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what can i do better?

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god i wish i knew japanese

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how do i even know what im reading is correct. how do i know that im reading it right.

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people passing N1, reading vinnies and linnies comfortably and watching anime with no subs in under a year is definitely someone who "made it" fast.
people who take 10 years to do the same are obviously doing it really slow.
so, what is the middle of this bell curve? 2 years? 3?

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>not being able to read japanese
wouldn't be me

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>started learning Japanese to read bara comics faster

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How do you know what you just wrote was correct, that you wrote it right?

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listen 17C we don’t need that kind of attitude towards the newbie. he’s asking a legitimate question here

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I've heard you also learn a new language faster if you already multiple languages, don't know how true it is.

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It’s not true at all. ESL’s just say that to sound cool, which is hard for them given their accent.

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Is aniwatch not working for anyone else?

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same way u deal with english pronunciation. There are sometimes consistent rules for different vocab sources, on vs kun or native english words vs old french borrowings, latin/greek crap, etc. but with exceptions abound in all of it. Words that use both on and kun readings are not really that common. mostly stuff with 場 ive seen

manga library is down. anyone know where it is? i have reading i want to do right now...

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if you meant the meaning
the best you can do as a beginner is see that it makes sense and doesnt contradict other lines

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Immerse more.

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I was learning german as an ESL and it fucked my english beyond repair.

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have you every reread something you read super early on and realized that you didn't actually read it, you just created some fanfiction in your head?

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>New imabi site is bright fucking white.
Why? The old site wasn't an eye gouger, so I assumed he had some common sense but I guess I was mistaken.

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>Seeing native Japanese get filtered by kanji in 漢字でGO
Jesus Christ, this language is truly a never ending sea of torment.

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dark text on a light background is easier to read than light text on a dark background.

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you can find tons of illiterate english natives too that doesnt mean english is hard

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contrast works the same in both directions what are you talking about

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You watching a ブイチューバー? Not too surprised either way. Even in English, there's a lot of vocabulary that would trip up adults who aren't avid readers. Most people don't read many literary things in any language.

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I can't even learn conversational japanese...

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I would think the difference is that, even if you don't know what the word means, you can still read a complex word in English. You may or may not pronounce it right, but you can at least attempt to read the word out. But if you don't know the moji that make up the characters then you are just straight filtered in trying to read the word.

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Is there a practical difference though? Sure the English reader could sound out the word, and the better read they are they better guess they could make when sounding out the word, but they still wouldn't know what it means just like the Japanese reader.
Also, the Japanese reader could "sound" out the new word by using readings of the kanji they have seen before. Even for completely new, never before seen kanji, they could make a guess of how it sounds with well read reader being able to make better guesses, just like in English.

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>I've heard you also learn a new language faster if you already multiple languages
Quite true. You already know the drill and most of the groundwork is already done for you, so all you have to concentrate on are the language-specific bits and blending in with natives.
You start thinking less about "how do you say this sentence in another language" and more in terms of "what would a native say in this case?"

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every time this is researched the same conclusion is reached: dark text on a light background is easier to read than light text on a dark background. this is true for multiple measures too, speed, how long you can read before you get tired, etc.

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you're more likely fucked for kunyomi but otherwise yeah there are still similarities in sounding things out

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how lit was the room

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orange on cyan background trust me

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>dark text on a light background is easier to read
Big fat lie perpetuated by boomers in offices. The truth of the matter is:
>black text on a white background became the norm with WYSIWYG editors (to avoid printing erorrs)
>dark text on a bright background on emissive displays SUCKS
>bright text on a dark background causes the pupil to dilate, which requires adjusting text to be thinner. likewise, dark text on a bright background requires thicker type weights
>lastly, people with certain types of astigmatism fare a lot better with darker backgrounds

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Astigmatism sufferer here, I'm not sure what types would fare better with dark mode, but white backgrounds definitely make it easier for me. I never made the connection that dark mode was causing more eye strain until my ophthalmologist pointed it out.

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>dark text on a bright background on emissive displays SUCKS
This is the main factor. You can bitch about the perceived difference in contrast or whatever as much as you want but 500 candles of white bullshit is physically painful. I can't wait until OLED monitors are ready for mass adoption.

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I have irregular astigmatism. Fonts on white backgrounds are too fucking thin for me so I switch dark mode on whenever possible.
Sucks. The only good thing I got out of them is that app poojeetlopers are now forced by corporate to include a pitch-black dark mode to avoid burn-in.

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as for me? i just see

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Once every couple of months I feel horrible the whole day so I "cheat" on anki, If the word has an extended vowel but I think it didn't or vice versa, I mark it correct instead of wrong. If I get the concept of a word vaguely right, but I'm thinking of another similar word, I'll mark correct instead of wrong. Sometimes I get an obvious word completely wrong, but I cope and I think I'll get it right next time since it's an easy word, so I mark it correct instead of wrong.
The only reason "cheat" is in quotes instead of straight up calling it cheating is that I don't just mark every word correct, it's just that the standard is way lower on that day than it usually is.

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>native Japanese get filtered by kanji in 漢字でGO
Yeah, because we all know the average Japanese person is totally used to seeing shit like 昂る, 嵩む, 鯣, 瓢箪, 迦葉仏, 屑い(see 潔い), 弖爾乎波, 忌忌しい, 明々, 眩暈い, 野次馬, 諮る/議る, etc. on a daily basis

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Should I enroll in an introductory Japanese course at my uni?
Probably bad for my GPA but I want to force myself to learn before my 19 year-old orbitofrontal cortex develops to its full extent.

