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Can I eat you?

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Be my guest, Jesus.

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Magicians don't eat people though. Well not the flesh anyway I guess they could eat your soul Demlich style.

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I guess you CAN, if you really want to. It's not like I can stop you...

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She is a magician. She can eat what ever she wants.

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CAN is a nasty fetish. Always messy.

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Aren't you like the ultimate life form or something?

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She is the strongest! Even stronger than Cirno!

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I'd rather eat you.

Byakuren wafers anyone?

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Byakuren is Youkai Jesus.

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OOOOOHHH.. I get it now..

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what flavor are the wafers?

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Hey you! Explain this Namusaaaaaaan thing to me!

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There's nothing to explain.
Hijiri's namusan is like Marisa's da-ze

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It's something she said once during dialogue. It's become her catchphrase of sorts like Patchy's mukyuu, Suwako's auau, etc.

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I've never heard her say that before.. maybe I should listen to her before jumping into battle...

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It's translated into "in the name of the three treasures!" or something. But it's namusan and that's also what it says above her in writing when she says it.

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ooohhh... when does she say it?

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this pic of her is a bit scary

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Who might you be?

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That there's the true last boss of UFO.

You didn't really believe all that shit that Nue told you did you? It was a lady in a hat all along.

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Well fuck Nue for being such a lieface!

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why is Byakuren so cute?