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Canonically speaking how hard will it be to befriend her?

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Depends on how good you are at entertaining sassy, unhinged, and pampered children who could kill you without trying in the slightest

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Go up to her
Grab her by the pussy
She spoons
There you made friends with Flan

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Go up to her
Grab her by the pussy
She swoons
There you made friends with Flan

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Very. She does not come out often and you'd probably have to break in to see her, at which point she will probably just be annoyed with you for disturbing her.

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This is why you need to be sure to bring yummy snacks and fun toys

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You are a yummy snack and a fun toy.

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Oh shit!

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No Flan-chan! Yamerooooo!

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And lots of tasty candy!

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But assuming you met her outside while she was sneaking out and (You) where doing god knows what at middle of nowhere at night, how hard would it be?

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She is even more dangerous outside where she doesn't have to worry about Sakuya or her sister getting in the way of her fun.

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your arm disintegrates instantly and flan goes into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. you did make friends with her :)

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Breaking into Flan-chan's basement, she thinks its Sakuya doing the daily cleaning and gets mildly annoyed, until she turns around and sees a human male, confused yet curious she gets into a defensive position, Whats your next move?

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very easy. flan-chan is currently lookin for friends!

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Just smile, make sure your tone is friendly, and be sure you have your tasty snack and toys ready. After introducing yourself Flan will hear you out, treat her as a wild animal now and you'll be fine.
Since she didn't kill you that means she felt no hostile intent and you're already halfway there to being Flends!

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You haven't forgotten about flan right anon?

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>You haven't forgotten about flan right anon?

That would be impossible for me at this point.

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sleeping with Flan-chan must feel nice

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her buttocks make an excellent pillow

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Today I cleared EoSD with all 4 shot types on normal
Now I will practice Flan. I know she is probably the easiest extra stage boss but I want her to be my first

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Ya shes pretty easy. You can gimp like 5 of her spell cards in the first 1-3 seconds , If you get right in her face then fade back you won't even get to see most of the attack pattern.

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she needs popularity poll correction to take her down a peg

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Do you prefer flan with pointy ears or normal ears?

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pointy nipples

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Depends on how good you are at entertaining sassy, unhinged, and pampered children who could kill you without trying in the slightest

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You just have to keep in mind that she is older than you and treat her as such.

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You've been posting this for 4 years, When is it gonna stop

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Do you think Flan-chan would appreciate affection you know like getting hugs, compliments, headpats all that stuff?

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Flan-chan is so cute and adorable I want to kiss her, hug her, sniff her, play with her, I want to give her so much love and affection to the point she would start hiding from me!!!!

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Not initially but she might warm up to it if she comes to like you more.

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The more likely Flan reaction.

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when you eat her flan

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My lolicon blood boils upon seeing this.
I want to explore her entire body and lick her cunny over and over so much.

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If the basement was warm and comfy I wouldn't mind trading places with her for a couple years
I could use a really long sleep...

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*Munch* *Munch* huh? what's that anon? you wanted some of this delicious cake that sakuya made for us *Munch* yea you can have some of the leftovers

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I'll just go make a new one with Sakuya, and bring it right back.

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Flan-chan wondering why won't anyone play with her

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it's sakuya's fault, like usual. she keeps the kind anons away from the scarlet mansion.

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all the anons that try to break in to play with flan are stopped by Meiling at the gate, or by Sakuya after Marisa releases a gaggle of them so she can raid in peace

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i cant really see flan-chan be interested in flowers and roses. she's too childish.

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flan paizuri

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I'm not sure rubbing against a flat board can be considered paizuri...

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Flan-chan is flat and thats good

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she italian

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they're mostly italian so it would fit

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I bet Flan-chan smells really good

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skibidi toilet mm mm yes

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breathe in deep

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Please go back. You are not welcome here.

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what if Flan an alcoholic

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Flan-chan is a nice and kind girl she's not a crazy psycho vampire, shes just very misunderstood, if you treat her with kindness and show no fear she's very pleasant to be around with.

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Also onhand medical kits, pain killers and an abnormally tough spine is heavily recommend.

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Coming back home from a long day of work and, Flan-chan surprises you by jumping right into your face giving you lots of kisses and playful bites, saying how she missed you so much and she was eager for your return.

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yeah, but you still have to make dinner for flan-chan, then help her with homeworks, then yadda yadda... flan-chan is high maintenance.

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Damn, 200+ years later and she still has to do homework?

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>make dinner
but anon, YOU are the dinner

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Flan-chan is a great assistant handling you all of the ingredients and watching you closely making dinner!

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handling me all the sweets, choco and candies, you mean. that's not a balanced dinner!

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She also loves apples and strawberries so it evens out

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it really doesnt because fruits are also full of sugars.

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Cool, now time for co-op video games.

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Playing through the halo ce campaign on legendary together flan ends up carrying you because of her vampiric reflexes

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>vampiric reflexes
that's too scary!

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That's not flan, get that bitch outta here!

