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Wondering. Does anyone here have their own original Isekai they enjoy escaping to? If so, what is it like, and how often do you escape?

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No but my mind does drift off sometimes and I zone back in minutes later wondering what I was even for that duration if that counts.

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I wish Gensokyo was this Isekai world.

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Me, too fren. Me, too.

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Paizuri Gensokyo, where all the girls have huge titters. I go there every day.

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Big or small love em all, but more than a handful is a waste. Lolisokyo it's where it's at.

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Original? Can't say I have one

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Not original, but I've been meaning to do this with the nier universe. I'm even thinking of using GURPS for combat and stuff to keep things more grounded, but maybe that's a dumb idea. Still concept stage though.