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never gonna get used to seeing people discuss japanese like this here
guess og won in the end

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>2nd year of Japanese course
>barely finished MNN 1 (unit 27 right now)
>ultra basic kanji like 切る, 写真, etc.
I dunno. It's slow as molasses to me.

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just outed yourself as n5

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I need help with direction, I just finished a grammar guide and I know around ~1500 words / phrases and I'm wondering where the hell to start with immersion. I understand that everything is going to be sluggish but I'm just looking for suggestions.

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Read something easy that you find enjoyable and mine everything you don't understand. Yotsuba is a popular choice. Rereading something that you've read in English is also an option.

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read yotubato

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>The kanji is obscure, so obviously the layman won't be able to read it. Obviously nobody but the most autistic of scholars should be allowed to read it.
Shut up, nerd.

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at last, it all makes sense

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Thank you very very much for the suggestions

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>twisting the words
did you get your knickers in a twist (heh)?

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Wait until you learn about the archaic verb forms from which many of our modern transitive/intransitive pairs descended

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you waited until 1500 words to to any immersion? what

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てしまう can mean both "completely" and "accidentally"

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simau means simau
sore dake

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I recommend grouping the directional verbs
>あげる 差し上げる やる (I give)
>くださる, くれる (someone else gives)
>もらう いただく (I receive, have someone do something for me, etc.)

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holy shit the core 6k is so worthless past the beginning. I am halfway through the core 6k deck. I uploaded my progress to jpdb to see the known words % on various VNs and LNs I want to read. Looks good I think. Then, I notice an option to force set every card in the core 6k deck to "never forget" meaning that it is now considered known to jpdb. Now I excitedly check the same VNs and LNs to see how much the known words % will improve when I finish the core 6k deck. It literally only went up by a percentage point or two. Most VNs and LNs are in the high 70s and low 80s percent, so one or two percent is not big in the same way going from 98% to 99% would be. No, the core 6k deck is just shit. I should've listened.
It's one thing for others to tell you something and another for you to see it yourself.

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core6k and word counting are both flawed because no one needs separate cards for miru mieru miseru

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any site/communities you guys recommend for practicing speech? I want to try talking to random japanese people to get speaking practice

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I agree, but the stats are still fun to track for the motivating factor. If anki didn't have a stats page for me to track my retention rate and my growing mature cards, I probably would've stopped anki a long time ago.

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Chaturbate worked for me

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in japan there is a community that speaks japanese

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is there an addon that forces Anki (2.1.49) to skip a day? like move all reviews 1 day forward so I don't have to do 2 days worth of reviews a day every time I'm trying to fix my neet sleep schedule?

I already tried "Migaku Anki Add-on" and their "day off" just doesn't do anything at all. maybe I'm retarded and forgot something, but it just does nothing. I can't use their stand alone version because it doesn't work for my Anki version (2.1.49) which I can't update. the other one I found "Postpone card's review" also isn't available for my Anki version.

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what dialect are they speaking? they are in the niigata region

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I don't understand why you'd ever have to do 2 days in a row? Say you normally sleep midnight to 8 am and do anki at 6 pm. With a neet schedule, you sleep later and later maybe sleep 6 am and wake up at 2 pm. Then you sleep at noon and wake up at 8 pm, etc. Either way, you are still doing anki after you wake up. Give some real numbers in an example so I can understand, cause when I try to reset my sleep schedule, I usually don't have this problem.
Maybe try changing the "Next day starts at" setting to something later? I have mine set to 5 hours past midnight so even if I hardcore procrastinate and sleep late, I can still do my anki without breaking the streak. You can also change that number before the day ticks over. One day I came home really late and increased the setting from 5 hours past midnight to 7 so I could do anki before I slept. Since I didn't sleep, I don't consider the day over yet so I didn't think of it as cheating the streak. The next day I simply changed the setting back to where I wanted it.

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go outside if you live in a place that has japanese people

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Due to various reasons, I entirely rotate my sleep schedule at least 4 times a month. Sometimes I have to stay up for 24 hours a day, sometimes it happens slowly an hour or two a day. Issue is that I'll 100% have to deal with double reviews a day at least a handful of times a month.

>Next day starts at
I already do that. Every single time I wake up I take a look at the "Next day starts at" time. I absolutely loathe getting spammed with double reviews midsession since I don't do them all in one sitting sometimes. I just don't want to have to do double the work a single day, for something that seems so easy to fix.

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only happens if you're low iq

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Just use jpdb for your SRS in that case. You can transfer over your anki progress into jpdb. jpdb uses an actual forgetting curve so it doesn't matter when you review a word. If you review a word as soon as it is due, the interval increases the normal amount. If you review a word later than when it was due, the interval will increase more since the system expected you to forget it.
To explain the system more accurately (don't read if you don't care about the explanation), for every card the system has a predicted forgetting curve. Some fake numbers for example: with a newly learned card, the curve might be after one day 80% chance to remember, after one week 50% chance to remember, after one month 25% chance to remember and so on. A mature card might have a one day 99% chance to remember, after one week 95% chance to remember, after one month 90% chance to remember and so on.
When you answer the flashcard, the system updates the forgetting curve of that card. It updates the curve more the more wrong the prediction was. If the system predicted a 1% chance you get something right and you got it right, it will heavily change the forgetting curve and same if you got something wrong that the system predicted a 99% chance you got right. The system also updates the curve more or less depending on if you hit the easy or hard button, so those buttons are actually useful on jpdb to make the algorithm better. JPDB doesn't just send you reviews all the time, otherwise you'd be doing a bunch of pointless reviews that you are 99% accurate on that don't change the forgetting curve much. You can adjust how many reviews you get with the "Review interval length" setting. It doesn't change the algorithm of the forgetting curve, it just changes the threshold on the forgetting curve for when a card is considered due.
So, it doesn't actually matter when exactly you do reviews on jpdb, just that you do them.
I would use jpdb, but I like using anki on my phone. JPDB can be used fine in your mobile browser, I just don't like it compared to a separate app that is designed for mobile. Also, I hate having all my progress saved in one website that could go down at any time. jpdb has lasted a decent while and has a fairly big patreon, so it probably won't disappear, but it is still bad. JPDB does have the superior algorithm, so purely on that, it wins over anki.