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Imagine trying to spray her with your cum but she keeps grazing

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I’ll have you know I can handle myself just fine on Legendary when it comes to CE, Flan! I don’t need your help!
If we’re talking about Reach though…

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All little girls are welcomed in Flan-chan's threads!

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Flan is the type of girl who can't do anything she doesn't want to do unless her back is against the wall.

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well said, flan would never be mean to a fellow loli.

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Would you trust Flan-chan to handle a firearm?

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I don't think she'd enjoy it, because if she wanted to destroy something well...
I think she'd not like her ears hurting because there is no way you're getting her to wear protection.

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She can't graze it if my dick is inside her. My dick goes pew pew and her womb goes pi~chun

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The ovum will graze the sperm cells...

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I want to play some 2 player with her.

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Errrr 2 player tetris.

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What would you do with 4 flans?

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One on my shaft
One on my balls
One on my ass
One on my lips

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Crazy vampire thinks everything is damaku and can't stop grazing...

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Queue up for a game of CS

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Flan-chan is a lewd girl!

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flan chan

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Give 3 away to deserving anons.

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cute crying face

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pet dog

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Why would you want to befriend a basement-dwelling monster that looks like a little kid?

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I am an only child and want to see what it's like having an older sister for an afternoon.

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She's not an insane bloodthirsty monster, she's just very misunderstood and lonely, once you get to know her she's quite nice.

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Because i am a basement dwelling manchild.

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What everybody seems to not understand is that she's technically both.

In normal day-to-day encounters, she's a quiet shut-in that has trouble speaking to people because of the age gap, mentality of being a vampire, and having very little contact with others aside from the few residents that she interacts with in the mansion.

When the vampire instincts kick in, she takes on the view of a predator, coupled with the world-view and energy drive of a young girl that wants to "play". Plus, her personality, when it's shining in the forefront, is one of a brat. She's shy and introverted in the beginning, but once she opens up it's balls to the wall, go, go, go! The issue is that while she can control her "pop goes the weasel" power at will, she lacks the ability to "stop" her own strength and playfulness (and murderness to the target) so she willfully stays in the basement because it's safer for everyone and she likes it cause it's comfy.

She, like her sister, is a very multifaceted individual that you would want as a friend until you got tired out and had to convince her to not nuke a city, but gods help you if you're an enemy or target.
Come to think of it, for all headcanon of the fans over the decades, she presents more as being ADHD instead of some turbomurderer or a sad little muffin.
When things get serious, though...watch her demeanor change like taking off a mask. That's one thing about "child" vampires: they may act young, but when push comes to shove watch the eyes and body language. You don't live that long without getting wise to the ways of the world. Even Remilia shifts when Ran is talking about the moon.

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I wouldn't say she's lonely. Being a shut in is her choice but she has no trouble interacting with others either so we know it's not something like anxiety keeping her in. It's just easy for people who like being alone to be confused with being lonely. I too am a person who prefers solitude and I got mistaken for being lonely by worried adults growing up. They thought I had trouble making friends but the fact was that I didn't want to make them because I preferred doing my own thing by myself. Maybe it's the same for Flan.

I wouldn't say she's insane but she is definitely a bloodthirsty monster by virtue of being a vampire. She may be a psychopath but I imagine most vampires are, especially after living such a long time. I make a distinction between insane and psychopath because she isn't unstable in the same way that she is portrayed in most fanon. Despite people's perception of her, she has a strong grip on both her vampiric and psychopathic urges. If she didn't, she would have gone off on a rampage and gotten put down by Reimu by now.

Maybe you are wondering why Remilia isn't like this too if it seems so closely tied to the vampiric condition. I think it is because to Remilia, the act of killing is just a means to sate her thirst. She needs blood and killing people gets her that blood. Flan on the other hands, likes the killing aspect as much as the blood. If we were to compare them to humans, Remilia would be a farmer slaughtering a pig while Flan would be the avid hunter who enjoys the hunt as much the meat her quarry produces.

But maybe that was once upon a time. I imagine they haven't had to get their own food for a very long time. Maybe that is why Flan is the way that she is too. Remilia may be fine with having someone else just bring her the blood but Flan is a hunter denied her hunt.

>> No.44849495

A lot of lonely people also choose to stay alone because its easier to live with it than leaving your zone of comfort trying to make friends.

>> No.44849649

The people of the mansion are ultimately not her friends. They are either Remilia's friends or the help. Could be she feels like there is no point in trying due to that.

>> No.44849756

Good points. Very good points.

Its the old adage of not being bothered by being alone, but rather, being lonely.

We.....really don't know, to be certain. What can be said is that your statement seems to be the truth, and I agree on the surface, but we only really know that she doesn't view Sakuya as a human, per se, and that she views Meiling as cannon fodder/goofball, mixed with the mindset that Meiling is going to betray them/her at some point. As for her views on Remilia, it can be seen/interpreted that she respects her (to what degree, we don't know- as a sister, caregiver, authority, landlord, etc.) but also with a defiant and gung ho personality befitting that of a younger sister. She even calls Remilia on her bluffs a few times that we can see. But the dynamic between them has always felt like two kids that had to learn the hard way on how life works and their places in it, that grew at separate but close paces and ultimately matured enough behind the mask they present to the outside world to know their place in the world and what they're capable of, while having each other's back despite wanting personal space. After all, siblings want their own rooms, and after living for hundreds of years together it's only natural that they may not see each other much compared to how our lifespan's frame of reference works. They may be the "live in the moment" type of immortal, or they may be the "blink and a hundred years have passed" type. Either option is terrifying in its own right, but for them it's the every day. And that may explain why the sisters act the way they do.

