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ITT: we talk about Hana's painful experiences until Writefag comes back and saves us from writing fanfics about a fanfic about a fanfic

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The life of Hana Hakurei!
>The world is made in a terrible way
>“Hana Hakurei is the daughter of Reimu Hakurei and her husband, Anon. As the future protector of Gensokyo, Hana was never going to have a normal life, but it was worse than it should have been.”
Below follows the entire story of Reimu and Anon's daughter:
>>/jp/thread/43744518#p43776208 | thread 1
>>/jp/thread/43824450#p43854608 | thread 2
>>/jp/thread/44478667#p44487729 | thread 3

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One day Hana will finally learn about the shit Reimu has to put up with up. Then she'll understand why Reimu has to keep Anon home.

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we need more Reimu's angles in Hana's story, would certainly make things more hurtful
>Baby's first TRUE fight against a Youkai

Instead of a slow and drawn-out investigation like what Hana has been dealing with until now, such as devious squirrels or a lost man in a ditch, it's a sudden and out-of-the-blue call to action.

Desperate villagers run up to Hana, imploring for help. She barely has time to prepare, the villagers saying a Youkai has just killed a man.

Hana rushes to confront the Youkai, and is met with a scene of horror. Not only the single reported man but he and his family were slaughtered inside their own house. The villagers didn't stay close to test their luck, so she went into the situation with barely any info about the enemy.

Their house is smeared with blood everywhere, furniture destroyed and scattered, a general feeling of dread heaving the air; at the center of the living room, devouring the cadavers while singing a lullaby, what seems to be a blonde little girl.

She turns with the noise of the creaking door, munching on a femur. They make eye contact for three long moments before the girl gulps down the meat and smiles, teeth like those of sharks and red eyes.

"Hi--" Hana doesn't give the girl time to talk, so jumpy with the sudden show of violence, she immediately throws her ofudas. Rumia dodges with ease, dropping the femur. Her clothes and mouth are stained with red, "That's not cool! I was eating that!"

Perhaps noting that attacking the youkai with no plan is a bad idea, Hana remembers bitterly her Mother's training and decides to buy herself time by talking;

"Why did you kill those people?"

"It's that time of the year for Rumia!"

What the...?

"Rumia gets SOOOO hungry this time of the year! She feels like eating a horse, but a horse wouldn't satisfy Rumia -- she already tried that!" She laughs for some reason. Hana's cold sweating, the gohei almost slipping from her grasp. "Well, can I get back to my food?"

"Y-You can't do that," she stuttered.

"But Rumia needs to, she's SOOOOOOOO hungry! She can't sleep being so hungry! That's the deal."

... Deal?

Feeling the conversation has just reached a brick wall, Hana readies herself, heart beating at the top of her throat; "You'll pay for the lives you have taken..."

Rumia stares for long seconds, but a grin surges in her mouth.

"There was nothing in the deal about people trying to kill Rumia, so this just means a fifth meal! Yay~!"

Suddenly, the air was hefty with unbelievable pressure, dark sigils circling her and what seemed a lot like mud, but dark as void, dripping from Rumia. Her eyes shone red in the darkness and highlighted a hungry smile, but also something Hana had never felt before but would later recognize as a simple yet effective thing: killing intention.

Rumia was the first person she ever met who had actual intentions of ending her life. Hana froze.

Rumia didn't.

There was no staring, no moment of awaiting who'd act first...

Within one moment, Rumia was right at her face, the Spellcard Rules forgotten because she didn't see Hana as an opponent but rather as food.

Then, a gohei slaps Rumia on the face with such force it breaks the air barrier and sends the Darkness Youkai to the other side of the house at crashing speeds, the small frame of the youkai destroying the walls and hitting the treeline two hundred meters away with enough force to lift a cloud of smoke and debris. Hana stared at it all, completely bewildered, just now noticing how hard she gripped her gohei and how fast her heart beat.

She looked to her side, to Mother, and it was like she was 10 again.

"... That's Rumia, the Youkai of Darkness," Reimu said, cleaning the black blood from her gohei with a swing. "Every year or so, she gets to eat four humans. Otherwise, that seal on her hair, the red and white ribbon, breaks, and then she becomes a true problem for Gensokyo and the Outside World. No, we cannot kill her. I had to discover that alone..." Reimu stares at Hana from the corner of her eye, judgmental, but something clicks, and they soften. It looks like nostalgia. "Never forget what balance is to a Hakurei Miko; it's not killing all youkai you see or defending every human..." the feeling lasts only a moment before she points the gohei to the half-eaten family of four. "That's her quota. Keep track of it from now on, Hana: Rumia is not the only one."

Reimu then walks off to talk with the youkai, all while Hana stays there, tense like a rod, eyes wide and unsure of how to feel.

A single thought crosses Hana's mind as she sees her Mother and the Youkai of Darkness talking, Rumia's sulking, and Reimu looking like this situation is just another angle of her job for her to take care of: "That look on her face... She has been in my place before. I wonder if she got the same help I just did."

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I can't believe Hana is 20 now

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Wtf is this real??

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she's a big girl now

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Not for the first time in her life she marveled at her father's dexterity and knowledge in trauma care as he cleaned, stopped the bleeding, disinfected, treated with a salve that stopped the pain, and wrapped her hand with a wadding of bandages. Not for the first time in her life she was saddened as to the reason of why he was so good at it, and he seemed to have gotten better.

As he finished wrapping it and returning the supplies to its rightful place her eyes couldn't help but wonder to his body. The robe was not concealing in the slightest as the delicate band did nothing to stop too small red silk from opening at times allowing for an eyeful.

From the times she saw her father without a shirt on in happier days she noted that there seemed to be a few more scars on his torso. As anon came back Hana noticed a complicated expression on his face as he rejoined his daughter on the edge of the futon.

He was so close, she remembered the taste, the smell, the heat... the robe itself seemed to tease her as it parted ever so slightly and her gaze locked on his crotch. She shifted her legs over themselves in a slow rhythm as if unable to find a place to comfortably rest them. She could feel her face flush, if she wanted to experience that again; to be the one to so greedily devour the love that was stolen from her... well, it was right there for the taking...

Suddenly the robed body that was her world closed as Anon's hands held the robe shut. Hana's world returned to normal as she felt that familiar heat build in the back of her head. She denied in her conscious mind what her train of thought was and how... close she'd been, but she just couldn't forget the sights and sounds so recently seen.

As Anon grabbed one of the silken cushions he covered himself as Hana uttered out an excused, "I-I uhh, it's just that... I wasn-" Like a guilty child caught red handed she couldn't even form an excuse and was cut off by Anon, "Its okay... it's not you! It's that damn incense she pumps into the air all the time!"

He placed a hand under chin and lifted it while putting the other on her shoulder, forcing her mortified and blushing face to look at his like he did when tried lifting her spirits as a child, "Hana, I know its not your fault. We can fight it together, I know it feels weird but you have to push through it, okay!?"

Hana nodded, she stared into the face of the man that had raised her as he desperately spoke reassurances. She felt like putty in his hands, like she could just melt onto him. She wanted it, badly, but she held back from letting her hands wonder. Anon spoke up, "Just sit here! I-i'll get changed and... I'll put on some tea!" He retreated from her to behind a standing three part divider alokg the far wall where she heard clothes rustling.

She was so close... the sweet air was filling her head with obscene thoughts that the last vestiges of her sane mind fought desperately against. Like an addict an idea formed in her mind and she her voice call out before she could curtail the thought, "Father... I can make us the tea... I-is there a kitchen here?"

The rustling stopped for a moment as she heard back, "Yes, behind that sliding door on the north wall. Just... keep your mind focused on something. Its what I had to do before I got used to it..." As if floating Hana got up and skirted the raised futon, she walked past a finely crafted round table with four cushions on each side and a small basket of oranges in the center till she reached some vaguely familiar sliding doors.

She opened them easily and was greeted by a familiar looking kitchen, she seemed to know exactly where the tea pot and leaves were. As she filled the pot with water she made the realization, the kitchen, the table, the placement of items, even the leaves... they were all a replica of the shrine!

Hana felt a bit queasy at that realization, but like a forgone addict who can see their own faults she couldn't stop... Hana lit the stove quickly trying to ignore the familiarity, that was when something stuck out to her; there was one singular aspect that wasn't a part of the kitchen she knew, a small cupboard hanging above the counter where you'd prep food.

She was going to ignore it as she heated the water, until she heard a small knock from the inside. As if guided by the same heat she opened the drawer, only to see it arrayed with bottles and jars of all sorts. All labeled various names and filled with liquids, herbs, mushrooms, and other substances that felt that she was looking more at Marisa's alchemy rack rather than a kitchen.

One bottle caught her attention as it lay on its side, a small ornate bottle filled with a clear liquid. As if guided she took the bottle, that was when she saw the label on it, it was an aphrodisiac...

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>Otherwise, that seal on her hair, the red and white ribbon, breaks, and then she becomes a true problem for Gensokyo and the Outside World.
I love how all discussion of Rumia's true nature winds up at her being way more of a threat than is every shown in canon.

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>that last paragraph
oh nonono Hana what the fuck are you doing

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>until she heard a small knock from the inside
Thanks yukari.

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Yukari dindu nuffin

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fuck off Chen

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Mad cause bad

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For you.

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I like to imagine that since the HSE is supplied with medicine from Eientei, Anon gets both the necessary stuff to heal his wounds and meds for his "job". Stamina enhancers to stay hard, energy supplements to keep him active and pills to (temporarily) decrease his sperm count. Can't have any accidents happening on duty. And then Hana finds the pill bottle, half-empty. Eientei ships monthly so of course the bottle wouldn't be full.
Then, behind that bottle, is one that looks about full. It looks about the same, but this one looks like it was printed wrong. It says it "in"creases instead of "de"creases. Then Hana notices the seal's already been broken. That's strange, since Eientei is known for packaging everything carefully.
But the weirdest part is that when Hana counts out the pills in the bottle, there are 29 instead of 30. It's not a leap year. It's not even February. Nobody would want an accident to happen on purpose...

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Anon's Eintei meds list follows below:
>Substance D
>stamina enhancers
>energy supplements
>fertility pills (for both purposes)
he's not surviving a week
also, make your bets: who used the precious fertility increaser?

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not this guy, but continuing from his prompt
Marisa, no fucking doubt about it
I know I shouldn't. I know... Yet, there's this nagging feeling in the back of my head that won't shut up. Since the first time I've come here and done the deed with Anon, the feeling won't go away. It's an old desire, thought before buried, but bitterly, the passing days have shown me that the desire wasn't dead, simply dormant.

This desire was born the day Reimu came to me, almost two decades ago, and announced her pregnancy.

It started as a tiny flame, but the fuel was plentiful. Reimu would come again and again, and we'd talk about baby names; we'd shop or knit clothes together with Alice, and I'd hold Reimu in my arms when the hormones of the pregnancy just made her that vulnerable. It grew and grew, and I did everything in my power to conceal it.

Times have changed, and this sickening situation has unfolded with a show of madness and disgrace. Yet, it's also a chance.

A chance to finally shut up the feeling. To finally have something I can proudly declare it's mine; something I have not stolen; because what am I if not a thief? I'm known from plundering the Voile; rumors said I'd steal my best friend's -- at the time --, husband; that I stole Shrine Maiden's apprentice, too, as the youkai have been whispering. Even the Master Spark is a stolen technique...

But this little pill in front of me would change that.

Anon asked for me to pick up the fertility decreaser for him and a morning-after pill for myself and, by pure accident, I found the fertility increaser. The name is self-explanatory: if Anon takes this...

... But would I do this? I can't do a thing to free him from Yukari, and his situation is so, so terrible already; what would Anon think when he finally gets released from this sickening place and Yukari is put on trial, and I just come to him with the news? He wouldn't get mad, right? Accidents happen, and no one would notice a missing pill... Would he accept it? Would he take care of them -- them?! T-twins... -- with me? Would he love them? Hana would like to have little siblings?

And Reimu, what would she think of that...?

There was dark satisfaction in the thought I would, for the first time in my life, best Reimu in something that truly matters because unlike her, I'd love Anon, Hana, and my... My children.

My hands began trembling with the disturbing thought; my breath shallows, eyes widened.


I jumped, the spell broken. I didn't understand my moves, I just did them, Anon's voice coming from behind: picked up the fertility pill and hid it in my apron, faking as if I was putting the fertility decreaser bottle back in its place. I felt cold sweat throughout my entire body, dripping and accumulating on my torso.

"I-It's okay, I was just daydreaming about a potion I left cooking back at home!"

"Marisa! That's a bad habit of yours. If one thing goes wrong, and you're not there to fix or make damage control, that's your entire house full of powerful reagents on stake--"

"Geez, Dad, don't need the lecture, ze!" I said, red as beet. Anon huffed with a small giggle and a shake of his head. "I-Is the tea done?"

"Almost, I was just checking on you--"

"I'll finish it! You can go ahead and rest!" Anon looked at me, a bit weirded out by how quick and demanding the sentences were, so I had to think fast to keep appearances up. "You're tired, right? Fuck, 'course you are! This place drains you every day... uh, pun not intended... ze."

Anon laughed again, patting my head. I blushed.

"It's okay, dork. Well, I'll take the chance to lay down a bit; thanks for thinking about me, Marisa. It's a rare thing these days." And, quiet but with a smile of a thousand words, Anon headed back to the main room.

I approached the boiling water in silence, eyes wide and dark expression the entire time as I poured two cups of tea for the both of us, fishing slowly the pill from my apron.

I thought about Anon's words.

I thought about all the times he came to my house, he and Hana, and how many times I nurtured her in my arms, such a small thing, and patched Anon up.

I thought about all the times I cursed Reimu's name, our tries to get back her true self...

I thought about the shame, the plunders...

... I thought about my empty, dark home, nothing but spiders and cockroaches awaiting my return.

I thought about a happy family of four: A happy husband to take care of his happy wife who's always getting herself in danger, but, even so, he supports her experiments and magic because he knows those are her passions; two little things to teach and nurture and a rock in a happy teen, always ready to take care of her precious, true family...

I opened the pill and poured its contents into Anon's tea.

I felt shame. I felt free.

And I felt like, for the first, I have a future to look forward to.

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Marisa doesn't have a biological clock, she has a klaxon

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Maybe Reimu was right to distrust Marisa.

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you simply don't trust magicians, man. They're all evil and liars.

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It's not like Anon is suffering enough. Abused and treated like a sex object daily, and this witch thinks she can steal his bloodline? It's good she can make up a convincing lie because if Hana found out....

>> No.44821236

we all know that the wrongness of the situation will get Hana so horny that she'll use the pills too

>> No.44821271

I wonder how many bastard Half-Youkai children he has now?
I don't doubt that a couple Tengu woman took those fertility pills.

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>her upbringing and this messed situation joined together and developed into a kink for sin
I can't man...

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at least Marisa can say her children were born from somewhat consensual sex
it doesn't get better than that in Gensokyo

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I can, man.

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I hope this doesn't influence writeanon...

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I'm sure that once the HSE plot reaches its logical extreme interest in it will peter out and the story will continue with Hana waking up from her racism-affirming bar nightmare instead of this racism-affirming wet nightmare.
I don't want to be responsible for ruining this story I just thought the Yukarape would be funny.

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Well, this is all spinoff fun until writeanon stops fucking femboys in Thailand and returns, it shouldn't affect his main plotline... At least I hope it won't

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I don't think that's going to be a problem. He seems to have an idea on where he's going with it, a plot if you will; which is something half the writefags here have trouble grasping. I just want to see who wins the Anonbowl. I'm rooting for Kanako. Even if she doesn't win she deserves to be happy and find a man.

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>winning the Anonbowl
considering the story is much more Hana-focused, it has a great chance of aligning with someone close to her, as her Dad's new lover will be a constant in her life, so:
>Marisa is the most prominent. She's already Hana's teacher; was there for Anon's whole life and is a great and close friend, and it'd be the biggest source of drama
>Sanae follows close, would be a nice contrast with Hana being a Hakurei and linked to another shrine, and there's a lot of drama potential there
> if writeanon REALLY wants Hana to suffer, then Reimu and Anon will get back together
man, I'm excited for the rest of the main plot

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All great options, but what about Hana herself?

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File: 168 KB, 850x1082, __kochiya_sanae_moriya_suwako_yasaka_kanako_and_pyonta_touhou_drawn_by_kaliningradg__sample-1afb838e88586e5d8ee4dd4cfb3852ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you're right and I agree, Kanako for the victory here!
>tfw you almost typed 'you're write'

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Not sure if that is the direction the writefag is going here, but at original thread that the story appeared, the prompt that give him the idea had this goal in mind. Most of people here forgot because he paused the story for a really long time but i 'mber.

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it's true
the game was rigged from the start

>> No.44822863

Though honestly i really cant see how from this point the story can take this turn so i do not take he is taking it at this direction unless there is a massive happening or time skip. And i do not think anyone here would be mad if it did not had this end.

>> No.44822887

You know what, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and say that Hana is going to get a new mom. We saw a little bit of that when she came back home and half expected Anon and Marisa to be boinking. And she doesn't mind that other women are gunning for him either.
>Well, that solved one of the major problems. I knew nothing about love and romance, but I knew a middle aged man with a daughter and a history of abuse isn’t what you would consider a “catch”
>But the people of the village opening up to Dad was just what I needed. “Just tell them that it’s safe to get close to him, don’t encourage the others"

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I think it's for the best it appears to have been dropped. It's a funny meme, but when the story is actually being written from the POV of a character and not Anon, empathy grows and you end up wanting to see her succeeding and having a somewhat nice and trauma-free life after going through such trials: Hana ending up dating her dad would drop the ball harder than Usagi Drop. Rooting that writeanon has something more meaningful in store for Hana.

>> No.44822932

agreed that the real story shouldn't go like that, but since we're all fucking around waiting for OP to emerge from his coke-fuelled thailand binge vacation anyway, I don't see much harm in getting all of the weird incest fantasies out of the thread's system now

>> No.44822938

I'm rooting for Hana to suffer more and become her mother until she winds up raping her father. Ultimately becoming everything she hates.

I was actually the one to spitball the idea in the image though so I'm biased. That said I'm fine with anything, while I root for Hana I also love seeing where this would go organically and if writefriend makes it all come up Hana I'd love to see how he's gonna shake it up enough to make it happen

>> No.44822955

I agree, but i still want that part where she attacks reimu.

>> No.44822988
File: 162 KB, 850x1074, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_shangurira__sample-707baf0dc24b0110c77c423982daa6dc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that'd be cathartic as hell
and maybe Reimu's awakening to truly becoming a better person? No one really stood up to her in a meaningful way, Hana trashing her could at least be a starting point. Or not. Cathartic anyway.

>> No.44822994

>Anon himself
Has there been other OCs like that before that i missed?

>> No.44823001

I'd think we're a long way off Hana being able to put up any sort of real fight against Reimu. Even though she's looking to be pretty talented at danmaku, Reimu has years upon years of experience and bullshit powers that are hard to counter
even getting the element of surprise seems like it'd be a hard task

>> No.44823017

I could see it going either way: Hana's a very angry girl and distrustful of some people around her. She has the potential to go down her mother's path (I think that's the point), which could make her very jealous and possessive of Anon. It could also be a more noble affection: Anon is sad and lonely so Hana takes it upon herself to comfort him. Being Reimu's husband scares everyone but Hana, giving her mission only one conclusion. I also think if anyone is gonna duel Reimu for Anon's hand, it'll be Hana.
I also like the idea of Hana getting a new mom. Marisa the fun aunt and Sanae the Moriya homewrecker are interesting choices. Anon would also go for someone NBR before Hana because he'd likely think about how getting into a relationship would affect her.
My personal pick for Anonbowl is Kanako. I want her and Anon to be happy together because it would be cute. Then, Hana could visit for miko training with Sanae and friendly fivesomes.

>> No.44823034

Maybe have her beat Hana until the blink of death then realize how terrible all of this is and have a change of heart.

>> No.44823046
File: 234 KB, 276x525, reimuandbaby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not in a real fight, but those 'slap across the face' kinds of fights? More of a statement and would end the beating around the bush Hana has set herself up saying they'll return eventually. Kinda like in Invincible with Omniman Mark

>> No.44823071
File: 381 KB, 1536x1549, __hakurei_reimu_komeiji_satori_and_rick_astley_touhou_drawn_by_permanaarl__cda1eab513f6e37f84781f1fb71fac9f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even getting the element of surprise seems like it'd be a hard task
Near impossible, one of her bullshit powers is exactly that: being able to detect those around her.
No currently involved character can easily counter her, especially a powered up version thats had even more experience than where we see her in the prints and games. Its easy to forget that she's one of the most powerful characters on the surface world by necessity before we even get to her reality haxxing powers. There's a reason that in the og story the only way Anon could get a happy ending was with the inclusion of others to reign her in.

The only current winning strat for Hana is to align her father with someone powerful enough to keep Reimu at bay AND resist Yukari's machinations. That's a very limited pool.

>> No.44823085

Even in the OG story he won with psychological damage, by nearly killing himself and before that dissappearing for day while she was thinking she killed him. Something of simillar proportions should happen here.

>> No.44823105

I don't think that'll be enough. Something has to threaten Reimu with taking Hana away forever. The first story had Anon put a knife in Reimu's hand, attempt suicide and get NTR'd in the woods, which barely did it. I don't think Hana should turn her skin red-white forever, but I think the only thing that'll possibly cause Reimu to reform is something Reimu can't stop. Reimu can hold back from murdering Hana. Hana is stronger than Anon (superior Hakurei genes) and Reimu had at least 17 years of practice on him. It has to be something Reimu has to change her behavior to stop.

>> No.44823120

I honestly cant think of anything aside repeating the original's and having Anon nearly die again. Its not like the spirit of christimas can appear to her and convice her to be good with her family or something.

>> No.44823137
File: 432 KB, 1120x1500, __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_huyusilver__dcb16bd0ad894d06d1beedee45f2d792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah the whole characterization of Hana so far is that she's desperately trying to resist the shadow of her mother and the seeming genetic influences. Hana has a lot anxieties about it and has to deal with the behaviors thats been ingrained into her from her early childhood by watching her mother.

Then you have Yukari exploiting those anxieties which is setting her even more on edge and while I hope she can overcome I can tell writefriend is going to go the 'darkest before the dawn' in keeping up the theme of the og work.

Personally I love it and want to see things go bad because I'm a terrible person. That said I'm rooting for Hana to get a good mother in Marisa as they have the best relationship together. Kanako is a supremely good choice though and I'd love seeing queen dork pull a dark horse ending. Do you think Kanako will consider him a communal husband for Sanae and Suwako? I'm enough of a perverted to say yes.

Though having a meme Yukari ending could be fun too...