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I just realized WaniKani is a fucking scam after getting a lifetime subscription.
Should I chargeback and piss off these snake oil saleschuds?

>> No.44683516

yup ez win for the moe派

>> No.44683556

I like sweaty breasts/

>> No.44683588

Irl breast sweat smells bad unironically

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>unko humor

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not meant to be funny

>> No.44684014

fsrs4anki helper can easily postpone however many cards you want

>> No.44684043

hate casual scum

>> No.44684187

there are a lot of casual scum thats too much hate for one person to bear

>> No.44684223

theres only one unko and ive got enough hate for him 10x over

>> No.44684263

we all hate unko so theres a sense of unity in it

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おんよみ AND くんよみ

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>he doesnt know nanori

>> No.44684543

You hate me because i post pure estrogen fat japanese obasans?

>> No.44684576

fat is just fat its not part of sexual dimorphism

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God, mixing the kanas with kanji makes the text look so fucking ugly. I'll just learn enough to read children's books and call it quits.

>> No.44684639

what a shit opinion
a good balance of kana and kanji is beauty

>> No.44684680

but where the fat is gained is

>> No.44684718

is this frufi or his cousin?

>> No.44684744

screenshot looks like something that can be made sense of so it cant be frufi

>> No.44684996

you were clearly born with shit aesthetic taste so maybe try dutch or esperanto

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Why isn't it こんばんわ?

>> No.44685312

ha is a holdover from pre kana orthography reform

>> No.44685331

I actually think it's easier for the english native learning japanese than the other way around. with japanese you just have to look up the word and find its yomikata, which isn't perfect but is close enough to being able to recognize the same word when you hear it. a japanese person learning english wouldn't be able to trust anything short of pasting the word into google translate to hear what it sounds like. I think early reading without audio is actually a really bad idea for learning English compared to Japanese

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>The use of を wo, へ he, and は ha instead of お o, え e, and わ wa for the grammatical particles o, e, wa is a remnant of historical kana usage.

>> No.44685401

I guess I'll just keep the correct spelling in mind and ignore all that nonsense for now.

>> No.44685431

they totally pronounce it wo occasionally though

>> No.44685434

they pronounce baai as bawai sometimes too
trust no one

>> No.44685497

>with japanese you just have to look up the word and find its yomikata
As if Japanese pronunciation was straightforward (wait, was it aME or Ame? Was that word odaka or heiban? Was I supposed to do 鼻濁音? Is it Mizu or Midzu? (it's the latter))
And then you have the untold amounts of time wasted to input a word whose reading you don't know using handwriting input or radical search. Sure, you can try OCR and texthookers to save time, but those are not always available.
>a japanese person learning english wouldn't be able to trust anything short of pasting the word into google translate to hear what it sounds like
You have stuff like the IPA, taking advantage of minimal pairs, pronunciation patterns (-ate is usually /eɪt/, -ight is /aɪt/, etc.), etymology (e.g. entrepreneur comes from french).
I'd worry more about non-obvious stuff like strong forms vs weak forms (e.g. from is /frɒm/ when stressed, /fr(ə)m/ when not stressed). Thankfully, learners quickly figure this out unconsciously because it's obviously impossible for natives to speak fast using strong forms all the time.

>> No.44685515

This is very much dialectal and nonstandard.

>> No.44685531

yeah i've seen some natives real mad about it on hinative

>> No.44685550

or they can just learn IPA. english has fewer sounds than there are hiragana characters

>> No.44685577

I've seen を pronounced as "wo" in careful speech or singing but otherwise it's very uncommon.

>> No.44685590

dont care about this nerd shit just wanna know how bro fucked his neighbor

>> No.44685607

silly anon, 標準語 is all there is, just like BBC English and General American are all ESLs need.

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is cure dolly really dead?

>> No.44685618

yeah it's pretty common for old people to die

>> No.44685634

silly anon boomers don't watch precure

>> No.44685645

She's alive in my こころ

>> No.44685646

>he doesn't know

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someone on plebbit claimed she didn't die, was he full of shit?

genuinely curious cause i'm new to her channel and it makes me so sad if she really died

>> No.44685683

Should I read Tae Kim or Cure Dolly's complete transcript?

>> No.44685852

enlight me senpai

>> No.44685861

>春華が振り返り、ヨーコに小さく別れの合図のように視線を寄越した。 しかし扉の外へ出たところでふと足を止め、目を薄く炒めて通りを見回した。
tf does 目を薄く炒めて mean

>> No.44685883

just that she's very old

>> No.44685891

they meant 眇めて
native mistake
happens all the time

>> No.44685912

natives need rtk

>> No.44686121

kinda random question but how would you say "lots of love from your readers" in japanese?

>> No.44686151


>> No.44686176

Isn't that too direct/intimate? I was thinking of 愛を込めて or something but idunno if it sounds too stiff

>> No.44686183


>> No.44686213

Like I was thinking of 読者より愛を込めて, does it sound natural?

