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So I finally got around to UFO.

It's shit..but dat tongue.

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The new best Touhou.

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I couldn't stand UFO, after losing too many lives trying to catch those damned... UFOs.

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Which tongue?

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I can get to level five on normal every time no problem. But then LOL CURVING LASERS. Fucking fuck that is like the hardest projectile to dodge in the entire series.

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Yea..ut it didn't get to be too bad until level 4.

Still not as hard as SA.

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I played UFO for the first time a couple nights ago.

I can 1cc SA on normal, but FUCK those curved lasers. Stage 5 stopped me like a wall.

And how on earth did ZUN let the screen get so difficult to read, with absurd amounts of items?

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I havent gotten passed stage 5 yet, but stage 2 is the only one with BGM that I like.

Worst Touhou from a music standpoint.

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I have problems in stage 3 with those damn cloud arms

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Yeah, not digging the music for UFO.

...which is so strange, 'cause SA might be my favorite OST.

Also, the UFO mechanic is ... strange. It's not *bad*, and it's nice to have a metagame with medium-term goals while playing the game and its short-term goal of surviving, but... It's just not enjoyable like dodging danmaku.

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>And how on earth did ZUN let the screen get so difficult to read, with absurd amounts of items?
This, in UFO, I die far too often in situations where I try to grab and item, and then notice, oh!, that's a fucking bullet I'm grabbing.

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Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about that cloud arm boss...

I really dislike that her familiar is male.

...but, I *like* heavily themed danmaku, Utsuho being a prime example.

Murasa's anchor attacks feel so half-assed, though. Blah.

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Murasa's ghost form can eat a wall of dicks.

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Also, Marisa-A's glowy options are positioned in front of the character, and interfere with reading certain bullets that are immediately on top of them. WTF.

Touhou 13 had better be better! >_<

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I spent an hour trying to get past stage 4. When I finally thought I got past it (with no lives or bombs left), the sailor bitch resurrects and then kills me.

Fuck this shit. This is why I dont play the games.

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Her ghost form GOT me!

I used my last Master Spark, somewhat needlessly, on what I *thought* was Murasa's last spellcard. But then it turns out she had one final attack with just a sliver of health.

...that was actually a pretty awesome scenario ZUN designed, right there. Not especially into the bullet pattern itself, though.

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That's pretty funny how we described the exact same thing, but had completely opposite reactions to it.

I like being surprised by little twists like that.

I couldn't believe how cool I thought it was when I realized I started getting Last Word attacks in Imperishable Night, when I played the level well enough.

When I finally got Mokou's Last Word... *danmakugasm*

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>Your search - danmakugasm - did not match any documents.

You heard it here first.

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Did the guy who did Eva's character designs also do the character designs in the Lunar games? They look similar.

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I wonder... I'm guessing not, but I can see that, especially in that image I posted.

Rei, Luna... My two favorite blue-haired 2d girls.

(Ruri a close 3rd)

I seriously love that trope.

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No, you suck at identifying shit.

Alternatively, it's just a "90's" style; I've seen a few other artists that look real similar.

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That image vaguely fits recent topics in this thread.

I'm off to bed. Goodnight, /jp/.

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fapping like the first of the north star

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Pull it like a weed.

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ITT: secondary whiners.
Murasa's survival is easy if you move properly.
Shou is a bitch but if you look closely where she is about to shoot those curvy fuckers then you have plenty of time to dodge. And from her spells the only hard one is SPINNAN LAZORZ. Rest are easy to read patterns.
Stage 5 is not that bad, you just have to stick to the bottom when the clusterfuck starts and focus on bullets- not on ufos/ items.

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>that is like the hardest projectile to dodge in the entire series.
Mystic Square's MS Paint circles disagree

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Honestly, I would be very surprised if I was in that position.

I'd probably also kill myself, after discovering that I received fellatio from an umbrella.

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there are worse things.

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Hahaha, oh wow.

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It's not like it's any better than getting a handjob from your own hand.

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