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This thread is for anything related to the discussion of Japanese light novels, WN / Web Novels included.
Learning Japanese to avoid mistakes and subtext trimming by translations and MTL is highly recommended.

>Finding light novels info:

>Additional resources:
>Recommended readers:
Android, Libera https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.foobnix.pro.pdf.reader/
PC epub reader: https://calibre-ebook.com/
>WN to e-book downloader:

>Main fan TL dump:
>Official translations:
v20.0: https://nyaa.si/view/1680465
v20.3: https://nyaa.si/view/1715655

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What is the better method of looking up Japanese from Calibre? Do you just copy and paste into your web browser?

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use https://reader.ttsu.app/ on your browser I don't think calibre has any good way to look up.

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learn japanese :^)
yeah just copy paste if you don't want to set up something that will be a hassle, but you really should just learn japanese

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That's how you learn, is it not?

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thought you were just reading off deepl or something

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The inbuilt lookup is technically the same, lol. The best way is to use a web based reader like the ttsu the other anon mentioned. You can also use the ocr based lookups that VN guys use, but that's not elegant.

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you only need ocr when it's scans though, calibre is for epubs so you can just copypaste the text

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What happened to thatnovelcorner? It's not beimg updated anymore.

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It would be neat to have a simple repository of novels in both jpn and eng. I want to try reading a novel with both side by side even knowing that some translations may not be the most faithful. I think I will attempt this first with Spice and Wolf.

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That's a different kind of tool you are taking about and the op seems like he wants a better option than copypasting. I don't remember the name of the software but there's one that acts like yomichan lookup on any program by using image detection. You don't need to go through the extra effort to copypaste

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There's epub lookups?

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Actually, I just remembered that you can set calibre to use offline dictionaries for lookups, so don't mind my previous posts. It's a bit slow and finicky though

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i guess its been replaced by jnovels. they're practically the same

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Finished up Vol 19 of Danmachi, it was alright I guess. Nice and lighthearted for the most part and some of the shenanigans were fun. Kind of worried it might head into the end game at any moment with the Black Dragon being mentioned more and more frequently, just hope it's an organic transition. I do resent the writer a bit for expanding a harem when he likely has no intention to do a harem ending.

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Leveling skills in retail is awkward because your job level increases at such a faster rate. Leveling without any ring in retail is still faster than leveling with a ring in Horizon. I wonder what the overall game would be like if you could only ever have a single trust out at a time like some other games.

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Also has the advantage of not clogging the feed with manga volumes.

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Probably by a different guy. The jnovels guy seems to be catching up and has fewer titles.

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Where can I download mushoku tensei vol 26 in jp? got 1-25 from nyaa

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actually nvm, think I got it https://pan.roxylib.com/%E6%B4%9B%E7%90%AA%E5%B8%8C%E5%9B%BE%E4%B9%A6%E9%A6%86%20-%20%E5%80%9F%E4%B9%A6%E6%9F%9C%E5%8F%B0/%E5%B0%8F%E8%AF%B4/%E9%9D%9E%E7%AE%80%E4%BD%93%E7%89%88%E6%9C%AC%E5%B0%8F%E8%AF%B4/%E6%97%A5%E7%89%88%E6%96%87%E5%BA%93

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there's also justlightnovels for all your EOP piracy needs, sometimes it has stuff others don't, but sometimes it doesn't have a few ones

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Anyone read ロードス島戦記, the replay or the novel series? Also the 2020 replay using the ロードス TRPG? If so curious to hear your thoughts

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I'm now to not pirating LNs, but are all GA releases basically free on these 合同誌? do other labels have something similar?

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I meant 合本版 sorry

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Read vol 1 but dropped after because it's too bland. Reads like a series of "that happened, and then this happened" instead of anything like a story.

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They are just a collection of the free trial portions of the month's releases

Talking about the novels btw

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>They are just a collection of the free trial portions of the month's releases
bookwalker sucks

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It does seem like something just to hook you in to buy the series if it's not even the full first volume.

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Making a 'finished reading' column has been very useful since I rarely bother updating bookmeter, when I finish reading a book I just need to click once on the blank space and it defaults to the current day.
Does /lng/ have any other calibre customization or plugin tips for me?

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Is Bookworm good?

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>You're not living your life correctly de gozaru

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I need a recommendation chart

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I recommend Noucome sequel

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Noucome had a sequel? What!? What's it about? I remember reading that the angel won in the end of Noucome right?

