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Why is Youmu such a dork?

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Why did you post an overcompressed image? Same reason, I would wager.

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Sex with this retard

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Is there protagonist who isn't a retard?

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>she's afraid Marisa carrying pumpkin

Goddamn, what a fucking vagina. Even the fairies wouldn't be scared by that.

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I want to give that dork a wedgie and laugh at her.

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Blame zoomers

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Youmu is so fucking short hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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>attempts to murder people when drunk
Keep the alcohol away from her unless you want a dead body in your party.

Also didn't she embarrasse herself one time when she got drunk and people teased her because of that or am I misremembering something?

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Smelling Youmu's stinky feet!

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Youmu is the kind of person to keep a big pile of fighting manga and try out the moves because she thinks it looks cool. She definitely did the "*teleports behind you*" meme at least once

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Thank god she can actually kinda pull it off. Otherwise it would be very embarassing!

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I'd take her swords and put them up on a high shelf. She'd forget she could float so she'd just jump and try to grab them.

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Do you think Youmu is a hyper-prude puritan who would cry at private handholding, or do you think she's desperate to feel up a man for once?

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Youmu is more of a dork than people think she is,
Yuyuko is less of a dork than people think she is.

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The dork’s feet don’t smell that bad! She knows how to take care of herself!

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Why is Youmu such a rapist?

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She probably doesn’t get to hang around or interact with many men folk in the course of her regular duties. Combine that with her lack of social understanding and she’ll probably be inclined to jump to forced sex with little prompting.
Or at least that’s my take on your question. I don’t think I want to get raped by this dorky wannabe samurai.

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It's his own fault. Why did he tempt poor Youmu by maintaining eye contact for more than 5 seconds! What a boy-slut!

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Boys like lewd things, so they are always consenting even if they say "no".

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What if they're married or in some sort of reletionships with someone else? What will Youmu do then?

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Because she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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she's trying her best...

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Her best is not good enough...

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She will challenge that girl to a duel over it but naturally get rejected which will be a constant source of seethe to her.

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Three non exclusive options come to mind:
1. She lived in probably the chillest and quietest place of all Touhou.
2. Half phantoms have either an INT penalty or take a long time to grow and Youmu is still a kid for her species, considering that Youki lived 300 or more years.
3. Yuyuko educated her to be moe

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She is literally me

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That’s why she’s called Youmoe

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Very true

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She literally has zero experience with men and yuyuko never gave her the talk. Most likely she's in a total sexual blackbox.

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And Youki resisted the temptation to further her education on that front?

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Youki just told her "Let the husband take care of it".

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The heat of my weiner on Marisa's face cooks the egg

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People make fun of Marisa for being short by calling her a fairy, but Youmu is even shorter than her! Not only is she a dork, but she's also a midget!

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Youmu... why are you so fucking small?

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Cute!!! Sex with Maid Youmu!!

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I want to give that dork a wedgie and laugh at her.

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omg snek

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Youmu doesn't have breasts.
She's as flat as a board.

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It's a limiter