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▶What is this?
/egg/ — Era Games General; also known as “Era games thread”
Era games are a group of (usually) Japanese-developed text porn games.
They’re not exclusively related to the Touhou franchise, but it’s one of the series with the most era games.

▶Games usually discussed here
eraTohoTW — Comfy Touhou dating simulator with time stop shenanigans.
eraTohoK — Tactical game about conquering Gensokyo through any (absolutely any) means.
eraMegaten — Dungeon crawler based on the Shin Megami Tensei series, with tons of characters from other series (Fate, Touhou, Madoka, etc) included.

▶Useful Links
Guides and downloads for all era games. For TW you should get the eng-development version, eng-release is several years old
Japanese wiki.
Report any bugs you find over here.

Git repository that has latest official builds to any of the games, you can sometimes find more recent versions than the ones on the wiki.
Git repository for a fork of eraTohoTW maintained by the /egg/ community.

Automatic translator which copies text straight from the game. Comes with an optional customized built-in offline model.
Direct link for the latest version of Sugoi.
Fetches the latest version of TW, K or Megaten from the official git, no login needed.

▶How to play?
Run anchor.exe (or Emuera, depending on the game), Japanese locale is advised so you don’t run into untranslated text.
If you wish to manually update, delete old files aside the sav and dat folders to avoid any bugs.

If you’d like to either edit or add your own portraits, the files are located within the ‘resources’ folder in webp format. You can use paint.net to edit them.

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What would you do to Sleggy here?

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Is there an easy way to figure out everyone's schedules in TW?

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/egg/ is cringe

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It's possible Yumemi might have some lines if you're with Chiyuri in front of her
In my quest for all music sheets, I made both of them fall for me. Yumemi fell for me second, and her dialogue for falling in Love accounted for Chiyuri falling for me first
Albeit weirdly it did not account for me already having a Lover; it acted as if I didn't

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>isn't an edition
>removed the suggestions
This bread is stale.

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>Albeit weirdly it did not account for me already having a Lover; it acted as if I didn't
Eh, how much would she really know about anyone other than Chiyuri? She's the one competitor she can actually keep a close eye on, so obviously she only responds to her situation.

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'Ey Vinny, I keep running into this weird bug with Parsee where her Lust stat will for some reason drop by 5 levels. Not sure what's causing it, but would appreciate if you'd look into it

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And, related, after getting consent for unprotected sex, it somehow resets and I have to get consent for it again for some reason
On the same day she first consented, mind you. The only thing that happened between the first time and second was her falling asleep and me going to get beaten up at the bathouse

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I presume you're on the newest edition?

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Yeah. I haven't cloned from the commits made in the last week, but I doubt any of those would have affected anything
At any rate, unprotected sex consent seems to persist on the next day at least

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Acknowledged. Wait warmly for a response.

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Okay, so. First, a few questions. Was it non-dangerous day consent or babymaking consent? Furthermore, what was Parsee's Lust at originally before it dropped?

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Okay, so I think I narrowed it down a bit, it doesn't drop 5 levels, it drops to level 6 if it's higher than that. The trigger seems to be having sex. I woke up with her, she's at Lust 8, got her aroused, had sex, check afterwards, she's at Lust 6.

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it was non-dangerous day consent

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I see. I know there was some code added that was intended to work around her not letting you take her virginity and then getting mad at you for *not* taking her virginity after sex, but it looks like something may not be happening like it should?

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Well, I had already taken her virginity prior to what I described in >>44678276 so I don't think that's a factor
Another thing I noticed is that Auto-Moan does not activate with her. I tested to make sure it's just her, and it is; Auto-Moan works fine on random mobs

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How odd.

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I confirmed that the Lust drop happens the instant sex ends regardless of what happens during sex. It does matter how it ends though
If I press End Session or make her run out of stamina, it drops. If she has the initiative and I slip out, however, it does not drop
I think that's about the limit of what I can give you

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If it's just the lust drop, that is intended (the workaround raises her lust during sex, but reverts it back after sex is over), but I'm pretty sure consent shouldn't be retracted.

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I never mentioned anything about it being raised during sex. I've never seen that happen. It only drops. And again, I took her virginity awhile back, and whatever "workaround" factors you're mentioning I don't think came into play. Might be related to her forgetting to take a pill when she lost her virginity, that did happen.

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Who are you quoting?

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make a new one then

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>He thinks greentext is exclusively for quotes

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Which Sage are you? Yukari, Okina, Kasen, whoever else?

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TW should be removed from the OP.

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It will be next time I make the thread. After that, the wiki will be removed.

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Are the new achievements broken? Haven't been able to unlock any of them so far.

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I got them all except the one for "cheering up a drunk character"
Not sure what that involves

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I'd guess it involves Parsee. Did you start a fresh save or did you import an older one?

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I don't think it involves a specific character. None of the rest of them do.
I'm not sure how you haven't earned any of the new ones either. The one for 10 hate marks is ridiculously easy, just go and try to push down four random 2hus you just met and that's all it takes

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Just have an upset character who you can use listen to complaints on, get them drunk, then listen to complaints until they're happy.

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Does Joon turn down any gifts I give her if they aren't expensive?

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don't you dare

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The fuck is erah?

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>taking out the useless suggestions
Do something about it faggot

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Imagine unironically believing suggestions from the community are worthless

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none of them are good so they are useless

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Define "good".