>> No.44823138
File: 485 KB, 850x1200, reimurain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hana's spell card probably will reflect that. Something Reimu cannot stop and, by definition, would stray her and Hana even more apart. Reimu can 'float' above reality, so Hana could do something like setting a boundary? A boundary that'd separate her mother floating above reality and reality itself, and Hana would threaten to leave Reimu there forever or something if she doesn't change. For how long would Reimu remain sane in an empty space like Nowhere from SpongeBob, alone with only her shame and regrets to keep her company?
>schizotheories time

>> No.44823152

>Its not like the spirit of christimas can appear to her and convice her to be good with her family or something.
You see Santa COULD save the day. Its fully within in his power as he could 1v1 the dragon God blindfolded if he wished

>> No.44823164

One thing is beating someone other thing is convicing them to be a good person.

>> No.44823170

I dislike this idea because her doing it to avoid punishment does not feels right, it should be something that really makes her regret her life choices.

>> No.44823177

The full weight of her sins should weigh down on her soul like a brick of lead.
Reimu has been a complete piece of shit and deserves to realise what a monster she has become.

>> No.44823190
File: 394 KB, 1118x2048, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_shangurira__9dca890a42e41983e6146924ac457a8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Christmas magic my friend
The crystallized goodwill of humanity trumps Hakurei autism any day, a good beat down by the true red and white trying to deliver Hana her overdue presents wouldn't hurt either

>> No.44823193
File: 440 KB, 800x700, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_kochiya_sanae_and_mima_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_hanjuku_tomato__28ba3e37f95ea67f86c03030e3873ec5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe not the spirit of Christmas, but another spirit can. One just as old, one every citizen of Gensokyo can feel in their bones...
A VENGEFUL spirit!

>> No.44823195

>Reimu has been a complete piece of shit and deserves to realise what a monster she has become
The worst part is that in the og story she did realize it and eventually gave in, fully embracing her sins and dragging anon down for the fun

>> No.44823205
File: 10 KB, 300x168, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Reimu Hakurei...
>... I've come to you
>Penance Stare
thanks, Ghost Rider!

>> No.44823208
File: 792 KB, 1130x900, 1685396189167287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe a near death experience and encounter with Eiki can set her straight. Reimu maybe experienced and powerful, but she's still human and getting old; a fact that's been shown with Marisa in her training of Hana. If we want to get comedic with it a rehash of Reimu's near death food poisoning incident can be done again.

>> No.44823211

I see the true reason Yukari wanted anon there... he somehow was the only thing stopping MIMA from returning! Its all so obvious now!

>> No.44823222

That's actually mostly why I hated the haremending to that, it clearly set Reimu up as irredeemable in the eyes of the world & yet she faces no real permenant consequences but being cucked.
I missed the posts, but I did read the whole thing off of some website and the way I thought it was going was Marisa stealing him for herself, given that she was the one stepping in all the time.
Kasen being there made not a lot of sense.

>> No.44823230
File: 368 KB, 1281x1811, vengeful spirit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

putting mima in requires explaining where she's been all this time
however, there's another vengeful spirit, who just so happens to also hold a grudge against the hakurei, who could look at reimu's abuse and even she could say that reimu's going overboard

>> No.44823233

Not My Vengeful Spirit (NMVS)

>> No.44823235
File: 85 KB, 850x756, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_onayamityan__sample-47172d64fbcb6293d18246c00fd60c44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meme Yukari ending could be fun too...
she'll never scoring, not even in a meme

>> No.44823240

Kasen being there made sense in the terms of how involved she was set up to be in WaHH though not so much as a romantic interest. Missed opportunity to do something like Anon being stolen, and Aya doing a thief joke.
At least as for punishment Eiki is gonna have her arm fall off when she has to administer all the beatings before sending her to hell.

>> No.44823243
File: 77 KB, 248x252, ZUN punch man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

change your fucking tune

>> No.44823254
File: 268 KB, 650x650, maribased.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try me bitch

>> No.44823272

>Marisa stealing him for herself, given that she was the one stepping in all the time
Would have been the better ending. I think that if he actually managed to kill himself and broke her would have been a good ending too.

>> No.44823278
File: 1.14 MB, 2357x3296, KangaerunaMiyo-1705922530345935184-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hence the only time she scored was in a spin off of a spin off of a spin off in HSE. Even then she never really appeared again...

>> No.44823294

Death end would've been nice, then we could go into the yachie, totetsu, saki metagame since heaven is perpetually full... or maybe Komachi would've snagged his spirit for herself.

>> No.44823297

Dark horse endings where everyone ends up losing due to their own selfishness tickle me well.
Although it would be more satisfying to see Rebitch get her comeuppance.

>> No.44823307
File: 145 KB, 850x850, hanasmoking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if we'll ever get some Reimu POVs in the main story. She's basically starving back at the shrine and at, perhaps, the lowest point of her life. Some glimpses into her decaying life would do wonders when push comes to shove and Hana has to reveal she and Anon are not returning.

>> No.44823336

Doing it from Aunn's pov would be nice. Poor doggy needs screen time, she is the goodest girl

>> No.44823447
File: 182 KB, 850x1202, __hakurei_reimu_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_rightorisamraido3__sample-16a843a3b8f6c30d1c14793ee1a7d09d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Even then she never really appeared again...
man, I want to write a follow-up to that but got no fucking clue about what to make it about

>> No.44823600
File: 899 KB, 829x740, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_mozukuzu_manukedori__caa113abe197de77ba059ea1d1a50ecc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hana sat across from her father, she was nervous and she knew Anon could tell. However, he said nothing as she poured her own tea and she hoped that he was just misinterpreting her shifty eyes and flushed face as the effects of the incense.

Anon took his own mug in hand from the ornate tray turning it slightly and taking in its warmth. Even this made her nervous, did he know that she spiked the tea? How could he? It was colorless, orderless, she couldn't taste it either when she gave her own tea a sip

She could barely contain herself, the silence was overbearing as ever since they sat down. Her father must have figured something was wrong. He was sharp like that, had to be thanks to his life till now.

Hana almost felt sick, the heat in her body made her think of nothing but the man sitting across from her. The outfit didn't help either, it looked normal enough, a summertime jinbei, but clearly tailored to show off his arms and cut deeply at the neck. Even the pants were altered to show off his better assets, the thin and stuffy cloth barely concealing what he had to work with.

She felt disgusted with herself for thinking of her father like that, but the taste from earlier had her addicted and she'd do anything to have it again. That was why with a mix of guilt and elation she saw her father sip from the cup.

A small smile spread across Anon's face as his gaze went long, remembering happier times. Anon's words made Hana nearly jump, "I've... really missed having your tea... even if its in this place I'm glad you came here to see me."

The words dug deep into Hana as guilt flooded her, still she didn't stop and took another sip. Despite how she felt all she could think about was force feeding him the rest of the tea after flipping the damnned table over to get at him.

With moisture forming in his eyes he spoke again, "Hana, soon I'll find a way to get out of this place. We'll be a family again and... and we'll forget about this place, you just have to stay strong and believe in me!" Hana nodded as she sipped, feeling elated everytime she saw him drink as well, "I-I'll get help after I leave erm... I'm sure ms.Sanae would help!"

Anon's smile was warm but carried a peculiar undertone, like that of a parent comforting their child with promises that might never come to pass. He looked at his daughter and drank, "I'm sure they'll help, they're good people and they all like you. You just have to be strong." Hana nodded, freeing her father was something she'd have to do, but in this moment it was something in the background and to do another day.

Hana could barely wait any longer, but after what seemed like an eternity of waiting and small talk Anon put down his cup after messing with the neckline of his shirt, his face flushed slightly. A look of confusion danced across his face, she knew it was now or never.

Hana crawled over to his side in a manner she thought might be seductive in its sway, men liked that kind of thing, right? She grabbed his hand meshing their fingers together as she tried to avoid showing her desperation.

Hana couldn't keep the feel of his callous hand out of her head as she whispered, her face flushed with a renewed heat and her voice taking a low and husky tone, "Father, I'm sure you're tired why don't we rest?"

>> No.44823610

Hana, you naughty, naughty girl
I bet Yukari's watching this and wondering just how one family became THIS dysfunctional
Or she's mastirbating to it
One of the two

>> No.44823618

>I bet Yukari's watching this and wondering just how one family became THIS dysfunctional
>Or she's masturbating to it

>> No.44823620
File: 69 KB, 960x935, 1648646455880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A longer story could be about Yukari taking an interest in talking to Anon between "appointments" and taking him as a husband. She'd have to manuever around disgruntled customers and the Shrine Maiden herself. Hana could become Yukari's problem or bonus prize.
A bunch of one-offs could be done:
- The hags plan a trip to enjoy the company of this supple young man and Yukari has to make sure everything goes fine
- Fairies pull a prank on the HSE
- Somebody tries to free Anon
- Ran or Chen get too attached
- HSE has a special promotion during a festival or a holiday
- Something goes wrong the medicine shipment and now Yukari has to deal with a sexually over-charged Anon
- Yukari has a new idea for contraceptives: Gapping Anon's semen away at climax. The question is: Where does it all go?
- The sages don't approve of Yukari's brothel and now she has to convince them (sexually) not to destroy it and possibly Anon.

>> No.44823639
File: 741 KB, 850x1097, hanaside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is this girl so fucking horny?!

>> No.44823642

>Ran or Chen get too attached
This could be very compelling, its not even a meme that Anon's husband and father levels are off the charts.
I can easily see Chen getting attached to him in that way that cats do. Or the fairies being a thorn in Yukari's side for the same reason, they're rather slippery too.

For the sages its obvious Yukari has blatantly overstepped her bounds, Kasen would 100% have something to say about it. Okina? Maybe, her job seems to be more defense of Gensokyo rather than maintaining it but I could see this being interpreted as a power grab that needs to be reigned in. Yukari would have to hope her 'free admission' tickets are used before their plans to tear it all down come to fruition.

I wonder if Yukari would extend out his life?

>> No.44823653
File: 156 KB, 1096x804, Marisad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ran or Chen get too attached

>> No.44823654
File: 365 KB, 800x609, some weirdo at the window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From the closet or a window you know she's watching.

>> No.44823670

>I bet Yukari's watching this and wondering just how one family became THIS dysfunctional
Poor Anon tries so hard but one man alone cannot stop Hakurei dysfunction

>> No.44823674

My money would be on chen for the powerful father energies
Although ran getting attached could happen, Anon is used to handling beast girls like Aunn after all

>> No.44823713 [SPOILER] 
File: 673 KB, 700x817, shesalwayswatching.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is she like this?

>> No.44823726

I see Hatate is will have a huge headline tomorrow

>> No.44823801

She's about that age~

>> No.44824137
File: 62 KB, 850x1236, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_duhota__sample-5ee6971b40c1386a8c9b66b885c45b2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really know why Master's Master is doing what she does, and I don't know what's happening here to begin with. This place is so weird, and I dislike thinking about it too much. I don't like the smells or the things Master asks me to carry from time to time when she "needs a break from all this", or so I have heard. I also don't like being too far away from Master, but she also doesn't like this place.

I sigh. But, above everything, I think the person who dislikes this place the most is Mister. We don't see each other much, and every time I enter his room, he's too busy crying or staring at nothing and doesn't even notice Chen; that'd be me—hi!—so I ignore him. I cannot ignore, however, how bad I feel for him. Master hates this place; she and Master's Master argue so much about it, and this Mister is always crying. Why does this place exist if it hurts everyone?

Today, I'm taking things to his room again, a bag of bottles of pills and liquids that came from Eientei—thrice bigger than the last one...

I can't read correctly all the big words, so I don't know what purpose these meds serve, but the rare times Mister crosses eyes with me and sees me carrying these things, he looks sadder.

I enter the room—why the magical restrictions? They're bothersome...—, and, to my surprise, he doesn't look as sad as the other days, although he's slumped on the bed's edge, his hands playing with two long needles and some threads. His eyes lock onto mine, and, like Master instructed, I bow slightly, he bows back, and I make my way into the kitchen.

I look at the number of bottles I am carrying and wonder if I should make multiple trips to put everything in its proper place, but the growing smell in the background irritates me. I decided to just store them all at once, climbing on the stool.

The sooner I leave, the better.

Substituting the bottles for new ones is boring and quite hard: there are just too many of them! As I do it, the weird smells I hate so much start to get to me—a revolting combination of multiple meds and weirdly fragrant oils of many types and other odd things—enough to make my head spin—and, with my hands full, I cannot properly close my nose.

My eyes tear up, my vision blurs, and suddenly the stool trips and knocks me off my balance, and I'm heading for the ground.


Before I even started flying, however, a big arm went beneath my arm, and the other got the big bag of bottles from the air, a sudden spin, and...!

I was gently put on the ground. What the...

"Easy there, kozo! If you had fallen and these bottles opened, it'd be a mess and a half!" Mister said, getting on his knee. "You okay?" I look at him with big eyes, his words clicking, and a petty rage grows in me.

"Bleh! I would've landed or flown!"

He looks at me as if just realizing a secret of the universe, and then he's laughing out loud, and I am taken aback.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah, sorry! Sometimes, I forget how many of you are special around here." But then his laughter dies, and his hand scratches his chin, the other picking up my green cap from the ground and giving it to me. "Wait, if you can fly, then why not fly to put the things up there?"

I stared at him.

He stared back.

I am red like a beet, with cat ears gluing against my scalp and my cap hiding my face.

Mister is laughing again.

My teeth clenched. "I-I simply forgot it! This place makes my head hurt!" I stomp my foot, punctuating my point.

Mister kept chuckling, one hand hiding his mouth, worsening my embarrassment. I was about to continue defending my honor, but Mister got up and put the bag on the counter.

"It's okay, I won't judge you—the number of things I forget every day, geez!" He shrugs, his smile dying a bit and eyes darkening as he unpacks the meds and puts them in their places. I blinked, puzzled by the sudden mood change. He notices it in the corner of his eye, "Something on my face? Ah, yes, I'm Anon if you don't know it. See? I forgot the basic rule of introduction and didn't say my name when we first met. My bad! It's okay to make mistakes if you are willing to admit them and then make up for them."

I stared in silence, petty anger shirked; okay? "Am Chen," I said, flying this time, aiding Mr. Anon with the bottles; it was my mission to begin with.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Chen."

"Hm, same! ... You look happier today, Mr. Anon."

"Do I? Well, my daughter visited me. Not many old sacks of bones like myself can say their daughters still care enough to visit them—in this regard, I think I'm lucky!" He laughed again, and, despite noticing it felt a bit forced, I ignored it in favor of my curiosity.

"Your daughter?"

"Yes! The most incredible girl in the world, my daughter! Her name is Hana, and..." He looked at me, his eyes softening and losing a bit of their sadness. "You look like her when she was 10; you two have the puffiest, roundest cheeks!" He laughed.

I stared, puzzled, then giggled, my headache forgotten.

>> No.44824220

I see Anon is desperately trying to focus on the positives and ignore that he was drugged and raped by his daughter, good for him.

>> No.44824268
File: 33 KB, 154x177, The Scarlet Devil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why does this place exist if it hurts everyone?
They said my words on an anonymous canoe-carving forum would hurt real people - I didn't believe them.
They never told me it would hurt fictional people.

>> No.44824334
File: 935 KB, 944x1337, nai wa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All these abuse stories are making me sad. Why aren't they allowed to be happy?

>> No.44824401

There's an original story?

>> No.44824423

Water tastes the sweetest after days of dehydration

>> No.44824716
File: 140 KB, 731x1280, 010450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is, Hana's story is a spin-off of a fanfic another writeanon wrote some time ago. It's about how Anon became Reimu's abused husband. Fortunately, the og writeanon saved it in Ao3 so there's no need to search the original thread in order to read the story:

>> No.44825036
File: 569 KB, 2204x2584, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_you_noanoamoemoe__e1f2b0de10a243a3740fbc51cfa69cd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this Reimu. It's really interesting seeing her abusive tendencies that're normally played for comedic effect depicted more realistically.

>> No.44825513

Nice one, saved as a memento

>> No.44825725

>his hands playing with two long needles and some threads.
Is he mending his outfit from where it got torn into by Hana or a client or is he making poor Chen a mask so the smells aren't as intense?

>> No.44825914

Reminds me of that one doujin series where an insane Anon from the outside world has ridiculously high levels of compatibility with Youkai, eventually Chen, then Ran, and Yukari all claim him in that order and yukari kills his family to keep him around.

>> No.44826502
File: 3.04 MB, 1791x2663, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_temp_pixiv_60398327__e195303984e292d8e1d998c655856516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Anon blinked as he looked down at his daughter, his face flushed and a tinge of panic behind it. Hana could feel his eyes bore into her, the sham of a miko dress was many things and 'low-cut' was one of them. She could feel his eyes wonder onto her admittedly modest cleavage as he broke eye contact.

Still he resisted the effects, he let go of her hand and stood up, "It's- it's not for the best to stick close with how you are right now..." Anon ran his fingers through his hair as he exhaled deeply, she knew it was working.

She also knew how stubborn her father could be at times, still all it needed was a small push. After all, the effects of the aphrodisiac were potent, it was all she could do not strip off and mount him like an animal.

Hana stood up as well, her footsteps were soft as she practically glided over to him. Her socked feet barely touched the ground and it seemed that with a bit of surprise on Anon's part that she wrapped herself around his arm.

Sweetened words poured out of Hana before she realized she made them, "It's been too long since we last napped together hasn't it? Come, it'd be like it used to be!" Hana felt a clear agonizing guilt well up in her. Like a worm it tried crawling out but without a clear mind to focus it that guilt stayed buried.

Anon's eyes glanced over to the futon, he opened his mouth to object again but Hana cut him off with her own words, "Won't you rest with me?" She pulled his arm with her as she urged him to the futon and Anon muttered, "R-right, a nap should clear our heads wouldn't it?"

Hana could see a smile force itself to his face, "You've always been keen on when I've been pushing myself haven't you?" Anon followed along willingly, no longer resisting, "Thank you for taking care of this old man, you know I'm glad you still care..."

That worm of guilt moved up further but Hana had no time for it. Every time his skin touched hers it was like static, she could see nothing else but the man at her side. She sat down at the edge of the futon where Anon joined her.

She removed the ribbon from her hair, trying not to blatantly reveal her true intentions as excitement built up in her. Anon scooted himself back, placing the toppled contents of the tray on the ground.

Hana saw Anon prepare some of the pillows for them, noting with a bit of irritation that he prepared them rather distanced from each other. The futon itself could comfortably fit around 8 people, so this would not do at all.

Anon turned over, his back facing his daughter as he said nothing and seemed to try focusing on sleeping. Hana pouted, but took the chance to remove the dress, leaving her in nothing but her bloomers. If Anon heard the rustling of her clothes he said nothing, perhaps he was trying to ignore it?

This would not do, Hana crept up to him like a predator. The feelings of liberation and disgust at her own actions was intoxicating, her exposed skin shivered in the cool air.

She lay down next to him, clinging onto his back and wrapping her arms around his torso. Her voice was sickly sweet as she called out unable to keep the dripping desire out of her voice anymore, "Father~ hold me like you used too, its too cold in here"

Hana heard his voice shake as he responded, "It's not good for you if I... if I were to hold you right now. We- you're not yourself right now..." With her body flush and near tembling from excitement Hana tried turning her father to face her. There wasn't any resistance as she did so, and she couldn't keep a sloppy grin off her face.

Anon's eye's didn't dare look down as his arms seemed pressed against his chest, still Hana could hear his breathing grow a bit deeper as she hugged him from the front. She burrowed her arms into his shirt relishing even the simple feeling of his bare skin and muscled body.

She worked to lift the well tailored shirt off of him. "Hana, what are you...?" She didn't stop, "You must be uncomfortable right? Its too tight to rest comfortably in isn't it?" Anon said nothing as he relaxed his arms letting her take his shirt off.

Like a present she relished seeing what was underneath, unlike in happier times she knew it was all for her to indulge in and not even the scarring on his body could dampen her enjoyment of its sight. As she started fumbling the button of his pants her ears once again caught his tembling voice, "Do you know what you're doing...? We can never go back, once I take your first time even when I get out of here..."

Hana shushed him like he used to do with her when she was younger placing a finger on his lips, "I don't care about any of that! You give your love away to whoever walks in that door right?! Then... what about me? I've been with you longer than any of them! I... I can't think of anyone I'd rather have!"

A darkness spread over Anon's face replacing the confusion from earlier, as if some vital part of his psyche finally broke he reached out his arms and took his only daughter by the waist.

>> No.44826545

That am pm series right? That little extra bit where it goes full yandere was a strange edition to an otherwise delightfully lewd tale

>> No.44826845
File: 449 KB, 414x300, image0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the Hakurei gene is a blight

>> No.44827141
File: 676 KB, 1000x1305, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_drawn_by_asakura_maru__f67e915019f677874f2d17a587a20f77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hana's world was her father, Anon pulled Hana in and without thinking about it she leaned in for the kiss. They met as if they're lips were magnetized, Hana had little experience, if you could count the more racy scenes in the books from Suzunaan as experience.

Anon was a different story, with tembling excitement she could practically feel his experience shine through as he tasted her mouth. She was slightly confused at first by this, simply letting him do as he pleased since after all, it felt pleasant. Not long after though, as his rough hands caressed her body did she return the favor, making up in vigor what she lacked in experience.

She relished the taste of her father, happily taking her fill as between the feeling of his hands building her sensitivity and the indecency of the sounds of their panting as they separated to catch their breath she lost track of the world around her.

Her revelry was cut short by a strange feeling she almost didn't recognize, she felt one of his hands glide over her hips. The caresses felt amazing, as he worked her inner thigh she almost didn't realize what was going on until like a jolt of static her mind registered the feeling his fingers as they teased her slicked pussy.

Hana pulled her face back to breathe as she let out a sultry purr, she called out Anon's name with unabashed longing. Hana delighted in seeing the face of her father so filled with lust, she ignored the forced feeling of his smile and the darkness behind his eyes as he seemed to remember something. He pulled his hand out of her bloomers, holding them up to her face as he twirled the thick liquid between his fingers.

With a low and husky voice mirroring his tone when she first came in he practically whispered, "It's hard to believe you're already so ready to go... just how much were you looking forward to this I wonder...?" Hana ate it up as she grinned, all her inhibitions long gone, "ever since I saw that women violate you...! I couldn't get your body out of my mind, I decided that you're the only one who'll take my first time!"

His grin was as fake as the teasing words he let wash over her, but Hana didn't care and wore her lust on her face. Even as the last bit of light behind Anon's eyes faded she didn't mind, she only wanted one thing. Anon was as sharp as ever despite the situation, and put the slicked fingers in her mouth and feeling her suckle them clean he leaned in and whispered with practiced ease, "Then why don't you show me how willing you are?"

Hana was on her elbows and knees before Anon's waist, his pants were undone and hung from his thighs loosely. She had her eyes glued on what was before her, the same prize lay dangling in front of her in all the glory she remembered it having. Her mouth salivated in anticipation, her father's voice reverberated around her like a distant thunderstorm, "Now show me that you want it... go on and lick it, kiss it like it's a sweet..."

Hana did as she was told with enthusiasm, she didn't know much about this but she did know how to follow instructions as she held her tongue out before her and moved in. She wanted that taste again, she'd do anything for it. Her tongue licked the pink head of his cock as it hardened picking up easily enough as if it was in tune with her lust.

