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Canonically speaking how hard will it be to befriend her?

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Depends on how good you are at entertaining sassy, unhinged, and pampered children who could kill you without trying in the slightest

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Go up to her
Grab her by the pussy
She spoons
There you made friends with Flan

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Go up to her
Grab her by the pussy
She swoons
There you made friends with Flan

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Very. She does not come out often and you'd probably have to break in to see her, at which point she will probably just be annoyed with you for disturbing her.

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This is why you need to be sure to bring yummy snacks and fun toys

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You are a yummy snack and a fun toy.

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Oh shit!

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No Flan-chan! Yamerooooo!

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And lots of tasty candy!

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But assuming you met her outside while she was sneaking out and (You) where doing god knows what at middle of nowhere at night, how hard would it be?

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She is even more dangerous outside where she doesn't have to worry about Sakuya or her sister getting in the way of her fun.

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your arm disintegrates instantly and flan goes into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. you did make friends with her :)

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Breaking into Flan-chan's basement, she thinks its Sakuya doing the daily cleaning and gets mildly annoyed, until she turns around and sees a human male, confused yet curious she gets into a defensive position, Whats your next move?

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very easy. flan-chan is currently lookin for friends!

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Just smile, make sure your tone is friendly, and be sure you have your tasty snack and toys ready. After introducing yourself Flan will hear you out, treat her as a wild animal now and you'll be fine.
Since she didn't kill you that means she felt no hostile intent and you're already halfway there to being Flends!

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You haven't forgotten about flan right anon?

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>You haven't forgotten about flan right anon?

That would be impossible for me at this point.

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sleeping with Flan-chan must feel nice

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her buttocks make an excellent pillow

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Today I cleared EoSD with all 4 shot types on normal
Now I will practice Flan. I know she is probably the easiest extra stage boss but I want her to be my first

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Ya shes pretty easy. You can gimp like 5 of her spell cards in the first 1-3 seconds , If you get right in her face then fade back you won't even get to see most of the attack pattern.

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she needs popularity poll correction to take her down a peg

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Do you prefer flan with pointy ears or normal ears?

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pointy nipples

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Depends on how good you are at entertaining sassy, unhinged, and pampered children who could kill you without trying in the slightest

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You just have to keep in mind that she is older than you and treat her as such.

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You've been posting this for 4 years, When is it gonna stop

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Do you think Flan-chan would appreciate affection you know like getting hugs, compliments, headpats all that stuff?

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Flan-chan is so cute and adorable I want to kiss her, hug her, sniff her, play with her, I want to give her so much love and affection to the point she would start hiding from me!!!!

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Not initially but she might warm up to it if she comes to like you more.

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The more likely Flan reaction.

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when you eat her flan

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My lolicon blood boils upon seeing this.
I want to explore her entire body and lick her cunny over and over so much.

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If the basement was warm and comfy I wouldn't mind trading places with her for a couple years
I could use a really long sleep...

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*Munch* *Munch* huh? what's that anon? you wanted some of this delicious cake that sakuya made for us *Munch* yea you can have some of the leftovers