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Anything not from /egg/

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Yeah, you're just a shitposter.

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>Git repository for a fork of eraTohoTW maintained by the /egg/ community.
Replace the link with https://gitgud.io/Pedy/pedy-tw next thread. Pedy's version is more representative of our community than Anon ever could be.

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Open a ticket in the git.

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If for some reason TW ever gets obliterated or somehow becomes taboo to speak of at all, what would /egg/ even talk about? eraMegaten, maybe? Or would /egg/ simply cease to exist without TW to back it up?

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>In march of 2023 Pedy replaced all touhou 18 characters with PC-98 era characters, so play AnonTW instead, unless you share Pedy's hateboner.
From the wiki.

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Would never happen as long as a single anon has it's copy on a hardrive you can just make a new repo using that
>becomes taboo
How? TW is the most safe and vanilla of all era, the society would have to collapse to the point where handholding would be considered offensive and that would never happen.

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So new threads are gonna be a race between trolls and actual /egg/ anons now?
You know they're gonna just keep trying to make threads first even it means making one the second we reach a bump limit, right? They said they want the thread gone and they're ban evading, so spamming the threads is a viable strategy. Mods do not care enough to investigate.
The only way to fix this is to make a real thread and ignore the next troll thread completely. If it's just filled with replies from 3 samefags then even jannies will know something's up.

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If only someone were to make the real thread and link it in the previous thread. Unfortunately the previous thread died and so this one won without contest

>> No.44684243

Does pestering mods on the IRC work or no

>> No.44684255

Blame the tourists. I'm fine with just waiting for the next thread naturally, but just this once. If it happens again then I won't even bother using the thread.

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My brother in christ, I just wanted to fix the OP. Consider visiting your local psychiatrist.

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The IRC is for erp and circlejerking exclusively, dear user.

>> No.44686348

Removing links from the thread is not "fixing" the OP.

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It's just the Meiling avatarfag.

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The actual fuck
That's like > 200x what my dude normally cums

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How did you achieve this?

>> No.44686832

I don't know, that's why I'm confused. I'm currently cumming in Tewi and at absolute best I'm only 100ml

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This is probably masturbation event but virgin. Picrel was on dev branch a few years ago and the cum volume was higher than normal. I think 7 cums during normal sex would've only filled up 900ml or so back then. Anon-branch changes probably have extremely fucked up multipliers like Kogasa's Umbrella Repair.

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Gensokyo's ultimate quickshot

>> No.44686935

Did you expect better from the incompetent branch?

>> No.44687057

Fitting for a game that will burn out like a candle flame come New Years.

>> No.44687112

Cleaning up redundant links is an improvement and the only people who'd get upset over it are shitposters.

>> No.44687132

In that case, there's more than just those links than need to be removed, poster from a new IP.

>> No.44687144

I know you're trying to get the thread removed from /jp/, but why? Why not go after idolshit?

>> No.44687162

Shitting up these threads is the highlight of his poor, miserable day.

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Have you considered that not everyone is the same person and that some of us are actually sincere?

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Everybody already knows you jump between IPs, threadshitter-kun. You're not fooling anybody with your false sincerity.

>> No.44687290

Sure, whatever.

>> No.44687323

Your feeble denials are like clockwork. Step up your game, or, better yet, leave. Nobody's forcing you to stay on this board.

>> No.44687673

thats a big danmaku

>> No.44687698

yup, but discord is so evil for letting you moderate it and the fact that one single user cant fuck it up for everyone else

>> No.44687717

Exactly. Shitcord really is the root of all evil, thanks for reminding us.

>> No.44687910

They are on /jp/

>> No.44687932

>lol, he thinks a tourist like himself can dictate /jp/ culture

>> No.44687935

You should check 4stats.io, though you're right about it being the fastest 2hu-related thread on /jp/.

First, you need to be using her /egg/ dialogue.
You need to steal her panties in timestop and keep them on you, then talk to her until she gets them back from you. Repeat like once or twice and she'll figure it out. You better have her at Love or she'll get hate mark 3.

>> No.44687940

Yep, well quoted.

>> No.44687945

Calling people names doesn't exempt you from what you are anon.
Which is /v/ermin by the way.

>> No.44687951

The only /v/ermin here are the shitposters who keep on trying to stir up on unnecessary competition betwen TW forks. Kind of like what you're doing right now, in fact!

>> No.44687956

How do you like your Miso soup, guys? I like it Hot.

>> No.44688015

I know why he removed that link. It's because some of those suggestions were "not for pedytw".
How petty can a guy get?

>> No.44688034

would be kinda crazy if that link gets posted twice in the next bread at the top and bottom haha

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The new eraMegaten update is now up on all the branches.
4 endings (3 from Needy Streamer, 1 from Yuuki Yuuna),
characters - Yuuki Yuuna x 3, Sakura Taisen x7, Toji no Miko x2, Yukkuri KAngel, Sumire from SMT NINE.
Events regarding the five above

>> No.44688047

He should replace the link to AnonTW with PedyTW.
Quit shilling your suggestions, your fork is dead. Suck it up and accept I don't want it in the OP.

>> No.44688058

Thank you, Tiael. Finally, an actual game gets an update.

>> No.44688089

But no one fucking likes pedy because he had an autistic meltdown about jews in UM.
And some other shit but basically pedy was worse than anon. Not like he actually did all that much beyond a couple translations, since his days are full of thread drama and shitstirring.