She marveled at how it got bigger before her eyes, she couldn't help but fit her mouth around it. She desperately followed her father's instructions, 'suck it like an ice pop' 'mind your teeth' 'use your hand to caress what you can't fit'. The flavor she'd been desperate for was leaking out, but it wasn't quite right just yet...

A rough hand caressed her check as another lay itself on top of her head, "I'm going to move now, if you can't handle it just move back..." Hana gave no real response as she focused on extracting the flavor she so fondly remembered. The heat within her was overwhelming as she felt her father start moving, It was slow at first.

Despite that Hana had never felt something like this before she didn't gag as her beloved father's cock pushed it's way further and further into her mouth. She was entranced instead, as the heat filled her body her hand wondered down her own body until it found purchase at the opening of her bloomers.

Hana was enraptured by the act as the scent of her and her father's excitement filled her senses, that bliss was only broken by her gasping breaths as they came apart for a few longing filled seconds. That familiar heat drove her as her world became filled with nothing but her father's body once again. She looked up, seeing a piercing gaze look back down at her that sent shivers of excitement down her back.

She didn't hear what he said next but his intention was clear even to her as he started tensing up, her mind flashbacked to earlier as she suckled harder in anticipation. Finally her reward was here, with a few grunts she could feel his dick on her tongue spray the crystallization of his lust into her mouth.

>> No.44827152

It can always get worse

>> No.44827212
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personally I was imagining it more like anon hating it and hana hating herself for enjoying it so much

>> No.44827286
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woes upon ye and your words that make me hard!

>> No.44827739
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evil anon...

>> No.44827779
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Hana was in a daze as her hand busily yet clumsily caressed herself, the taste of her father's cum was overwhelming as she tried extracting every drop before swallowing it down. It was no where near as bitter as last time she got a taste, was he eating something different? Was the medicine influencing him in some way? She didn't have the answer nor did it matter to her overmuch.

Instead, she relished the taste and already yearned for more, but Anon pulled back finally and despite her attempts at reclaiming it his hand pressed on her head stopping her advance. She looked up at him in confusion, "Hana, I'm not as young as I was, lick it gently for now..." he gave another forced business smile as she complied, her own smile pure and unadulterated lust.

Hana was directed to lay on her back, and with a few pillows to prop her head up she lay there, her bloomers stripped off by her own eager hands. She felt a tinge of horror at her own actions, the thoughts of how she could do this fluttered across her mind. Those thoughts gradually dissipated as she she saw Anon gracefully take his place between her legs.

She looked on in anticipation as her prize rest itself above her slicked crotch, it was ready to go, she'd seen to that with her enthusiasm. However, it didn't move again, confused she looked up the muscled and scarred body of her the man she offered herself too.

That dark look that hid behind his eyes came to the forefront of his face, it clouded even the practiced business smile and amorous expression he held up like a mask. He braced himself with her leg and to the lightly confused expression on his daughter's face he asked, "Hana... are you sure about this? I... I... this isn't right!"

Hana felt that niggling sense of guilt and horror worm its way up again. Her lust filled thoughts faltered for a moment as the shame of what she's become surfaced. She was indecisive for the first time since she initiated this tragedy. The addict inside her, her base thoughts that spurred her on her body and wanted more like a glutton slowed as her logical mind pushed it's way forward.

Hana squirmed as Anon's face dared show a bit of hope at ending this horror and stopping his own aphrodisiac fueled lust from tearing him apart. As she squirmed his hard cock pressed against her by her own actions, the heat from it filled her own body and mind.

The thoughts of the future that flashed before her mind: once she gets him out, once they go back home, once he goes on dates, once she has a new family with someone she won't have to walk on eggshells around... All of it faded in favor a single thought, if she did this now then that means that she can taste this again and again... who else could make him happier than her?

The logical part of her mind screamed as it was covered by the lust of the ever intoxicating incense burner and her own hormones. She reached out and took his hand in hers, she whispered her consent once again.

The last bit of hope Anon didn't even know he had died at those words, it was replaced with the glaringly obvious reason he was here. Much like before that practiced tone and touch of an experienced whore took hold as and as if on autopilot he smiled warmly and nodded, "Of course, and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else either... you're my only daughter and I want to give you anything I can!"

Hana couldn't help but be overjoyed at his empty words of mutual love. She ignored the well hidden, but obvious to her, pain in his voice as all she could focus on was what was next. She pulled him in one more time with the words, "kiss me~".

Anon's lips touched her own once again as he leaned in without resistance. The illusion of romance was perfect as their tongues invaded each other's mouth a second time, hers with vigor and his with deliberate teasing slowness.

She was already melting under him as she grasped his body, wrapping her arms around his torso like he was due to fly off. That was when she felt it, his engorged cock lining up to her entrance. She hugged his bare torso tighter as he entered her, she squeezed him closer involuntarily, feeling a flood of arousal as he did so.

There was a sting to it, as she felt something tear inside her. It didn't last long however, as either her arousal or the effect of the two potent substances in her body staved off the worst. She heard her father's voice again, "do you feel alright Hana...?" She let out a 'yes' before she even realized it and with an undertone of horror behind her clouded elation she felt him move.

She let out moans, her voice sweet and unrestrained as she felt him gyrating his hips. Already her legs were wrapped around his waist much like her arms were. Sweet and honeyed nothings flowed out of her mouth in between the times they pulled back to breathe.

>> No.44828232
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Mr. Anon told many stories, many involving his daughter, Hana. They focused on the spring of her life, and all were soaked in nostalgia. Time passed rather quickly, and I was there, listening in awe to his fast-paced words. He'd jump from topic to topic, from memory to memory, never letting silence settle. It weirded me out a bit, but I paid no attention to it.

We moved to the bed, nice choccy milk for me and bitter tea for him.

"It was the first time she drank alcohol, and, gosh, it was the funniest thing. She was barely 9, tripping around with a pink cup of the softest sake we had stored, drinking from an over-the-top curved straw." I giggled at the image of this Hana, supposedly that looked just like me, all tipsy. "Recently she drank again at a festival, and if she still had her puffy cheeks..." His eyes stared into nothingness, suddenly empty and sad. His moods change so quickly...

"Why do you get so sad, Mr. Anon?"


I drank from my choccy milk before elaborating, "Sometimes you're happy, then you're sad. Why?" Unlike before, Mr. Anon didn't answer immediately, mouth straightening to a line. It's the same expression Master sometimes uses, but instead of disappearing the moment I stare too much, his has morphed into a sad smile.

It's odd how a smile can be sad. Hurts the chest.

"I think I just live too much inside my own head and am sensitive to my thoughts... The past used to be so simple," he played with his hands, reaching for the two long needles and threads of before. Being so close now, I saw that he was knitting something: fluffy gloves, red and white. "I know it was not, however. Yet, I long to have it back—a past where Hana was this little thing that perfectly fits in my arms, and life had its small embers of peace."

I didn't really understand what he was talking about, but I felt sad too, tails low and eyes drooping. Mr. Anon noticed.

"Oh! Sorry for that!" He laughed, but there was no light in it. "That's one of the curses of getting old: you just start spewing cryptic stuff out of nowhere; I should get slapped for that!" I stared at him, slapping himself in the back of the head, perplexed by one more mood swing. "Hm..." His hands picked up the gloves he was knitting, apparently done. "Ah, another mistake. These go into the trash—"

"H-huh? Why? They look so fluffy!"

"Meh," he pointed to a small, uneven formation on the fingers. "I did the fingers wrong; they're messed up and kinda broken now. Throwing in the trash and—"

With quick movements, I got the gloves from him: mad, pouting, and with tails wiggling, the past interaction already forgotten.

"Bleeeh, mine now!" I showed my tongue to him before starting to wear the gloves, a note of anger born in my complexion; "It's not because they're 'broken' that you should throw them away, baaaaka! Dumb adults are always like this." Satisfied with the lecture, I brushed the gloves against my face, purring with the warmth. "So cozy~"

"Heh... Yeah, I think it makes sense. You're very wise, Chen." Feeling triumphant with the compliment, I returned my gaze to Mr. Anon's face, the previous sad gone. Now, genuine light. "Your chocolate milk will get cold if you don't drink it, though."

"Wah?!" Wide-eyed and suddenly remembering my beverage, I was swift to sip it, doing it so quickly to the point I slightly burned my tongue. Mr. Anon was laughing, and the sound was unlike his other laughs.

It sounded nice.

We kept talking, and the conversation flowed much more naturally, which made it easier to accompany and give my input: Mr. Anon never ignored it or brushed it aside, as so many adults like to do. I don't know why they wouldn't want to hear a wise girl like myself, but that's their loss!

At one point, Mr. Anon picked up the remaining thread on the side and, wordlessly, started tangling it in between his fingers. Puzzled, I just kept staring, ending my third cup of choccy milk by the time he, with a big smile, showed me what he had done.

I looked at the threads, then at his eyes, confused.

"This is called a 'Catbed'!" He pronounced it without losing his smile.

"I don't think Chen can sleep on that."

He laughed.

"It's not to sleep on; try to pull the middle thread." I followed the instructions, and, to my surprise, the threads started forming a diamond! What the?! "Cool, isn't it? It's a game I played a lot in my childhood—tried to teach Hana, but she never quite got the hang of it."

"And what's the purpose?" I tried pulling another thread, and it returned to the initial position before I pulled for the first time. What the devils?!

I tried pulling another, and the diamond reformed. Mr. Anon gave me a smug look. "The purpose? To undo it."

The challenge saturated the air, and my eyes were flames. Chen Yakumo never backs down from a challenge!!

For the next few minutes, we played the game, me and Mr. Anon laughing and talking.

I got the hang of it and undid it. He seemed proud.

I smiled a big smile.

>> No.44828303
File: 2.38 MB, 1333x2390, __hakurei_reimu_and_benikurage_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_pyukasshori__3730652a8974e8082381dee77048ac7f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hana was enraptured by the act, as if on instinct she couldn't help but move her own hips as the incredible sensitivity of her loins spurred her on. Much to her satisfaction their rhythm was easily established, something a corner of her mind attributed to their compatibility.

She felt something building within her, she was no stranger to masturbation, as infrequent as she did it, and knew what was coming. None of that prepared her for this.

As one of Anon's hands glided its way down her side she felt it tease the place of their connection. Her almost painfully stiff clit was being relentlessly assaulted the man on top of her. An immoral thrill jolted through her as his voice teased her about her excitement.

Hana was barely able to shout, "D-dad I'm coming" before a violent orgasm shook her world. She nearly passed out as her vision faded and body convulsed from the devilish pleasure.

As Anon slowed his pace Hana felt disgusted with herself, she also felt that she wanted more.

She felt her body slacken, her arms and legs relaxed and Anon started to pull out of her. She couldn't move fast enough to stop him and he separated from her. Hana called out with a confused voice, "Dad? You didn't finish did you?"

Anon looked down at his sweaty daughter, the amorous mask buckling, he muttered, "Its your first time... you shouldn't push it..." Hana knew he was making excuses, and despite knowing in her logical mind that he didn't mean all the pillow talk he gave she couldn't help but feel a tinge of betrayal. Didn't he say he loved her? Why is he not affirming it?

Hana's legs took ahold of his waist once again like a spider grasping its prey, "It's okay, I want more... I know that if you do it inside it'll make a baby but thats fine, I want to be your women! I want you to always think of me no matter who you have to be with!"

Hearing her words his face took up the mask again, Hana felt a tinge of the guilt work its way up her body again but seeing her father's fake smile pushed it down again. He readjusted himself and said, "of course, you're the only women I want to have in my life..."

Anon reentered Hana, much to her delight, instead of the steady pumps and agile hands from earlier this felt much more intense. Hana screamed out in pleasure as he grasped her near limp body and pulled her up into a hug which she returned. Anon's arms and waist pumped her on his engorged cock, making her scream in delight.

He was going deeper, harder, and was much more rough but it didn't scare her, she embraced his lust as she couldn't stop the heat rise from their connection and overwhelm her mind.

She came again, loudly as her sensitive body jolted with electricity from the vigorous pounding she endured. She clung to him with a sloppy smile as she felt something change, her father's voice grew strained and much like earlier he tensed up.

Anon grunted out, "Hana, I'm gonna cum soon... take it- take it all!" Hana herself was overjoyed, "Y-yes, get me pregnant! I want to have father's kids!" Hana clung to him closely as he used her body like a toy, his toy, and with powerful final pumps she once again orgasmed like lightning shot through her

All she could feel was him, their connection, and the twitching heat that spilled inside of her. She was simultaneously horrified and ecstatic as she felt it happen. Anon held her close to him as he collapsed into the futon with her. Their heavy panting filled the air around them and as she glanced around she could've sworn she saw a shadow on the wall, it didn't matter though. She wanted more.

Anon and Hana sat there in the bath together, it had been a long night and the ornate clock on the wall by the door was almost up with only a few dozen minutes left out of the hours it originally counting down from. The potent drugs in Hanas system has worn off by now aside from the ever present incense, and her head was cooled from the influence of Yukari.

She sat a small distance away from him, the bath was large enough to fit about three people so that wasn't an issue at least. The real issue was that aside from the slight haze of the drugged air the full weight of what she had done set in. That worming guilt and horror was all she could think of.

The things she said, the feelings she proclaimed, the future she spurred, all of that came rushing back now that she could think again. She dared not look at her father, her victim and man who'd give her the world if he could. She betrayed him.

She couldn't stop the tears as they formed, the emotions running through her were just too much to bear. She let out her voice in that silent bath with a hic, she gasped next, followed by a delayed whine, her tears started pouring next.

She heard her father's voice, though she didn't understand what it said. There was a pause in his question as she started loudly sobbing. He grasped and held her close, they sat there for the rest their time, neither of them able to stop their tears.

>> No.44828352

This is too cute, Chen is way too cute!

>> No.44828440
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don't make me horny then sad, you devious demon.

>> No.44828478
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Seems like you had the...
Hakurei Shrine Experience!

>> No.44828549
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you're done, anon, you're done.

>> No.44828708

I feel guilty by just reading this, if i was in his place at this point i would 100% surely kill myself.

>> No.44828756

And leave your now possibly pregnant daughter behind? Anon is a dutiful man who would never!

>> No.44828810

She can take it to Reimu, since its her fault that all this happened in the first place since it was her doing that lead to this chain of events.

>> No.44828824

Anon please, think before you post taking the rape baby born from a rape baby to Reimu is least smart thing you could do

>> No.44828831

Anon can't do that, he has to take care of his daughter. Not the one he just had sex with, the one he'll see in 9 months that's 3/4ths his genes.

>> No.44828867

Geez anon, Yukari let you have TWO rape babies?

>> No.44828909

Inagine the field day Aya is gonna have with this.
At least Marisa would be there to take care of things as mother, since she's pregnant with anons other child

>> No.44828923

you seem to be laboring under the impression that anon's life belongs to him and not to yukari
he serves at gensokyo's pleasure

>> No.44828928

You guys are weird

>> No.44828944
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>> No.44828952

>where do you think you are?
Not on facebook, why did you post a picture of its creator?

>> No.44828991

Yeah now that i think about it she would for sure make the room suicide-proof. I guess you could try to either overdose on meds or try to headbutt one of the horned girls so hard the horn penetrates your brain.

>> No.44829010

it's not our fault, it's the original writefag's fault for going on holiday instead of staying with us forever

>> No.44829031

He paused the story for months before and that did not happen.
Not that i am complaining, i like reading stuff writefags pull here. And i was never a fan of fanfics before.

>> No.44829171

It will be difficult to keep track on what is the "real" story after the writefag comes back and continue it and what is the fanfic's fanfic.

>> No.44829204

He didn't pause it per se, more like no one bothered to make a thread and keep it alive.

>> No.44829213

even harder because I'm pretty sure the original writefag is writing half of the fanfic's fanfics too

>> No.44829232
File: 868 KB, 2050x2189, __hakurei_reimu_benikurage_and_miura_cat_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_pai_kebon_baa__a0a5dafff218293de0ab2a4bc31a5ce7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not much, there's a clear line where things went bananas
>the Reimu comes back and punishes Anon and Hana, starting here >>44770015
everything after that? Spin-offs of the spinoff

>> No.44829240
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Ever since his courtship of the Hakurei miko, the Outsider has been Aya's golden goose. First the Crimson Slasher's marriage, then the dark secrets of her abuse, and then the birth of the next Shrine Maiden of Paradise. Stories went dry until the girl had her own exodus from her mother, once again driving up Bunbunmaru sales in even the Human Village! However, one of the mysterious sages of Gensokyo setting up an amusement park overnight with Anon as the main attraction? Once she broke this story, they'd be teaching Bunbunmaru in history class for the rest of time!

Interviews were done with as many people as she could convince. While some sources were less than willing to share their experiences, what went on in the HSE was quickly becoming the worst-kept secret in Gensokyo. While the human women and even lesser gods like that spinning misfortune goddess were shy, the oni and youkai were almost too easy to interview after a few bottles (sometimes barrels) of sake. If Aya wrote for some common tabloid, she’d be set for months with all the sordid, dirty details she found. But the Bunbunmaru wasn’t just some rack-filler, it was the arbiter of truth! She needed to go deeper and start investigating in earnest.

After staking out the HSE, Aya saw all kinds of people enter the attraction. Many of them were disguised or only came in the cover of night. Some were shameless in their visits, like the ignorant fairies or tsuchimgumo from the underground. The two that really Aya’s were the people she most and least expected to partake in Anon’s company: The blonde-white witch that used to be the shrine maiden’s best friend and the shrine maiden’s own daughter! Of course the witch Marisa would use this opportunity to get close to the man she visited so often, but what was his daughter doing during her visits? Even stranger was the fact that both of them started staying inside a month after entering the HSE…

It was time for Aya to gather the inside scoop herself.
(Part 1 of ?)

>> No.44829283

>I'm pretty sure the original writefag is writing half of the fanfic's fanfics too
that fucking hack...

>> No.44829290
File: 276 KB, 1646x1457, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_svveetberry__f52f8a16dadca93b42f01092582f7b20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the cutest!

>> No.44829314

define 'original writefag' and i'll give you an answer

>> No.44829359
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I wonder what Aya's reaction will be if she learns that she never actually saw Hana enter and the next time anyone saw her was months after her disappearance.

I wonder what the Fairies are doing there? did they get DAD'd? are they Anon's only emotional support? Or are they forcing themselves on him as well?
A mystery...

>> No.44829374
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I can't wait for chen to single handedly take down the HSE and get Yukari put in gay baby jail for a few hundred years

>> No.44829439
File: 231 KB, 720x540, chen_touhou_drawn_by_chanta_ayatakaoisii__3548c7b88fbaf0dd8ed426c35e25ef8a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Today is the last breath of your sick brothel, YUKARI! Anon WILL be HAPPY!

>> No.44829447

Raymoo with a type 1 AK
a woman of good taste

>> No.44829495
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So with Chen becoming the only friend Anon has that doesn't try jumping his bones how is Ran fairing in seeing the treatment of this sad man?
On one hand she's from the animal realm and often prepares Yukari's meals for her so she's no stranger to human suffering and cruel ends. On the other hand she's already shown to have a clear distaste for whats going on.

Can Anon really woo both Shikigami and plunge the Yukari stock into the abyss?

>> No.44829542

Woah, after all the answer to anon's problems was in front of the entire time. The answer is Chen!

>> No.44829557 [SPOILER] 
File: 843 KB, 1012x1288, ranblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44829575

I can't wait for an overprotective Ran to stop Chen from visiting only for her too to fall for his plight and become domesticated like Chen was

>> No.44829609
File: 109 KB, 850x478, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_flandre_scarlet_cirno_yakumo_yukari_and_13_more_touhou_drawn_by_hindsart__sample-4948bc468e6a25e191f9434bfc2abb09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chen becomes Anon's friend
>she talks about her dislike of Anon's situation to her friends, even though she doesn't even understand what's happening
>a certain ice fairy hears it and says she goes there sometimes (she also doesn't know that goes in there), dresses up like Reimu, and gets fed chocolate milk by the 'Nice Man'
>Cirno gets angry with the actual situation of the Nice Man, and she soon learns it's all Yukari's doing
>word starts to spread, curious fairies go there and Anon prepares chocolate milk for them; because of his acts of kindness, the fairies start to hate what is done to him
>in the span of a week, 70% of the fairy population of Gensokyo hates Yukari's guts
>Chen, seeing a chance, starts to organize a fucking riot to demand Anon's freedom. The reward? Infinite chocolate milk.
>Ran gets wind of that and, instead of shutting it down, helps Chen
>all the streets of the Human Village are suddenly overflowing with fairies. They sit on roofs, on the ground, everywhere. All of them are directed towards the HSE and screaming "YUKARI BAKA! FREE ANON!"
>this --> https://files.catbox.moe/blu589.webm for an entire fucking day
>with multiple layers of shrill voices to it
can you fucking imagine it?!

>> No.44829635
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I've often wondered what the great fairy wars 2 would look like, so this is it...

>> No.44829742
File: 432 KB, 1460x2048, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_natsume_nadeshiko__4769ae58d2830397cc31ec74130e8242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Gensokyo was the most magical place on Earth, this was the opposite. The nine-tailed fox, shikigami of the elusive owner, was clearly overworked. With professionalism and familiarity, the kitsune led Aya through a hallway containing thousands of red-white garbs to her very own tailor-made replica of the Hakurei Shrine miko’s clothes. Voicing these lines thousands of times, the attendant belted out the obligatory greeting in an, upbeat tone: “Please wear this outfit at all times inside the attraction. After enjoying the Hakurei Shrine Experience’s many wonderful attractions, enjoy a moment of solace with your very own Shrine Husband of Paradise! Once night falls, retire to your marital bed and share a tender, lovey-dovey moment with your man. He’ll be sure to make your stress fly away~”.

Even through her practiced smile, Aya could feel the scorn and disgust directed at her.

Entering the HSE proper, Aya felt vulnerable in her robes clearly designed to show off her chest, legs and hips. Aya was never self-conscious about her body before, in fact she was proud of it. But knowing she was going to meet a man dressed like “this”, all so they could do “that”… well, anyone girl would feel nervous! But Aya had a mission: Discover the truth of the HSE!

The attractions weren’t worth the ink to write about. Simple danmaku patterns with names like “Fairy Frenzy” and “Youkai Invasion” However, Aya would have to keep in mind the scoreboards for each attraction, since a certain blonde witch’s name appeared at the top of them all. Seems like someone practiced these games quite often.

After visiting the subpar food stalls and drinking cheap sake, Aya flew over to a recreation of the Hakurei Shrine grounds, ready to find some real news. Opening the sliding door to the main building, the rest of the shoddy attraction suddenly left her mind. The setting was almost surreal. Too real. Aya was broken out of her trance when a voice suddenly called out to her from inside.

“Welcome home, dear.”

>> No.44829828

>since a certain blonde witch’s name appeared at the top of them all. Seems like someone practiced these games quite often.
Oh nononono, I knew Marisa enjoyed it but I didn't think she frequented it that much!