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It's Noucome with new set of characters, the only obvious link is that the new Angel said the ERABE curse had happened before, and they managed to resolve it.

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I'm listening to it as an audiobook and really like it. The world is completely different from the standard fantasy LN and is only explained to the extent of how the MC sees it. Some people don't like the pace, but to each their own.

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>o my soup

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It's good. But whether it's entertaining depends on what you are expecting from it

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>No new Dendro WN part today
>Kaido suggests reading the LN vol 21 preview instead
>Check it out
>Pic related

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What can one expect?

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Just got done reading volume 5 of nanatsu no maken, it was really good. I was interested in the setting from the first volume but I wasn't really feeling the subsequent volumes but 5 was great. I really hope it's a case of the series finding it's footing and not a case of volumes outside of the revenge just being worse.

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School tournament arc is one of my favorite parts of the series if it makes you feel better. Of course, the revenge plot volumes are the peak. I doubt that will change.

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Did kaido finally get over his writer block? I'm seeing far more WN updates more often now.

>> No.44709797

I wouldn't say he ever had writer's block. He takes several month-long breaks at the start of every year since like 2021 and he skips regular uploads like he did today, but even during these breaks he still works on stuff.
For example, the reason he didn't upload this time is because the scene is important and he wants to ensure the quality and hype, so he'll upload two parts at once next week. And the previous time he missed an upload was because he was busy working on a bonus story for the Bookwalker release of vol 21.
Combined with the changes/additions to the LN that he keeps doing, if anything, it feels like he's always working his ass off for Dendro.

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also remember the crow record spinoff, even if kaido didn't directly write it he still had to oversee it
and it's clear that was the case with how it's integrated into the LN compared to the WN

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Just found out evil lord have spin-off, is it any good?

>> No.44711771

it's probably the best that a fan could ask from a side story spin-off, basically it's more of the same type of writing in a different context, also simply more subtle worldbuilding by just having more story/lore to chew through
if you already like evil lord there's a 90% chance you will like this too

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I enjoyed the tournament arc but also feel like it's a bit drawn out. Also the final godfrey's match is disappointing.
But yeah, the series peaks in the revenge vols. And maybe vol 11

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Ah, so that's why she punched Kaidou in the face in the comments, also
>Black laced underwear
B3 is fucking thirsty. Guess years of tardwrangling the resident cult leader and her entourage did leave an impact on her. Would Emancipated Giant-Atlas on her/10.
Nah, guy's got a life. If you follow his update feed closely, he tends to take 2~3 months break after each arcs to make time for his family, finding inspiration, posting some supplementary material, and doing a FAQ/Q&A session on his page. Hell, the only reason he went missing in 2021 was because he need to write the AE side. You probably felt we're getting more updates than usual due to the recent Pale Psalms, since it breaks the monotony of war namek.
The more important question is: Did Kaidou recently got laid? Because holy hell, one does not simply write how a JK ends up having to buy juice in nothing but ribbons on her body due to some strip mahjong mishap unless he's got some serious sexual frustration going on.

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>new trpg chapter
剣友会 guys are entertaining as usual. Hope the author gives more chapters to them

>> No.44716304

>Also the final godfrey's match is disappointing.
Yeah I guess I agree with that. The Oliver team vs Andres team fight was one of the most kino things I've ever read and then the one after that wasn't anywhere near as good. You're right about vol 11; that one was surprisingly great.

>> No.44718385

Yeah, it just that Volume 5 also had the added effect of some insane worldbuilding which felt like a sucker punch in a good way, which also recontextualises the revenge. The fight with Enrico also recontexualise a lot of Oliver's interactions with his friends, he's got some shit going on but he never lets it seep through.

>> No.44718519

don't know if anybody's reading it buy saikyou degarashi ouji is hitting it's final chapter for the WN
i rather enjoyed the lns and my time with the wn, hope it sticks the landing

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Some anon on /a/ airing thread is claiming nanoa and oliver did it in v10 and cited this text

i know i shouldn't have to ask, but is this legit?

>> No.44720366

Shit, guess I need to pick it back up.

>> No.44720403

That was me and yes it's legit.

>> No.44720410

dont take it personal, i've been burned by fake spoilers on a before

>> No.44723347

Sounds on par for the course from /a/.