>> No.44688099

Only a shitposter thinks the UM cast shouldn't have been removed.

>> No.44688106

You're replying to bait.

>> No.44688111

Break out the justification rant on how they were all satanic idols leading pedyvich rabbistein from the holy path.

>> No.44688113

>Still no Lavenza

>> No.44688114

You still my sincerity is bait? This is just my personal opinion.

>> No.44688120

Be the change.

>> No.44688165

How do I train cooking and singing? And for that matter, how do I buy a Restraunt? I only see whorehouses and churches as option.

>> No.44688194

you need a food stand first, you train singing by doing idol job and cooking by doing restaurant job

>> No.44688311

How do I make people 'comfortable with sex outside' in EraToho? In my old save, my wife, Yukari, simply was. Now she's a prude.

>> No.44688373

So literally the only way to get it is to throw them into the deep end?


>> No.44688480

You can get experience for them by using the 'Housework' and 'Practice Singing' commands during training sessions, though they're only accessible with a slave that has the Affection/Love Fall state.

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Maybe we should suggest some more stuff. How about date activities?
Dating lolis/childish characters should enable special playground events in some places. General play in various locations.
Like a playground in the village, climbing a gnarly tree in the forest or mountain foot, setting up a small treasure hunt with a gift for the girl, jumping on rocks in the river in the mountains, a race, making a sandcastle on the river/lake shore, looking at the animals in Satori's zoo, etc.
Non-childish characters also need something similar, like watching the romantic view at the top of the mountain or the moon, drinking in a classy restaurant(or just a bar), dancing, visiting the casino, and more.
Obviously, this suggestion is not for pedyTW/neodev.

>> No.44688573

Still going at it? Face the facts, bozo. I made the thread, and I decided that link wasn't needed.

>> No.44688587

Talk about era games or fuck off, please.

>> No.44688592

Just because you are the OP doesn't mean you are right, anon.

>> No.44688694

But why put it in a fucking pastebin that is going to die in a month when you can open an issue in the git so the developers can see it?

>> No.44688715

In case you didn't know, the pastebin is managed by a dev...

>> No.44688726

People shit on the hypnotism a lot but Reisen's reaction to it is great

>> No.44688743

One is a game mechanic issue, another is just writing.
Praise to whoever wrote it sure, but shitting on it is justified.

>> No.44688763

I know, right?
The mechanic is being reworked, as per the git. We just have to wait warmly.

>> No.44688946

>but Reisen's reaction to it is great
Is there more than just the first time you try it on her?

>> No.44689033

Oh, that’s much better. Thanks.

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Need the girl to have high exposure Lv.
>Webm not related.

>> No.44689423

i checked the git and no it seems like its just a once thing

>> No.44689449

the director of jaws is on record saying how bad he feels for the bad image he gave sharks in popular culture

>> No.44689536

Never saw the movie but I believe you.

>> No.44689556

I mean they will bite the shit out of you sometimes.

>> No.44689754

Were do i get sugoi so i can understand moonrunes everywhere i look it's outdated?

>> No.44689899

That sucks. I mean it is a very good event but eh...

>> No.44689924

Vinny plans to add more to it soon. Great things come to those who know patience.

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File: 1.09 MB, 840x560, 1661292121018.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Directly from the op:

>> No.44689983

We need to remove that link. It's busted and lead to viruses.

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Don't click on this link it reduces your chances of impregnating your favorite touhou by 50%!!!!

>> No.44690150

That just means 50% more babymaking sex.

>> No.44690184

I don't understand the people who want to impregnate girls on the very first shot with all bonuses stacked. It's like they want to do everything to knock them up and avoid sex after that. It'll happen naturally either way, trying for a kid is like the best part.

>> No.44690189


>> No.44690243

It just leads too this page is missing

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File: 106 KB, 300x660, cutest bait chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.44690277

works on my machine

>> No.44690305

I got it to work sorry for being retarded

>> No.44690492

It doesn't work for me. All I see is shithus.

>> No.44690496

not their fault you looked like a tasty seal

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why is this hag bad mouthing reimu

is she jealous of her youth

>> No.44690518

Reimu is bullybait.

>> No.44690546

Reimu is a shithu.

>> No.44690713

>Looked into this a bit more and I think automoan only works for hus that don't have whatever command the player does in their file at all
Just to be sure, did you test if automoan worked for other non-mob girls?

>> No.44690832

what's the fastest way to build trust in TW? Also, how do you get a girl to move in with you/move in with them?

>> No.44690856

Cheat it to a million. Wait for the 1st of the month when she loves you.

>> No.44691210

Legit, probably spamming head pat/embrace/lap pillow on a date. No one ever seems to go to the public bath in the human village so do it there

>> No.44691253
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>> No.44691265

Yeah, he certainly is a failgirl. Pedy dominated him.

>> No.44691360

Pedy has no updates, he's just an addition to ATW.

>> No.44691819

that doesnt explain why sleigh dm'd me

>> No.44691885

>pedy got so assblasted about everyone shitting on his objectively schizo opinions about tsukasa and th18's cast that he no longer updates public releases because it'll just get ported over to AnonTW

>> No.44691963

That's what pregnancy speed increasers are for.

>> No.44692137
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>> No.44692211

Try to change it back from the abilitie menu.

>> No.44692967
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2hus prompt you to shower?