>> No.44829855
File: 50 KB, 331x331, 1693638962795969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon has clearly forgotten the loneliest, blondest, biggest loser in gensokyo

>> No.44829870

So Alice is the one that visits the most? Seems legit, I figured she'd stay away since Ran and the other staff would force her to take baths before she can go in to enjoy Anon

>> No.44829893

Alice tried the HSE out a few times, but she just shuffled around playing the games before making excuses and leaving before she could meet Anon.

>> No.44829922
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The Wolf Tengu and Kappa manning the place couldn't help but crack jokes about how she 'left her Shanghai running' for days after she left. It only got funnier the second and third time it happened

>> No.44829944
File: 181 KB, 850x954, __hakurei_reimu_and_sananana_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_ohasi__sample-037ca4195b12407b56501137b959f636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44829963
File: 1.59 MB, 1200x1723, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

funnily enough, 'I left my over running' wouldn't even be non-canon, because she literally left her oven running when she fell into a fucking coma in CDS

>> No.44830460
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Ran's headache was only growing, day in and day out she managed Yukari's harebrained schemes and did her best to support the master that she always tried finding the good side of. She always assumed that Yukari had a plan and she was usually right, after all this was the women that launched an invasion of the moon twice just to show that she could.

Ran respected her even during her lowest moments and during the most dangerous schemes she hatched, she's even partook in all sorts of cruelties at her master's behest. She's looked into the eyes of those dead outsider humans that come to die as she slaughters the cream of the crop to indulge in her master's tastes. She's orchestrated and lead villagers to their deaths after they were singled out as a bad influence to gensokyo. That isn't even going into the Fox spirit's past during her reign in the animal realm.

Still this place... it was calculated cruelty with a friendly face, it was overboard even if it was to punish a foolish man like she claimed. She just had to assume that her master had a purpose for this beyond some odd vendetta spurred on because he broke a promise. She just had to stick with it and find it...

The 'sticking with it' part was the hardest however, she had staff of course as there was no way even someone as efficient as her could manage all the moving parts alone but as the overseer she had to fill in when and where she was needed.

Sometimes that meant busting Kappa heads for stall rental fees, sometimes that meant keeping the whitewolves in line when they got jumpy about the time limits on their free communal time with the star of the attraction. One of the most unsavory parts of her job was one of the simplest, playing hostess to the women who come in...

When this place first opened, after extensive dealings with the Kappa and human labor force, flyers and coupons were sent out all over with the help of the crow tengu who ran a few puff pieces about this place. She knew why they were here, and it disgusted her even if she didn't show it. She knew what they were here for, despite their attitudes, coyness, disguises, or hidden purposes.

Her master had the foresight to give her a list of names that would likely cause trouble, she learned them by heart and when one of them came around, like that white and black witch she was confident that they could handle her. They did as well, with the security only reporting that they had to warn her after she tried breaking down the door of his cage. What she didn't expect, was the witch coming back again and again, she was now one of the most frequent guests, even qualifying for the VIP treatment.

Another was that girl, his daughter. Yukari had warned me of her ahead of time, almost half a year after we started she vaguely implied she was playing some game with her and make sure the barriers kept her from exploring around the place until she was trapped in his cage. It was easy enough, what wasn't easy was dealing with her every time she came back, which was almost every day as she had special treatment from Yukari and could enter for free. It was always clear what she was doing, but still I kept my face straight and greeted her. At least I didn't have to give the same introduction every time I saw her.

Today she was kicking herself in the rear, she'd let too many things slip recently and it was affecting the operation of the main attraction. Previously she'd let Chen deal with some of the busy work she couldn't trust the more... sexually charged... staff to do like restocking the place while Anon was in there. Sadly that was all of her staff as those youkai were the only ones disgusting enough to work at this place. Chen was always reliable for simple things like that but she couldn't rely on her every time, she had her own duties outside of this place and besides, she knew she disliked this place on a deep level.

Despite wanting to just throw it to the wind again and go off to attend to anything else she knew that today she was the one to restock the room before today's guests arrived and the the facilities opened for business.

>> No.44830530
File: 149 KB, 850x1154, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_rrrssr__sample-9dcd442f1079c2fa598e1987cc2508c7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari is not safe.

Chen should've returned an hour ago. I left for 10 minutes with two easy missions—errands, but Chen likes when I call them missions—, that were: pick up the Eientei shipment and carry the GREEN bag to Anon's room. Simple. I would've returned expecting to see her sitting on her spot in the reception, playing with a flower, or the cats that occasionally visit. But she wasn't there.

I thought she had left to get something to eat or gone to the bathroom. 10 minutes later, nothing; I asked the guards by the gates, and they said they hadn't seen her either. At that moment, worry began boiling in me. I looked around this disgusting place and peeked at every nook and cranny she might have hidden in. With every passing second, my anger was steadily replaced by worry and fear.

And, after an hour of searching, I was heading to the last possible place. There's no possible way she'd be here still. First, even if Anon were dumb enough to attack her, Chen would absolutely stomp him like a fly. There's no other outcome.

But, so, where's Chen?

The worry seed developed into a full-fledged volcanic eruption of fear, wrath, and anxiety. If what she thinks happened is true, she'll kill not only Anon but also Yukari. She created this house of horrors; she put an innocent man in this impossible situation and sold the lie to the entirety of Gensokyo that he was here to lend payback to his abusive wife.

Heart on top of my mouth, eyes wide and drooling bloodlust, I unmade the magical barriers on the door with frenzy, opening the door and—!!

No... Chen, no...

She was lying on him, eyes closed. I didn't think. Danmaku at my fingertips, ready to eviscerate. This is it for me. I'll kill this man and then my master. I'll maybe die, too. Unimportant.

I stomped forward, death imprinted on my tensed-up tails, eyes locked on Chen, ready to take a life like it was that of a fly squashed without a second thought...

But then—

"Shhhh..." Perplexed, I looked at the origin of the sound. Anon had a finger on his mouth and looked disappointed. What the— "Chen is asleep; can't you see?"


With eyes wide as plates I looked back at Chen. She wasn't...

... She's sleeping, arms around his neck, tails resting on his biceps.

Relief felt like a bucket of freezing water, and I felt like I was at the center of a circus. Anon, rhythmically, swung his arms up and down, as if putting a baby to sleep, and if Chen's soft purrs said something, it worked. Up and close, she looked peaceful, even.

All she had in her face was either boredom or annoyance in the past month.

"Careful now."

"H-Huh, wha—" Out of the blue, Anon approached and, gently and with a tint of experience, passed Chen onto my arms. She squirmed a bit, and I took a moment to properly hold her, but soon her cheek was resting on my shoulder, murmuring something in her dream world. It sounded like... 'friend'?

A world away from the anger I entered with, I looked up at Anon, watching him sit on the edge of the bed.

Unlike all the times I've come here, he didn't look miserable.

"We just talked. She had a nightmare, and... swinging used to help my daughter." My look must've felt judgmental if he felt like he had to explain himself. The bitterness of the situation struck true: Yukari has eyes on the walls, we keep him caged, and we still suspect him.

It must feel like hell.

"Sorry..." There were more than I wanted to say, but they were empty words.

Yet, Anon's response still took the words out of my mouth.

"She's a precious girl," he looked at Chen with nothing but tenderness, the complete opposite of the women I'd guide in here. "Wise, too," he chuckled.

I didn't know what to say, so I patted Chen's nape and smiled, feeling tired. "Yes; yes, she is," my smile died out. "We're opening in twenty minutes."

Anon simply nodded, turning his face away.

With nothing more to add, I left at a quick pace, ignoring with all my might the worm of shame and guilt growing inside. "I'm part of this; I'm part of this problem," the worm whispered.

And I know the worm is right. I ignored it for sanity's sake.

"Mr. Anon..." The voice came from really close: Chen, eyes barely open, spoke, cat ears twitching, "He's crying now... He didn't choose to be here, did he? He has the sad."

It's information Yukari ordered not to spread...

"No, he did not," I admitted, running my fingers through Chen's hair, just now noting her new pair of gloves. My heart sank a bit. "Yukari doesn't want him to leave."


I can't say that. This is too out of her depth. So I lied.

"I don't know, Chen."

"I don't like this. I do not." I could feel her claws through the fabric of the gloves. I held her tighter.

"... Me neither."

"I'll do something about this." Even though there was might and determination, tiredness called Chen back from the waking world. I couldn't contain a small smile. "I'll help my fren."

Truly, a precious girl—unlike any other.

>> No.44830737
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Emotional damage!

>> No.44830739
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mah hart, mah sole, so precious

>> No.44830985

Chen and Ran dismantling the entire HSE with no survivors!
So this is gonna be Hanas first incident... fighting every single hag in Gensokyo until she takes down Yukari

>> No.44831049

Ran is the mom hu

>> No.44831061
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hecking double whammy

>> No.44831144

So what do you boys think? Is Hana pregnant already or was the infertility drug anon was probably on doing its job?

>> No.44831164
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I bet she's not, but the stress of the question will make her period arrive late, which should be a nice scare and very dramatic.

>> No.44831219

Who could she even confide in? I wonder if she has any real friends in the village? Maybe whale tits could hear her out

>> No.44831229
File: 124 KB, 420x522, 1680562232693912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44831238
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she can confide in her dog

>> No.44831254

so was it ever established what Reimu's doing while all this is going on?

>> No.44831260

Not yet, feel free to spitball

>> No.44831551

I think Hana's safe since all she did was make Anon extra horny. Marisa is 100% fertilized. The contraceptive just reduces sperm count. Because this is Gensokyo, the fertility booster can make a single week-old human sperm impregnate everything from gods to the undead with a 0.01% of spontaneously exploding. I do wanna see Hana kick herself for not taking a Plan B[omb] before leaving.
However, everyone who came to HSE the same day after Marisa had her turn is in for a surprise.

>> No.44831588

Anon, careful with switching between third and first person by mistake.

>> No.44831632

Haha, yeah I was in a rush when I made that so i wasn't consistent

>> No.44831649

How many did he impregnate? Was that the last day the "extra free hour" coupon was valid for?
I can't believe Marisa not only stole his genes but also stole an uncountable amount of youkai's womb by proxy

>> No.44831787
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From the few interviews she was allowed, Aya had a general idea how the inside of the shrine maiden’s home looked. Not a single speck looked out of place. Aya barely noticed the “sky behind her begin to darken into afternoon and could swear the wind was blowing past her into the immaculate living room. The smell of freshly-sliced sashimi came from the kitchen, while two sliding doors presumably led to a bathroom and the bedroom. Moving from the kitchen with a tray filled with homemade meals that surpassed the cheap stall food was the shrine husband himself. Aya was surprised: Sure, the girls all said Anon was looking better than ever, but Aya was surprised at just how healthy he was. His loose robe showed off full, strong muscle that contrasted the scars remaining from his marriage. Anon was nothing like the shadow of a man he was when he left with Hana.

Aya stood watching as the man set the table for two. He moved with as much poise and efficiency as the Scarlet Devil’s maid, never looking away from his task. She was simply entranced, watching until he broke the silence: “Please take a seat, dear. I hope it’s to your liking.”

Breaking out of her stupor, Aya regained her journalist’s composure. She had to remember she was here for a reason! “Thank you for the offer, but do you mind answering some questions before that?”

Perplexed, Anon finally turned towards his “wife” for the day. With a flash of recognition, he regarded the tengu. “Aya? Is that you? Please, take a seat.”

The reporter complied, flashing him a smile to set him at ease. As long as she plays along, she should be able to wring some answers out of him. A light, but sweet smell came from Anon. Not just him, but the room itself. For how revealing her outfit was, Aya was becoming aware of how tightly it clung to her slowly warming body. Had Anon’s shoulders always been so broad? Maybe some food and drink will help clear her mind for the interview.

>> No.44831813
File: 2.40 MB, 250x312, watermelon-fast-eating-man.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man, is there no lady that can resist him? Also, can the sheer amount of sex Anon has be considered exercise?

>> No.44831959
File: 853 KB, 1127x1080, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_kasuya_baian__28a9c471236a7f9f48158cbd0d2f0c90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“Thank you again. While I’d love to find out your recipes, I have some more important questions for you.” The tengu, well-fed and comfortable at the table, began to do what she does best: Pry until she hits a jackpot. “To begin with: How do you feel living here? Is this place really as true to the Hakurei Shrine as it seems? As the most recent caretaker for the shrine, you are the most qualified to answer that.”

Anon began to tense up, but let out a sigh as he began in a rather positive tone. “Well, the living room and kitchen are about the same. The bathroom and bedroom are much nicer than anything we could reasonably have at the shrine.”

“Right, and how would you say life is like inside the Hakurei Shrine Experience?” He still wasn’t as trusting as she wanted him to be quite yet.

“I suppose it’s a bit… easygoing. Ran-sama manages the kappa and tengu that upkeep the attractions. Since I don’t have to leave the shrine, I mainly keep the rooms clean and look after myself as the workers deliver groceries.” He was clearly holding back. Watching his words.

“Could you explain what you mean by not having to leave the shrine? Aren’t you allowed to visit the stalls and enjoy the games?” Aya could already guess the answer, but she needed him to open up in order to spill the really juicy details.

“I… I can’t leave the shrine. There’s a barrier preventing me from leaving, or at least that’s how Mar-” He cut himself off before he finished mentioning the witch’s name.

“That’s how ‘who’ described it?” He was starting to crack.

“No, no, it’s my fault. I’m not supposed to mention any other clients. Here, would you like some more tea?” He was trying to deflect, but Aya wasn’t going to let up just like that.

“Well, ‘dear,’ I’d at least like to know if any women have been giving you trouble. Don’t worry honey, you can trust me. I won’t tell a soul.” She began to hold his shoulder, squeezing it. It was nice and solid. Easy to grip. Maybe even ride-

This place is getting to her.

>> No.44831983
File: 75 KB, 480x640, ce4e9cc87093fcbd1a62907d19fbe0e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

control your horniness, woman!

>> No.44832052
File: 1.81 MB, 1158x1637, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_meji_aniki__530bf1ea4721d9299bb2275b1f2428bf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's also the best mom hu

>> No.44832166
File: 246 KB, 1762x2048, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_gominami__d6ef236c4a59ebe688310747d537394e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“I-It’s not like that. It’s just nice to see some familiar faces after so long. People I haven’t seen for years.” His voice was starting to catch in his throat. “I know it’s wrong to blame Reimu for it but even after Hana came along some people just stopped showing up to the shrine at all. Even though it’s in a place like this, I’m grateful I get to meet them again.” Tears began to well in the corners of his eyes.

So that’s the reason he found to keep going. Maybe if he hears more about the people he’s been missing out on, he’ll start trusting her more! “Is that so? I guess I can’t blame my husband for being lonely. But have you heard about what happened to the Prismrivers?”

He snapped to attention when he heard the name of the band that played at his wedding. “No, what happened? Are they okay?” He had concern in his voice. Maybe none of them had visited him yet?

“Well, it actually started with Kyouko and Mystia when they…” after telling Anon story after story about all that happened in the past 18 years, Aya found herself closer to him than when she started. Her leg was right against his, her arm around his neck and shoulder, his arm holding her waist, and her face was right next to his…

Aya looked deep into his eyes. There were flashes of joy and happiness, but it was mostly dark. Not empty, but tired. Like the gaze of a man who’s seen the same day play out the same way 100 times in a row. There was a soul in there, teetering on the precipice of something worse.

Suddenly, a chime played as the lights began to dim. It looked to be approaching evening, which meant that Aya would have to go to the bedroom. And when she went to the bedroom, she’d have to get in bed with him. It was warm, so she might have to take off her clothes, and then-

“Ah, it’s getting pretty late. Would you like me to start the bath for you dear?” Aya’s fantasy came to an abrupt as Anon parted from her.

“Yes darling”. It came out on its own.

>> No.44832274
File: 35 KB, 665x310, crows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

make sure to use at least THREE layers of protection, Aya, Anon!
>morning-after pill
>fertility decreaser

>> No.44832673

Unironically Aya was probably one of the few to give him hope by telling him about things he's missed. Also good to know the prismrivers are good girls who don't want to abuse Anon

>> No.44832706
File: 319 KB, 766x729, 1690690483877960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not only stole his genes but also stole an uncountable amount of youkai's womb by proxy
Sounds precious to me.

>> No.44832712

I still feel sorry for her since in both the main story and the spin offs she hasn't made a single appearance in months!

>> No.44832718

This is why the tiny witch needs to get bullied

>> No.44832722

I can't believe is going to knock up yet another Youkai...

>> No.44832785
File: 147 KB, 400x400, 1653662878911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44833004
File: 129 KB, 850x638, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_kashiwara_mana__sample-6b0fe84f16672611433e650ad0ff1658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For the past few days, she has been visiting Anon when he's not working, and, although it was hard to feel comfortable with it at first, I can't forget that look of him towards Chen on the first day.

I’ve seen too much, and that look promises only fondness.

Chen is a wild soul She likes to go around, explore, and so on: When she finds something of interest, it's hard to dissuade her from it. Playing around it, however, is another story entirely. So, I let Chen visit him ONLY when he's off the clock.

10 minutes ago, she left the reception to do just that, today being quite slow. Without the main attraction, this place has no shine, so I am on break. Even I need a distraction from having to constantly deal with Tengu and Kappa; they sure know how to wear someone down.

So here I am, by Anon's door, with no better excuse than I don't want to be by myself... Silence is fertile soil for guilt.

Hope I don't regret this.

Rubbing my hands together to dispel the cold of the rainy season, composed and graceful as ever, I open the door, unmaking the magic barriers with dexterity. I've done this so many times that I can do it while asleep.

A bit of maternal anxiety rushes over me, and I quickly look out for Chen inside, about to yell her name if she hadn't popped out of the kitchen.

"Master, it's not time already!" She quickly protests, and I take a moment to delight in her appearance; a white apron with the occasional oil stain and a big cooker's hat. Ah, so that's why he made that special request...

"You look elegant, Chen," I say, approaching the confused shikigami. "Don't worry about time; I've only come to see you two."

Her eyes fill with shine, Anon choosing that moment to appear on the door frame; "Hello, Ran." He wore a similar apron but no big hat. Compared to the sad, broken man she got used to seeing, this man might as well be day itself: cheeks full, posture tall and confident, somewhat emotionally healthy, the pitch darkness of his eyes replaced by— "Is there something in my face?"

H-Huh...? Wait, I was staring?

"No, no, there's nothing—sorry, I was just—"

Chen looked at us, annoyed, before pulling on Anon's apron. "The pastéis aren't gonna prepare themselves!"

Oh? "Pas... pasteies?" I savored the strange word.

"Pastéis!" Chen corrected, and Anon patted her on the head. She looked happy before resuming, "That's food from outside! C'mon, let's prepare it!" Chen started pulling us to the kit—wait, us?!

"C-Chen, no! Your hand is greasy!" I looked wide-eyed at her little hand grasping the pristine white of my dress, struggling to get it off. All the Miko outfits are such a bother already; now even my clothes?!

And they simply laughed in unison, as if they had plotted from the beginning! The gall! I was red with embarrassment, being pulled into the kitchen in such a way, my eye twitching as Chen pushed me to the kotatsu, begrudgingly taking a seat and assessing the damage. Thankfully, nothing a deep wash can't fix...

My petty anger, however, was reduced to atoms as the smells filled the air and buried away the cold of the rainy season. My, my, what is that they're preparing? Chen said something about being food from the outside world, right...?

I don't ever recall eating food from the outside.

I looked over at them, watching Anon by the stove handling a big wok filled with boiling oil and Chen flying by the side on the counter with a... fork? She was using the fork to smash the borders of small, half-moon-shaped dumplings, minced meat in a bowl, and sliced cheese and ham in another, using oregano to season before closing the borders with the fork. Hmm, clever. Then Anon would use a spatula to cook them in the oil, and wow, the smells are just—

"Don't drool on the kotatsu!" Anon yelled, Chen giggled by his side.

I wish I could bury my head somewhere.

They talked about the most random things as they cooked, and it was a treat to just stare and hear in silence. Once again, the comparison came to mind, smile day itself, when otherwise he'd be a night of tears.

But soon they finished, Anon placing two bowels full of pastéis in the center of the kotatsu and Chen carrying a jug of a yellowish liquid that looked similar to water. Filling the cups, she said, smiling, "That's sugarcane juice; Mr. Anon said it goes well with pastel!"

"You have been learning a lot from Anon," I stated, using a paper towel to pick up a pastel.

"Yah—he has so much to tell!"

"Oh? Care to back it up, Anon?" I took a bite after blowing the heat away, and it immediately wanted more. So outstandingly good! And, oh, when paired with the sugarcane juice... so sweet~

"Don't drool on the kotatsu, please." I gave him a death stare; they laughed. Ah, I was smiling... Dammit. "And sure! So, there was this guy I met once—"

Anon told story after story, Chen gave her input, and laughter was plentiful, us three on the kotatsu loading the air with warmth.

So much better than dealing with Kappas and Tengu~

>> No.44833208

Is Ran the one who can heal his broken soul after all this nightmarish hell?

>> No.44833445
File: 60 KB, 685x638, 1645754841788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It turns out the way to an old fox's heart is through her stomach.
Ran or Chen alone is enough to soothe your soul, but put them together and you'll find true inner peace. Just let your weary body be enraptured by mofu and the purring of a cat.

>> No.44833632
File: 441 KB, 800x800, __yagokoro_eirin_touhou_drawn_by_jiwieru__e1c562f5c4f992aa9ea4c2d43ead5e07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As Anon closed the door to the bathroom behind him, Aya steeled her nerves and started rummaging around the room for anything interesting. Time was of the essence and this investigation has been little more than a date! While there was nothing interesting hidden under the table or kotatsu, all those cabinets in the kitchen couldn’t be for groceries alone. At the very least she could look for some spoiled produce to uncover the poor living conditions the Yakumo household was keeping him in! Nothing under the sink, no loose floorboards, cutting board was free of stains, let alone any mold… Everything seemed completely uninteresting, except for the very last cupboard, the only hanging cupboard in the kitchen. Jackpot!

Pills, incense, oil, everything Eientei could possibly make was stocked here. Something here HAD to be dangerous, this is Eirin’s work! One ointment for pain, one drink for stamina, one supplement to make cum tasteless? Right behind it is one to make it more intense?! All this medicine was for the side of the HSE Aya had yet to see herself, and why everyone came here in the first place. This place really did cater to all kinds of kinks.

What caught Aya’s attention was the only pill bottle with empty space in it. Reading the label, this was a contraceptive to lower a man’s sperm count. It seems like Anon’s been taking one each day. Smart guy, since making a baby with another woman while HIS wife was loose was a death wish. The bottle behind it was some kind of sperm booster full of ridiculous power-ups. After popping one of these Anon could probably impregnate a rock. Curious, Aya opened the lid and took out a pill to examine it closer. However, something wasn’t quite right. Then it hit her: There’s no seal.

Someone else opened this bottle.

