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Let's play a game /jp/.

Name your favorite touhou character and why you like her.

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I don't see anything in Touhou, that's why I don't come to /jp/ often. Same threads CONSTANTLY.

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Yuka is insane moe, and not a loli like Flatdre.

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Mokou because she's badass and oh god hot

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Alice is the perfect mate for ronery Anons.

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She embodies so many things that I find charming and attractive. She's also something like what Reimu could become.

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Youmu because I like her in IAMP

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Youmu because she's moe AND a badass.

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Chiyuri, because I love seamen.

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Keine. Beautiful, kind, and sweet schoolteacher.

Also, the hat.

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How is this in any way a game?

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Cirno because she never loses her cool

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When you run out of toehoes, SOMEBODY DIES

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All of them cause they're all MOE

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Ran for ohgodtails

Also for being both sexy and adorable.

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Sakuya. She's calm, cool and professional, but also is loyal and caring.

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Oh fuck, shit got serious thing.
Reimilia, vampire loli

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She is funny, beautiful, easy going, and I have a interest is spirits and ghosts
And pink hair is a plus

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I want to use my raw manliness to turn her from an aggressive tomboy into a cute girly girl. I want to tame her and make her mine

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None, because I don't play that shit

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Simple, sweet and absolutely adorable

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>missing power

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Aya, because she's an upbeat, can-do journalist with a penchant for exaggeration who interacts with nearly everyone in Gensokyo on a daily basis. And her awesome theme song.

Nobody else will love her wholesome and tenderly. ;_;

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My love for her goes beyond explanation.

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Healthy is a plus

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She's an accomplished singer AND a working mother.

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Marisa because of her high power and fast movement.

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Marisa because of her big vagina.

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the moeest + has best mother

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I really don't know, I liked her since the first time I saw her.

I keep seeing you around here.

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When she opens it, her vagina sucks in all the powerups like ants before a vacuum cleaner.

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Marisa because she stole the precious thing

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Delcious reverse trap is delicious.

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How could she NOT be mentioned?

Yuyuko, probably the cutest, friendliest ghost one can imagine. You can't get more moe~ than her, and let's face it, who wouldn't want this to be the first thing they see in the afterlife? ;.;

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I like her because she is everything I want in a woman, smart, beautiful, independent, and driven. Also her hat and her wings.

Of course the very things that draw me to her make her an unattainable goal, even if she was real.

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Yukari is both an elegant and sexy woman, but then can have simple child like fun and innocence. Also she is uber powerful and I love portal hacks.

Keine comes in a close second though.

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What is this discrimination?

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Mokou because lots of stuff.

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Oh, Tewi, you card.

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Pretty, smart, calm and collected, lol guns, one of the few sane ones, and com'on, a rabbit's mating season is all fucking year long.

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It was rapidly approaching five in the afternoon and boredom settled like a dense fog cloud over the moon. Eirin alleviated her suffering by pouring colored liquids into beakers while listening to smooth jazz. Tewi, meanwhile, fought off boredom by not, and at the time banged her head against a wall until she felt something fracture. She walked up to Eirin, pointed to her profusely-bleeding forehead, and said, "Fix it."

"What's the magic word?" Eirin said.

"Klaatu Barada Nikto?"

"That's a magic phrase, and no."

"...Please fix it?"

Eirin poured her current beaker-of-liquid over Tewi's head. The wound knit up nice and clean. "That'll give you cancer in a few years, by the way."

"How many?"

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Eirin kept the good stuff behind a door labeled THE GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS. Behind was a little room filled with shelves filed with all manner of wonders. The room was warm and comfortable as a library, lit as though by the sun at an afternoon angle. Just being in here made Tewi breathe easier. Which, she imagined, would greatly enhance the experience of getting bombed out of her mind.

"I have here samples of the most bountiful and most barren, transcendent and debased, affirming and destroying. Some will usher you into enlightenment. Others will tear your body to pieces and sup on the shreds as they billow in the wind, and make you love every moment you're in its maw."

