncool, janjan

>> No.45341864

that sounds promising then, 2000s internet was better

>> No.45341993

You cannot emulate the 2000's internet without other sites doing the same.

>> No.45344290

not to mention all the people that are on the internet now that suck compared to the demographics of who was on the internet back then, before iphones, etc

>> No.45350105

damn, i thought 22chan was dead. glad to see it's back.

>> No.45351579
File: 230 KB, 368x720, 1701023507097235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maplestory just had a big scandal, apparently some of their animators were sneaking Megalia references into promo material. Pic related.
Anyone who speaks worst Korea know what they're saying about it?

>> No.45357708


>> No.45358997
File: 44 KB, 334x296, Logo_of_South_Korean_feminist_website_Megalia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Korean radfem movement. The hand gesture signifies smol pp.

>> No.45359019

i feel like they are just making a big deal of a relatively common hand gesture that could be drawn by accident

>> No.45368041

how slow is too slow for an imageboard?
feel like there's a point where an imageboard is so slow that it discourages people from posting

>> No.45370035

arca.live is close enough to one

>> No.45370424

Another bernd posting on the jay pee? Nice

>> No.45371921

I often take a look at /int/'s djt and find some guys asking where the 日本語 thread went and then they complain about some faggot's 荒らし(flaming) or whatever and jannies doing nothing

>> No.45371941
File: 2.60 MB, 1552x7337, cult_of_megalia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you have no idea how batshit insane megalians are. it's a deep rabbit hole; way deeper than your anus.

>> No.45371950

He's wrong. It's because of Germany's magnum opus VN.
>which one
lurk moar

>> No.45373019

honestly it just seems like they are overreacting to a common hand position. like is there even any benefit to hiding sekret cult references into random stuff?
feels similar to crazy christians claiming everyday symbols are actually satanic symbols.

>> No.45373157

educate yourself. megalians are batshit insane. >>45371941

>> No.45373506

I think the cult stuff is probably overblown, and Megalian ceased to be a coherent entity years ago, but it definitely seems like there was a deliberate effort to sneak pinches into a lot of the promo material. Less "esoteric scheme by sinister cultists" and more "crazy korean women doing a little trolling" imo.
You can find a lot more examples of the pinch hand in a lot of shit, google around or check /v/ archives. Korea really does have a legitimate gender war.

>> No.45373605

woah ok, interesting to know

>> No.45373609

Just one Japanese guy keeps acting out as if he's arguing with several others.

>> No.45374118

if you really want to browse them (they are just porn), then make a thread about needing a gold account and you will get one. They are abundant and gifting gold accounts is common, they even introduced 10% tax on it (1 day of gold gets reduced by 10% when gifted) because some people have infinite gold accounts from previous events.

Getting free gold accounts is easy and thats the only reason why people arent aping out. You also get them the more you post.

Ylilauta also now has paid pinning, costs a shit ton (24h is 400€).

>> No.45382018

Can't understand what is the point of gold accounts if some people have infinite copies of it

>> No.45382934

I think it's kinda cool. Fosters a sense of community, and allows people who want to support the site to do so.

>> No.45383458

>Ylilauta also now has paid pinning,
what is that? you mean your thread gets pinned to the top for a whole day?

>> No.45383714
File: 369 KB, 1440x2596, Screenshot_2023-11-30-09-13-19-74_3aea4af51f236e4932235fdada7d1643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the site used to have platinum accounts, infinite gold. This was removed and those who had bought platinum got lifetime amount of gold days. Then there are power users who get rewards by posting a lot.

the site admin before he closed his another board site northpole.fi, told to either make account or change their account name to similar one as in ylilauta. Those who did, got gold until 2025, as a tribute to keeping old board culture alive. The site admins job contract with ylilauta ends that year as well so it had a symbolic meaning as well, "these good lads deserve gold so they dont need to suffer from the stupid changes yet to come".

This also probably lead to them introducing the 10% tax, since people just had too much of them for free.
picrel, 24 h of a pin is 2160 gold days. Gold cost 69€ a year or 6.9€ a month.

So you can pin your thread to the top. The prices are high though and plenty of people just filter the pin by default.

>> No.45383792

This is like the "white power" thing all over again. Come on.

>> No.45388040

start looking for new OP pic for next thread

>> No.45388062
File: 469 KB, 1033x1037, 5ch_uplift.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got one, from uplift.5ch.net

>> No.45389383


>> No.45391796

I do wonder where the NEETS are at now. I always like reading or seeing pictures of them in Japan. Like that image of the house in the middle of the forest that looked that was filled with neets and was completely trashed.

>> No.45397154

I thought that Neets by definition don't live together

>> No.45398657

No, that isn't a requirement. NEET just means you don't work or do education, you can have roommates. It's not common though.

>> No.45401565

maybe I'm thinking more specifically about Hikkikomori

>> No.45403535

Why are the porn threads in bbspink so uninteresting?
We have more lust inducing images even in our blue boards

>> No.45406927

I often wonder about this in other imageboards, some of them might have great random or int boards, but their actual s or gif type boards are kind of boring and inactive

>> No.45409673