>> No.44686309

because ko n ba n why?
because i gotta

>> No.44686641

Just got tinnitus on my right ear after a sound effect earrape in one of Cure Dolly's lesson video.

>> No.44686674

that just means it's working

>> No.44686722

I can't necessarily speak on how "things just clicking easier" would play a role, since I'm certain that has more to do with the structure and flow of the other languages.
I can however say that if you've already been thrive the process of learning a language, you already "know the drill" and have more reasonable goals. Kinda like picking up saxophone after you've played violin for some time, or getting back into running after you've been away for a long while. You know what progress will look like and the effort required to get you there. In that sense, it's much easier since you're aware of the journey and the demands.

I'm sure there's also some brain-science thing that makes it easier if you work the language centers properly, but that's just speculation on my part.

>> No.44686770

Neck yourselves unbelievable

>> No.44686813

>Words — 177 found

>> No.44686816

dont skip on sleep high iq bros

>> No.44686849

Not a big deal. Youll learn them all someday anon

>> No.44686869

best one is シリアス

>> No.44686951


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I think most djters need subtitles. sirankedo ,'3

>> No.44687140


>> No.44687202


>> No.44687217


Why there's a 数力 next to 月 here?

>> No.44687227


>> No.44687234

there are a few different ways to write it

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>> No.44687255

Ooh, gotta write that one. Thanks

>> No.44687378


>> No.44687442

Im now having my nightly mental breakdowns in japanese

>> No.44687444

I like Otoufu-san :O

>> No.44687517

same but been that way since last week

>> No.44687609

it's the afternoon lil bro

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Its only been like 4 days max... what do i do i legit communicate with DeepL. maybe she just wants to brag to her friends that she has gaijin boyfriend but she is very innocent and attention starved not sure

>> No.44687657

gaijin cringe

>> No.44687679

Yet i get more bitches than you, horton side profile

>> No.44687720


translates into

State Soldier
"Shut up you frog faced whiny little tomboy!!"

>> No.44688201

see >>44682413

>> No.44688270

i wish cure dolly was my gf

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4 days till fall season starts
what are we watching?

>> No.44688486

nothing because almost every show released in the past decade and change has looked like complete vomit

>> No.44688500

>I think early reading without audio is actually a really bad idea for learning English compared to Japanese.
Yes. That's probably a bigger part of why in school they make children listen to English audiobooks and make the kids both read and hear out the English.

>> No.44688516

Kagejitsu, Saihate Paladin and Shangri-La Frontier
Definitely watching those three

>> No.44688529

yep *cracks open beer*

>> No.44688548

Maybe Japanese people just needed about 170 plus words to express how serious they were being, anon. That's just how seriously serious they were.

>> No.44688556

woah aniki, you holdin up alright?

>> No.44688569

Maybe it was just one guy who nobody ever believed, so he just had to keep making up words to express how serious he was being until everyone believed him.

>> No.44688962

>「当然 (とうぜん) 」の当て字「当前」を訓読みにして生まれた語

>> No.44688998


>> No.44689014


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shut the fuck up

>> No.44689493
File: 127 KB, 323x442, qw1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does の do in this sentence?

>> No.44689509

You don't. Coz once you do, you will realise how terrible 99% of their media is.

>> No.44689517

You could post something useful like your retention

>> No.44689524

Scroll down to Relative Clause + の

>> No.44689530

Read something that interests you.
"Difficulty tier" lists of anime/manga are all pointless, because the "easy" stuff they recommend is all really really bad.
You have to actually be interested in what you're consuming.

>> No.44689542

Watching any of these would bore you to tears if you're over 9 years of age and female, and would probably cause you to give up.
Light novels are not for beginners.

>> No.44689548

*and not female
No they just ran out of material once they finished plagiarising Jay Rubin's book

>> No.44689560

do I just need to finish a grammar guide to start immersing

>> No.44689567

thank you

>> No.44689640

what are some jp games i can play for entertainment/immersion as a beginner. i tried pokemon but im not that into these games.

>> No.44689650

anything with a game script

>> No.44689655


>> No.44689669

start immersing right now

>> No.44689677


>> No.44689685
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, -b6lwL_LPv0-HD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is someone's mom

>> No.44689687


it's so over

>> No.44689688

try to find western games with japanese dialogue, games like the witcher 3, cyberpunk 2077, recent bethesda games, AAA series like Far Cry, Assassin's Creed etc. you can check steam(more likely) or gog to see if they have it in japanese

>> No.44689692

someone mentioned this earlier is it any good?

>> No.44689805
File: 38 KB, 419x664, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FSRS's algorithm is statistically better than sm2 that anki's default algorithm is based off of.

>> No.44689873

I felt like shit after today reps. I have other things I need to prepare for tomorrow and I couldn't give my all today, this sucks.

>> No.44689930

wonder if anyone's ever sat through an entire nukemarine "let's read japanese" series

>> No.44689960

how do you check retention? and what is an average retention rate

>> No.44689971
File: 12 KB, 1001x492, F6ZIvdcbAAA209g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's so over

>> No.44690065
File: 9 KB, 682x38, image (28).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Day 121: Update late today because got home very late because of traffic.

>> No.44690162
File: 328 KB, 1424x1080, I_love_you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You forgot the accompanying pic

>> No.44690178

>she is? OTOKO desu
That's a nice name. I wish you and your girlfriend Otoko success

>> No.44690263


>> No.44690338

>kanji section
>see 応
>no mention of 心 as the 部首
>广 listed as the "cave" radical
what the fuck 广(まだれ) is the cliff radical. It's related to houses and buildings. The popular name derives from 麻(ま)+垂れ(たれ), although 麻 is its own radical (あさかんむり).
Why do kanji resources push groundless fanfiction?