>> No.44692996

Is there any way to make meeting people in Tartarus less random, or should I just clear the first five floors and take the elevator back down a few dozen times?

>> No.44693257

So what you're saying is, Suika STINKS.

>> No.44693267

its worse that suika can turn into mist and stink the place up

>> No.44693321

imagine her manipulating the density of her stink lines to make everyone in the room forced to inhale thick layers of drunk unwashed oni loli wouldn't that be horrible I think it needs to be in K immediately for maximum immersion

>> No.44693484

If you mean (You)rself, you can raise Cooking and Singing by assigning Food Cart/Restaurant jobs to yourself and having (You)rself do Concert. (You) can be assigned to any of the basic jobs, including the Brothel even if you are a totally inexperienced virgin FeMC.

As for everyone else, it depends - Non-Combatant characters can be assigned to the Restaurant job, unless they are non-cooperative (because you Trained them prior to a Fall). Depending on their initial talents and experience, they may also qualify for the Concert job. For combat-able characters, including Demons, they must have a Fall state first. Any combat-able character can work in the Restaurant if they have the required points, which is a total of 6 points from (Servicing + Obedience + Cooking). If they have Affection Fall state, they only require 3 points, and if Love Fall state, 0 points. Getting Affection Fall state automatically qualifies someone to work in the Restaurant pretty much, as even with Untrained Fall activated, getting Affection Fall through this way automatically gives them Obedience 3.

Concert work requires the character to have a Fall state regardless first, and then needs to meet the points requirement. It's a bit more complicated, so refer to here:

Note that if you have Untrained Trust Fall on, that actually makes them able to do Concert stuff much sooner since Trust Fall contributes to the points. It's designed this way because attempting to Train a Trust Fall character causes them to lose the Trust Fall, even if you immediately End Training without doing anything, and cause them to become non-cooperative. Note that if they have both Trust and Affection Fall from Untrained Fall, Trust Fall goes away but Affection Fall remains - they won't become non-cooperative because of this but because they lose the bonus points from Trust Fall, you can suddenly have an idol who's no longer qualified to work as an idol anymore until you get other things up to reach the required points again.

>> No.44693529

Are those the OG sakura wars character or the remake one?

>> No.44693770

>Is there any way to make meeting people in Tartarus less random
LOL no
>should I just clear the first five floors and take the elevator back down a few dozen times

>> No.44693880

Even with trust, it's quite hard to have a non trained character do concerts

>> No.44693881

Pretty sure it's the original characters.

>> No.44694129

things have a habit of working themselves out

>> No.44694597

You'd need a character with the perfect set of experience and talents for a Trust character to be able to Concert. These tend to be characters intended to be idols, like some (but not all) of the Revue Starlight and idolm@ster girls. Only reason why not all of them can be idols right away is because their talent+exp mix doesn't give them enough points to become one right away. There's a few demons that are most likely able to immediately become idols on Trust fall as well, though just like the human examples before, may actually need some 'training' to actually be able to qualify so can't hit it on Trust.

>> No.44694658

it became nothing but hypocrisy the second he didn't remove toutetsu despite being the same thing except even worse since she's an oil jew

>> No.44694956

Well with demons you can make use of fusion shenanigans to be can meet the requirements without needing training

>> No.44695342

Zanmu stinky

>> No.44695472
File: 879 KB, 1200x750, 1671784979138260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who you callin stinky?

>> No.44695970

How do you unlock the higher level encounters in the sea ark in eramegaten? I only unlocked the harder encounters for the 8th floor, and I still haven't managed to unlock the 10th floor.

>> No.44696043

zanmu smelle

>> No.44696094

Level up more

>> No.44696119

You have to be a certain level to get to floor 10. I believe you have to be level 80 or 90 to access it.
Don't worry about the 11th floor, there's nothing there aside from a Lilim to talk to (Which the first time you talk to her references the extra dungeon that unlocks NG+ in the 3DS port of Soul Hackers)

>> No.44696125

I'm level 93.

>> No.44696183

Have you paid your debt?

>> No.44696236

Yes, I paid 3,500,000 to phantom society. I could check out again, but last time I checked I was around level 83, and I already paid the debt, yet I didn't unlock the 9th floor harder encounters.

>> No.44696325

He wants sexo

>> No.44696405

>The translation goes "I suggest" when it was a clear question
Lol the absolute state

>> No.44696422
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>> No.44696452

Imagine shaving Zanmu's body hair and spraying her with the good old fashioned hose until she stops being a piggy.

>> No.44696482

Why is ZUN adding somw many stinky characters now? Chiyari and Zanmu are borh stinky.

>> No.44696495

ZUN periodically lets his magical realm into Touhou. Sometimes it's vore, sometimes it's feet, and sometimes it's stinky girls.

>> No.44696706

there are no plumbing in gensokyo. girls have to wipe with leaves

>> No.44696716

There are hot springs, genius. And some houses have baths.

>> No.44696719

>Oni loli
Retarded desu.

>> No.44696745

>Oni loli
What are you talking about anon

>> No.44696769

This Japanese Goblin is very clearly a young lady and thus should not have pubes.

>> No.44696839
File: 1.80 MB, 378x368, 1691343966366827.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like how faggots unironically believe young girls don't grow pubic hair and/or shave all the time.
You people will literally see a "le funny meme" on the internet and religiously believe it.
Kill yourself by the way.