>> No.44849798

Remilia and Flan are probably much closer than people give them credit for I'll bet. They both know that they ultimately only have each other. Especially now, as the only two vampires in a foreign land.

>> No.44849882

I agree, honestly. It just constantly bothers me when they get reduced to one dimensional personalities or written off entirely because one retard took a quote out of context and ran with it for twenty years. I won't lie and say they're the only group in Gensokyo that deserves to have more back story, but gods do I want more of the SDM crew to come out from Zun. He set Meiling up to be a joke, never followed through with the origins for Sakuya, turned Patchouli into a one-trick pony, completely forgot about Flan, and may as well have done so for Remi. The only thing she has going now is fan games that make her a megalomaniac, turn her into a worthless little brat, or relegate her to a plot device. Koakuma may as well be an after thought, and Flan is just now escaping the "I'm psycho!" slander after decades.
So much he could do, so much left to give them all so much meaning, so much potential for all of them......
"Let's make this new 2hu from a fuckin', uh.....*swig* grape." I wish him and his family all the best, really, but that piece of pussy destroyed his ability to stay consistent.

>> No.44849953

He didn't forget about Flan. He brought her in for a .5 game. I did not play it so I can't speak as to what her characterization was like in it though.

>> No.44849981

He did for years before that and even commented that (my words) people that like her have shit taste, that he couldn't figure out why she was popular. As for her personality in 17.5, it was consistent with a little gremlin that wants to wreck things for fun, mixed with a young girl acting like running water is "icky", so it was pretty consistent with her appearance in the "Satori is a background character where nothing ever happens" manga. (I'm aware of the weakness, I just think her reaction is cute)

>> No.44850078

I get his rationale for saying something like that. To someone who rarely pays attention to the fandom itself, it's probably confusing as to why people decided to latch on to a random side character that he never had anything substantial planned for rather than any of the other characters that have had more attention and development. He did not get that it's usually those kinds of characters that attract the most attention due to the amount of speculation possible with them because of how little official word there is on them. All a character needs for this kind of attention is a compelling design and little more.

Another good example of such a thing happening is Boba Fett from Star Wars. He was always meant to be a random background character but took on a life of his own after people latched onto him and his cool design. I'm sure his popularity perplexed Lucas too but he, or at least the merchandising team, had the good sense of shining just a little more of a light onto him in subsequent movies to move some merch.

>> No.44853850

>He did not get that it's usually those kinds of characters that attract the most attention due to the amount of speculation possible with them because of how little official word there is on them.
Every day I get even more confident that making Touhou manga was a mistake.

>> No.44854113

I have not actually read any of it. What's the problem with them in your opinion?

>> No.44854279

You know how some manga has some crap, tacked on slice of life sections between serious parts? Well, in Touhou manga (except WaHH, I think), it's the serious part that drags the work down. It feels like ZUN is trying to go for a certain ""mystery"" mood, but it just never works.
Also, this was said a thousand times, but nothing ever goes anywhere, not even in an interesting way. Plot threads just sort of flop onto themselves, like a collapsing building but without any noise or dust.
Another thing is about what I quoted, there's too much focus on some characters. I like Mamizou, but I get people who are sick of her being important in almost everything since her debut.
I also have some other gripes, but they're more lore than quality related.
tl;dr, printworks would be better if they were only books.

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Pretty much this
ZUN should just authorise a big anthology instead of trying to make the goofiest retards this side of fiction into serious characters again.
Alternatively, he could bring back some older characters from PC98 and only use them sparingly but not make them total morons, but we all know he won't do that.

>> No.44854683

I like Mamizou as king shit of fuck mountain and totally out of her depth in Gensokyo, not some kind of big village powerbroker.

>> No.44854806

ZUN writing whatever he wants without bothering with feedback from anyone would be great were he a good writer. With how it is now, I'd rather read Rinnosukes incoherent ramblings than yet another empty who-dun-it.
You know, this isn't the thread for this, but I will address the lore issue I have - I really don't care for dystopic themes ZUN introduced in manga. Felt like they fell out of nowhere.
I mean, considering her inspiration, that angle makes sense.

>> No.44854858

>dystopic themes ZUN introduced in manga
Like what?

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Anything related to the Human Village. No one knows anything about the world, there's no one inside the Village to protect it (Keine doesn't count), relations with youkai are almost exclusively negative, and when they aren't it's because the villagers can't see past their very flimsy disguises. After what's described in PMiSS, feels like a 180°.
I'd post that page from Lotus Eaters about the mustached client's worries about true nature of Gensokyo, but at this point it will just mark me as a grimfag shitposter. Let's stop here and post Flan.