>> No.44690416

it's probably best to aim for 0.8 and then optionally increase that up to 0.9 if you prefer getting more answers right for the cost of having more reviews.
and by prefer I mean that a higher retention rate will likely make reps more comfortable plus it'll make you a bit more likely to recognize any given word from your deck when reading.

>> No.44690452
File: 449 KB, 498x498, kill-me-baby-yasuna-oribe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Day 14 of doing 17 cards a day.

I made it to 2 weeks!

>> No.44690458
File: 415 KB, 1199x792, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it a good idea to learn Kanji radicals or should I just hard memorize the character?

>> No.44690467

jav of the day: 3641686

>> No.44690470


what dictionary is this and is there a guide on how set up google sheets like this? the copy and paste thing

>> No.44690472

for me personally it was 3780016

>> No.44690473

what do i do with those numbers

>> No.44690486

Start by learning words and if you find later you have difficulty differentiating stuff like 待持侍 then give radicals a go.

>> No.44690526

Radicals help me break down shit into manageable parts.
歪み? That's just 不正 (excuse the pun)

>> No.44690536

Forgot it was about radicals, not characters. Anyway, 学 is just ⺍(つかんむり) + 冖(ワかんむり) + 子(こ)

>> No.44690540

tfw i literally look like i have モブ顔 in photos

>> No.44690560

we don't accept negativity here. it's called having high powerlevel hiding skill

>> No.44690566
File: 11 KB, 627x276, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

phew I guess that's enough for today.

>> No.44690623

13 fortnite 冠s

>> No.44690629
File: 13 KB, 391x380, mooshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can read kana slowly now
>inner voice is the narrator from Mushishi

>> No.44690641

what are you reading.
i can slowly read kana as well but i don't know how to learn words.

>> No.44690703

ももたろう. I don't understand a single thing though.

>> No.44690813

very based post, you're learning a lot of culture tho im sure of it

>> No.44690830

How do I get an old Japanese couple adopt me so I can live the Japanese NEET life?

>> No.44690898

wtf i fsrs rescheduled my cards and it gave me over 1k cards to review

>> No.44690951

that means you don't know the cards as well as you think you do. more specifically, those cards have a lower retention rate than what you requested fsrs to aim for.

>> No.44691032

Should I be mining absolutely everything I don't know?

>> No.44691057

no, you need to prioritize frequent words to some extent

>> No.44691088
File: 527 KB, 1900x2600, 724e4911e72b02ccec80d90ade279547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44691103
File: 78 KB, 936x936, IMG_1330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44691148

why do people say 2hu if its more like toe hoe

>> No.44691173

Touhou から o をとると tuhu になり、tu を発音つながりで数字の 2(two: トゥー)で代用することで 2hu となった。

4hcan や Tumblr やその他東方ファンが集まるブログやオンラインフォーラムやウェブサイトなど、海外の東方ファンの間で使用されるスラング。

>> No.44691174
File: 179 KB, 850x1202, __reisen_udongein_inaba_kazami_yuuka_and_imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_drawn_by_oirin__sample-9a8865def23e108ee6a259dd2f55387e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why call it toe hoe when it's not even about toe hoes?

>> No.44691218

still doesn't answer my question

>> No.44691226

how big is her fucking foot

>> No.44691229

900 vocab, basic grammar. what should i start to immerse with at this stage? i dont care about enjoyment ill enjoy anything jap related

>> No.44691326

be a little selective about what you mine. make sure the sentence makes sense on its own and you under everything but the word your mining. it'll make reviews go by easier

>> No.44691417

I started with stuff aimed at children. TV, book, video games. Stuff that requires little vocabulary and low reading comprehension while you're building up foundations

>> No.44691502
File: 786 KB, 943x739, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so they call it ゲーム機, i had always assumed it'd be a loanword like コンソール

>> No.44691555

isn't it a game machine, is it?

>> No.44691575

Anything meant for children that won't make me so bored I don't retain a goddamn thing?

>> No.44691596

HelloTalk is not so bad if you know how to talk to people

>> No.44691598

how difficult is it to go back and play shit like the old pokemon games which are entirely in kana

>> No.44691628
File: 136 KB, 720x1024, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Raw - Chapter 7 - 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.44691711

It's been around for a long ass time

>> No.44691867

Why is the console itself called 本体? Why not just say ゲーム機? Or does the latter also include stuff like controllers, memory cards, etc. that come in the box?

>> No.44691869

If you already understand stuff its very easy. Actually the part that challenges your vocab the most is not the mental hiragana conversion of the dialogue but the move names, cause it's mostly stuff that's always written in kanji outside of pokemon. Even that's pretty easy, it's like a fun check to distinguish between words you've actually acquired and words you can understand before acquiring thanks to kanji

>> No.44692000

>play shit like the old pokemon games which are entirely in kana
That's all.

>> No.44692045

Move that makes ヤドン a fucking tank
Highly underrated

>> No.44692090

>Light novels are not for beginners.
nothing of value is for beginners but beginners need to jump in anyway to stop being beginners

>> No.44692112
File: 198 KB, 844x1200, i-018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44692151

You really are 鈍い(にぶい).

