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So, which Touhou would you like to confess to you and which one to NOT confess to you, and why?

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So how do you confess to an image.

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Gensokyo exists, fuck you ;_;

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Better question, how does an image confess to you?

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Yukari and Yukari, for obvious reasons.

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Get out.

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Back to /a/

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Tenshi's hat.
Nitori as it would involve a head popping out of my toilet and thats not cool man.

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Kurenai Misuzu!

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back to shrinemaiden please

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Get out.

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Or else you'll piss on him.

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Back to pooshlmer.

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I could piss on you instead.

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I.. really don't know.

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all the other ones

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If one confessed to Rumia and she only replied by saying "Is that so~?", would that be a yes or a no?

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depends on whether or not you like the confusedmoé

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My lovely little moon bunny.

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depends on whether she follows it up by killing and eating you

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It's like I'm really on Shrinemaiden!

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Yuka, i hate my life

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>ZUN signature

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"Hold onto me
And let me feel you in my arms
Touch me and slowly steal my breath away
Then tell me things that no one would say

And I wanna feel your heart
Here every night
And I long to hear your voice
Saying it's alright"

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Flan, I know you in real life, although I 'm secretly in love with you. Drawing/playing jojo bizzare adv ps2 and toho, going out to animecons. and even christmass <33..
you will be mine at the second animecon!.
and you're so cute when you play on my iphone and if you do the *fangirl scream* thing, so CUTE !!

just want to know you this. greets, anony

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Suwako, frogs is my fetish

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Shou because she is trustworthy, wellrounded and I like shorthaired girls.

Medicine or anyone with a deathwish on Humanity because I intend to live.

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Hello, my name is Suika and I'm an alcoholic.

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I forgot to add my dislike; fucking ... any of the bitchy and/or ojou-sama touhoes. Condescend me once and I'll let it slide, do that shit twice and you're crusing for a bruising.

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New here. What's up with the miles and toilet humor stuff?

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he always seems to be pissed off for some reason

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She is still #1.

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Nitori, because she has three anuses.

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hurr durr i am clever

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Like to: Reisen (Mai waifu etc)

Not: Koishi (FFFFFFF)

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I'd be too afraid to confess. Even if they accepted it, considering the power difference they'd probably break my spine trying to give me a hug.

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>which Touhou would you like to confess to you

>which one to NOT confess to you
Uh... Rinnosuke?

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Still worth it. It would be the only hug I'd ever receive from a girl who isn't related to me.