Someone used this pill. And Anon doesn’t know.

Before Aya could start thinking about her newest headline, the bathroom door slid open. Aya hurriedly shoved everything back in the cupboard before Anon could see.

>> No.44833913
File: 1.02 MB, 826x1169, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_chikado__8179bad66e7d1a29172f9cd9ab63a3f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon called out to Aya “Your bath is ready dear!” before noticing she was at the kitchen counter. “Aya? What else did you want for dinner?”

“Oh it’s nothing! I was just making some tea! Remembering everything the girls have been up to left me parched, ehehehehe…” She was standing with her back to the cupboard, looking frantically for the kettle to complete her lie.

Anon started walking straight towards her. Aya quickly ducked out of his way, leaving him confused as he went to retrieve the kettle from one of the cabinets nearby. “Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Oh um, I actually wanted to make tea for you! Since you’ve made such a delicious meal I wanted to return the favor, darling ~.” Sweat rolled down the back of her neck as she carefully clutched the pill in her palm. Damn, it was the one thing she couldn’t put back in time! She couldn’t let Anon see: She’d die on the spot. Anon was already filling the kettle so she can’t chuck it down the sink and Anon will see everything on her and her stupid sexy outfit while she’s in the bath! She has to get rid of it now, but how… Of course! She’ll just drop it in her tea and let it melt away! It’s not like she has any sperm to super-charge, so it’s foolproof!

Unfortunately, the main attraction was quite the busybody and started preparing snacks for her tea, causing the both of them to brush against each other as Anon flitted around the kitchen and Aya bid her time. She added a liberal amount of sugar to her cup to offset her extra “spice”. After the kettle whistled and the infuser finished steeping, she poured out steaming hot beverages for herself and the former Outsider. With a little sleight of hand, the pill landed in her cup, indistinguishable from the granules surrounding it.

“Oh, Aya, you should probably get in the bath now. Let your tea cool down and we’ll drink before we head to bed.” The nonchalance with how he mentioned sharing a bed together made the tengu blush before she prepared her body for a night at the HSE.

>> No.44834107

Oh god. What will this pill do to a tengu woman?

>> No.44834188
File: 599 KB, 800x1200, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_teoi_good_chaos__3e3d627716959c83c3d1b34a2eff880c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The whole pill fiasco done, Aya finally had time to think to collect her thoughts. She was in a sex dungeon with an extremely nice prisoner, dressed up like his wife in a replica of his home. Well, except for the top-of-the-line luxury bath and shower set. This wasn’t the weirdest thing in Gensokyo, but it did make her feel a little guilty to take advantage of Anon. But this wasn’t about sex and it wasn’t about Aya: This was about the truth! If everyone knew about the hedonistic environment, maybe enough people would band together to free Anon. Then he could go back to his family… or at least to Hana. Back to hiding from Reimu until she caught him and beat him into submission for leaving. Back to his bloodied face making the front page of Bunbunmaru, once again reminding everyone what a monster the shrine maiden is and why they should fear her. Back to being separated from all of his friends.

No, he doesn’t belong in here at all. Even if its a gilded cage, he should be set free! Maybe this is what Reimu needs to turn back to her old self. Saving Anon from Yukari will teach her to value her husband! Plus, it isn’t fair to Hana or Anon to separate a loving father from his daughter. If she wanted to save Anon so badly, Yukari should deal with Reimu herself! With her purpose reaffirmed, Aya dried herself off and put back on the shrine maiden garb. It wasn’t as comfy as a bathrobe, but at least it didn’t smother her wings.

Anon was in the kitchen, watching both of their cups like a hawk as he kept them warm. Hearing Aya enter the living room, he immediately brought the tea cups over and took a seat next to her. Part of Aya worried about his eagerness to please. Is it a byproduct of his marriage or what Yukari trained him to do? Another part of her hoped that he noticed the scented shampoo she used. Preparing to swallow her pill, Aya downed her tea quickly to avoid the taste and to get rid of the medicine as fast as possible. It was more bitter than she expected: Maybe she should have chosen a strong fruit juice to ruin instead. “I guess you really were thirsty, huh?” Anon teased the girl, oblivious of her misadventure. “I didn’t expect you make sweet tea, but it tastes nice. I really appreciate you going out of your way for me.”

“Complimenting me over tea? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were hitting on me.” She felt guilty a little guilty about hiding the pill from the man, but at least he had tea he could enjoy! Still, she couldn’t help but enjoy Anon’s attention. Was it pity? Maybe the room? Either way, there was nothing Aya could change right now, so it couldn’t hurt to enjoy the moment. For what seemed like hours, the tengu simply chatted with the scarred man as he finished his tea and picked at snacks, his full attention towards her. Even if the HSE was a place for lonely women to get a quick lay, Aya was sure that this, right her, was what kept customers coming back.

Another chime came. This time, the lights dimmed until into the dead of night. Wordlessly, Anon grasped Aya’s hand and led her up from the table. Slowly, he led her past the bathroom door to the bedroom. His night duties had finally come.
(Part 8)
Will continue this l8r. I am also a dummy dork doofus that thought the char limit was 2000.[/spoiler

>> No.44835025
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it was a surprise when I discovered it too, felt like a fucking retard

>> No.44835054
File: 157 KB, 850x613, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_shio_futatsumami__sample-d47c32777b48223ca4f44f618c99e74f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sweetens her tea as fuck
>drink tea, it's bitter
>Anon compliments her sweet tea
A-Aya isn't THAT dumb, is she...?

>> No.44836175
File: 467 KB, 1480x1940, __yakumo_ran_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_hegata_hegatia_lapis__81f2a659ff94e5af02e92c39091e64bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Preparing two tea cups, I looked at my master from across the living room table, Yukari looking as neutral as ever. Such an illusion might have worked on others, but I know her best: in her eyes, I saw paranoia.

Of what? Hm...

"You and Chen have made a new friend."

I didn't expect it; I knew it'd be the case: Yukari watches all.

She knew Chen was visiting Anon, their friendship, but probably paid no more attention. Then I started to visit too, and that might have raised an eyebrow. Since the moment I left that room, holding Chen and talking about pastéis, I've been preparing myself.

"Yes, Yukari-sama. Anon is a good influence on Chen." He transformed a math problem into a fun quiz, and Chen got it right. That's enough for me.

"Only on Chen?" She raised an eyebrow. "You two seem to enjoy the company of each other—although the staff has discounts, the entry fees are still there, my precious Shikigami."

"Yukari-sama, there's more to a man than just sexual pleasure," I answered with a trained smile. "And keeping the product happy can only improve the service." Yukari's eyes merely narrowed. Wrong answer, it seems.

"Don't get lost in the facade, Ran. The financial side of this is unimportant—this is his punishment," like many times she reiterated, and, like in all those, guilt and empathy conjoined to create an ugly feeling in my heart... Feeling that'd normally have been crushed and hidden.

Yet... I remembered Chen's determined voice, Anon swinging the nightmare out of her with care and fondness, and—

"Then why do you seem to enjoy it, Yukari-sama?" It came out before I could think better, and the look I got from her could've killed by itself. This won't be a nice night. "How many times have you participated in Anon's... services? Weren't you the first to claim him al—"

"Ran," her voice stopped me. She wasn't happy. "Think carefully: what do you gain by questioning me? You know I have a plan."

I'll probably get nothing...

... Fuck.

"I wouldn't be questioning if the opposite was true, Yukari-sama," Her frown creased, and I felt my hands cold sweating. No turning back now. "Do you think your plan will change something?"

Her face developed a smug; "Reimu is starving, you know? Emotionally and literally: donations are as scarce as ever, and public humiliation will soon crack her up. Sure, I won't let her die of starvation, but I will let her go as far as possible. That's her punishment: wither alone in the dark with nothing but regrets," Yukari sipped her tea. "Anon broke his promise. He never had much confidence and, therefore, couldn't impose on Reimu properly and let the monster develop. It's his fault she went so far. Then he ran away. Not only will he never run away again after this place has done its job, but he also won't want to run away: Marisa betrayed his trust; Alice isn't resisting for very long; Aya was never worthy of confidence; and, sooner or later, the ladies at Moriya Shrine will give in to their desires."

Her words were timed and thought about, all culminating in two tangents: Reimu will redeem herself, and Anon is swiftly losing confidence in everyone around him.

"So, my dear Shikigami, how long do you think it'll take before they fall in love again after this is said and done?"

I had to sip my tea to hide my trembling hands; the silence was thick as fog.

I will be the first to say I've done terrible things in my life, but everything I did was done with conscience and many regrets. Does Yukari think this sick plan will miraculously work perfectly? I knew it from the beginning, yet now that I have a better understanding of Anon's situation, this seems like unjust and horrific torture...

If it's a punishment, why does Yukari enjoy her rounds so much? She goes there at least once every day. And for how much longer does this have to go on? These and many other questions swam on the surface of my head, tails tensing up and getting bushy as I—

"You seem stressed, Ran," she said, bringing my attention back to her. "Perhaps you need someone to help you with that?"


"With the staff discount, you could easily pay for yourself and Ch—"

"Excuse me, Yukari-sama." I almost yelled, getting up and knocking my knee on the table. I didn't react; my expression rock solid. "I have to return to my duties." I walked towards the exit, stepping loudly and my body shaking; the door almost ripped off its joints as I left. My flight was punctuated by a mini-crater and the obnoxious sound of the wind barrier exploding.

I could feel tears accumulating at the edges of my eyes. I know Yukari; I know she said that only to get me off her...

... But to think she'd bring my precious Chen to this conversation...

I felt queasy.

I recalled Anon's look at Chen and how tender it was: nothing more there, no hidden motive, only happiness and fondness...

... Do I know Yukari as well as I think I do? I didn't get my answers either.

Empty-handed and sad. Ah, fuck my life.

>> No.44836312

>It turns out the way to an old fox's heart is through her stomach.
that statement and that artist is a bad combo

>> No.44836505

I've always figured that was something of Yukari's goal, as far as there is one and it is as roundabout as ever. I didn't think she was visiting though, I figured she was too much of a sperg.
I'm going to love seeing where this goes

>> No.44836513

Aya is doing her best! It's just the room, the room is making not think so well!

>> No.44836558
File: 513 KB, 2598x2598, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_iesonatana__ed4fd561cf83a52ceda702860586213a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So we have Marisa that caused Anon to impregnate a full days worth of ladies and now Aya. How many girls will he impregnate before these absolute dorks are satisfied?
We have Hana who goes there as often as she can since Yukari let's her in for free
We have Marisa
Now Aya
Yukari apparently goes there often
Ohnonono, even if anon gets out he'll be the father of an entire generation of half youkai

>> No.44836604
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can't fucking believe Anon was French this entire time...

>> No.44836629
File: 498 KB, 844x1200, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_izayoi_sakuya_yakumo_yukari_shameimaru_aya_and_1_more_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_utsuda__e49035bf5e35d096113747c0b26a1aef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dumbass crow

>> No.44836693

Nooooooo! Not the French!

>> No.44836715

Of course Yukari would make Anon suffer instead of getting a marriage counselor.

>> No.44836731

it's always the same old story with yukari
"should I sit down and talk with them?"
"no, I'll concoct an elaborate plan to mentally traumatize both of them until they want to be together again"
"yukari, you card, you've done it again"
no wonder suika calls her an awkward retard

>> No.44836741

And mamizou an attention seeker.
Yukari will never have friends... no wonder she founded the young maids club as a coping mechanism

>> No.44836820

Aya is NOT dumb, take that back!

>> No.44837177 [SPOILER] 
File: 193 KB, 600x601, __shameimaru_aya_hieda_no_akyuu_and_shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_shiroshi_denpa_eshidan__30af7d493193c5c845b1654f84e33f7b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the dummiest crow

>> No.44837584
File: 133 KB, 716x1011, __hakurei_reimu_and_ibaraki_kasen_touhou_drawn_by_ryokushiki_midori_ya__00366d5d6dae9bee4064ae2219869c60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kasen had a hard time containing her anger. Yukari had some ridiculous schemes before, but this was he worst out of all of them. This was slavery, right in the middle of the human village. Was Yukari really that petty to force Reimu's husband into prostitution just before he left her? Kasen never liked interacting with Yukari, too many headaches, but she had to make sure what this place was before she confronted her.Kasen straightened out her outfit. It was said all of these were custom fitted but it seemed a little small. Maybe it was made to be revealing? But she had been slacking in her training lately and had made a few more visits to the sett shop in the village as of late. Regardless, she stepped into the main building.

She found a near-perfect recreation of the Hakurei shrine there. It was so well done Kasen had to get her bearings for a few moments to make sure she wasn't transported to the real thing. Of course Yukari would be the person to put so much effort into something like this. She made her away across the grounds to the fake shrine itself, as she was instructed to do. As she entered the shrine and had a seat, she gazed around. It really was almost identical to the shrine. Truly ridiculous. But her train of thought was cut off the sounds of someone putting away pans and moving from the kitchen "Welcome home dear, I have your dinner ready for you" a voice said -.

AH, that must be anon. He exited from the kitchen and Kasen had to hold back a surprised gasp. It had been a long time since she last seen him, but was he always this healthy looking? She had never noticed how muscular he was.Maybe it was the clothes he was wearing. The robes fit him but seemed to use less cloth then normal, especially in some places. They certainly weren't something a decent man would wear casually around the village, but they were still tasteful enough not to be slutty. Maybe they had him do some exercise in his free time, he looked good for a man of his age. Maybe this is why people kept coming bac-

"Kasen?" Anon's voice shook her out of her thoughts. "You've come to see me too?" He set down his plate of food at the table and sat down across from her, a flicker of life in his eyes.

Kasen took up some chopsticks and took a bit of everything from the spread in front of her. She had already paid for the whole thing, and it would be rude to refuse to eat the food he worked so hard to make. This did not mean she was enjoying her time here.

As she had her dinner, the two of them discussed minor, lighthearted things. Trying to dance around the issue of Anon being trapped here. Memories of good times years gone, How friends were doing, funny moments they could remember. Anything to lighten the mode. Kasen at last had her fill of food and pushed her plate away. Anon leaned over the table to reach for it and his robe parted in such a way that he showed off more skin.

Kasen bit her lip and tried to avoid staring. No, It would be rude to not stare. Men like to be ogled, right? She was going to see it soon anyway? Was she? She debated about it in her mind. It was exploitative, and she knew about Anon's history of being abused at the hands of his wife. It would be wrong, but she needed to do this. She had to understand everything that went under this room and maybe find out why so many people come here. She noticed Anon giving her a bit of a concerned look before he turned around to the kitchen with the dishes. If only that robe was shorter at the back...No, her muttered a sutra under her breath. She must stay focused

It must be the incense in here. Yes, that was it. It was clouding her mind,, making her think lewd thoughts, which she would never do on her own. But Yukari's plan was sure to fail! She had to have sex with him once to get the full experience then leave and confront Yukari about everything she knew. Better make it two, to make sure she knew how things worked here. maybe make it three. She was a freind of his after all, and he might enjoy doing it with someone he knew rather then some random woman just here for his body (Although she couldn't blame them) You know what, make it four. Anon might not be as healthy as he looks, so plenty of exercise might draw out any issues he was having.It was settled, at least four times.

Anon came back from the kitchen, and a chim sounded as the lights got darker. "Dear, it about go to bed? Would you like to jin me?" He said in a tone that hinted at how many times he said it before.

If Kasen were a lewd oni, she would have shouted out an agreement, carried him off to the bedroom, and smashed his hips into the floor. But Kasen was no longer an oni, she was a hermit that avoided drowning herself in pleasure.

So instead, she agreed and left his hips in well enough shape for the next customer. Unfortunately, she didn't learn as much as she had hoped. If she kept an eye on him over a longer period, she'd figure out what to do. She'd see him again next week.

>> No.44837652

imagine yukari coming back from a masturbation session to the tapes of hana fucking her father only to find oni kasen turning his hips into a fine paste

>> No.44837697
File: 583 KB, 1500x2118, 9e1a49b7b37fea5c01f18812841eece9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be Yukari, one of the Gensokyo Sages
>set up a one-man prostitution brothel to teach the Miko and her husband that to save their marriage
>have blackmail material of Kaisen going bananas on Anon
>Okina will give in sooner than later
>even the guy's daughter can be blackmailed
>Yukari can fuck Anon as much as she wants and keep the thing going for as long as she desires
>Reimu can't do shit
>Marisa can't do shit
>literally no one can stop you
she fucking won
let's hope the gals at the Moriya shrine can do something about this

>> No.44837724
File: 142 KB, 850x581, __ibaraki_kasen_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_beach__sample-f2500c7c8183ec412aa9de0b51790784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you were the chosen one horny bitch

>> No.44837731

Since we've had no news of Reimu making her move i wonder if she believes the lie that he's there willingly? She's clearly emotionally recoiling at the situation.

>> No.44837788

She will save him, she just has to get him into more positions, I mean she has to get into a better position to force Yukari to stop! After she's been pounded- I mean once she's pounded out a plan Anon will be free!

>> No.44837799
File: 8 KB, 206x222, 5996520dabae87032d4bed27588e94ef6c44bfe3_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kasen will never recover when this is posted into the bunbunmaru

>> No.44837813

Makes you wonder how many of them went there to save him in the first place just to succumb to the incense.

>> No.44837833
File: 2.02 MB, 2100x2831, reimusmoking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man, writing and balancing Reimu's reaction to this situation must be THE task. Thank God it's all spinoffs and writefren is safe from this hell

>> No.44838354
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It was just past noon on a rainy tuesday, which meant it was time for Yakumo Ran to slam her head against the reception desk she operated at the Hakurei Shrine Experience and wonder where her life had gone wrong. It had been going on for what felt like an eternity now. Each day, youkai and human alike, they arrived. Some were bashful about their intentions, like the lesser youkai who comprised the Grassroots Youkai Network. Some weren't ashamed in the slightest, and Kazami Yuuka's wide smile followed by the screams of pain that had emerged from the 'Shrine' bedrooms still stuck in Ran's memory. Some were adamant that they wanted to save the Shrine Husband, like Ibaraki Kasen and Kirisame Marisa. Somehow, it was this type that disgusted Ran the most. They claimed to want to save him, but each time they arrived, their convictions seemed to waver.

The fact that Ran knew that the number of pills in the medicine cabinet had changed by just one after Marisa's visit only made the feeling stronger.

"So, this is what the great Yakumo Ran is up to nowadays, huh?" Ran's head shot up and she whipped her head around. There, balanced on the edge of the counter in a precarious-looking squat, was Toutetsu Yuuma. "If you ask me, running a rapist's brothel is beneath someone like you." She shifted her gigantic utensil over her shoulder and looked Ran over with a critical eye. "When Okina told me that this is what you were doing, I assumed it was a joke. Care to explain?"

"Not really." Ran muttered listlessly, letting her head fall back down. "I cannot claim to understand Yukari-sama's schemes." She wanted to be anywhere else. She wanted everyone involved in this whole sordid affair to be somewhere else. "I can only enforce them." Toutetsu loomed over her. Ran had expected a widening grin, but what she got instead was much worse.


"Tepid waters." Toutetsu intoned. "You could do something about this, but you choose to pretend you can't. What a waste, what a waste..." She shook her head.

"I cannot disobey my Master." Ran growled. "Don't call this a rapist's brothel, either, or I'll show you just how tepid these waters really are.."
"Why not? That's exactly what it is. Okina's already told me all the horrible details. Your dear master? She raped him. In front of his own daughter, no less!" Toutetsu shook her head sadly. "Even we of the animal realm wouldn't stoop to that kind of impropriety."

Ran wanted to swipe at her, but what was the point? She was right. Ran knew it just as well as Toutetsu did. Yukari had raped Anon, and she'd set up this whole nightmarish place so all the others could have their fun, too. "What do you expect me to do about it? I can't fight her, and even if I won...nobody wins for long." There was exactly one ray of light in the dark pit that had become Ran's life since the whole nightmare had started. Her Chen had made friends with Anon. "I can't-" She forced herself to stop. If she tried, and failed? Anon would never see Chen again. Ran would never see him again. And then what would he have? Nothing but the honeyed and insincere words of his supposed friends, who seemed to become less and less interested in saving him with each visit. "It could be so much worse." She finally whispered.

She felt something touch her head, and though she jolted, she managed to relax after a second. It was Toutetsu, patting her head. "Why do you think I'm here, Ran? Okina's got Yakumo distracted long enough for me to see just what's been happening here." Ran raised her head, squinting at her comrade from centuries long since passed. "She hasn't given up on him, and she's dying to knock Yukari down a peg or two."
"Why do you care?" Ran asked, her voice hesitant. Could it be possible? Maybe, but...

"Why do you think?" Toutetsu poked her in the forehead. "Your little cat considers him a friend. You want him safe. What possible reason could I have to help you?" There was something like a laugh in her voice, but Ran's time running this hellhole had made it difficult for her to tell. "You, idiot. I'm doing it for you." She hopped from the desk, landing silently in front of it. "I'm here to scout the place out. Okina can't get in without giving the game away, and I'm the only one who can overpower that disgusting incense Yakumo's got permeating the place." Ran felt something deep down. Some sort of...dare she say it? Hope. "But just to be sure..." Toutetsu slammed the entry fee down on the desk. "Don't go thinking that I'm going to fall for the same trap the others did. You know me better than that." That was true, and Ran nodded. "Have a little faith, Ran."

Suddenly, Ran felt very thankful that she had elected to omit Toutetsu Yuuma's involvement from her report of the summer's incident. And as the taotie entered the Hakurei Shrine Experience, dragging her massive kitchen utensil behind her and emitting a rusty sounding "Keh-heh-heh...", Ran allowed herself to believe, even for a moment, that it was possible.

>> No.44838404

Not quite caught up with the story. Can someone post a (somewhat detailed) tldr?

>> No.44838440

I don't think there is much of a story to this stuff since it's just random spinoffs while writefag's on holiday
the general idea is that yukari's pimping out anon to anyone who wants him in a full recreation of the hakurei shrine and he's not allowed to leave
everything else has just been people taking the idea whichever way they feel like

>> No.44838497

Oh, it's not writeanon's posts? I didn't even know he's on holiday. Thanks for the heads up.

>> No.44838511

I'm pretty sure he's done one or two for fun, but yeah, it's definitely not the actual story

>> No.44838563
File: 22 KB, 128x128, 1000023309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone wrote a spinoff (HSE) of a spinoff/one-shot (Reimu sexually abusing Hana) of a sequel (Hana Hakurei) of the "Shrine Husband of Paradise" fanfic (https://archiveofourown.org/works/43718466/chapters/109935363).).

Honestly, I argue that all writefags should put on usernames or even tripcodes in order to distinguish themselves from others. That way, they dictate how their story goes while still accommodating other writers.