>> No.44692156

is it worth playing pokemon for kana reading, ive already been playing it a bit it's just mentally fucking taxing

>> No.44692165

im enjoying keion at 31 youre a retarded teenager

>> No.44692170

no, just start reading stuff with kanji if yuo want to read

>> No.44692173

Just watch the gameplay videos. sirankedo :3

>> No.44692176

it's just not the same...

>> No.44692177

idk i didn't do anything pure kana just do something fun

>> No.44692183

you're so learnèd and wise for understanding puns
(sorry I forgot to say "yeah das a cool pun")

>> No.44692187

No reason to do that because stuff using kanji has kana in it too so you'll get kana practice regardless

>> No.44692396

fuck bilingualmanga.net just got taken down, it was the only site that had what I wanted to read. been looking for a decent alternative but can't find anything, does anyone know any?

>> No.44692427

Download your manga from nyaa or dlraw

>> No.44692522


>> No.44692540


>> No.44692664


>> No.44692886

Does the jp eshop accept american credit cards? If not how am I suppose to get dragon quest in jp. It's on sale for 3 bucks on the nintendo eshop. I really don't want to waste time trying to pirate switch games my switch isnt even hacked or whatever

>> No.44693060

You might not even be able to hack it, last I checked they don't have an exploit for the newer system versions.

>> No.44693072

Last I checked that website was shit and had none of the series I wanted to read, so I can't say I'll exactly miss it, but sorry anon, why not ask here and see if anyone has it or can find it? What series was it?

>> No.44693086

good manga

>> No.44693089

try it and let us know

>> No.44693109

no, you have to buy point cards for the jp e-shop

>> No.44693145

crazy how you constantly have to jump through hoops to pay for raw media because of taxes trade laws localization contracts pricing inconsistencies etc
or if you pirate everything is simple as usual

>> No.44693192

for a while you could buy game download codes and gift cards on amazon.co.jp with western credit cards without the overcharging that resellers put on top, but they put an end to that as well
had to write with the japanese customer support because one of my orders was stuck on processing and they told me my credit card was no longer usable for this content and deleted the order

>> No.44693227

stfu mlen

>> No.44693289

maybe ill just play whats on stram with jp language options. does this mean i wouldnt be able to buy shit on amazon jp either?

>> No.44693315

>does this mean i wouldnt be able to buy shit on amazon jp either?
nta but i assume nothing significant has changed for physical goods and the old situation was it depends on the seller

>> No.44693400

yh i think im back bros

>> No.44693405
File: 5 KB, 526x67, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can buy pretty much everything else, but if you check prepaid cards or switch download codes they now all have this

you can still get those point cards really easily on other sites like playasia, iirc they mail you the code right away

>> No.44693416

also dunno there might be services that use a japanese credit card and address to buy stuff for you

>> No.44693460

lol theres an easy solution

>> No.44693463

probably way cheaper to make a friend

>> No.44693508

>make a friend
not easy

>> No.44693514

networking is ez bro

>> No.44693535

if you're functional enough to want to pay money for media then you can probably make friends. sirankedo :3

>> No.44693550

Hard when you're not sociopathic enough to pretend to enjoy someone's company to benefit from them

>> No.44693552

im too functional to want to waste money on media

>> No.44693565

you have to go back

>> No.44693583

every interaction is transactional lil bro

>> No.44693591

even these ones? on djt?

>> No.44693610

yeah bro even an altruist gets something from helping others or he wouldn't do it

>> No.44693624

every post i make is with the intention of decreasing someones nihongoryoku or to baiting someone into increasing mine

>> No.44693643

all my posts are part of a social experiment

>> No.44693660

there is no such thing as an altruist on djt

>> No.44693672

yeah always be careful of posters ""helping"" others 90% of them are freaks

>> No.44693689

the only good advice that a true djter is gonna give you is read more and watch dolly sensei

>> No.44693690



>> No.44693703

god i wish i had an imoto

>> No.44693706

>r**d more
100% freak

>> No.44693711

read more utuge

>> No.44693714

i dont often give advice but when i do...

>> No.44693715

comprehension increases 75% when you are depressed

>> No.44693725

i watch nakige jikkyous to lmao @ women

>> No.44693730

you mean i can just watch other people read vinnies and i don't even have to read them myself

>> No.44693734

i couldnt do that id fall in love

>> No.44693742

i couldn't do that i'd start masturbating

>> No.44693746

same thing

>> No.44693779

for me its namasensei

>> No.44693839

once saw a niconico jikkyou of sayooshi by a woman and the comments were calling her cute for not being able to read the kanij

>> No.44693851

why do nips insist on retarded region locks for language settings? do they hate money?

>> No.44693884

he stands out like a sore thumb

>> No.44693894

it has to do with avoiding competition between the developer and the localization companies buying rights to sell in specific countries

>> No.44693928

rewatching mushoku tensei

>> No.44693964

more like muimi tengay

>> No.44694033

waiting for the next season of the greatest isekai ever to air

>> No.44694068

after tp4 the anime is going to do poorly

>> No.44694128

What does "mlen" mean?

>> No.44694161

fuck off

>> No.44694179

dno its best to assume anyone who says it is a schizo

>> No.44694182

mlen to you too

>> No.44694224

zubosi lol

>> No.44694227

>noooo you can't use internet slang
go back to lelddit. I heard the jannies at learnjapanese are hiring

>> No.44694236

taion tard cant help himself

>> No.44694243

dont care

>> No.44694267

crazy what adhd genes and lack of a titioya do to you

>> No.44694274

unko can attest to the latter

>> No.44694331

>>nooo you cant
speaking of reddit lmfao

>> No.44694344


>> No.44694358

nip is the n word to weebs

>> No.44694378

weeb here dont care at all

>> No.44694402

you're on 4chinz there's no n-word

>> No.44694433

125ers i pass the torch to you youve been trained

>> No.44694576

finna finny this vinnie

>> No.44694577

wonder how many historical djters didnt make it

>> No.44694615

must be thousands

>> No.44694680

we da elites

>> No.44694788


>> No.44694830

chaos head is good
chaos child is bad
steins gate is ok
sg0 is shit
robotics notes is shit
rn dash is probably shit
are occultic nine and anonymous code also shit?