>> No.44696856

Well usually you see public hair after puberty, but when it comes with fantasy fictional lolis like Suika, which are not human and are thousands if not millions of years old, the answer of whether they grow pubes is ambigious

>> No.44696898

How do you know, anon?
Would you like to take a seat?

>> No.44696902

So it's okay to assume puberty even exists in a fantasy fiction for example? Should that also not be ambiguous?

>> No.44696905

They're youkai, you dumbass. On top of that, they're 2D. They don't have imperfections like that.
Go back to simping over 3DPD trash if you want to slurp up stinky pubes like spaghetti, please.

>> No.44696921

I don't. As a matter of fact I really dislike pubes. I just don't want to hear these people spouting nonsense.

>> No.44696967

You don't sprout pubes until puberty. Lolis are typically not pubertal or just hit it, meaning they shouldn't have any yet.

>> No.44697338

Zanmu is not a loli...

>> No.44697352

Well you're the one who assumes that Suika grow pubic hair despite at least appearing like a prepubescent girl, so....

>> No.44697385

He has been adding stinky girls since at least Flan. I'm not really that familiar with the 98 girls so it might be even before that.

>> No.44697445

All 2hus are lolis.

>> No.44697600
File: 3 KB, 511x57, hmmmmmsstdve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like double blowjobs/vaginal (probably any other double acts) make you cum more too. Monogomy chads lost. Top is double blowjobs, bottom is double missionary, my character averages 100ml by default

>> No.44697625

Pubes are good, and the fact that you hate them signifies that you're a raging low test faggot. Point and laugh is all you deserve.

>> No.44697632

Nibidy asked you Vinum.

>> No.44697636

>I like ugly, smelly, bad feeling things
Shit taste. Regardless, the point was that she's too young for them, not a judgement on if they're 'good' or not.

>> No.44697648

Imagine having your head stuck up so far in your ass that you think you can dictate what's good and bad. Your death would be a boon to this thread.

>> No.44697663

>not a judgement on if they're 'good' or not.

>> No.44697671

>I like ugly, smelly, bad feeling things
Hmm........... Hmmm!

>> No.44697679

Yes pubefags are generally Seijafags too.

>> No.44697687

Its shockingly hard to get 'sex friend' rather than lover, even with sluts like Rokuto, because it doesn't check 'V orgasm exp' or 'M orgasm exp', just the vague 'orgasmn exp' next to nothing raises

>> No.44697699

Sometimes I like to stick my finger on my penis and twirl it around there and get all sticky and bring it to my nose to get a whiff of it. It smells like fish

>> No.44697708

Is custom art a thing? Kiyohime apparently has FGO inspired training dialog, so now I'd like to switch her art to that. She doesn't seem to have any secondary art, however.

Guess I'm buying capslock, then. At least I'll make a decent chunk of money from this.

>> No.44697755

I do that too but since i shower every day most of the times it smells like nothing. Sometimes i like to simply rest my thumb inside the foreskin.

>> No.44697785

a single hate mark will filter love

>> No.44697798

Imagine the amount of dick cheese smell it would have if you didn't take showers daily

>> No.44697867

Anyone has any tips for quickly raising analysis in Eramegaten?

>> No.44697999

Use the Hi-DAS command in battle by equipping the app of the same name while also whittling away at whatever not 100% analyzed demon. Killing them slowly raises analysis better than just obliterating them for some reason.

>> No.44698191

Couls spamming defend also work?

>> No.44698199

you could just replace the normal pic or any other one available with your own, easiest way

>> No.44698260

In tandem with Hi-DAS yes, otherwise you have to attack them for analysis to increase.

>> No.44698306

Why must smells be smelly? Why can't I appreciate the nice flowery smell of my wife's hair instead?

>> No.44698317

The maps of TW are so nice it really isn't the same playing other branches without them. I never would've expected to like them as much as I do, but it makes me want more dynamic maps like this.

>> No.44698326

Thanks, anon.

Also, do you know when the Solomon Ring event activates? I already have one of my demons in love but it still didn't appear.

>> No.44698334

That depends entirely on the species in question. Fairies are bare and only grow a little fuzz at most, but shitty gremlin species like oni definitely have a full bush down there. They're fully (sexually) mature, just short.

>> No.44698366

You need to contract them, it requires 1 million yen to do so though. The option will be available when you have it.

>> No.44698386

I keep forgetting to turn them on.

>> No.44698394

Pubes are disgusting and nobody grows them except intentionally disgusting characters.

>> No.44698407

Low T dude, you fell for their psyop.

>> No.44698418

You just proved my theory >>44697679

>> No.44698427

Women not taking care of themselves is a psyop. Why do you think irl bitches have entire movements dedicated to like, not shaving their legs or about being a fat piece of shit? They're affected, and spreading the disease. You are too.

>> No.44698431

Enslave one then fuck it a bunch.

>> No.44698443

Pray tell, who do you think I am?
>not taking care of themselves
If it were a ungroomed bush, you might have a point. Sadly, you're a retard who thinks any scant amount of hair is automatically a sign of putrefaction. Do you wax your scrote hair?

>> No.44698462

"Both" of (You) are retarded.

>> No.44698502

Trimmed hair is still ugly, still retains bad smells, and thanks to the sharp ends from cutting are actually even rougher.

>> No.44698516

He claims, with no proof, and, in fact, with a vendetta against reality.