>> No.44838570
File: 1.05 MB, 2000x1120, PxSNPGQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are two stories here
>Main Story
>Spin offs
the main story stopped here => >>44755948 during Hana's autistic racist dream

spin-offs picked up from here => >>44783853 with Yukari kidnapping Anon, and Hana follows them to the Hakurei Shrine Experience through a gap, where Yukari rapes Anon in front of Hana. Then after that, it's all loosely connected threads as we await for writeanon to return from fucking femboys in Thailand
here's a resume of it:
>Marisa sneaked a fertility pill inside Anon's drink before they fucked, probably getting herself pregnant and disconsidering the fact that everyone after her would probably get pregnant too here => >>44813876
>Hana drugged Anon and now wants to fucking kill herself starting here => >>44789500
>Chen became frens with Anon here => >>44824137
>Ran is on her way too and Yukari is a fucking bitch as seen here => >>44833004
>Aya went into the HSE to make a report and interview Anon, but she's a dumbass and feed him another fertility increaser, didn't notice yet and it's on her way to getting knocked out here => >>44829240
>Kasen is responsible for half of the broken beds the HSE has to replace here => >>44837584
that's the lore for now.

>> No.44838572
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Hijiri had heard of the absolute travesty going on the village through the Tengu papers and reports of the faithful that were the human side of the temple monks. She'd lived a long enough life to recognize a lie when she heard one so when she heard that miko's husband had willingly put on such a show she was doubtful.

Not that she had much dealings with the miko, as unpleasant as she became after the incidents she became antiquated with her during. Still over the years, various parties she attended out of obligation, and her business dealings with the shrine; including every now and then when her youkai disciples overstepped their bounds she did know her enough to learn of the wickedness of her soul. She was convinced Reimu could never be able to walk the path.

Her husband was a different matter, always a kind soul through and through that one was, she'd met him a few times and he was always cordial enough. She's lived a long enough life that she could even tell that he meant the kind words he said to. Its a shame their respective stations stopped her from extending an invitation to him, he would be a role model for youkai and human monks alike.

If she considered his soul karmatically she supposed he'd experienced enough karma living with that oni of a miko while retaining his pure soul to earn him a fast pass to reincarnate. Perhaps it was because of that pity at the man's well documented life and trials that she took a special interest in his current plight.

Still she couldn't justify a women of her position heading to such an establishment, especially if it was as it was reported on by the Tengu's newspapers... That was the excuse she came up with, until as if on queue Kyouko, ever the dutiful girl came running up to her shouting her name in that adorable manner that could've made her melt if she didn't have to play the role of the head monk.

It was this weeks paper and other correspondence , the temple had a subscription to the bunbunmaru after all, despite the half truths and lies it was a good source to keep tabs on things... and a good rag to clean and polish the finer glass and brass works...

She skimmed through the papers, finding an account of an 'unnamed goer's' review of the place. What she read intrigued her somewhat, a sort of theme park complete with games, food, and what was practically an onsen. It sounded nice enough she supposed, a good enough diversion for an afternoon if she was anyone of lesser status but certainly something she'd prevent her disciples from partaking in.

It was the last few paragraph that caught her eye, the 'unnamed goer's' account the previous attractions were brief and to the point; a clear indication of trying to put a polite spin on the lackluster side of things. However, her account of the star of the attraction was much more detailed, the language itself was a lot more positive as well.

Though she was able to read between the lines about how he, 'was excited to meet so many old friends now that he was out of that hell miko's clutches' or 'How despite his trying job he's never been in better health' or even 'Those that knew Anon would be happy to know his kind and giving self hasn't changed in the slightest despite his new line of work'

The blurbs of how 'relaxing for the soul' and 'how she got a taste of inner peace' caught her attention especially. Even the later parts of how his skills, 'sent the lucky lady to nirvana' peeked her interest despite how hyperbolic it was. It was clear basic embellishment and Hijiri clearly had no interest in physical side of things but...

She thought if that tortured soul could not only retain his better qualities in his unclear but obviously grim situation, and still have enough to give to the ladies that came in; well... it could clearly be of benefit to not only her, but all the youkai monks under her care!

Especially some of the problem children she had that she didn't wish to reign in too hard lest they leave the proper and right path... Yes, a human that could set the example of giving even when you yourself are drowned in circumstance would only aid them...

Still, worldly matters still reign on this plane of existence and she just couldn't justify a group trip at the prices quoted for parties of 7. That was when she noticed a particular parcel among the correspondence the temple received, it was addressed to the temple at large yet curiously unmarked in who sent it.

She opened the brown paper parcel and out fell a simple letter and a smaller bit of cardstock imprinted with ornate and slightly vulgar stylized yinyang symbols. The letter started with, 'Congraduations! we here at the Hakurei Shrine Experience wish to extend an invitation to all those that haven't had a chance to book time with the illustrious Shrine Husband of Paradise! Inside this parcel is included a special ticket good for groups of up to ten..."

>> No.44838604
File: 57 KB, 480x360, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow, yukari really is japanese

>> No.44838648
File: 60 KB, 374x335, Suprised battle yukari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No bully pls

>> No.44838684
File: 324 KB, 850x3125, Yuuka has no friends.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and Kazami Yuuka's wide smile followed by the screams of pain that had emerged from the 'Shrine' bedrooms still stuck in Ran's memory.
Seems about right that she would be one of the ones giving Anon his new scars, also why she's as friendless as Yukari

>> No.44838694

Very helpful. Thank you.

>> No.44838715

she'd have been super friendly in a normal situation
the incense flipped her switch and sent her back to USC tendencies

>> No.44838761
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After Hana talked with Yukari for the first time (right around where writeanon left off):
>Yukari raped Anon in front of Hana and then locked him in a brothel
>Everyone in Gensokyo is allowed in except for Reimu (including her daughter)
>The brothel (named the Hakurei Shrine Experience) has a replica of Reimu's miko garb fitted for everyone in Gensokyo
From there, details vary from writer to writer and story to story. The bedroom is sometimes a luxury hotel room and sometimes just futons. The HSE building is either an amusement park or a dirty brothel. The room could be spewing aphrodisiacs. Hana is probably getting dicked on the reg. Marisa is 200% pregnant and may have caused an incident-in-the-making. Ran is considering mutiny. Anon is somewhere between simply living with the pain and going off the deep end. Aya is going to have an bittersweet but maybe optimistic story after I finish the sex scene. I swear it's coming. The other sages are considering if they should tear down Yukari's whole operation. Reimu is likely in shambles. All the while, Yukari justifies it with "Anon's wedding vows" and her lust for human dick. All of it will hopefully stay noncanon to the Hana-fic.

I will never trip because then people will know the other sins I've committed.

>> No.44838779
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>I will never trip because then people will know the other sins I've committed.

>> No.44838782

anon is the mastermind behind the mariabuse posts

>> No.44838839

>I will never trip because then people will know the other sins I've committed.
Lel, common theme.
I have a habit of arguing with retards and groups of people I dislike for no reason in particular.
I generally behave well on threads I care about, but sometimes either I have a slight spergout or don't see how a shitpost thread could get any worse.

>> No.44838849
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Imagine being Anon in that scenerio

Yuuka is one of the few youkai of her power to actively visit the shrine regularly enough. One of the few to actually be able to give Reimu a run for her money if she so wanted as all her current appearances imply she was just playing around.

She likely would've been one of the last to really abandon the shrine and Reimu as she would probably heckle Reimu often enough and Reimu would have to simply take it or give her what she wants, a good fight.

So fast forward to now, Anon 100% would've had Yuuka as a guest even when things were going form bad to worse and he likely knew her well enough to know that despite her mean exterior and intense aura she was actually surprisingly kind.

She goes to your cage and Anon's face likely lights up, an old friend and someone you could confide in. Undoubtedly strong enough to break you out of here if she so wished and you couldn't image her falling for the trap.

Still you treat her even better than the others, putting real heart into serving her and chatting away the time. You don't even realize till too late that the incense and aura of the experience was getting to her too.

Instead of the kind or even amorous yuuka you were prepared for she turns into the kind of her legend, the kind you dismissed as exaggerations and merely the cultivated rumors she made in order to deter others from bothering her too much.

Her smile takes on a cruel twist, and by the time the lights start dimming she's already turned into a monster. Just as sadistic as Reimu and even stronger, only by the grace of her long life does she know how to reign herself in in order not to do anything fatal.

It probably took a good few inaba, a bit of temporal barrier fuckery, and bed rest to get him back up and running before the next batch of ladies made their way in.

Yuuka was not banned from the premise, only that they had to plan around her visits

>> No.44838871

if yuuma is actually susceptible to the incense, anon's flat out done for
she's got a genuine insatiable appetite and is too strong to stop
maybe okina could pull her out before she rapes anon to death

>> No.44838910

>I will never trip because then people will know the other sins I've committed.
Heh same, I writefag quite a bit around here and don't care to have it all linked back to me since it would spoil the fun. If anyone can tell by my style of writing that its me its fine but i'd rather not advertise it all.

Besides all the writefags here have a distinct style of writing and filenaming so even a halfblind eye could tell whats going on

>> No.44838932
File: 238 KB, 1000x667, Reimu kotatsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aside from some smaller oneshots here I was thinking of either doing exactly that or doing a fairy centeric story.
I think I could do Reimu's POV since Hana and Anon vanished and the her reaction to the establishment of the HSE justice but its a matter of wanting to take of a larger project atm

>> No.44838937
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>Besides all the writefags here have a distinct style of writing and filenaming so even a halfblind eye could tell whats going on
Lmao, no need to tell me.
Must be some kind of overlap between naming all your files and writefagging. It's probably something to do with taking an image and imagining a story behind it to name it with, and translating that to writing from a prompt.

>> No.44838949
File: 35 KB, 810x937, Screenshot_20230922-065305_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah. Hello, you.

>> No.44838966
File: 2.85 MB, 991x1500, Reimu attack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just inherent writefag autism I think, aside from the times I phonepost when i'm comfy in bed i've used several images that I probably used while writing other stories.
I've even been doing it since before I was 2hufag or a writefag so I suppose I always had it in me

>> No.44838990

I think we've got...three or four /jp/ writefags in here right now

>> No.44839019

sounds about right, that doesn't include the hana writefag

>> No.44839020
File: 73 KB, 850x761, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_ito_itokayu__sample-bb879f60763a4ce0e5fa9a714926b59e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I am a smart girl—me, Chen—hi again!—and I notice things, even when adults seem to think I don't. I noticed the sad of Mr. Anon and swore I'd do something about it, and even though I don't know how to get started on it, I know I'll think of something. The thing is, Mas—Ran—Mr. Anon said Ran would like being called by her name and not Master's Master—she's also got the sad out of nowhere! She stares into nothingness for no motive and speaks much less than normal; as if always locked inside her mind.

I didn't like that either, and now I have two adults who have sad and no idea how to help them! Such a situation can quickly overwhelm a girl.

Now I'm getting the sad too. Dammit. Mr. Anon must've noticed it, lowering his knitting needles and looking at me. "Something wrong, Chen?" He asked, and I stopped my own knitting. Mr. Anon is teaching me how to knit a sweater today.

Some weird feeling, a hefty one inside of me, urged me to not talk and embarrass myself. Mr. Anon already has to feel sad every day; putting even more on his shoulders wouldn't be cool, and—

"Chen," he called, his eyes turning back to the half-done sweater. "If you feel like you have something to say, and it's something important that has to do with the people near you: don't hide it, please," there was something in his voice that made me quietly wide-eyed. Sounded old. "Hiding things, especially the bad ones, is never a good idea. They won't disappear because you chose to ignore them; they'll just grow stronger and stronger, and sooner than you think, they'll consume your life—" He bit his tongue but kept smiling. "In the end, it hurts everybody. So... Can you tell me what was that, hm?"

"I..." Well, I was speechless. My gaze went to my lap, the purple and pristine white threads waiting to be woven, and thoughts rushed a bit. If what he said was true—it's Mr. Anon, 'course it is!—, then hiding would just make things worse. I felt a chill and, resuming my knitting, nodded and said, "Ran... is also sad."

"Oh, dear," his eyebrows fell, knitting halting again. I frowned.

"And I don't know why; she was happy until a week ago... What changed? I'm too scared of asking—she's always so unfazed, so whatever happened must've been terrible, r-right?" There was a hand on my back, and I noticed my eyes tearing up. It wasn't the smell; Mr. Anon started burning harmonizing incenses when he was off the clock. I like these. "And... And Ms. Yukari has barely shown around us! Is she mad at Ran? Or is it me?! D-Did I do something wrong?" Am I the problem? What will happen if they are mad at each other? I don't want them to stop living together! I love them, I don't want to lose any of them, I don't! I think I am crying and trembling in front of Mr. Anon and it's so embarrassing—

Suddenly, arms engulfed me like a tight and warm blanket. I heard his voice, but it was muffled and made no sense; however, the melody of it felt like safety, and when my claws sank into him and my tails became all bushy and I started to wail and wail because I didn't want to lose anyone, Mr. Anon just kept holding me tight.

As long as I cried we kept the hug, and when it died down into whimpers and silence, his voice was low; "Feeling better?" I could hear his gentle smile.

I nodded, my face buried in his shoulder.

It was odd how crying, which should mean sad, could make me feel better inside...

"I don't want to lose them..."

I undid the hug, cleaning my face with the half-done sweater, Mr. Anon's hand drawing circles on my back. "There, Kozo..."

Sniffing, it was hard to find my voice to speak. "Sorr—"

"No sorry, no buts," his hand slapped the top of my head, and, although painless, it puzzled me. "You're not a problem, Chen. I'm sure Ran and... even Yukari love you a lot. They won't talk about their problems with you because of that, too—to not worry you."

"I am worried!" I protested. Mr. Anon laughed.

"Exactly. Weird thing, right?" He turned back to his sweater. "Try saying all these things you said to me to Ran. That may be the push she needs to open up about what's making her sad—if it doesn't do it, talk to me, and I'll try to talk to her about it. Kay?"


"No buts."

I groaned, even though there was a smile on my face. I felt much better after saying all those things and letting the thoughts out; the same may happen to Ran, too. I gotta try!

"Hey, Chen."


"Thank you."

What? I don't recall doing anything.

"For what?"

Mr. Anon closed his eyes and smiled, knitting with precision even without sight—so cool!

Then, after a moment of thought, he said, "For everything."

... Huh? I still didn't understand it, and my dazed face must've looked funny because Mr. Anon started to laugh.

Seeing him happy made me happy too, so I resumed my knitting with newfound vigor, Mr. Anon giving advice here and there but never paying a second glance to my mistakes—he glimpsed, however, at the gloves I was wearing. His smile was wide and warm.

>> No.44839026
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make it four or five

>> No.44839176

Tenshi fumo gives me PTSD flashbacks to that one week.
You know, THAT week.

They lurk around pretending they're just another anon, but start up a metathread and BANG, they all show up at once.

>> No.44839179 [SPOILER] 
File: 28 KB, 680x383, bakasdoingbakathings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

truth, a Reimu has the potential to be LONG. A fairy-centric one sounds nice, their cute retardation would be a nice contrast compared to the other stories

>> No.44839180
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damn bratty Anon, seducing all the Shikigami!!!!
Needs Yukari correction!

>> No.44839249
File: 3.00 MB, 1378x1791, Reimu sweaty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unlike recent stories I wrote this thread awakened my taste for dramatic depressive stories that invoke dread but also an erection, its why I spent a whole fucking morning writing out the Hana sex scene.

A fairy story is nice and I wrote a bit before canning it, but the allure of opening the depressive floodgates again is too tempting. I seem to have more mental issues than I thought... I suppose my upbringing did not help.

>> No.44839277 [DELETED] 

reinvoked i should I should say

>> No.44839284
File: 139 KB, 320x333, ffx29ppanlqb1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no wonder she's so fucking alone

>> No.44839303

reawakened I should say

>> No.44839322

Yukari has him locked up tight.
It'd take Carmen Santiago to steal him away...

>> No.44839339
File: 204 KB, 600x487, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_urin__bf1a6a06765d95e8780ffb55e8801232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dramatic depressive stories that invoke dread but also an erection
same, although I now walk the path of the fluff. The prayers after the Yukari femdom rape scene worked, I guess.

>> No.44839351
File: 93 KB, 850x850, her.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've got a girl that'll do the work twice as fast

>> No.44839369
File: 853 KB, 1288x1654, Aya akyuu wheres waldo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and waldo to hide him

>> No.44839408

its funny how alike we are in that regard, I was happy writing simple fluff stories until writefag picked ups his pen again and then HSE took off thanks to everyone's efforts.

If I didn't have more obligations i'd be writing more about how Anon's spirits get crushed further.

>> No.44839426
File: 5 KB, 431x220, 1651257504232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shikieiki is going to call me pure evil and I deserve it. I asked for the HSE in the first place and I do want a happy ending to the whole debacle. I just want to see more and more internal strife, impregnation, rationalizations, despair and rape before we get there. It's a weird guilty pleasure.

>> No.44839454
File: 855 KB, 1280x720, Eiki you're going to straight to hell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, I'll be going to hell with you for misleading so many anon by writing the orginal abuse story, so at least we'll get to hang out together.

>> No.44839455

I know how you feel
I love a happy ending, but only after as much blood, sweat and tears as humanly possible
god I love writing despair

>> No.44839511
File: 855 KB, 635x632, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_2zuz4hru__3b05f7bac0c8685c8001269dabed5cce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the guy who asked for this whole thing
>the guy who wrote the Yukari femdom rape scene
>the guy who wrote the OG story
>anons writing one-shots or storylines
thread is packed, damn

>> No.44839531

I can't wait for the original writefag to return
This is horrifying

>> No.44839557

It will only get worse, i can guarantee it

>> No.44839587

I think we've got the banki writefag in here too

>> No.44839591
File: 207 KB, 850x575, reimu and little hana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If I didn't have more obligations I'd be writing more about how Anon's spirits get crushed further.
anon abuse is a serious matter
well, but don't we all? Woes upon you, human psyche and social construction!

>> No.44839614

Banki writefag IS the OG story writefag, check his A03

>> No.44839632
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wait, who the hell's who then?

>> No.44839681
File: 202 KB, 1048x1448, Reimu stare1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here is his A03
All the works there he wrote, Banki writefag is the OG abuse writefag but not the Hana writefag.

>> No.44839684
File: 285 KB, 625x559, patchyballing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari(?) trying to get Byakuren tangled in this mess? What the hell is she plotting?

>> No.44839710

I didn't realise the hana story was a different writefag altogether
well it's good to see that the original abuse writefag's come back to abuse anon some more

>> No.44839753

If I had to say it was probably Yukari trying to snuff out all possible organized resistance to her little operation.

>> No.44839865
File: 448 KB, 1948x1750, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_onionmay__652f24947e3c0a726c73e7e1e77349f4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey man, I write the other Ran storyline, any idea when you're posting your next piece? Our storylines coincide a lot, and since 3/5 ended on a closed note and yours on an open note with Yuuma, I'm thinking of waiting to see what you do before writing my next piece, so there are not many contractions in the general story.
sorry if it sounds silly, just wanted to ask

>> No.44839882

oh, please don't mind me
I just wrote that on a whim after seeing the ran discussion start, and I hadn't particularly intended to take it in any direction, so contradict away!
I wouldn't have time to write more regularly instead of writing the other story I'm meant to be doing

>> No.44839917

What story is that?

>> No.44839924
File: 2.10 MB, 600x600, rancopter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay, thanks!

>> No.44840028
File: 76 KB, 265x274, 1659661031184607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's good at long term plans and biding her time, but this case is different. Will she concoct some plot to out do Yukari at her own game, free Anon, and leverage that into marriage and guaranteed divine decedents? Or will she succumb to her lust and pitfalls of every other would be rescuer? Time will tell.

>> No.44840076

The only thing that goddess can do is unleash nuclear weapons on civilian population centers.
I doubt she'll succeed.

>> No.44840113
File: 136 KB, 800x800, neuron activated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Sanae, I'm going to visit the underground. I just had a great idea."

>> No.44840219

Unironically Kanako is his greatest hope, she's powerful being both a goddess of war and fertility and had the high time preference to ensure she succeds. Let's just hope that she can keep her title as the thousand year maiden in the face of it all

>> No.44840265

Kanako will save Anon. She doesn't know it, but she'll exploit the one fatal weakness in Yukari's barrier: Remaining a virgin after spending a night with Anon! Yukari never expected any woman inside the barrier to resist the best aphrodisiacs in Eientei, but Kanako's maidenhood is stronger! With this, the power of Kanako's pure love will overcome every obstacle in her way. And then she'll aggressively marry Anon and have five kids.

>> No.44840284
File: 342 KB, 1389x1666, __clownpiece_hecatia_lapislazuli_and_hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_ayahi_4__374934947e611ac5f77dcf1817cd7de1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Yukari prepared to deal with her, though?
She's going to pass by Gensokyo on a whim, discover this completely fucked up situation that makes Hell's punishments look mild by comparison, and decide that this must be some sort of Lunarian scheme before destroying it all.
Obviously, she's still fuck Anon somewhere in the process (let's hope he's gotten good enough to keep up with three girls at the same time), but at least he'll be a free man afterwards.

>> No.44840319
File: 920 KB, 1200x630, eirin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speaking of which, what does Eientei think of all of this? Is Eirin using the HSE TO conduct research on human-youkai breeding; drug effects and effectiveness; reactions to long-term enclosure and the sexual habits of Gensokyo's youkais?

>> No.44840365

>(let's hope he's gotten good enough to keep up with three girls at the same time)
In between Reimu's inhuman stamina, the various oni that frequent him, and parties of ladies that come for good time he most certainly can.
They're contracted first off
Eirien receives a favor from a sage
They receive data from anon
The ability to test drugs
And even a discount so the many Inaba can relieve their stress

Despite Eirins misgivings about Yukari this is a genuinely beneficial relationship. The only worry is Kaguya getting addicted to Anon if she takes up the offer for a free visit

>> No.44840376
File: 467 KB, 774x727, maripression.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe Reimu wasn't so bad...

>> No.44840396
File: 367 KB, 800x900, 027408e4c45aeeba75259376bd804bea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he'll be a free man afterwards
yeah, about that...

>> No.44840403

Well, more free at least

>> No.44840439

can you imagine Reimu's reaction if the next time he saw anon, he was wearing a welcome hell t-shirt and had a choker with all three heca planets on it?
she'd go ballistic

>> No.44840553
File: 138 KB, 834x1194, 2f93837c20ea361c47b41de475688b2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reisen sometimes had trouble understanding her master. This was to be expected. She was a simple moon rabbit and her master was the greatest genius on the Moon. Still, something like this perplexed her. When the Shrine Experience--no the brothel opened, Eirin quickly signed on by supplying drugs to the place. Selling medicine to the village was one thing, but supplying a brothel is another. Even if she asked Eirin why, she doubted she would get answer.

Reisen was taken aback when Eirin pulled her aside for a special task. "I need you to do a checkup on Hakurei Anon. I just need you to ask him the questions on this list and see if there's any obvious problems. Report back to me with what you find. Oh, and stay on task. Don't fool around." It was a sudden change of duty for her, and she didn't like it. She'd much rather be pulling nightly guard duty or digging ditches then doing a health check on a prostitute, but she had her orders.

