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princess shoulder and collarbone.....

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princess paizuri

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Soft and regal, like her.

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Kaguyahime-same, you're getting greedy... another thread just after the last one reach the limit is a bit much...

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greasy ho

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NEET my beloved

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Stupid sexy 'Guya

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Incorrect, she a princess thus she can't be a NEET

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Disgusting, that's not how 'guya should look like

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I want to lick them

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My princess :)

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Kaguya after twenty years of me putting a kid in her the moment the last is out.

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How long do you think her pubes are?
I bet she never cut them. They could be reaching all the way to the ground, that's the reason she has that long skirt.
A real crotchbeard neet!

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She probably doesn't have any hair on her other then her head. Like a proper, feminine abd pure Luna Princess

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Best himetits

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Serving the Hime. Fanning the Hime. Clothing the Hime. Bathing the Hime. Cuddling with the Hime under the sheets. Going out for walks with the Hime. Cooking for the Hime. Entertaining the Hime. Reading books to the Hime. Playing video games with the Hime.Grinding in boring shitty games so the Hime doesnt have to. Worshiping the Hime's soft pampred princess pale feet. Swimming with the Hime. Massaging the Hime. Watching movies with the Hime. Being the Hime's fuck toy. Satisfying the Hime's fetishes. Protecting the Hime. Feeding the Hime. Loving the Hime.

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Sounds exhausting, I would rather not...

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Hi, Eirin.

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friday guya!

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taking care of the hime-sama is so exausthing...

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Why is Hime-sama mocking me?

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She is trying to bait you into mating pressing her.
This is a fool's trap; Eirin will find out and steal you from Kaggu, leading to a bloody fight with you as the prize. No you do not get a say in it, and they do not care what you think.
No you aren't supposed to want that you're taking all the fun out of it.

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So when does Mokou comes and steals me away?

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Is the mindbreaking paizuri the reward for a good service?

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When you find a way of telling her what's going on and how it would be oh-so-terrible if Kaggu's archnemesis were to come and ruin you for marriage.
Course you might get burnt alive in Eientei when she comes a knocking, but you might not. Decisions decisions.