>> No.44698544

Like a broken record, he's just gonna spam that mantra whenever pubechads speak up, and then, when people get tired of his bullshit, he'll ree about random nobodies.

>> No.44698570

>No proof
Anon have you ever shaved once in your life?

>> No.44698579

Have you ever had sex before, Anon?

>> No.44698591

Are you offering?

>> No.44698599

>New IP
If you want to get laid, go to the city and pay a whore. /egg/ is not for you shitposters to roleplay flirt in.

>> No.44698610
File: 2 KB, 631x23, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what exactly was finished?
Yukari's dialogue is just as barebones as it was one year ago

>> No.44698616

How to see which posts are new IPs?

>> No.44698626

Is that a no? Does that mean you don't even have facial hair and are underage or are you a disgusting neckbeard that literally has no idea what he's talking about?
NTA by the way.

>> No.44698635


>> No.44698637

She had a few untranslated sex lines here and there, IIRC.

>> No.44698649

Hags will never have high-quality dialogue because sick freaks like you would make them have pubes.

>> No.44698661

I have 4chanX installed and it doesn't do that

>> No.44698663

Now he's shitposting for the other side, great.
114-kun, why won't you just kill yourself?

>> No.44698681
File: 30 KB, 647x180, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check your settings.

>> No.44698696
File: 48 KB, 279x307, 1488220192463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>would make them have pubes
im more of a fan of them being skin clean
dont mind some hair but not a jungle or a bush thats nasty

>> No.44698699

Cunny is immoral and hags are boring. Human women only.

>> No.44698704

Pubes are best on petite girls like Akyuu.

>> No.44698711

My pubes feel rough and irritating like barbed wire

They always felt annoying to deal with while masturbating

>> No.44698720
File: 26 KB, 800x600, yukari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She had a few untranslated sex lines here and there
hope that "finished by" line doesnt make new writers think she's actually finished
hope she gets some actual dialogue one day

>> No.44698727

Do it yourself, the devs are volunteers who have too much on their plate. They still haven't gotten around to doing any of the "community" (lol, lmao, /egg/ isn't a community,w hat a joke) suggestions.

>> No.44698733

was finished.

>> No.44698750

I could write a whole novel of dialogue and it wouldn't get in because I don't know how to put it into the game.

>> No.44698756

You have to go to the eragames Discord and suck off the devs to have it added. Obviously not literally, but you get the point.

>> No.44698760

Don't listen to 114-kun. That said, the devs lurk in the thread. If you posted a link to it, or posted it to the Git, somebody competent with the code could work out the details.
This would work too, but I would advise against it.

>> No.44698783
File: 139 KB, 776x1199, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_mirufui__d7dc8f065ff83a2bbd90acb82243af36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A hag's pubic hair state depends entirely on how desperate she is.

>> No.44698787

Hags are overrated slop.

>> No.44698795

You are a heeb shit.

>> No.44698799

Those are overrated too. Human women only. Emphasis on woman.

>> No.44698814
File: 399 KB, 975x990, 1621878488006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gensokyo hag
these two are synonyms

>> No.44698830

Yukari should wear a randoseru and smock in a desperate attempt to appeal to the player.

>> No.44698850

Dialogue seems fine to me. She reacts to almost anything, even unlisted shit like 69'ing (unsure on double blowjob and such as she absolutely refuses to be the second partner in anything like that and the second one is the one who comments)
She's not Yuuka level finished, doesn't have a bonus menu like Marisa or 50 different options menus popup like I think Alice, but she's about as reactive as expected in and out of sex.
A lot of her dialogue is boring sex noises, but most people don't talk like 50 lines like Reimu sometime does mid-sex

>> No.44698917

That is not want I would call fine. That's not even the basics of how comprehensive a dialogue should be. Imo, the bare minimum is Tewi. If you can't do that, don't write.

>> No.44698954

Oh, sure, but there's desperate and then there's *desperate*.
Yuyuko merely trims it neatly because she still thinks she'll score a hunk any day now, while Yukari shaves it daily because she thinks it'll sell the "seventeen years old" schtick better.
Eirin also shaves, but that's universal amongst Lunarians, though they lie and claim it's naturally pure, with the exception of Kaguya, though it's up in the air if that means it's naturally bare or if it's simply perfectly trimmed. Nobody is quite sure because looking at it is known to drive men to tears, unable to deal with the incredible beauty that lies under her skirt.

>> No.44698987
File: 5 KB, 800x500, spacezinkagyate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>exception of Kaguya
Yeah, no one had the balls to tell her, and she just let it grow out until you can barely see anything under it all.
Imagine the smell

>> No.44698996

Occasionally Eirin takes a lawnmower to it.

>> No.44699058

Twi has the worst dialogue lol, she's garbage

>> No.44699070

Imagine being this poor in taste.

>> No.44699075

Here's the latest link

Maybe we should replace it with the guy's about page from patreon, instead. It always links to the latest free version.

>> No.44699081

I don’t suppose you know where images are stored? Half the file names are in Japanese and I have no idea what I’m looking at.

>> No.44699107

It's easy enough if you avoid all interaction outside of what's needed to push them down, then have sex with them all day every day.

>> No.44699129

That's dumb.