>> No.44694855

yoshi got a second date with my future japanese wife
all the years of anime and eroge have paid off

>> No.44694874

doesn't count if she isn't over 40

>> No.44694897

btw i was called a sagishi by the owner of an izakaya because my nihongo was too jouzu

>> No.44694940

the /djt/ method works after all

>> No.44695055

awaiting your travel blog

>> No.44695090
File: 204 KB, 1080x1388, IMG_20230920_185100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here in this example 渡る is taking a direct object. Does that mean while intransitive verbs don't require direct object, they still can if they want to?

>> No.44695134

を is also used with intransitive movement verbs to show the path the motion moves through or the point it started from
like 家を出る leave the house or 前を通る pass the front, go through the front
it's a separate usage of を than the direct object usage and doesn't mark an object here

>> No.44695189

I get it now, thanks anon

>> No.44695202

what is the djt method

>> No.44695282

read and watch more

>> No.44695407

watch me do your mom

>> No.44695420

glad to hear youre enjoying japan bro

>> No.44695753

You know doujin is good when manko gets its own speech bubbles.

>> No.44695790

>the manko
is it freestanding

>> No.44695875


>> No.44695916

how many event flags have you had?

>> No.44696287

is 日本語 even real

>> No.44696370

allegedly 100 million people speak it but no one outside of of japan has ever learned it so there's no evidence

>> No.44696415
File: 180 KB, 826x1169, 1695219654808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44696471

honestly cruel that the sister doesnt have an h scene in nekopara

>> No.44696499

can't take nekopara seriously

>> No.44696612

dont think u r supposed to

>> No.44696689
File: 26 KB, 640x480, 1230967168531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44696744


>> No.44696986

i don't know if im retarded or something, but i genuinely can't find k-on! college anywhere except for nyaa, and that takes 6 hours to download. and im using a laptop right now so its not convenient.

>> No.44696996

worry not my fellow siscons
kami-sama has answered our prayers

>> No.44697027

Do japs have the same word for dream(as if I want to be rich) and dream(as if I woke up from a scary dream). If not, what are the words for both?

>> No.44697135
File: 202 KB, 641x438, スクリーンショット 2023-09-20 162740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

38000+ unique words....
I'm gonna commit sudoku.

>> No.44697246

across 28 volumes so not that many actually
if it was 5 volumes yeah it would be nuts

>> No.44697322

Keep in mind that JPDB counts particles, names, double counts words if they're also written in katakana, has entries for common combinations, etc. So you'll probably have significantly less cards that you consider words. Still a lot, but not 38k.

>> No.44697387

it was announced for vol 5
when it ever comes out

>> No.44697420

hell it's about time

>> No.44697499

chaos head is good
chaos head lcc is ok
chaos child is ok
chaos child lcc is shit
steins gate is ok
sg0 is shit
robotics notes is good
rn dash is beyond shit
occultic nine is ok
anonymous code is beyond shit

>> No.44697564


>> No.44697596
File: 57 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm two thousand words into 2k/6k and haven't learned katakana

>> No.44697619

not even natives know katakana

>> No.44697633

can you read those VNs?

>> No.44697640

please refrain from frogposting in /jp/

>> No.44697675

>chaos head is good

>> No.44697678
File: 3.57 MB, 640x360, 1685773229638691.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

frogposting is an essential part of japanese culture

>> No.44697701

what is good about rn

>> No.44697714

i've never seen pepe in 5ch

>> No.44697855

dont care

>> No.44697996

yes, but dont read occultic's vn.
characterization. mainly from the main duo. has the best characters in the kagaku adv series.

>> No.44698119

What's DJT's consensus on LTK?
Is it worth owning a physical copy?

>> No.44698183

no idea what that is

>> No.44698197

loving the kanji

>> No.44698200
File: 990 KB, 1920x1080, 1619983151080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've memorized close to 2k kanji but haven't even touched kana.

>> No.44698210
File: 262 KB, 856x645, 1666210835843340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is the timer on anacreon's texthooker page accurate?
did I really spend 3 and a half hours on a 1 hour movie

>> No.44698238

i love chinese characters, but I hate how the Japs fucked them up with irregular readings.

>> No.44698255

irregular reading is the best part of nihong0 cuz is the biggest filter ever

>> No.44698256
File: 2 KB, 98x78, Photoshop_LVTimRx7GD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what kanji is this? i tried searching by radicals and using an ocr but i cant seem to find it.

>> No.44698262

nevermind its 膏. i swear everytime i ask a question i instantly find the answer.

>> No.44698288

japanese was never meant to be written

>> No.44698554

What's are some good stuff for passive listening? I waste so much time of the day doing nothing, might as well constantly input.

>> No.44698706

passive listening isn't input

>> No.44698790


>> No.44698805

i can't find any dictionary entry for 別顔. is this just one of these words you're supposed to get without any help?

>> No.44698826

>> No.44698843

Is it normal for the が particule to be barely audible, if audible at all when spoken by native speakers?