"What's your awesomest awesome?" Tewi asked.

Eirin reached to a high shelf and carried back, in a thin vial, what seemed to be melted gold. "This is Solar Gold. It was a gift from a narco-alchemist, a dear man who set off for a world of dreams and left the material lands behind. It is a suspension of gold in purest and most rarefied tetrahydrocannibinol. It is poured over the finest marijuana one has and smoked, or tobacco, should one feel fit to mock such an exquisite gift."

"Cooly-o. What's it do?"

"It lets you see the eye of God, reach out and steal a tear, and, after an eternity, return to the living lands with true enlightenment whistling through your lips."

"But will it really knock your brain outta the park? Get me?"

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Eirin found a locked cabinet, sighed, opened it, and brought out a tightly-sealed little glass jar filled with... something that looked like a hideous suspension of waste products. "This is jenkem. As I recall, I neither sought this nor was given it. Someone locally had a terrible accident or fit of sublime laziness, and so one day I found a jar of jenkem waiting for me in my living room."

"What's it made 'a?"

"Human feces and urine. Fermented in sunlight."

An idea more true and real than life exploded in Tewi's head. It must be obeyed, had to be seen through to its logical conclusion; it was for the good of all. "How 'bout we make Reisen take some? It'd be hillawesome."

"Hm..." Eirin stood with her back to the jenkem, pondering. "On one hand, it..." She paused a beat. "Screw it. Where is she? And how are we going to make her scent jenkem? Jenkem, of all things, which requires a certain altered state of mind to even consider taking? Must we somehow do as the anti-drug commercials imply and soften her up with a milder thing before frying her senses in a sewer bouquet?"

"Nah, I got a devious plan. Do you have any peniculuradix?"

"I use blooms of it to suck the poison out of ... oh, you devious little bunny-rabbit."

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Reisen, meanwhile, was busy contemplating suicide. Not for any particular reason, more out of curiosity. It was a very boring afternoon. She'd just fit the rope 'round her neck when someone knocked on her door. "Come in," Reisen said, tying the rope's end to a small weight. Tewi came in, carrying a bouquet of vivid purple flowers in a plain, scummy-looking jar.

"Oh, hey... I didn't catch you at a weird time, did I?"

"Not really," Reisen said, throwing the rope over an exposed beam in her room. She didn't know why it was there, but hey, maybe its time had finally come.

"It just looks like you're busy."

"Eh, I'm just bored. You know?" She backed up a few paces and lept at the rope, snagging it in her hands and experiencing a sudden and painful clench 'round her neck as it pulled taut from her weight. She spun 'round in the grip of the rope, gagging and gurgling.

"Hey... you want down from that?" Tewi asked.

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No response. Unless gagging and gurgling count as a response. Eventually the rope, thanks to the odd angle, slipped up from Reisen's neck and looped itself off. Reisen collapsed in a pile of rope and ragged, newly-free breathing. "Man, that was queer," she surmised. "So, what's this about flowers?"

"Wanna sniff 'em? They're all good-like."

"Hm... that would certainly alleviate the mood around here... what with the failed suicide and all."

"Oh, wait, you were gonna commit suicide? I thought... I don't know what I thought you were doing, but I guessed it was for a good reason."

"You guessed wrong. Can I smell the flowers now?"

Tewi held out the jar. Reisen leaned over, smelled, and her brain crashed in a horrible stinking cloud. She crumpled like her legs forgot how to stand. Tewi hopped on Reisen's chest, trying to spill some of the jenkem onto Reisen. She pressed the bouquet in Reisen's face, listened to her make noises that made the hanging-sounds musical and lively in comparison.


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Tewi is like a bratty younger sister whom you can only stand because turning her against other people always results in hilarity.

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Her cuteness is maximum!

The afterlife would definitely be pleasant with her around.

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except beeing beautiful and hax we are the same

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