>> No.44699150
File: 90 KB, 366x144, im in danger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are they looking at me like this

>> No.44699151
File: 1.22 MB, 1110x1553, __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_drawn_by_unasaka_ryou__f28ba0edc02803b05c64c5d8819f6c97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kaguya is famous for her beauty, anon, the kind of beautiful that legends are written about.
That's not the kind of pretty that happens without also putting a lot of work into it.
Kaguya is exceptionally conscious of her appearance and puts a lot of work to maintain it, which includes smell and other aspects. There's absolutely nothing negative anyone could say about Kaguya's appearance.

>> No.44699153

Keep in mind that if a bunch of posts are leaded at once, and one of them was from a new IP, none of the posts will have the new IP tag on them because there's no way for the plugin to tell.

>> No.44699160

Kaguya is a shithu.

>> No.44699169

TW isn't even a good game, shut the fuck up about it and discuss MegaTen instead.

>> No.44699170

>That's not the kind of pretty that happens without also putting a lot of work into it.
She was born literally perfect, aside from the natural fluff she has downstairs.
No one has ever seen that though, so no one knew, until Eirin came along and started taking care of her. Eirin is also a mega autist, so she won't do anything about it either.

>> No.44699371
File: 381 KB, 590x956, C280FA14-C601-4115-91E0-CCA94378B474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newbie here, which endings are the easiest to get? And how do I get this girl?

>> No.44699385 [DELETED] 

How the fuck should I know? I've never played it.

>> No.44699390


>> No.44699393

I wish I knew.
Why are you like this?

>> No.44699442

Most of the crossover endings are not time-limited, so they are a good choice for a first timer.
>And how do I get this girl?
You can get her from a one-shot event that unlocks after clearing the first Lokopala dungeon.

>> No.44699478

I see. That’s kind of disappointing it also understandable.

How difficult would you say the Longinus harem ending is?

>> No.44699484

NTA but the wiki's ending list says that ending requires 4-5 NG+ runs.

>> No.44699485

Probably the most tedious ending there is as it requires a minimum of 4 runs to obtain all the knights

>> No.44699498

…oh, I completely missed that.

Long term goals, then.

>> No.44699549

i'll play megaten if you can sell it to me as someone who's never played a megaten game

>> No.44699580

I've also never completed an actual megaten game, but I've put plenty of time into eramegaten
its the only proper dungeon crawler eragame, and is surprisingly easy to get lost in once you figure out how it all works
still makes me wish for a different rpg era game of a property I like more, like pokemon or DQ

>> No.44699596

MegaTen isn't fun. I tried it, but I just can't get into it. If I wanted to play a dungeon crawler, I'd play an actual game.

>> No.44699606

that you didn't mention any of the actual era aspects is a pretty big red flag ngl

>> No.44699611

It's a slave trainer. Enough said.

>> No.44699634

I’m going to need to complete the Solomon wedding ring event for every single one of them, aren’t I? Or, all but the last set, so at least 8 of them.

That does sound painful.

>> No.44699635

I told you pubefags are smellfags.

>> No.44699646

Imagine samefagging this hard.

>> No.44699658

the slave training aspects is all the same under the hood
the big difference is in who you're training

>> No.44699659

Money isn't the problem, doing the same events and dungeons 4 times is the tedious part.

>> No.44699666

If only anon.

>> No.44699669

The event only triggers once, and all it does is give you a plugin for contracted demons.

>> No.44699679

Pubes are not scents, no matter how much you try to gaslight the thread.

>> No.44699682

But people who like pubes like bad smells, they are associated.

>> No.44699689

They are not associated. If they smell bad, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.44699691

…okay, so how does taking demons into new game+ work? I plug that in and then what, I select that file as the basis for ng+ and it carries all of them over?

Is there a way to carry humans over?

>> No.44699696

Hair picks up smells easier than bare skin, and we're talking about the fanbase. I quoted the two pubefags jerking off to bad smells just up there.

>> No.44699697

People like him probably think sniffing your girl's head hair is freakshit, don't mind him.

>> No.44699709

The time for stinky smells is over.
Now begins the glorious new era of bath time sexo.

>> No.44699710

Neither of your alts are into pubes. You pull this shit whenever any fetish is brought up, and it's getting tiresome. Why do you want to shit up this thread so damn much, 114-kun?

>> No.44699711

Contracting works for both humans and demons, and once you've contracted who you want they stay with you forever.
Though there's options when going into NG+ that has some settings related to the contracted character, keeping them as is, resetting the relationship if you want to change fall states, or opt to not bring them in your next run.

>> No.44699712

Spend 1 million yen to contract a character with a second level fall state (Love, Whore, Slave, Sworn Friend).
You can then choose to take the character when starting NG+

>> No.44699717

Wasn't me, sorry anon, your community likes bad smells.

>> No.44699720

And here you go again, like a broken record, repeating falsehoods and pretending like you aren't a samefag.

>> No.44699723

You are delusional and projecting, anon.

>> No.44699738

Look in a mirror, and you'd be surprised to see the delusions are yourself. Don't you have work to do? Something more important in your life than shitting up a niche game community on a niche board on an anonymous basket-weaving website?

>> No.44699745

More bogeyman delusions.

>> No.44699750

I rest my case. Nobody genuine unironically uses that term.

>> No.44699753

you two should hold hands

>> No.44699763

…now I’m wondering what happens if I contract chie and yukiko, then do the dungeon and nab their shadow selves. I doubt there’s anything special there, that would be too much detail, but I’d be hilarious to put them on a team with each other.