Reisen walked into the HSE and went up the front desk. A very tired looking Yakumo Ran tired to her. "He's waiting for you. Don't worry, he's off the clock and the incense is out" Ran leaned forward, a look of quiet desperation coming onto her face "If you find anything, I mean anything wrong, you tell me okay? Go on in"

Reisen headed towards the shrine. It was really impressive, and she had to shove the thought to explore out of her mind. Stay on task, remember. She reached the door to the shrine and pulled it open, seeing Anon already waiting for her.

"Oh, my checkup. I'm ready" He said monitoring to a seat next to his. Reisen made sure to put a seat between them. Had to keep things professional. Reisen glanced over the list she was given and a blush formed on her face. She could ask the normal questions first.

"Well. Do you have consistent aches and pains in your body?" Reisen said in her best professional voice.

"No, just normal aches that go away in time, you know"

Reisen nodded, she did know. "Do you often feel nauseous or queasy?"

“Nah, I don’t” came the answer.

Another nod. “Are you often short of breath or do you notice heart palpitations?”

“Well, I sometimes get winded if things get intense, but no”

Ah, she got what he meant. She made her way down the list, each time Anon giving the indication that he was a healthy man. But soon, they reached those questions. No avoiding them now. “Do you have any issues getting or maintaining an errrrrrr” Reisen found the question froze on her lips.

“Getting it up?” Anon helpfully suggested as Reisen nodded, looking away. “No. I’d be in trouble if that were the case” Reisen didn’t respond to this attempt at humor and Anon awkwardly tapped at the table.

“Oh, okay. Do you have any issues with, ah, ejaculation?” Reisen said, spitting the last word out.

“No, that’s fine too. That drug I’ve been taking doesn’t effect anything other then my fertility for a while” Reisen had heard quite a bit about that drug in all the rumors. Maybe Eirin was using this place as a testbed for new drugs? That might make sense. It almost made her support of the whole place seem logical.

The exam was almost over, but the part Reisen was dreading the most was next. “I’ll have to ask you to disrobe please” Reisen swallowed and told herself this was a medical exam and there was nothing wrong with it. Just glance him over to see if anything is wrong then he’ll put on his clothes and it’ll all be over. Anon stood up, his mouth becoming a flat line. With swift, confident movements, he had undone his robes and sent them to the floor with a shrug of his shoulders.

>> No.44840562
File: 681 KB, 600x771, __clownpiece_hecatia_lapislazuli_and_hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_urin__0c7b35a0cbe13ef8697e2100489155d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, Hecatia is a firm believer in freedom. She only practices classy rape where she grabs a guy while he's casually minding his own business, has some fun with him, and then sends him back home with a pat on the ass.
She wouldn't lock him into a rape dungeon, stuff him full of drugs, and force him to service literally everything in Gensokyo. That's just messed up.

>> No.44840624
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>Tewi peeping on Raisen asking Anon funny questions fully expecting to prank Raisen when she's done only to see her filling anon with fertility pills and raping him like there's no tomorrow

>> No.44840644
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Reisen couldn’t help but wince. She had heard about it, but seeing it was something different. His body really was covered in scars. Many of these are old. Wounds that never properly healed. Caused by blunt force maybe? She’d have to get the doctor’s option. Some of the others were much more recent, she noted to her dismay. A few burn marks from Danmaku, some bruises, and at least one set of bite marks. These seemed to be healing better. The medicine was helping with the recovery, they might even be gone soon. The older ones would need treatment. She look at his arms. As strong as they looked, the scarring was obvious there. It was like someone rained blows down upon them as he shielded himself.

Reisen mouth pulled into a frown. All alone against an abuser, nobody to hear your cries. Your only chance is to run away, but to find yourself trapped in hell again. Something in her heart ached at the thought of it. She gave his body a quick onceover She assumed a certain organ didn’t need her attention seeing as she would have been told if something was off. It certainly seemed fine the few seconds she focused on it. “You can get dressed now. It’s over” Anon squatted down and picked up his robe, dressing himself again.

“Thanks” Anon said. “Is everything alright?”

No. It wasn’t. This man was healthy enough, but he needed treatment. The scars needed to be covered up and he needed to be brought away from here. It was poisoning his soul, slowly and surely. She knew this was the right thing to do. But she was expected to do, and she spoke the only words she could. “Yes, it is. You’re healthy. Congratulations” Before he could even give an answer, Reisen picked her things up and quickly exited the shrine. She headed for the door and went out to the reception area. Ran was still there, waiting.

“So? How did it go?” Ran said, expectation creeping into her voice.

Reisen sighed. She now understood why Ran was so interested in learning any health defects Anon might have had. “He’s healthy enough to continue his duties here. I’m sorry” Ran bowed her head and wrung her hands. “I could see if Eientei could take him in for a in-depth exam but I’m not sure if..”

“No, that’s fine” Ran said. “Thank you for checking in on him”

Without another word, Reisen began the trek back to Eientei.

“Thank you Reisen” Eirin said as she took the list from her servant, reading through the responded she had written down. “He seems healthy enough, and the drugs don’t seem to be having any effect on him. There shouldn’t be a need for any more examinations for a while”

“But all that scar tissue! You could heal it in just a few treatments here, so if you were to bring him over here..” Reisen found herself blurting out.

“Reisen” Eirin said in a tone that she knew too well. The line had been crossed. “He is healthy. I am not making the arrangements to bring a patient here for a cosmetic surgery. We have better uses of our time”

Reisen’s ears dropped, she knew there was no arguing. “Of course, I understand. Are you going to keep supplying the uh, place?” She winced, knowing she was getting dangerously close to sounding disrespectful.

Eirin glanced at Reisen briefly until her gaze returned to the paper “For as long as it is needed. Now, the stockroom needs to cleaned and stock kept. Go do that”

“Of course” Reisen replied as she slumped away, her mind anywhere but the menial task she was assigned to.

>> No.44840717

freedom to fuck him in public where all the other husbandless youkai and humans can impotently seethe at what they cannot have

>> No.44840729
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>A few burn marks from Danmaku
was it Reimu, or someone really gets horny by blasting others with Danmaku? I'm curious now
also, nice addition, anon!

>> No.44840878

Gohei stick beatings from reimu while they where powered with magic.

>> No.44841189
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Surely Shiki-sama will be the one to save Anon?

>> No.44841247
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she'd give the mother of all lectures to Yukari before assblasting her
>Was creating a megabrothel for the entirety of the women population of Gensokyo REALLY the best way of salvaging a marriage?

>> No.44841277
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>> No.44841539
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Chen is an inspiration to all. If she can ride a bike up the worlds tallest hill then she can save Anon. Don't know how she's going to do it, but she's going to do it.

>> No.44841546

No one but Megumu or Yuuka would do such a thing as far as we know. Reimu goes in for physical beatings and the rest of the girls in the story wouldn't dare harm him.

>> No.44841567
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She's one of the few that could and would even be able to resist any temptation Yukari may throw at her. The only reason she wouldn't is due to her position.
I could see her going to the HSE and bitching out literally every patron and youkai that dares to visit it before going to Anon's quarters and having a nice a cup of tea with him while telling him that he needs to be more assertive with the women around him.

>> No.44841581

As if, all yukari would have to do is throw a few yen towards that corrupt prostitute of a judge and she'd roll over.

>> No.44841590
File: 156 KB, 850x917, __yakumo_ran_and_chen_touhou_drawn_by_poronegi__sample-31a2ea5f3b1d7e14c9b4fc588493117d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

blessed Chen believer

>> No.44841593
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Yukari would have to throw her own karma at her for it to be of any worth to a judge of right and wrong, and Yukari is sorely lacking in anything resembling good karma

>> No.44841739
File: 639 KB, 1620x1080, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_kasuya_baian__aacac67d17da8a0aa0b4c7ebcf29d1c5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aya’s heart was beating in her throat. The bedroom was dark, but the candles providing soft light and Aya’s own youkai nature allowed her see clearly. A curtain was drawn over a likely-cosmetic window and a wardrobe was tucked away in the corner, likely containing Anon’s clothes. The large bed dominated the room, big enough to fit five adults all side-by-side. Nightstands sat by each side containing gods-alone know what kind of toys or drugs. Overlooking everything above the bedhead was a vulgar, ornate sign, commanding every woman who read it: “Please the Hakurei God and receive his blessing.” Ying-yang orbs just like Reimu’s were hanging from the sign, stylized in the crude imitation of a man’s tool. Nothing in this room could distract her from Anon’s job.

Just a moment ago, he was carelessly chatting with her. It was almost solemn how Anon led the tengu over to the edge of the bed, motioning her to sit next to him. She swallowed her pulse and followed him, tensing up as the shrine husband shifted himself behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders. Big hands. They were warm, wrapping around her collar and making the reporter feel exposed despite every thread of her clothes clinging tightly to her body. Anon started moving, making small circles that penetrated deep below her skin. “Just relax. Let me make you feel good.” All she could think to do was nod back, shivering as her body started melting under his touch. It felt good. Soooo good. Aya realized that her breasts were exposed when a shock of pleasure came from her tengu tips.

His strong, deliberate caresses felt nothing like what Aya did by herself. It felt greedy, like he was taking it for himself. Like he would never let go. Topless and groped, the tengu tried to preserve the little bit of dignity she had left by holding in her voice. She was losing focus; He was kneading her soft flesh until the thought of pounding her flesh against his consumed the girl’s mind. Her breathing was heavy and slow once he moved on, mentally preparing herself for the inevitable assault on her nether regions.

When Anon touched touched the base of her wings, she yelped for the first time that night.

(Part 9)

>> No.44841779

What is going on the Hakurai god's mind seeing his priest being raped daily in a perfect replica of his shrine?

>> No.44841806
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"Thank (Dragon) God it's not happening here."
Makes you think about how jaded the Hakurei god has to be to put up with the mikos and still give them overwhelming power.

>> No.44841807

"lmao even"

>> No.44841815
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>"lmao, even"

>> No.44841921

crazy how fast this thread went compared to the first one

>> No.44841973
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More writefags, multiple subplots, shitposing, jeering, cheering, and speculation over said plots. Compared to last thread there are many more story posts and most in the span of 2 days.

>> No.44842051
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Hijiri was rather surprised by how little convincing it took most of her youkai disciples to attend this event. Most were onboard before she even announced that she believed that they needed to learn from the kind soul that resided in that hell.

She was rather annoyed that some of her faithful joked that the meditations and prayers they could do there would send them straight to heaven.

She was outright angered that some of them, namely a certain Ghost and Chimera, seemed to have some kind of first hand knowledge of the on goings of the establishment and joked with the others about it.

Still she saw that most of them hid their nervousness behind their jokes and some outright were nervous about it. Good, she thought, this was training to learn from a human; those that she knew most of them looked down on to a degree, to become better than they were now.

She'd broker no dissent about their purpose even as they teased each other about like a bunch of juveniles. Eventually they settled seeing Byakuren's seriousness, or at least pretended too, either one was acceptable for now. Besides, as long as they understood then should it come down to it they'd be even more committed than they were at their jokes if they were to leave try to leave with him.

The appointment day came at last, all but the two problem children were jovial enough to joke around with the other girls being silent in their nervousness. It was a good thing since they weren't going to play, they were going to learn. Hijiri just hoped that that man was all that he was cracked up to be otherwise she'd feel like a fool for trusting anything from that elaborate Tengu lie they called a newspaper.

They met the Shikigami at their allotted time after coming in deep and concealing cloaks, should it all pan out than next time they came here they'd be proud and loud as they claimed him as a disciple. Not even Yukari could stop them if they so wished, not without causing a major incident revolving around the many faithful in the village she commanded.

Still, despite playing the part of the thief in coming in under the cover of dark and in disguise she couldn't help but feel irked at the kitsune's attitude towards them. Outwardly there was nothing wrong with her upbeat demeanor and cheery introduction, but Hijiri was no fool and she could see the disgust she regarded them with. The comment of how, 'even the faithful need reprieve from the world' was clearly meant to rub them the wrong way...

She didn't bring it up however, it was beneath her to fall for the provocations of one blinded by the world as the kitsune was after all. As the group holding that silver ticket she and her followers were let through the games and other amusements rather quickly, much to the dismay of some of the more immature girls. It didn't bother her though, since now that they were dressed and bathed in the garments provided they were free to conduct their business that they came here for.

They walked through the large sliding doors and what she felt was a rather potent barrier into a large and expansive area. The shrine she knew from her sporadic business with the Hakurei miko was recreated here and for the first time she realized just the kind of hell this man was trapped in.

As if planned a subtle change overcame some of the more weakwilled of her disciples, a pungent and wholesome smell of food overcame the group setting them at a strange sort of ease. It would've affected her too if not for her sensing something else underneath it, a form of trickery manifested in the air itself. Unlike the wholesome scent of food it was a sweetened scent that lingered on the brain like an intoxicating beverage.

It was just a trial for herself and the others, like any other. She knew she could resist, though she was worried about some of her disciples they seemed to be holding up well, they could watch after each other without her micromanaging them. Byakuren was satisfied as she walked up to the mock-up of the shrine itself, she noted that outside the veranda there was a large blanket and almost equally long table set up, much like the one she knew from the parties she attended there all those years ago.

A soothing and manly voice rang out from the interior of the shrine that strangely rubbed off on her mind like warm thick wax, "Welcome home dears, I hope you don't mind waiting a few moments more. The food is almost ready and the tea will be served shortly!"

Hijiri called out, to the voice with a simple affirmation as it would be rude not too. She turned to her cohorts to command them to not impose more than necessary but apparently, and much to her dismay they seemed to be entranced despite their training. Even the loudmouthed girls in their unbuddhist like outfits seemed to grin as they sat expectantly at the ornate table.

She'd have to make sure to have a talk with them later...

>> No.44842087

Thats the effect of good smut and many anons having fun with a silly plot

>> No.44842176
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Turning off the censers and replacing the weird combination Yukari forces me to use for every single 'job' with the combination Chen likes, I excitedly murmured a lullaby, a calm smile and an oddly good attitude following my every move.

Even though I know and dread what will happen when 'we' open again in an hour, I have grown to appreciate these small and routine moments of respite like a man lost in the desert appreciates rain. Godsend, I'd call them.

My smile grows a bit when the door opens, and I turn with a greeting on the tip of my tongue, expecting hugs and a resume of what Chen did today. Yukari locked the door with malicious intent, her golden eyes on mine like those of a predator. Day turned to night, and a lump rose from my stomach to my throat, lodging there like a parasite. She was, like always, dressed in a Miko outfit.

The silence hung for a moment, and, feeling dead, I put on a fake smile, feeling the blood drain from my cheeks and my eyes desiring to close. "Yukari, good morning. I'm on my break now." —Go away, please—my mind pledged, but mechanically, my body moved to prepare tea for us. She went through the motions in silence, and I didn't question; the looming dread creeping like shadows.

We sat down on the kotatsu with tea between us.

She smiled, satisfied. "Darling, good evening. Yes, I know you are on break and were expecting another person. Chen will not be coming; she's busy." I struggled to hide my contempt. Questioning Yukari never ends well, so I nodded slowly. "But I have an important matter to discuss with you." She picked up the tea and put her other hand on top of the table. Like a robot, I reached for it and intertwined our fingers.

She was not smiling anymore.

"A woman I've had an eye on just entered the village and is heading here. She's dangerous and powerful." She described 50% of the clientele, but I didn't dare to say it. "Toutetsu Yuuma is her name, and she's likely coming here to 'save' you." There was cold disgust in her voice.

My body jolted, fingers squeezing Yukari's. She squeezed back: I felt like my hand would explode, a whimper barely hidden.

"But we do not want that, do we?" I motioned my head, and she stopped squeezing, retracting her hand and drinking from her tea. "Yet, I can't exactly go against her. Despite my powers, I have limitations and, mainly, masks to maintain. Do you understand what this means, Anon?"

... I nodded: There's hope this Toutetsu can help me, and I almost smiled. Almost. Common sense saved me. It's Yukari telling me this: whatever she's doing, it was thought and pondered.

She acted like merely moving a piece.

"I can't have that. You're here to be punished. Leaving before your punishment is done wouldn't be good, nor would it help Reimu become a better person—which means you're not leaving." She gently moved the liquid inside the teacup—!

A gap opened on top of the kotatsu, and a small pebble inside a small, transparent plastic bag fell onto it.

Another gap opened beneath the plastic bag...

Yukari drank the rest of the tea, eyes closed.

... The third and last gap opened; the same bag was now covered in a fetid and horrid yellow liquid splatting on the kotatsu. I winced.

"Someone you know felt a small stomach pain just now," she began. "It was light and lasted only a moment." My eyebrows frowned, and I felt my heart clenching. Someone? Who...? Yukari then opened her eyes, not a smudge of good humor as she pointed to the bag covered in the acidic liquid. "When Toutetsu comes here, you'll remain in character: 'I am here to teach Reimu a lesson', 'Yukari is taking good care of me', and 'I'll return to Reimu when she redeems herself'..."

She paused for a moment, letting the words sink.

"And if you get out of the script or show any sign of doing it, I'll be teleporting this ricin pellet—a poison that can't be traced nor cured, and in this quantity, it'll kill before the person even gets on a stretcher to Eientei—inside this bag and leaving it there."

... What...

My mouth dried, hands were shaking. I looked at Yukari, then at the plastic bag covered in stomach acid. I felt faint.

"... W-Who?"

Yukari smiled calmly. I paled.

Anyone... Hana, Marisa, Sanae, one of the Primrivers, Sanae—it could be anyone I know, and I won't know and—

Feeling like left in a pit to rot, tears on the edge of my eyes, my throat burning, I frantically nodded. Satisfied, Yukari got up from her seat, rounded the table, and stopped behind me, her arms locking around my neck.

It reminded me of the start of this nightmare.

A gap took the bag and acid away, Yukari's lips on my ear. "Good boy... Now, we still have some time before your day starts—would you care to give your wife her special treatment~?"

I felt like crying, yet I simply gulped it down, her firm hands already on the way of taking away my clothes.

"Sure, darling. Everything for you."

Robbed, used, and left shackled again, awaiting the next one. Another day of many.

>> No.44842237
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>When Anon touched touched the base of her wings, she yelped for the first time that night.
bless your soul, anon

>> No.44842293
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kek, now I am imagining Byakuren trying to keep everyone sane when the true trials start. I'll be a fucking gauntlet

>> No.44842331

Oh Yukari, always the kidder she is. She played her prank so well even Anon fell for it!

>> No.44842363
File: 175 KB, 1134x1890, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_yakumora_n__0950e3ad00d60599fce12d12e8c29d33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just a little trolling, silly anon, believing all that

>> No.44842455

Okina, you useless lech, you were supposed to be distracting her!
What, did you catch a glimpse of a little girl and get distracted!?

>> No.44842684
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At the very least Ran and Yuuma are perceptive enough to know something is wrong, even if they don't know the exact details. Anon doesn't care much what happens to him as seen with all the physical trauma he's taken, however it's a different matter entirely if "instant death to a loved one" is held against him for any perceived slip-up. You simply can't hide that kind of stress, he's still Human; the terror and despair will be plain as day in his eyes, even if he puts on his best fake smile and the mannerisms expected of a househusband. If Yuuma isn't effected by the charms like she said, then I'd say there's a pretty good chance she'll be out of there when she realizes she can't do anything at the moment. Unlike the other girls with good intentions, she's a rude bitch and won't beat around the bush or sample the cutesy food he made. If Anon's is gappy's little good boy then she'll find herself talking to a wall failing to get anywhere.
>Yukari has eyes on the walls, we keep him caged, and we still suspect him. It must feel like hell.
The truth of this statement revealed. It's a Saw traphouse masquerading as a cutesey amusement park for frustrated women. A factory of sadness.
Regardless, minor setback to the door hag. If we put her on the same level as Yukari as a "competent" sage: she's got contingencies and plan B through Z to try next. It's not truly over until everyone's had a ride on Yukari's Hakurei Express.

>> No.44842793
File: 701 KB, 1172x1300, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_drawn_by_maguro_mawaru_sushi__da4c2cc4f4f2f2e1ae3529ee14041d03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

“H-Hey! Be gentle there!” Aya had never felt a touch like that. It never made sense to touch herself by her wings, but it felt like a deep, urgent itch was being scratched for the first time.


“Sorry about that darling. I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt.” Anon went back to stroking the sensitive skin, slowly tugging off yet another replica of his wife’s robes. No matter how many times he’s done this, he still has his male instincts. In front of him was a woman with dark black hair, full, heaving breasts, shapely hips, and slender legs. Her breasts were larger and the girl a bit taller, but this view struck a familiar nerve in Anon’s brain. Touching the soft, feathery limbs reminded him that she was different, but his erection didn’t care. It was his job to make her feel good now.


As the red-white outfit slipped off from behind her, Aya’s body only felt hotter. Heat started building in her lower belly. She wasn’t an idiot, she knew what her body was getting ready for. None of the tengu that visited this place got pregnant so the contraceptive should work. She just needs a little bit of it inside of her womb-just enough to cool it down. Then she’ll-no no no you’re not thinking straight Aya! Even if he’s shooting blanks he can’t do it inside, it’s too risky! The pills might not work and aaaaaa-

Anon’s hands had wandered lower. Palming her mons. Caressing her labia. It was agonizing to feel him teasing her. She could feel his fingers become slicker with her own juices. She wanted to run away. She wanted him to hurry up and ram it into her. The tengu no longer cared about letting out her voice as the man behind her slowly parted her lower lips. The pad of one finger started caressing her entrance. Then two. They pushed deeper into her body, caressing her sensitive spots. The exploration of her private place left Aya on the edge of an orgasm building since she walked into the room. But she didn’t want it happening like this.

Aya turned around and faced Anon. He had a serious, focused look on his face. The gentle husband that sat with her for tea and listened rapt to her every word was hidden behind a grim expression. “Anon? Honey?” Her voice quivered from pleasure and a reluctance to hear how this side of Anon responded.

Like a wave, concern and warmth washed over the prisoner of paradise’s face. “What’s wrong darling? Do you want me slow down? Or… are you ready to move on now?” She was relieved: Even when he was doing his job, his caring, attentive side was there. The side she wanted to see when she had to accept him inside of her.

“I-I think I’m ready. I want you inside of me.” She moved herself further onto the bed. “Come, sit over here,” she said, motioning near her. She wanted to have as much control as possible over her this as she could. That thing between his legs… his cock… she wanted to make sure it didn’t hurt. That she could jump off as soon as he came.

“Is this good, dear?”

“Yes! Yes! Now just hold me!” Aya straddled her hus – the shrine husband’s lap, holding onto his shoulders as she settled down. She was looking right at his face as his cock pressed against her pussy, knocking at her womb through her pelvis. “Just… just be gentle, okay? I haven’t really done much of this before... with someone else...”

