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When I saw this for the first time, I thought Yuka was a cyclops with an off-center eye.

I have since been extremely disappointed with the reality of her appearance.

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I didn't.

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It's less misleading in her true form, but I still can't unsee it.

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Is that so, Anon?

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Cyclops touhou confirmed for 13

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Get off the ceiling, Miss Scarlet. The guests are nearly here.

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Contributing to the illusion was the fact that Lotus Land Story was the first touhou to feature any notable youkai, so I thought this kind of strange appearance might suit her.

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I miss the old costume.

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>true form
I, too, consider myself to have metamorphosed into my true form when I take off my pajamas and put on normal clothes.

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Do you hum a transformation theme song or make robotic noises when you change your clothes?

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Someti- no.

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Fuck that, I play my theme on a cassette player..
And I shout HENSHIN at the top of my voice.

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Like the terminator shower routine?

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Whatever happened to her pocket watch?

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I dunno anon