>> No.44698897


>> No.44698918

imagine japanese without kanji or without any chinese influence at all, i wonder what it would be like
would this thread still be autistic

>> No.44698932

>imagine japanese without kanji
Impossible. You'd sooner have to realize a bizarro world when the Japanese were humble enough to adopt Hangul as their lingua franca instead.

>> No.44699035

Isn't it just particular face?

>> No.44699054

you can do active listening while walking around you know

>> No.44699108

were the chinese critical in the development of anime/vns? if so then yes the autism would be gone

>> No.44699152

whats matts degree

>> No.44699188

imagine japanese without a writing system

>> No.44699222

imagine japanese

>> No.44699316

imagine if the Japanese just used English to begin with

>> No.44699370


>> No.44699381

if you love chinese so much why are you learning japanese just learn chinese

>> No.44699389

how else would he shill in djt

>> No.44699421

no chinese media is watchable

>> No.44699428

Can someone answer this please?

>> No.44699444

go to google and type japanese english dictionary

>> No.44699447
File: 26 KB, 130x138, nukeletgo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.44699496

tfw you score 69

>> No.44699520

never stop fighting against evil

>> No.44699545

Yes, 夢 (ゆめ) is the universal word for dream. They can be a dream as in a desire or wish
>We can make your dreams come true
or it could be a bad dream that you had
>I had a bad dream
Also, this isn’t a chatgpt response before anyone asks.

>> No.44699628

chatgpt wouldn't put arrows in the post

>> No.44699752

japanese people just call their big brothers "onii-chan" and see nothing wrong with it

>> No.44699897

it probably would if you told it to use quote arrows sardonically

>> No.44699932


words from today

>> No.44699937


>> No.44700092
File: 124 KB, 348x750, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44700094

"Those sounds, simple and few in number, are very well suited to notation by an alphabet, and it is perhaps one of the tragedies of oriental history that the Japanese genius did not a thousand years ago rise to its invention. Certainly when one considers the truly appalling system which in the course of centuries they did evolve, that immense and intricate apparatus of signs for recording a few dozen little syllables, one is inclined to think that the western alphabet is perhaps the greatest triumph of the human mind."

- G.B. Sansom, Japan: A Short Cultural History (1931)

>> No.44700305

It's just how verbs work in moon.
道を歩く->Walk along the road. You have to add the preposition in English or it won't make sense.
>and doesn't mark an object here
Is it not a 目的語 from the point of view of Japanese?

>> No.44700325

Took me way too long top realise that 脂 meant fat.

>> No.44700336

>Is it not a 目的語 from the point of view of Japanese?

>> No.44700337


>> No.44700338

were you thinking about 油を売る?

>> No.44700350

I just used to think that nips were obsessed with oily food.

>> No.44700355


>> No.44700359

I meant to write nipples.

>> No.44700361

I am aware of only one other person who is in a similar situation to me, and he was translating the re:zero novel before he had other priorities. He was also one of the few novel translators who were successful on Patreon, earning almost $2,000 per month, as reported by TranslationChicken.
I've been studying Japanese for almost 4 years, but despite being able to read and watch almost anything like i would in English or French, I am utterly incapable of speaking or writing any Japanese. It's not that I'm shy or anything, but I couldn't speak grammatically correct Japanese if someone held a gun to my head. Additionally, I don't think in Japanese the same way that I do in French or English.

It's not like I care; I dislike Japanese people and wouldn't interact with them anyway. However, it's funny how the brain functions. I also have trouble producing the kanas from memory, but i instantly recognize them when i see them (it's not even recognition at this point, the kanas are like the regular alphabet to me). I can say with pride that I'm a retard who CAN accomplish what he strives for now that my journey through Japan is almost over. I used to feellike a mythical retard being unable to produce things N6 could.

>> No.44700369

yea intransitive verbs sometimes use wo to mark the place like を出る. still this doesn't make them a tadoushi afaik

>> No.44700371

most people in this thread can't produce it's just how it goes

>> No.44700372

true true (didnt read)

>> No.44700386

love nips
simple as

>> No.44700391

let's nip this in the bud

>> No.44700423

wow he doesn't have a skill you didn't put time in to develop, how surprising

>> No.44700475
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Day 122:Today session was not difficult but there some card from yesterday that kinda mess me up.

>> No.44700487

yes. moon terms aren't always equivalent to the English terms so it makes sense to specify.

>> No.44700490

>I am utterly incapable of speaking or writing any Japanese
Start today then faggot. Write shit. Self-introduction, how was your day, journal entry, friendly letter to a friend, a thank you note, something.

>> No.44700529
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>It's not like I care; I dislike Japanese people and wouldn't interact with them anyway.
I came here to be an attention whore, if i wanted advice or practice i'd go on the serious Djt thread, not the faggy one.

>> No.44700583


>> No.44700669

>talking about output
every time

>> No.44700695
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what does oka mean? is this 陸? the guy saying this is a 船頭.

>> No.44700698

New thread:

>> No.44700744

It's all deliberate. I just get a rise out of riling up sissies like you.

>> No.44700770

>noooo! youre only allowed to use one board on 4chan and nothing else because...I said so!

>> No.44700791
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/diy/ is my main board and i only come to /jp/ to visit djt and sometimes look at the gravure threads (i love sexy woman)

>> No.44700960

based crossboarder anon

>> No.44700972

I have several other boards I main, and like a dozen that I pop into occasionally.
None of them are /jp/ lmao, I just come here for this thread alone.

>> No.44701042

djt is a board

>> No.44701047

welcome to djt dot com

>> No.44701058

crazy to think how much time weve spent in /vt0/

>> No.44701074

i'm a warrior of djt