>> No.44842895
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>over a 1000 years old
>" I haven’t really done much of this before... with someone else..."
oh nonono, Aya's a femcel
at least Anon will be knocking the autism from her :D

>> No.44842944
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either way, Yukari brought herself time and managed to spread even more confusion about what the hell is going on in the HSE, although that would certainly turn Okina's curiosity into attention. for all that we know, maybe those are Yukari's intentions and she has a convoluted Bible of Sin of a plan to turn Okina to her side or something. She already has Kasen in her pockets
damn, Factory of Sadness sounds like a great name for the whole thread

>> No.44843053
File: 279 KB, 1611x1665, __hijiri_byakuren_touhou_drawn_by_fensedekaoji__a0b2915e788e48546a48a76f50afe0b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hijiri simply observed the scene playing out in front of her, wholesome food and drink had been served and her disciples ate their fill. Anon was the main focus of her observations, he swam around the girls like a fish through water.

He disarmed the bite from the good captain, intrigued the normally aloof chimera (in a manner that suggested they already had some barely concealed rapport, something to remember), got the serious avatar to smile, set at ease the dutiful guard, and even took special care to make the yamabiko and servant of the avatar comfortable despite the clear edge to them.

His handling of the girls wasn't the issue, though how easily they were swayed was, but it was the smile he made while joking with Nue and Murasa, the parental experience at setting kyouko at ease despite the manifest discomfort she had in her outfit and the atmosphere, and the helpful and encouraging remarks that got them all chatting and joking with him like old friends.

The atmosphere was as lively as it was during their festivities on the holidays if not more so, and she couldn't detect even a hint of falsehood behind his actions. She had no doubt that his actions were something he's done many times over, that was the nature of this establishment after all.

However, it was clear that he genuinely wanted to make them happy, or perhaps let himself forget his station through their smiles... At least for now she detected nothing obviously amiss.

Well nothing amiss with his desire to please at least... With her disciples she noticed plenty wrong, how some of them seemed to eat him alive with their eyes the more time he spent with them, how Kyouko seemed to flush as she leaned against him, how even Shou tried keeping him at her side... She didn't miss the wondering hands she saw the girls let drift under the table either, that at least was rectified with a subtle glare the main culprits knew all too well.

Hijiri's notes were interrupted despite the seriousness of her duties in the form of the subject of her observations himself. Hijiri had been sitting at the end of the table as her station dictated, and her standoffish attitude ensures that till now no one had dared get too close.

Though now that the girls were chatting amongst themselves he brooched her personal space with a gentle smile. Unlike the spontaneity he displayed with the others the words he had for her were drawn out. Instead of the jokes, physical contact, and stories he saved for the girls he simply sat next to me.

His next words were... not what Hijiri expected, he looked at the girls like they were precious as he remarked to her about how proud she must have been to have them as her followers.

There was a smile as he recalled what he heard about how determined they were at breaking her out of her confinement. How he regretted that he was never able to sit down and talk with her before, how much he valued her coming here and allowing him to experience their company.

In that moment Hijiri could start to see behind the affable mask he wore, she could see the pain. She could see the honesty in the passion he had, the passion wasted here amusing those that didn't care about him.

As if natural, like a husband talking to his wife as he watched over their energetic children he took her hand as he asked her a few broaching questions. Before she knew it she was opening up to him, she was talking about the temple, laying out a bit of her stress in the various aspects of her duties and more.

He listened to it all without a hint of merely pretending to care. It was easy to talk to him, too easy, it was even easier Hijiri to let her eyes wonder now that she was analyzing him up close. The way his chest heaved when he laughed, how his shoulders framed him as he refilled her drink before she even realized she'd sipped through it, even how despite the storied scaring the loose yukuta he wore caught the eye as it split open ever so slightly more.

Byakuren found her observations waning and realized that much like the tengu bragged his attentions were nothing to be trifled with. He really was the shining jewel of this den of sin, yet somehow uncovered by its filth despite being at the center of it.

She was listening to him talk, it was soothing and the words put her at peace like when she sat in the inner sanctum chanting mantra. It was so soothing that she didn't even notice when he stopped, nor that her disciples were calling her name.

Hijiri only snapped back to reality once Anon put his hand on her shoulder and glided it up to her face. It was then the words Anon had been saying finally registered, her disciples were trying to get her attention.

She turned to them, reluctant to break her eyes from the... target of her observations only to find all of her disciples grinning at her like juveniles catching a sibiling staring at a boy for the first time.

The tengu newspaper for once wasn't lying, she had found a deep peace in Anon.

>> No.44843059
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Lets be honest. Kasen really isn't sage material, she's an Oni that can talk to animals. She's a "sage" because she could talk to a Dragon God with a capital G. Okina and Yukari might see each other on equal footing, but you can't say the same for Kasen. "Virtuous and modest" she says as she slurps down her fourteenth ama-ama dango. Couldn't even resist some magic incense she had no idea was affecting her. Byakuren knew something was up, and yet Kasen fell to her vices. I think Yukari would need a hell of a plan to bring the prideful Secret God—who wants to get one up on her—over to her side.

>> No.44843136

Damn lewd tengu and her dorky nature...
I can't believe Anon is going to be a father, again! For the fourth time!

>> No.44843149

>For the fourth time
That we know

>> No.44843150

Its not Kasen's fault that Anon had Hammer's Kasen in mind when he wrote her chapter! Kasen is a smart girl who wouldn't fall to her vices like this! Really!

>> No.44843163
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I would bet money that if Yukari is visiting as much as is claimed she 100% is carrying a little half gappy inside her.
Anon must have impregnated at a dozen different between Marisa and Aya's shenanigans

>> No.44843226

>fucks Anon try everyday, makes sure to collect every drop of semen like it's gold
>is probably using the Gensokyo equivalent of crack cocaine in experimental fertility increasing meds
>STILL can't fertilize anything inside the Saara she calls womb
Good Dragon God, if a miracle doesn't happen by the next storyline better put the hag in suicide watch

>> No.44843250
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Well said, anon, well said

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The moment was here. All of Aya’s sources said that it may look frightening, but that the pain would turn into pleasure as long as she took it slow. She never felt herself actually break her hymen, but it should’ve thinned out over time, right? It wasn’t like she wasn’t an active girl, and her sessions pleasuring herself alone should have done some damage. Compared to some danmaku battles she’s been in, this shouldn’t even hurt at all!

Carefully, she lowered herself onto Anon’s tip. She could feel her body slowly parting over the head of his cock. Once she felt the lip of his glans enter her, she held her body in place. Aya started gyrating her hips, side-to-side, then in small circles as she felt his cock drag in and out of her. It was excruciating to feel her pleasure mounting, but she wanted to make sure her body was comfortable. Once she found a light rhythm, she opened up her eyes and looked at Anon’s face. All this time, he was smiling at her with that gaze that made her feel special. Her lower lips throbbed as she yearned to take him deeper, lowering herself slowly down his shaft. “Y-You know, you can start moving a little, if you want to.” He was staying still all this time, and Aya wanted him to at least have a little participation. She braced herself to feel him thrust straight past her cervix.

Instead, he simply started to move his hands. While Aya took Anon’s shaft bit by bit, he started caressing her body. Her waist, her tummy, her butt, he used his practiced hands to feel every inch of the reporter’s body. It was nice, and it made her feel wanted. But it was a little too soft and too light for how far she had come. She was having sex, real sex, and Anon was just touching her, right at the edge…

It was when Anon tugged the back of her wings that she suddenly lost grip of his shoulders. Skewered as far as her body could take it, Aya found out that her hymen was, indeed, still there.

And now it wasn’t.

As she bent backwards, she slowly lowered her body to the bed. Except that as she did, she could still feel Anon’s cock throbbing deep inside of her cunt, stimulating parts of her she never felt before. Every degree she fell made her pelvis throb in a pulse of pain and warmth. The throes of her simultaneous orgasm and deflowering left the poor girl’s body almost unresponsive. Then, both of Anon’s hands traveled up her waist. He started holding her up, the tips of her wings barely touching the silken sheets below. The shrine husband was sitting straight up and Aya’s was at an angle, connected to his body at the nethers. “W-wait. Wait a minute Anon. What are you going to-haaaaah” the tengu couldn’t finish her question before the horny human started thrusting into her. It was slow and careful. Then, the man let his instincts creep in. Aya’s generous mounds rocked back and forth as Anon sped up his pace.

Aya could barely think. The sensation in her pussy was overwhelming her rational thought as the pain turned into a pure numbing of her senses. She could feel her body moving. She could feel Anon’s hands gripping her waist with fervor. She could even feel her feathers brush against the soft fabric underneath as they flit around wildly. Her first coherent thought was to feel even more of this pounding sensation. Willing her hips to seek out more of this wonderful cock, her voice came out on it’s own. “HAH, haaaaa. Ahhhhhh. do it….. do it more!” Anon obliged the tengu’s demand, thrusting faster now that he knew she could handle it.

Sex. Sex. Sex. All the horny little tengu could do was rock her hips back and forth as Anon’s efforts brought her back to the brink of climax. This was different: She could feel every inch of his cock sawing into her, and could feel it throbbing with need. He was close to his own climax. The girl brought herself back up to Anon’s face, eyes filled with love and head full of lust. She brought her arms around her darling’s shoulders and rode his lap, eager for her reward.

(Part 11)

>> No.44843706
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“Aya. Dear, I’m getting close, do you want me to pull out?” It was a stupid question. His breath was heavy, and he wasted it on something that obvious?

“Why would you do that, darling?” She brought her legs around his hips and tightened them together. “I’m your wife, aren’t I? You’re supposed to cum inside of me~” The reporter brought her lips closer to the man’s ear. “You need to shoot it all inside of me. All of it. Don’t you dare pull out. Fill me up!” The tengu whispered every dirty thought she could muster into her husband’s ears, clenching her pussy and waiting for him to finally sate her thirst and put out the fire he started with his dick. She needed him to flood her womb.

“Ah. Ahhh. Aya, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!” Anon’s resistance finally gave out as he wrapped his arms around the tengu and let out his load.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Knock me up!” The girl dug her nails into Anon as she climaxed. Deep in her brain, a sense of satisfaction filled her as she felt Darling’s hot cum fill her womb and drown her needs. It was a feeling of pure bliss.

After he finished depositing his load inside his “wife” for the night, Anon pulled out of her and reached over to one of the nightstands. Taking out a cloth, he wiped off his semen and the proof of Aya’s maidenhood from his member while offering a cloth to the recovering reporter. “Here you are, honey. Thank you for keeping me company tonight.” However, instead of a hand reaching for the towel, her face, lips and tongue met his. He found himself pushed down and on the receiving end of a desperate tongue-fucking from Aya, eyes glazed over in lust. After finding his now-hardening cock with one hand, she guided it to her yearning cunt and sheathed him once more. Her moan was enough to make her break off the kiss and allow Anon to breathe.

“What do you mean, Honey? I still feel so lonely. Won’t you keep me company?~” The tengu once again invaded Anon’s mouth and began pistoning her hips.

Climax after climax, the tengu would not let Anon separate from her. Riding her Dearest as easily as she rode the wind, Aya wrung shot after shot from the man. When the poor man had a chance to speak, Aya took a swig from the energy drinks stored in the nightstands and fed it to him, mouth-to-mouth. Feeling her lover’s warmth seep into her only incensed her desires as she continued to demand care from her shrine husband. When the tengu’s brain finally caught up with her body, the soreness in her crotch demanded that she take a break. Reluctant to separate from her beloved, Aya had the genius idea to switch from her lower lips to her upper lips, taking her lover back into her welcoming body.

When even her mouth couldn’t perk up her husband’s lovely rod of worship, Aya did what any good wife would do and lovingly caressed it. After all, her man used it to give her so much pleasure, so it deserved only the best treatment. In the back of her mind, she remembered how some tengu sources complained about how hard it was when a string of cum happened to land in their wings. She knew that none of those girls would use every part of their body to please their man. When the soft, feathery touch of her wing grazed against his cock, it sprung back to life. Truly, it was a miracle of their devotion.

When Aya woke up to a chime, she felt something warm around her. Shifting around, it felt like a blanket. Just the softest blanket she’s ever felt in her life. Grasping with her hands, she felt something warm and fleshy. Opening her eyes, she could make out in the candlelight the face of a human she recognized. No, it wasn’t that witch or that half-ghost… blinking a few times, she realized she was staring at the face of Anon. Not only that, but she was wrapped around him. Suddenly, the smell of carnality and the scattering of used towels reminded Aya of her frenzy that ended only moments ago. It was a good thing Anon wasn’t awake because the tengu would die of shame if she had to look him in the eyes after her rampage.

Swiftly, she disentangled herself from the human and left the luxurious bed. It seems like he cleaned her body up before passing out himself. A quick scan of the room left Aya wondering where her shameful outfit lie. Choosing the wardrobe to investigate first, she quietly opened the bottom drawer. It was empty, except for something shiny and silver.

It was Anon’s wedding band. Given its own private drawer in the room he was trapped in.

The tengu found her robes in the drawer above and quickly left. She made her way past the disapproving kitsune and changed into her own clothes and left the building, vowing never to return. She had her story. Aya took to the sky when-

Wait, it was still dark? It was evening when she came. Checking the HSE's clock, only a few hours had passed. That couldn’t be, could it?

Did Anon go through this THAT many times a day?

(Part 12)

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The incense? Yes, the incense is to blame! Kasen would never do without some dastardly spell effecting her. Anon agreed to doing it anyway so there was nothing wrong with it anyway! How could she resist, huh?

>> No.44843886
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>She made her way past the disapproving kitsune and changed into her own clothes and left the building, vowing never to return.
Mhm, right. Sure a lot of "reporting" you did, like I'm sure you'll be back to get your next "scoop" for another review for your… "news" paper.

>> No.44844001

Aya really is just a horny bird.

>> No.44844619

Shameimaru Aya was despicable, but at least that was only because she was a journalist.

Ran watched her from the desk. She didn't move her head, because she wasn't sure she could keep herself from lashing out if she looked directly at any of the 'customers' after they were finishing raping someone who's only crime was not wanting to be abused anymore.

She was walking funny. They usually were. That aphrodisiac masquerading as incense that pervaded everywhere beyond the entrance was so strong that Ran could smell it. It made her nose wrinkle and sent revulsion running through her. In nine of out ten cases, she had found that the customer wouldn't be able to resist, and they would fuck Anon until they were satisfied or he passed out, whichever came first. Aya looked to be from the first category, which made it better.

But only slightly better.

There had been no word from Toutetsu since she had emerged days prior. She'd been the one exception to the rule. Ran didn't know if she'd fucked Anon at all, but if she had, she had made it once and done, which stood in clear contrast to her voracious appetite. It was one of her many contradictions, and Ran knew her well enough to know that if she was committed to helping, she would. Still, when she had emerged, she had done little more than wordlessly nod toward Ran before walking straight out of the door into the rain, disappearing like she was nothing more than a phantom.

"Ran~" The voice came from her left ear, which made Ran jolt up, but when she turned, no one was there. "Be a dear and lock the doors, would you?" Ran turned to look ahead of her. There she was. Yukari Yakumo, the master that Ran served unconditionally. The master that had started all of this in the first place. "I'm itching for some time with my sweet, sweet...Mhm, delectable Anon." Ran forced her face to stay still, but opened a gap of her own using Yukari-sama's powers and forced all the doors to lock. "Thank you, dear." Yukari-sama said as if she was speaking to a child. She walked toward the entrance, leaving Ran to stare at the door leading outside and try and force down the wave of anger that pulsed through her hotter than the sun. "Ran?" Turning her head, she paled slightly at the change in Yukari-sama's demeanour. "You aren't harbouring any...negative thoughts, are you?"

"My thoughts toward you are the same as they were when I started serving you, Yukari-sama." Ran forced herself to say, her words measured and calm.

"Good. That's good, Ran, and would you like to know why?" There they were. The honeyed, overly sweet words that disguised the killing intent of an overwhelmingly powerful youkai. Ran knew that tone well enough to know that Yukari-sama was about to either say or do something dangerous. "I've been feeling very paranoid lately. Why, it's almost as if I can feel someone plotting against me!"

Ran tilted her head in a way that years of practice had honed into an art. "Who would do such a thing, Yukari-sama?"

"Oh, I couldn't begin to guess!" Yukari-sama leaned over the desk, her face inches from Ran's own. "So I simply must suspect everybody. Even my dear shikigami who loves me so much. Even her lovely cat. Even my own fellow sages." Her eyes bore into Ran's own, and for just a moment, the shikigami lost control and the beast inside was screaming at her in her mind, that there was something very, very dangerous in front of her and that those eyes, youkai-like even to a youkai, could see everything. "But you wouldn't betray me." Yukari-sama murmured. "You of all people wouldn't dare."

"No, Yukari-sama..." Ran whispered back, feeling the hope she'd delicately cultivated in the past few days shatter back into nothing. No one could prevent Yakumo Yukari from doing what she wanted. No one.

"But just in case, I feel I should remind you of the consequences." Yukari-sama stepped back, and for just a moment, Ran saw the madness in her eyes. A gap opened over her waiting hand, and into it dropped a key. "This key opens a wonderful little torture chamber that I found in eastern Europe. No one knows where it is. No one knows the state of the tools within. Listen to me, Yakumo Ran." Her voice was cold as ice, and twice as sharp as a knife. "If you betray me, I will use this key. I will return your precious Chen to you in whatever state I deem necessary." Ran was frozen, completely at her mercy. The beast within her should have been screaming with rage, but was instead stunned into silence and overwhelming fear. "Do not think yourself clever enough to outsmart me. Never, ever assume you are capable of that."

"I...I would never, Yukari-sama..." Ran breathed.

"Good!" As if a switch had been flipped, her entire demeanour changed. "Now, I fancy some alone time!" She burst through the doors, practically skipping. "Darling, I'm home~" She called as the doors slid shut behind her.

No, thought Ran, trying and failing to keep the tears from coming. Hope was an illusion spread by the cruel.

>> No.44844884
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>Wait, it was still dark? It was evening when she came. Checking the HSE's clock, only a few hours had passed. That couldn’t be, could it?
>Did Anon go through this THAT many times a day?
That was a plot point I haven't had the time to touch on yet(no pun intended)
Thanks for bringing it up

>> No.44844937

I wonder what totetsu and Anon talked about? By canon timeline they would've met before at least once since her involved incidents would've happened during the happy start of their marriage.

>> No.44844961

considering yukari threatened anon with poisoning one of the people he cares about, they probably didn't have much to say
I assume toutetsu would have been smart enough to not say anything incriminating, either

>> No.44845043

Like another anon said the most likely outcome was him doing his normal charade to the T. Totetsu would've likely been a bit brash in her questioning knowing that Yukari couldn't do anything to her if she tried.
Still the gote is unlikely to turn down free food and drink, especially some so expertly cooked and likely ate while getting the feel of Anon. It would be obvious to someone like her how close he is to the edge and she'd be able to tell what a cornered animal is like.

She could see the writing on the wall despite his careful answers, probably smell the fear in his actions easily enough. In the end I would doubt the gote would go for the physical side of things as she already stated her distaste for this entire thing. Its likely she simply spent the time left eating away the pantry or listening to Anon's small talk.

>> No.44846129
File: 518 KB, 1168x1750, __hijiri_byakuren_touhou_drawn_by_huyusilver__e540c8d86f79b3968fa4ce9ae807defd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Sated and with smiles on everyone's faces Hijiri found herself cold when Anon wasn't sitting with her. She felt a tinge of an odd jealousy when he left to amuse her girls.

She knew this was what he was here for so she couldn't begrudge him for it, and heavens knew some of those girls especially needed to find their inner peace. Still, did he have to leave to do so? Surely they could just come up to her instead?

Well she didn't make a scene, it'd be unbecoming of her... Besides this was to take a measure of him wasn't it? To scout out a perfect disciple that could embody her ideals of bridging human-yokai relationships.

The lights dimmed a bit, signifying the evening hours and she could practically see the anticipation ripple through the girls. She was rather irked by how the usual pair of trouble makers seemed to be rather TOO excited.

Hijiri couldn't say she didn't understand though, if he was this skilled here... Well, this might certainly be indulging in pleasures but if its for a good cause, which this was, there was no real error in her path.

Anon departed with a few words towards the interior of the shrine. The girls were whispering amongst themselves, the boldness and confidence of the pair of troublemakers seemed to rub off on the more docile girls.

Hijiri spoke then, her words were measured, she told them that this wasn't a lustful trist they were to set on. She let that point sink in for a moment as she gave the two troublemakers a soft glare which cowed them.

No, this was to measure his soul and lend aid should he prove to be the man we need to accomplish the goals of the temple. Hijiri let off her small speech with the words, "I expect you all to act in a manner befitting as monks of our temple"

As Anon came back, he announced that the baths were ready and that he'd take his own after they were situated. It didn't take long as despite her words they were quick and eager. It seemed the anticipation of what was to come even rubbed off on the servant, yamabiko, and guard. Hijiri supposed she couldn't expect them to act like it was a chore given the circumstances, that smell was getting to them.

They left the baths, making themselves comfortable on the veranda and humble living room as Anon took his. Conversation had largely died down by as even the Chimera and good Captain fully took in what they were about to do. Hijiri was sure that if they did come here before it was never surrounded by their friends like this.

Only a few comments were made as the after bath drinks provided were sipped, tea kept hot and juices kept cold to perfection. Hijiri admired the discipline he showed.

They were gathered in the bedroom now, all eyes were on Anon as with a smile he called them all his beloved. He advanced, not perturbed in the slightest by multitude of girls who's eyes bore into him.

His robe slipped pleasantly below his shoulders as he sat by Hijiri, she swallowed a lump of nervousness she didn't know was in her. The eyes shifted to her, naturally she was supposed to lead her girls. She felt a heat build as their bodies touched.

His leg was against hers and she couldn't help but feel her heart thump as his arm slid itself behind her back. Still she couldn't show that she was anything less than below her station required, and as her own robe fell to her waist she called out to her girls.

She felt her own hands wonder across his body, it was so solid... and his gentle smile so comforting... She rallied herself however as his caresses built her arousal.

She announced to her girls, who were flushed watching the display, that they must follow suit in not giving into their lust. She fished out his member, stroking it care as she continued in saying that this is training as well, she would broker no dereliction in treating this as a game.

A lewd noise sounded out from Hijiri's exposed garden. She shuttered at his touch, it excited all the parts of her as if already knew her. Anon whispered sweet nothings in her ear, urging her to enjoy her time with her husband and show her girls how to achieve nirvana.

He kissed her with what felt like love, though she was no fool and knew that it just a ruse... For a man such as him, trapped in this prison it was quite the convincing one, she had to admit.

She couldn't let herself be overcome by lust however, and grasped his solid frame. With soft words she told her husband to lay, she must show her girls how its done.

As she straddled him and lined up his sturdy cock in her hands, she noticed that all her girls had their eyes locked onto them. Some partially disrobed and with their hands already pleasing themselves. She lowered her hips, the example had been made.

She knew it wouldn't be long till their time was up as she lay there surrounded by the exhausted girls. Stamina drinks littered the ground and with satisfaction she knew the tengu did not lie today.

The only question was: now that she found her model monk, how to keep him?

>> No.44846433
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