>> No.44723872

Still thinking about the guy who went to animesuki forums complaining that j-novel rewrote or censored the plot of amaburi volume 8 because it didn't match the famous greentext spoiler screencap from /a/, and another poster who read the Chinese version had to confirm that JNC TL was correct and it was /a/non that was full of shit.

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>gimai seikatsu gets shilled all the time
>read first volume
>the heroine has a several page speech about supporting trannies
I hate you retards.

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How do you anons decide on whether to read the WN or LN version of a book? Availability, release frequency, etc? I imagine an LN release is usually preferable, but it's often the case that I cannot find the LNs I want to read uploaded anywhere (like in the DJT resource and Nyaa). Other sites either seem busted or locked. So, I resign to not reading what intrigues me. Quite frustrating overall.

>> No.44725577

Check the review, Read LN if they say there are major change

>> No.44725852

Actually no penetration yet due to the trauma

>> No.44725982

When in doubt, read the LN.
If you really like it then you will end up reading the WN anyway.

>> No.44727190

If I can't find LN raws from the DJT resource or Nyaa, are there any other sources you'd recommend that I try? I checked the links in the OP hoping to find something new, but the sites I've seen are seemingly either dead, walled off, or for translated content (which I do not want).

>> No.44727220

dlraw, zlibrary, the meme way discord

>> No.44727285

that’s literally what i was referring too >>44720410

>> No.44727341

Thanks, I'll give those a go.

>> No.44727967

sometimes you bite the bullet and by them yourself
they're cheap on a volume by volume basis but buying a 20+ volume series is a bit pricy

>> No.44730552

to be fair volume by volume is the intended way to read, given at the fastest there's always a 3 month gap minimum between volumes
it just sucks when reading it all in one go to catch up

>> No.44732195

I start with whichever I encounter first and then almost always either read both or drop both. Anything I can't find I just buy for myself.

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infrequent fights, shit ton of character names to memorize, slow plot progression
well-written drama, good world-building, cute mc

>> No.44736446

damn quite a few anime adaptions for got announced

>> No.44737101

Roshidere and Nibanme, let's fucking go boys

>> No.44742607

Inferior medium

>> No.44742703

oh yeah 100%, i'm half surprised by degarashi ouji is getting one

>> No.44743272

It's not about the anime itself, it's about the boost to sales and probability of merch

>> No.44745236

Or the anime did really bad that it killed the source material

>> No.44746042

Can anyone share あたしは星間国家の英雄騎士 2 if you bought it please

>> No.44749764

86 anime is unanimously better than it's respective source material, and that is just one example off the top of my head. save the book snobbery for /lit/

>> No.44749813

Technically yes, but that's mainly because the first volume of 86 had to have that epilogue part because of the contest Asato entered it in which fucks up the story. And also because the 86 anime is a genuinely stellar.

>> No.44749963

Looks like you've posted the exception which *adjusts glasses* proves the rule

>> No.44750061

Second half Kagejitsu anime is better than volume 2. The first half kinda sucks tho

>> No.44753992

anime adaptations are on a weird spot where they got so bad they didn't even work as an ad for the source material to looping back into being good again, if on a shoestring budget
that said, those are still the exceptions rather than the rule
and as far as manga adaptations go, those didn't loop back up, they just got even worse

>> No.44754175

There is no 'rule'. The lack of budget thrown at most adaptations isn't evidence of the medium itself being inferior.

>> No.44754189

you're more incorrect than shadow garden trying to guess what cid is thinking.

>> No.44754227

he's right though

>> No.44754946

Extended Aurora scenes, Kai and Omega, making Beatrix a real character plus the Final Episode alone already made it better than the book

>> No.44754959

Whar are the differences between セベンス ln and the wn? Also is there anywhere online I can fond its ln raws?

>> No.44754989

>the autismo burger exchange
Beatrix alone should be enough to prove the point kek.

>> No.44755084

Given all of that was done with heavy author oversight and it gets extended even further on the gacha which is directly written by the author, it's better taken as a rewrite rather than an adaptation thing.

>> No.44755180

>was done with heavy author oversight
Really tho? Rose short hair in anime was caused by misunderstanding

>> No.44755196

given the shitshows that are anime productions with autistic authors the surprising thing that's somehow the only big oversight so far

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Cute imouto

>> No.44755380

Just started arifureta but do I have to bear through this dogshit loredumping through the entire series?

>> No.44756246

any epub for ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ 0? what a pain to find those limited volume they release sometimes

>> No.44756281

arifureta had info/lore dumps?