>> No.44699764
File: 8 KB, 664x83, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont like this line

>> No.44699768

That sounds like a personal problem to me.

>> No.44699784
File: 217 KB, 651x632, 1493099440082.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't like pubes because they look bad, and yeah, I guess they would also smell. But as long as there's a button to disable any mention of them, I don't mind people working on that system.
What exactly is the problem here?

>> No.44699795

It's just a butthurt sperg. Given that it's already toggleable, there is no need for it to be removed. But no, that's not enough for him. No, you don't understand it.
He needs to rage against something. Nobody's biting his cuck bait anymore, so he had to find new material to whine about.

>> No.44699808

That writer implies your waifu is a slut that has licked penises before. Are you just gonna take it or are you gonna make an addition that changes it to only show up when she actually has the [slut] tag?

>> No.44699814

I don't care for pubes, or body hair in general, but I like K's take on it.

>> No.44699821

There is no indication she has ever, in fact, actually licked a penis before. It's bedroom talk from a woman trying to sound confident.

>> No.44699822
File: 433 KB, 900x769, __houraisan_kaguya_inaba_tewi_and_inaba_mob_touhou_drawn_by_tama_moonriders__b8ff4a2ea6e21ed219a4bfb1deeefaf1_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's just pure cope of envious beautylets.
No amount of natural beauty can negate the need for proper grooming and care. Kaguya's shining so brightly is chiefly because of how much care she puts into her appearance.
Do you think that her hair doesn't need to be brushed, that she doesn't need to wash properly to smell so lovely, or that she hasn't spent countless hours practicing her mannerisms to allow her to carry herself in a way that only a true princess can?
Kaguya spent years teaching the inaba to properly bathe and groom her, all so that she can be her absolute best, even though Eientei was still hidden at the time and the only people looking at her would be Eirin, Tewi, and the other inaba. The effort she puts into herself is a far more important part than what she was blessed with at birth.

>> No.44699830

>New IP

>> No.44699840

Yes, that tends to happen pretty frequently when using a cellular connection.

>> No.44699850

Get the fuck out of the thread, phonefag. None of these games even work on your damn phone. Why are you here, in a thread about games you can't even fucking play?

>> No.44699852
File: 28 KB, 500x500, 1656452384388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

happened to me with Ran before they fixed her
breaks my immersion and makes it feel like she's used goods and makes me lose love for the 2hu

>> No.44699858

I'm glad I'm not as autistic as you.

>> No.44699866

>I'm glad I'm not as autistic
way to admit you're happy being a cuck

>> No.44699878

There is no indication of cuckholdry in that line.

>> No.44699892

It absolutely implies she has at least handled penises, anon. Are you ESL?

>> No.44699913

In what way, oh glorious leader, does a woman acting cutesy with their obvious inexperience performing fellatio, imply that she has ever handled another penis? I guess we should remove masturbation from the game too. Women can't impyl anything sexual, otherwise they somehow fuck all their neighbors and your dog.

>> No.44699925

would you faggots just suck each other off and be done with it already

>> No.44699934

Imagine letting other people dictate your interests. Rent. Free.

>> No.44699939

reading comprehension

>> No.44699951

Yeah, I agree. You need to work on it.

>> No.44700086
File: 1.11 MB, 1400x2000, 4fd98bae3ece95b942fffac7d2a71788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very tsundere, anon

>> No.44700461

virgins say the darndest things

>> No.44700464


>> No.44700617


>> No.44700961

That they do. Yukari, being a virgin, is trying to rile up her man. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.44701159

she actually says she never licked a penis before so get fucked

>> No.44701171

Blame the translator.

>> No.44701184

All that means is that she's fondled a dick before. Checkmate.

>> No.44701220
File: 121 KB, 1020x1024, 1676507271626323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fuck kind of retarded logic is this?
>she has never done x
>that means she has done y

>> No.44701292

Duh. Everyone who likes pancakes hates waffles.

>> No.44701474

She's a youkai, of course she's fucked a million men other than you. Even if the spergs made their own fork and tried to change it. Dialogue differs from reality, suck it up and acknowledge that.

>> No.44702148

t. math nerds trying to calculate why they're virgin

>> No.44702423
File: 63 KB, 1497x962, rev149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good morning anons, newfag here. How do I start eraMegaten on my android? I followed this guide (1), extracted and pasted each file from 1-5, ran like pic related on my pc. Then I copied the folder to Android, ran it with (2) but it never stopped loading. Any help appreciated.
1) https://seesaawiki.jp/eramegaten_another/d/%A5%B2%A1%BC%A5%E0%A4%CE%BB%CF%A4%E1%CA%FD
2) https://github.com/xerysherry/uEmuera

>> No.44702523

Can't believe that stupid pubes discussion I started this morning lasted until now. You people need better things to discuss.

>> No.44702548

And TW needs to be removed from the OP, so what else is new?

>> No.44702937

You might not have the specs to run it. Running these games on a phone is jank to begin with and not advised.

>> No.44702981

This nigga wants to launch the heaviest era game on a phone

>> No.44703434

I'm new to the genre and just want something to play while commute. Is there anything lighter? I'm using a Galaxy S20 btw.

>> No.44703666
File: 456 KB, 1712x1983, 1694958348148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/egg/ is finally dead

>> No.44703855

New Thread and by entering this new thread you agree that you MUST impregnate at least 5 2hus


>> No.44705112

Translate it weebs